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hi, has anyone discussed adding tags or at least optional gender markers to creator's pages to make browsing more friendly to people who are looking for specific genders?

i just uploaded a bunch of men's profiles and thought it would be cool if there was a way to check a box like "these are all men" when entering my keys, so other people could find them more easily

obviously there a million other tags people might be interested in as well. but even something fairly simple about gender (perhaps "check all that apply" for man, woman, non-binary, cis, trans) would be a useful start


do this please thanks everyone will benefit


If the author does not have a gender preference then the answer is a simple none.


well fine, just have a dick or vag tag
that fuckin easy


Please add and tag or filter for dick or pussy.


user added tags would be very helpful for searching


This, tired of clicking on traps.


Where there's a hole, there's a goal


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This would be great, sometimes I am just in the mood to see 10/10 trap bussy and not ugly women

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