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I recently subbed to someone, and tried to use the importer to rip it all to Coomer. I put in the sess key, the user id, and the BC token, and it gave me the success screen before sending me to the log screen, but nothing happened after that. Am I being too impatient, does this shit happen automatically, or did I fuck something up?
Between trying to get a scraper to work when I have no fucking idea how to use python, and this not doing what I expect it to, i'm about to eat a bullet


You did it right. The site is just broken again. I had the same thing happen.


Is there somewhere I can see when it's back up and running? I wouldn't expect the site to have a twitter or anything like that


It doesn't always show when there is an issue but it can be helpful.

Anyway you can just search for the account you were trying to import to see if it worked. Usually when it does this you just get added to the queue and it will still do your import eventually.


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Unfathomably based, plus the gallery did indeed update


What happens when status.kemono.party is down? Big big issue?

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