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Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.


A lot of onlyfans import sites have been taken down, do you have any plan against that?


I mean, only reason ofans.party was taken down was because of the name


Lots of "No attachments" on posts with a video attached. Would be nice to get some sort of indicator on which posts are pic vs video.

Also any plans for DM import? Not like anybody uses it on kemono but who knows it might bring some good stuff once in a blue moon.


I think the next website to target is manyvids.


Can you add patreon support. There's a internet wife that I wanna see supported


Are you planning to add justforfans support?


Where do I find the "BC token" or the "XHR request". Could not figure it out.


> Lots of "No attachments" on posts with a video attached

this, I guess "downloads" are recorded differently than "attachments" so they don't get included in the attachment count? it'd be good to see a video and image count for posts, because right now you have to open each post individually and manually check if you're looking for videos

on post pages it'd be nice if you listed the attachment filesize too so we can know that before trying to download, I got timed out a few times trying to download some that ended up being huge


ive seen dozens of posts like this one


with titles that make it seem like it should have a video attached but it doesnt


I keep getting 15 minute timeouts on some longer videos when attempting to download them. Could it be possible to increase this timeout?


me too, can the download server be made to support resuming interrupted downloads? idk if the ddos protection service is keeping that from working or if the servers not configured right, but when it times out if I try to resume it makes me start the download over completely


Some posts are listed in "recent posts", but not on the creators' pages. For example, this: https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/footgoddessnami/post/229158799


Getting internal error after some time when trying to import. I assume it's because of load but figured worth mentioning


I keep getting a 401 when I try to use the importer. I'm using f12 to get all the info and no dice.


from where do you get the bc token?


Instructions using Chrome:
1. Open Onlyfans
2. press F12
3. Go to "Application" tab


Im getting a 429 Too many requests on alot of videos even though its my first time clicking on them.


File: 1639669970995.webm (1.69 MB, 964x482, LonelyRoad.webm)

Are you using VPN? Because for now things are limited per ip.
Depending on the usage of the site, performance will be improved in the future.
ie. the site gets traction

What >>223 said. In there you find Cookies and Local Storage, which have their own subsection for the site you are currently using.

Hmmm, if you checked the "Allow administrator to use my session for debugging", we should be able to look at it.
Generally it's trial and error. Maybe you copied too much or too less. Cut something off, or etc.
Because every part has to be as it is given to you. No extra spaces before or after. Due to of bullshittery.

internal error from the site or in the importer?

Cache might not be purged properly. Need to look at it.
Also, the cache is purged once the import is finished. It will not purge while import is running.

Servers support the resume. At least I never deactivate that part. So it might be something between your browser and ddos protection.

Dunno. It looks more like server/ddos protection disconnecting your, rather than the webserver.

The data source, on which this was based did not have the files downloaded.
I've flagged all the post that don't contain files for re-import.
If someone comes along and has access to that data, it will be downloaded.

No fixed plans. Can't promise anything.


Up for debate. DMs, that is.


Internal error in the importer


Not using a VPN, but I'm getting a lot of 429 too many request errors, also some videos load immediately whereas some take forever and can't be downloaded cos of this.


>Hmmm, if you checked the…
Alright, I'll keep trying. I do enable the debugging option but I'm not sure you guys get any of my keys since I don't see any saved on my account.


File: 1639708497955.webm (1.09 MB, 663x480, Simdola.webm)

Then slow down, 3 data requests per ip at any given time. For now that is.

I'll poke shino a bit.

Then maybe the way you copied the data and/or the data itself is not right.
All fields must be filled out with exactly the data that you are presented with, when you are logged into of.
Also, you can't logout, otherwise the session will be closed.

So, for all that have problem with importing and get 401, please select "Allow administrator to use my session for debugging" and provide half of the import id.
It will be enough for us to find it and debug the problematic sessions, on the other hand it will keep others from looking at what you are importing.
Please try to do this in a few hours from the time of the post. The times here should be UTC.


