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OF importer isn't seeing all of my subscriptions. i have more than 46. users i've just subscribed to aren't getting imported.

half importer id for admins: 362ed8bdf


Saw this too late, the session expired and can't debug.
Add the key again, we should notice it fast. Do you pay for more than 46 users?



i follow 96 accounts total, 18 of which are paid accounts. honestly no idea where the 46 is coming from, but it's been 46 for a little while now even as my follow count has fluctuated.

but yeah, i subscribed to a few accounts that aren't on the site but they aren't getting picked up on the import list.


Did you log out just a moment ago? We were in the middle of debugging, but the general error is known and being fixed.


nope, haven't touched anything


started another import (ef13206e) and it's looking promising! 94 users detected and new usernames are showing up in the list. thanks for the quick fix!

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