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Import failing

Hi, I tried emailing you admins but no response so here's a partychan post. Imported with same account (new keys), but seems to stop around the same place.



This is the exact problem I’m experiencing, sadly my stuff expires tomorrow:/


I'm having a similar issue but the problem for me is mostly that I follow too many useless accounts.

I'm subscribed to like 50 free onlyfans that are already on coomer and are of no value and one premium vip paid onlyfans that isn't on coomer and everyone would love.

I can't get it imported though because it doesn't do the important one first and after like 10,000 useless post skips/errors it breaks down.

There should be a way to specify the model, if I could tell the importer which model's username to start with, it would easily work and solve this problem and let me contribute my content.


Same issue I've had, this is so frustrating as I'd like to import the paid content first



sidenote I went and unsubbed from most of them, but some of the accounts are like 404'ing and so i can't unsub them yet they still clog up coomer

it doesn't make sense for coomer to be smart enough to find free/paid content and decide, so just let users type the username they want. leave "all" as a choice sure.


update: the importer now just fails and says "failed to import post XXXXXXXXX"


another issue, the importer likes to die after like 3000-4000 posts no matter what, so, another nifty feature, after adding the ability to select a username to target might be start at end or start at start (would double the size of the rip the importer can do without choking on itself.)


just coming to say that the importer is shitting the bed for me as well. unfollowed all my free accounts and still it gets stuck in the same place.


the ppv posts seems to break it
or at least they did when I've checked a month ago


bumping this. Importer should take the unimported creators first above all else, then paid, then free.


bumping this. Importer should take the unimported creators first above all else, then paid, then free.


Bump. Import always gets stuck around 1100


Any advice on this? I subbed to a new OF, but its only importing the last few (about 10 posts) while its doing about 400 duplicates I already imported from another creator weeks ago. Any advice? I want to share!


If you're brain damaged enough to be able to understand whatever non-sense the guys wrote in the github repo you could try making it so coomer import prioritizes unknown creators over stuff we already have


I'm not running my own repo, just using the site. :(


I feel you, the request threads are also closed, I tried to request for linasotooo in of, but I couldn't reply to the threads.

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