File: 1639760283010.jpg (344.11 KB, 1280x989, skirt.jpg)

Ok, looked at a few failed sessions.
And all of them have the same "User Agent", which should not be the case.
Don't use the filled out "User Agent", open onlyfans, go to network tab, if there is nothing there,
click any link in ofans, click on an entry in network tab, scroll down till you see the "Request Headers",
there should be a "User Agent:" entry, copy that and replace the user agent used on the site.

Will see if that filed will be emptied and mandatory or it will be enough to load your browsers user agent into that field. At least so that you don't miss it.


I'm this guy >>176. It seems that changing the Windows NT 10 in the user agent to Windows NT 6.1 from my browser did the trick. Thanks!


Will you add Justforfans support in the future?


I wouldn't mind having a tagging system so we can browse the creators more easily.
Even something as simple as separating male vs female would be appreciated.


DM import is definitely needed. A lot of bigger creators put out high tier content using exclusively this method of distribution.


You can by on kemono without DM but not here. Most of them lock their content behind DMs even the free previews.


File: 1640181778002.png (415.76 KB, 629x621, oneinfour.png)

The question is, are DMs sent individually or they basically a "send to everyone" type.
I think you know where this is going. There are way to manually filter the DM imports, so if that works, maybe it can be added.
But we mainly do not want people (importers) to expose themselves.


Gotta hope they don't do anything stupid. Optional content should be ok unless they are the only ones buying. personal request would be off the table hopefully no one is crazy enough to leak a vid that only they and the maker know about.


I'm looking at the import logs, and I see a lot of messages saying that the author is unknown. There is about 200 posts from the creator and only about 18 are getting imported. import id 0b1826eef53d13cb


Same thing here, first half of my import id 784e284073

Importer also seems to be stopping for seemingly no reason around 85-90 lines


Add support for Loyalfans please. I have a craving for Molly McGuire and she's not on Onlyfans.


File: 1640366395377.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, Capture d’écran de 2021-12….png)


I think something might be shot on the API - some creators' pages just return the text "[]". Example: https://coomer.party/api/onlyfans/user/Usatame?o=0


That's because the creators name is capitalized. From what I've tested it needs to be lowercase


https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/rinlin_x3 the favorite button disappeared on this page?


https://coomer.party/onlyfans/user/rinlin_x3 the favorite button disappeared on this page?


also getting the "Skipping post xxxxxxxxx because the author is unknown" for most of their post, import id is f039f66f938493b0


Dunno if this is normal but for grvcehubs stuff there's usually only text and no vids or pics. The text itself usually says it has either of those. Is that normal?


Free account so those are posts describing content that needs to be paid for


File: 1640528552801.jpg (138.45 KB, 1200x830, magic.jpg)

Thanks for that, now another question. Was the post xxxxxxxxx what you have paid for? Can you please check if that post is associated a author.
And if it is, please share the author and post id of that "unknown" author (unless it is something only you should be able to see).



Different person but I'll share mine,
post: 238848700
creator: mindfoxxx
import id 86972590d753e3e1.
I'm currently subscribed to him.

I don't know how to check for the author, but formatting the url like this seems to work, onlyfans.com/238848700/mindfoxxx



I can't seem to access the site today. Why is that?


change your dns


What DNS are you using that works?


What DNS are you using or what DNS that might work?


I was using quad9 before as primary DNS, I switched to cloudflare's DNS (


Can confirm. Working on, not on


Whenever I try to import, its 80% "post xxxxxxx skipped because author is unknown"

Or the importer RANDOMLY stops with error. "contact telegram staff"

Tried it multiple times today, its random when it stops



More like, TooManyRequests.party


Thoughts on allowing just image uploading without logging into onlyfans? I'm sure it would cause spam issues but you would also get a ton of reuploads from those private forums and peoples personal archives, including now deleted accounts.


Would be disabled for the same reason as they are Kemono.


Add support for justforfans and pocketstars


>Whenever I try to import, its 80% "post xxxxxxx skipped because author is unknown"
this. It goes til the end for me, but still only imports about 5% of the posts


Same with me. The first and last posts seem to be importing well enough, but everything else is a no go. My keys also don't seem to be stored? No idea.


