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I want to import but am retarded is there a guide somewhere on how to do it


Go to the little padlock in the right side of the URL in the web browser.

Now, go to the Cookies folder.

In the Importer page, there's the name of the cookies where you can find the needed content.

Click to the aforementioned cookies, copy and paste the codes in the Content section (You'll find it below the console) to the respective boxes in the Coomer importer.

Then, click on Sumbit Key. Once you've done all this, and if you did all this well, the profile you wanna import will eventually appear in the Recent page.

Note: If you get error messeages or failed imports do not fret, you can try later. I suggest you to import at least three times in the site before your suscription ends if you're paying a single month.


This is completely anonymous right? Like nothing will happen if I import?


No, nothing will happen. However, let me give you an advice: Avoid every kind of interaction of the creator you're importing; Yes, this includes likes and comments. You're just another silent coomer simping for your creator, they don't need to know anything.

Another advice: When your suscription expires, be sure to let an interlude of time before supporting the same creator again, and import the less times possible.


How do you import if you’re on chrome, there is no padlock in the corner?


Open devtools (f12) then go to the application tab.

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