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Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.
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There's a few profiles on the site that have broken profile pictures. Is there any way to fix those with the uploader, or will that take an act of SysAdmin action?


Will coomer add F2F support?


Trying to import missing content from PPV posts but the importer just skips the posts and hangs



This post 100% had a PPV video imported, it was 26 mins long and 1.1GB, was listed as a second attachment, it seems to have disappeared on a re-import?


https://onlyfans.com/noirkitty she has a pretty cheap subscription with ebony, dildo riding and oil play


is there really no dms tab for coomer or am i just blind


maybe you should add tags to creators' profiles and maybe implement an option to comment on posts


the last thing I wanna see is degenerate low life's diarrhea, stay on twitter


Currently importing something and found out that there is still nothing on Keys page on Profile. Is it normal and key should appear after the whole import or, well, an issue? Logged in ofc


A straight/gay filter would be pretty nice


Cannot download videos I only get htm file which seems to be the 429 Too Many Requests page


Noticed that most videos download fine but the one I tried first and one another are located to data6 server(?), might be related.


I don't know if that's intended but some imports are getting only 10 posts instead of the full OF rip, can you check?


website seems to be down for me.


Request thread on /request/ locked?


Are some creator pages being taken down? I checked a few pages if there are updates, and either the content is gone or most of the posts are deleted.
So server issue or DMCA?


I made a thread requesting recommendations for male BDSM content creators on coomer, but it got taken down. Why? I see other recommendation threads out there. Did I do something wrong?


I have an issue, whenever I import it "works" but only does 10 posts even though they don't have any paywalls. kristy_kreme_89 is one,
diamondortega is another. Whoever upload via the import page doesn't fully sync. I have left the tabs open for days at a time and nothing. How do I fix this issue?


The best content is often sent to messages. I legit followed an OF and they would only post nudes in DMs. Any plans to expand a feature to allow uploading DMs?


Struggling to work out how to use the importer.

I have an Onlyfans with subscriptions but cannot work out how to get the importer to work correctly. Is there an idiots guide out there somewhere?


Anyone know how to fix the import when it stops after 10 posts?


i have the same issue ….


I'm having a similar issues, When trying to import it only pulls only 9 posts from the creator I am trying to import.


I'm trying to import and it keeps hanging up 9 posts into the 3rd person I follow

My import ID is 2a01607786132f7a.


Importer seems to be stuck.
Always happens with a specific creator, only 10 posts are imported. If the import process is started again the 10 posts are skipped over and it does not seem to progress beyond that.
Import ID: 679e459fbeb1d204


Having import issues as well and my suscriptions are about to expire, if I don't fix this soon I won't be able to contribute

So far I've only seen Kemono's Telegram

How do I join Coomer's Telegram? There seems to be one but the mods at Kemono acted prickly when I asked for it


mika_mae import just freezes after a few posts, I have a sub just was trying to import but it won't


Mika_mae won't properly import


Fix your fucking importer bruh I've waited like 20 days and I'm not going to renew this fucking subscription


LMAO, i’m pretty sure they’re trying and or busy. If you’re unable to renew hmu and ill buy the sub and upload!


There should be an option for downloading an archive for a performer.


where? what do you mean?


hey heads up I accidentally posted a request twice on murrsuit and thot thread and I forgot my pw to delete one. my bad.


Please add fansly.com too


yea i'd love to see coomer.party optionally rip dm's because a lot of models send nudes via dm and other rippers like digitalcriminals rips dm nudes automatically already


testing did the admins fix the jakpartysoy spam https://soyjak.party/soy/res/973398.html (read the bottom comment i made)


Guys i have a question.
I know an OF model that isn't on this site, so I want to import the account. But since it's pretty famous i wonder if it wasn't archived yet, or OF user DMCA'd the page.
Just to not spend money only to be DMCA'd again, is there a way to know beforehands?


Can someone lend me a hand grabbing the bc token? i went to the local storage log but had no luck finding it there, and despite trying my best with the browser console i couldn't find it there either


Where did the Coomer request thread go?


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backend seems to be down


this. some creators load, others don't.
seems to be the more popular creators that are still working.


My importer keeps getting stuck at around the 1300 range with still quite a bit of content left that can be uploaded


401 onlyfans import

whats the deal, i use the same settings and the digitalcriminals ripper works fine…


Importer keeps getting stuck and i dont know why :c


not all posts gets imported


is there a way to fix it? I want to upload this.


How can I see the full videos?


importer is broken, newer posts dont update and older post too. im low on money and its about to expire….


importer is still broken :( see my thread I made


I hope the importer gets fixed before October ends, because I just spend money in two creators I wanna import, hahaha.

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