>Then slow down, 3 data requests per ip at any given time. For now that is.

Most of the time I get the error I'm only trying to load one thing. Takes a few minutes to pass sometimes.


Same for me even now.
I've been trying to import my stuff. It scrapes just under 700 posts and almost every single one is "author is unknown", but I get no errors. It just stops and tells me that it's still in progress.

I'm using the same browser, the right session data and user-agent.
I'm subscribed to 3 creators. Two are free content and the other one I'm actually interested in only gets 12 of her posts imported.


Even after changing my DNS, I cannot access the site. I'm also not a Verizon customer.


Just tried to got to the website but it keeps saying "this site can't be reached" i even tried different devices


Yeah site seems to be down for me


File: 1641947051393.png (432.57 KB, 460x400, onder.png)

In about 12h I'll cut off the data access to the full size images for about 24h. You'll see an announcement.
Imports will work, thumbs will work, just the data will not be available for that duration.
I need that time to do maintenance and there is no way around it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


how come the download speed is extremely slow? I've tried a few different browswers and the same remains


Crimson here.

Got 503 error when opening files. Maintenance I guess?


I just found about the site and all download links give me 502 - Bad Gateway. Probably due to maintenance?


File: 1642076483604.jpg (275.11 KB, 2500x1667, FH936plXMAMKom0.jpg)

website never loads, it's always ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT


When it rains it pours. Things will take longer.


Currently having an issue where I try to import it stays on the same import for more than 2 hours and doesn't continue. I've tried for two days straight and it's still doing the same thing.


Same dude, and I think I figured out why. It's probably because the video it's trying to import is almost an hour long.


This is still an issue.

I start the import, it scrapes through 38 posts, but only imports 19 because literally 90% of the posts it finds are "author is unknown". There's a literal pattern of import one post, mess up the next 9. So I assume there's an API limit that should be countered by "try requesting every post at least 10 times, before moving on" OR "wait 1-10 seconds before next post".

Also these are just the "open" posts. A huge amount of content(200 posts) is "archived", but fully viewable for subscribers.

Can't the importer be given a specific URL to scrape? That would solve this side of the problem at least.


The website design is not loading properly…


Website still not loading properly. It's like someone deleted all the visuals code. Links still work and images are there but the index never finishes loading so I can't search


То me it happens once in 3 weeks, just wait for a while, maybe try to empty cache


ui isn't loading. might be uncommon since ive only seen one other person on this thread talk about it




Same issue that styling is not loading. Additionally "Loading creator index" seems to be stuck, it was broken even before the styling issue.


Videos take forever to load, any fixes to that?


I've been having the same issue with the ui not loading. However when I use a VPN the site works as intended. I am not tech savvy enough to know why this is.


ui doesn't load properly and search doesn't seem to work


File: 1642529437807.png (50.9 KB, 894x454, 50354bb5e7afe5788c6e48f51d….png)

To this point I still think all of you are trying to trip me.
Whatever, dropped cache on the server.
If it does not work after this, something is fucked over on your side.

>ui doesn't load properly
stop using internet explorer
>search doesn't seem to work
It does, unless you search for something that breaks the search.
So what exactly are you searching for. The exact search string.

DNS fuckery?
Don't exactly know what is going on, since everything works over here.

Both cache servers are at max speed. So that is a no for now.

How! Well, works over here, gave the caching part a hard restart.
Also tested the speed. Took less than 2 seconds.
Do report if it still does not work, but then it will have something to do with your system.

At that time we had some network performance problems. The download (coomer downloading, not you) speed should have drastically increased.

All I can do is remind the dev about this.


All I can do is remind the dev about this.

That is fine, thank you.


File: 1642546534150.png (21.27 KB, 1208x660, 2022-01-18 14-54-26 Coomer….png)

Ditto on the site UI not loading


File: 1642553875882.jpg (319.41 KB, 1768x1768, 1642454933681.jpg)

Just tested on vivaldi. It's a you problem.
Disable all addons, drop cache, reload page.
If fails, show network and console tab.
Something is preventing the loading of the css/js.


