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Is anyone know how to download all post in oneclick ? I dont want to click all post separately.


install python3, install that whl.

'party coomer username', makes a folder wherever your cmd window is set to


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>>2297 thanks tried works great for coomer but cannot find user in kemono mode. do you have any idea ?




Just use gallery-dl


gallery-dl has a tendency to get you locked out of the site for some reason.


Yeah, I was a little aggressive in the workers(sync)/semaphore (async) department. I'm going to update that tonight to hopefully reduce the potential for lockout. >_<


Also, so in kemono mode the API/url schema uses the service name and the user id (a random number from the host service, i.e. patreon).

That's why I added the search feature then you can use update for future refreshs.

For example: party search -i andava
For refresh: party update Andava
// Side node, it uses the capitalization from the API so it may cap some letters. The search feature normalizes for comparison, so not an issue with search


Just use the –sleep option. Set it to maybe one or two seconds per download so you won't get rate limited/banned and you're all set.


any update on when the tool will be updated?


Noob here- what am i doing wrong?
'party' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


nvm i got it



Download Installer (x64, Java 1.8) - Most people

If there is any issue you can contact the support team on the official board so they can update the plugin.


This is an HTML extractor, in case you might need for other stuff. A more manual approach.


I managed to run it but, after finding the user I'm getting
'certificate verify failed: certificate has expired'
Anyone know what to do ?


tried using gallery-dl but it gives me the error

[gallery-dl][error] No suitable extractor found for 'https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/rinlin_x3'


I've made some major overhauls to the codebase. I'm not getting 429 errors anymore and hitting 50-60+ MB per second download rates. If you guys want to give the new code base a chance.


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