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Best to keep this thread updated as more are imported. Thanks for keeping track. Plenty of us only use Coomer only for murrsuiters.


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Has a few posts in a suit, if you're willing to brave skimming through


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To the importer, you're a god among men


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A couple(This is not a request thread. This is a thread dedicated to cataloguing murrsuiters on Coomer.)


>>599 Already posted here too >>547


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https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/fox_anatomy has been reimported with three times more stuff btw


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There's a request thread for murrsuiters here for those interested.

youronlinefurrywaifu has changed their name to bustypuppy, not sure how coomer deals with name changes so her next import might be under that new name.


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OK Boomer


OK Coomer


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(To mods, this is not a request post - I'm adding to a catalog thread of murrsuiters on the site as they're imported. It's allowed by a mod as per the second post here. Don't ip ban me again like one of you did last week for posting this link in here…unless I messed up the post somehow, in that case, my bad)


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(Again, not a request, I'm cataloging a new import)


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(Adding to a catalog thread, not a request post)


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https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/naughtyfluffs is a really cute and wholesome couple :3


Is there a glitch with importing links / videos from https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/kinkypinkkitty ?
Cause there are none


There aren't any videos because people are only importing the free posts


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I actually bought one of the paid posts, would import it to the site if I knew how


Try asking in the pinned feedback channel maybe


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(Free ppv account unfortunately, but some public posts)


Is there anywhere you could share this to if you don't want to upload on coomer? I'd love to see this


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This is not a request
This is just to add to the list



Another to add to the list
Not a request


Another for the list and again not another request


Again another to add to the list and not a request


Once again another to add to the list as this is not a request


As usual another to add to the list and still not a request


This counts for the list as she has a tail and ears and not just a tail plug
https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/the.bunny.bee(Irrelevant to the thread)


Will hound and fen or emma be updated soon? Their content is cock breaking


This is not the request thread


who the fuck gets off to this? jesus fucking christ i came here for vanilla thot and now i get this degenerate tranny/lgbt hairy mental illness shoved down my throat with no way to blacklist even if i did another new creator will just pop up on my goddam feed
i swear to god you better not put those pride flags this week or im gonna boycott the shit out of this site mark my words i hope hell is you ruined /ofans/ aren't you content now? for fox sake all i ever wanted was just simpleton porn without getting bombarded by video ads unlike xvideos why is that too much to ask also how the fuck do i hide this disgusting thread and why do admins like this shit so much? did you grow up on motherless.com? or did you have too many bananas shoved down your throat when you were a kid
TL;DR furries/murrsuits are just paganism corrupted by freemasonry (change my view protip you cant)


its hot


Ok Coomer


Will there be a private account I want to watch those juicy video full


most of us have been on the web for 15+ years bro vanilla shit gets boring after a while



It looks like they embed as an extra attachment, this one from them has the full uncensored video as the second link.
Granted it probably only works if someone who bought it is the first to import the post


Would flagging posts get them updated whenever the account gets more posts imported? I'd love to be able to get the full version of this one, right now only the teaser video is imported for some reason.



The requests tab is gone and i just wanted to know if theres a way to request murrsuiters.


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The thot & murrsuiter threads were combined into one new thread which…if you're only into the murrsuiters, isn't great. 300 links and inevitably, they're almost all regular thots. Would love it to be reverted.




Why even update this when there’s no full video, can y’all upload the full thing pls


When will this updated?

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