Same here. Not sure what dude above me is on about, site's borked.


Site's working perfectly on my end. Really looking like a you problem.


This is happening for multiple people so it is not a "you problem". A few days ago it was fine.
Just tested with Firefox, Chrome and Edge, UI style is not loading on any of them so it cannot be browser or extension thing.


File: 1642558837227.webm (2.51 MB, 654x668, 1617566200259.webm)

Then give me something to chew on.

Either way, this is a blind attempt to temp fix it for these with problems.
Open these links up one by one and tell me what your browser says about them.

If they load just fine and you see a lot of text, good.
If you see something about content encoding,
it is possible that our or the ddg proxies are doing some retarded shit. Ctrl+F5 on that problematic file.
JS/CSS and HTML files are served by the same application, so if one broke on our backend, then everything would not work.
So I can only guess that ddg is doing something strange.


UI seems to be working again, nice -b.
Those .js files also look normal (just code).



I think almost every onlyfans model uses DMs and on patreon only a few creators use DMs so getting DM's to import into coomer.party would be really nice…


how does coomer.party handle overloaded usernames?

models on onlyfans can rename themselves but leave their old username up so that it redirects to the new username, their onlyfans page structure remains intact so ripping tools can recognize the rip as already existing if the user manually changes the folder name… how will this does this work currently on coomer.party?


I'm aware this site is dedicated to Onlyfans content, but it would be a good suggestion to maybe add justfor.fans to the list. Since that site allows lactation content which OF doesn't allow.

I really want to see Michelle Marie/Michele Hartnraft's newer lactation content and that site is the only place to see her doing this.



Hello, I noted that some content such as ellament_ has a limit in time as if the older ones were not ripped, isn'it a bug?


Would like to bring this back up. A way to know if the post has a video or not would be extremely useful


I noticed an other bug, the update date doesn't match the one of the last post, are some of the last ones missing on some content creators?


every time when importing getting this issue "Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram."

Looks like server is overloaded


Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram.

always getting this error when importing


File: 1643744809163.jpg (118.85 KB, 1124x1500, 003.jpg)

is there any way to batch download profiles from the site yet? jdownloader and ripme dont work.




I've uploaded several hundreds of photos/videos, but I am still listed as a Consumer role on the site? Are there specific roles for uploaders?

Sidenote, the god damn "xxxxxxx skipped because author is unknown" issue crops up everytime


any chance to support fansly.com ?


Trying to import but it doesn't seem to be working right. It gets like the 10 most recent posts from a few authors and doesn't even mention others. Says "in progress" but is frozen at a certain point. I tried starting over, it skipped everything already imported and stopped at the same part. There's still plenty more to import…
ID C99a8c916843a9f6 if it helps


The ability to search for posts containing files with common video extensions would be nice.
If you guys are feeling really adventurous you could make an entire frontend around it with thumbnails and duration directly from each video.


Not sure if an issue or not, but sometimes import gets all posts and other times just the latest 10 posts


yep I've been having the same issue, site's basically unusable right now


I noticed that sometimes posts are not shown in the list, but if I search post title they show up.
Is this a known issue? I noticed this accidentally once, but don't remember where.


It'd be super helpful if videos could have their filesize/duration listed; A lot of creators post tons of super short teasers, so a way to separate the wheat from the chaff would be great.


hey I can't upload anything, says "This page isn’t working coomer.party is currently unable to handle this request.

Nothing has been updated since 2/22/22, what happened:


It never loads the creator index on coomer.party so it will never allow me to search.


Sometimes i wonder if the crestor index CAN load


me too, how do I fix this?


File: 1645922945406.png (7.27 KB, 469x246, 503.png)

Getting 503 backend errors or just blank pages when I try to access creator pages.
I also cannot search anything.


