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Seems like the HTTPS certificates for the file servers are expired. At least I can't open videos anymore. Anyone else getting this problem?


Getting the same error


same error


I get 429 error when I try to download video, videos don't open in website.


Does anyone know whether the owners have said anything about this? Same thing here


it seems to be working again


still not working for anything that isn't the first page of default search results.


Still can't load any videos, and images won't expand either.


Hope this gets fixed soon. I just introduced a friend to this site when all the vids stopped working


Imports are painfully slow too. I've been trying to import a few girls before my subs expire in a few days, and each post, even if its just an image seems to take forever to pull down.


happening to me as well. one import every 45 minutes at best and 1 hour and 30 minutes at worst.



Yeah, it's horrible. The girl I am trying to import changed her name, so it's trying to re-download all of her content.

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