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I get this message on some posts. Does anyone know what this means?.


yeah i've been seeing that for a bunch of them with that same message. really weird. i'm assuming there's some sort of error going on with the import?


I'm guessing it means the person who uploaded wasn't paying for the tier that received those images. I've seen posts that had some media (like a short clip) and a message that another video was available for a higher tier. I think it previously just failed silently before, giving a partial post or an empty one.


I've seen this on OF posts. And OF doesn't really do tiered posting like that to my knowledge?


I'm not sure about tiers like that, but I believe the uploader can lock some media behind a paywall on each post.


right, yeah, but "for None$" suggests that there's actually no paywall, since there'd be a dollar amount, like on other paywalled posts.

i don't know if this is just some sort of import error, or what the deal is. but it's odd to see things getting paywalled off by literally no money

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