Same here, server's fucked


this x100000


Importer seems to only be grabbing a handful of posts from each creator before it moves on and eventually hangs. 5922affec9c6c686


Also wondering about site roles as well.. would be fun to have roles that change with upload count and/or age of account


It would be nice to have "last updated" column in creator/artist view on both coomer and kemono.


this issue needs addressing first and foremost… please


Are mobile downloads not working for anyone else every time I download I can't open the file when before it was fine


Can I get some response to if something is being worked on to show what posts have videos in them?


The Importer seems to be stuck, after inputting the info it gives the import log and sits at 0


ey how do I send my a request onlyfans normal for coomer? You wrote that send the request in /request/, but there a no category for my request, just there are for foot and asmr. And the general request is only for kemono. Someone can send the url for write my normal request for coomer. thanks for read


There's the thot thread for general stuff


Same for me. Importer seems to be stuck.


Still stuck
Also I'm not a bot you stupid antispam


All requests have been locked since two days ago?


The imports will be re-enabled in ~24 hours. The number of cache servers will also be increased, so the speeds should get better.


If possible, I'd like to see some way to know which requests have been fulfilled on requests board.

One idea I had is that when uploading user/artist, the uploader could paste a link to the requester's post. Then admin or moderator could verify it, click "Confirmed" and it would automatically edit the requester's post so that people reading the thread know about it.


Thank you for the update


Keep getting "Status code 401 when contacting OnlyFans API", double checked sess/auth/bc are correct. Tried used a different browser and updated UA to match. Didn't get the errors when imports were locked, did anything change between?


Make sure you don't log out before or during the import process. That will invalidate your keys. Also, make sure you're using your browser user agent instead of the one already in the box.


File: 1646981534255.png (57.91 KB, 281x527, 50133102.png)

>Want to tell us how the site can be improved?
video thumbnails (on both posts and post browser)
embedded video
indicator next to each post that says what's inside it, without having to hover over each
Optional: thumbnail carousel when hovering over a post



Noticed that on that one february is missing, the uploader told me that it is present on her onlyfans so obviously a bug.


is there a max number of uploads per import session? I keep maxing out at 1141, even though that definitely isn't everything I have to upload.


log out and back into OF and get the session again
yeah after around 1k it starts to shit the bed I noticed


File: 1647222077094.png (652.03 KB, 1308x973, 64051851.png)

Nevermind, wrote it myself.


File: 1647298701028.png (15.19 KB, 1140x465, nic.PNG)

For some reason my import does nothing. They start but they don't show any text like usual.


If I made a request in an archived thread (>>>/coomer/res/677) do I need to re-request it in the current one?


File: 1647781125416.png (35.28 KB, 1000x750, 1848c26818adaab2ef30b1f8d1….png)

Please add an option for Fansly Models, I simply wish to coom


File: 1647975768309.jpg (54.6 KB, 947x869, 5dijza07h2d51.jpg)

still maintenance? when will uploading be back up??


ok wannabe monke moderator i know this might sound like golden bait but this is not a troll question bear with me (plz dont ban)
is there a way to remove/exclude or atleast hide murrsuiter content/tags this stuff really makes me sick to my stomach i mean 2D cute art ones are tolerable but theres just something gross disgusting and uncanny about IRL thots wearing this outfit maybe i should browse less ED and hoodsite since i cant get this off my head i came here to coomerparty for normal vanilla porn since pornhub has been causing Vram related when lots of advertisement mini videos load at the same time BSODs and my 120hz monitor hates low quality 360p videos
holy shit BUI was right all along thots should have never been allowed i didnt realize it was that bad i owe you guys a huge apology mate (sorry if i have insulted your personal fetish)

rude and wasted digits off by one

is this site mypal/palemoon compaitble? i dont want to be datamined (even herm admitted that there are analytics scripts in the site)

that looks like a really good feature


Is this project abandoned? Doesn't seem like anything has moved in the direction of fixing the importer and the "Scheduled Outage" message has been up for a long time now. Where did admin go?


Very busy working on Kemono, so had no time to tend to coomer. A lot of stuff has happened which needs as much attention as possible. Will poke shino to tell him to take the notice off.


Ah okay no worries. Hopefully coomer will get some love/care soon


dang hang in there king


When request thread will reopen? I'm sorry about this question but I'm in agony and depression because page of someone is not updated since 3 months ago


seethe and cope


Requests go here for both kemono and coomer


Didn't enter that page? In thread of that, declaring "temporary closed"


I noticed that coomer comes up when searching for content creators by name. It might be worth it to get coomer removed from google search results so that onlywhores won't try to take it down.


They try… But they get nowhere. Besided, Google SEO was intended. Same with Kemono


Is data12 server down?


Admin,can you inform us when request thread reopen?


When the Kemono importer is finished and deployed


The ability to hide artists/creators would be good. I like browsing but there's a lot to keep wading through.


filtering by male/female/etc would be sweet if at all possible


When will the importer be fixed?


it is fixed. idk what people are talkin about


Then, why don't you reopen request thread


>>1398 admin at >>1378 said that it would be when the kemomo importer is finished and deployed


A lot of pages, like knewly added ones, have only like 20 or less posts out of hundreds of posts the original fanpages have. Is this an importer issue?


File: 1650379550758.jpg (93.21 KB, 960x960, 960x960_28d0e872ec4e8e3e89….jpg)

ban me plz


Ok, not sure if it's been discussed, but I've come across some onlyfans posts that says photo set, or video, but all I get is either just one image or a post that says there's a video, but there isn't. I'm having a feeling there's supposed to be a website link, but Coomer Party doesn't seem to support it at the moment.


These fucking whores only dm stuff and it doesn't get uploaded to coomer.party


File: 1650742764624.png (820.47 KB, 489x913, 1wG.png)

no more bans ?! xD


about how long after a new user is important will they appear on the creators list? is it immediately set up by bots or does it take a bit of handiwork by a human before it appears on the site?


OF's have a lot competitors that would be nice to see support for but the first one to be added needs to be JustForFans

JFF is their biggest competitor and because of this, it my only request



This. Sometimes the importer gets stuck and only reads the most recent posts. I think that's why some pages have so few posts.


I guess that post was a PPV that wasn't unlocked before importing.


Administrator,can you reopen request thread in may? Or must I wait more time?


File: 1651399039267.jpg (83.68 KB, 742x1280, photo_2022-05-01_12-45-21.jpg)

I keep getting a 401 when I try to use the importer.


Idk how I found this collection of sites, but all I know is I love you guys/girls/apache helicopters for it.


File: 1652262754887.png (27.24 KB, 879x287, aaa.PNG)

So after trying to import numerous posts and having importer stuck I tried it again. Now it always stops after checking 1788 posts and skipping them, because they exist. Tried 3 times. Nothing works. Also the session keys provided for auto import don't show in the account page


File: 1652357527744.png (28.95 KB, 1437x236, skip.PNG)

Elaborating further in the issue from my last post: Importer gets stuck on the same post ID every time, unable to skip it. IDK why, got it running through the whole night and it didn't move past this post. I'm providing an importer ID and post ID (without the username)


I figured it out. When importer gets to the PPV post, it gets stuck and there's nothing that can be done. Fix please?


idea: show whether a creator has a free subscription or a paid one in the creators tab. like have a column specifically for free and one for paid maybe?


a lot of the gay accounts updated daily are not ripping all the posts and always stop at 10/15 posts




Justforfans support when?


There's a few profiles on the site that have broken profile pictures. Is there any way to fix those with the uploader, or will that take an act of SysAdmin action?


Will coomer add F2F support?


Trying to import missing content from PPV posts but the importer just skips the posts and hangs



This post 100% had a PPV video imported, it was 26 mins long and 1.1GB, was listed as a second attachment, it seems to have disappeared on a re-import?


https://onlyfans.com/noirkitty she has a pretty cheap subscription with ebony, dildo riding and oil play


is there really no dms tab for coomer or am i just blind


maybe you should add tags to creators' profiles and maybe implement an option to comment on posts


the last thing I wanna see is degenerate low life's diarrhea, stay on twitter


Currently importing something and found out that there is still nothing on Keys page on Profile. Is it normal and key should appear after the whole import or, well, an issue? Logged in ofc


A straight/gay filter would be pretty nice


Cannot download videos I only get htm file which seems to be the 429 Too Many Requests page


Noticed that most videos download fine but the one I tried first and one another are located to data6 server(?), might be related.


I don't know if that's intended but some imports are getting only 10 posts instead of the full OF rip, can you check?


website seems to be down for me.


Request thread on /request/ locked?


Are some creator pages being taken down? I checked a few pages if there are updates, and either the content is gone or most of the posts are deleted.
So server issue or DMCA?


I made a thread requesting recommendations for male BDSM content creators on coomer, but it got taken down. Why? I see other recommendation threads out there. Did I do something wrong?


I have an issue, whenever I import it "works" but only does 10 posts even though they don't have any paywalls. kristy_kreme_89 is one,
diamondortega is another. Whoever upload via the import page doesn't fully sync. I have left the tabs open for days at a time and nothing. How do I fix this issue?


The best content is often sent to messages. I legit followed an OF and they would only post nudes in DMs. Any plans to expand a feature to allow uploading DMs?


Struggling to work out how to use the importer.

I have an Onlyfans with subscriptions but cannot work out how to get the importer to work correctly. Is there an idiots guide out there somewhere?


Anyone know how to fix the import when it stops after 10 posts?


i have the same issue ….


I'm having a similar issues, When trying to import it only pulls only 9 posts from the creator I am trying to import.


I'm trying to import and it keeps hanging up 9 posts into the 3rd person I follow

My import ID is 2a01607786132f7a.


Importer seems to be stuck.
Always happens with a specific creator, only 10 posts are imported. If the import process is started again the 10 posts are skipped over and it does not seem to progress beyond that.
Import ID: 679e459fbeb1d204


Having import issues as well and my suscriptions are about to expire, if I don't fix this soon I won't be able to contribute

So far I've only seen Kemono's Telegram

How do I join Coomer's Telegram? There seems to be one but the mods at Kemono acted prickly when I asked for it


mika_mae import just freezes after a few posts, I have a sub just was trying to import but it won't


Mika_mae won't properly import


Fix your fucking importer bruh I've waited like 20 days and I'm not going to renew this fucking subscription


LMAO, i’m pretty sure they’re trying and or busy. If you’re unable to renew hmu and ill buy the sub and upload!


There should be an option for downloading an archive for a performer.


where? what do you mean?


hey heads up I accidentally posted a request twice on murrsuit and thot thread and I forgot my pw to delete one. my bad.


Please add fansly.com too


yea i'd love to see coomer.party optionally rip dm's because a lot of models send nudes via dm and other rippers like digitalcriminals rips dm nudes automatically already


testing did the admins fix the jakpartysoy spam https://soyjak.party/soy/res/973398.html (read the bottom comment i made)


Guys i have a question.
I know an OF model that isn't on this site, so I want to import the account. But since it's pretty famous i wonder if it wasn't archived yet, or OF user DMCA'd the page.
Just to not spend money only to be DMCA'd again, is there a way to know beforehands?


Can someone lend me a hand grabbing the bc token? i went to the local storage log but had no luck finding it there, and despite trying my best with the browser console i couldn't find it there either


Where did the Coomer request thread go?


File: 1662952084373.png (5.47 KB, 499x91, Untitled.png)

backend seems to be down


this. some creators load, others don't.
seems to be the more popular creators that are still working.


My importer keeps getting stuck at around the 1300 range with still quite a bit of content left that can be uploaded


401 onlyfans import

whats the deal, i use the same settings and the digitalcriminals ripper works fine…


Importer keeps getting stuck and i dont know why :c


not all posts gets imported


is there a way to fix it? I want to upload this.


How can I see the full videos?


importer is broken, newer posts dont update and older post too. im low on money and its about to expire….


importer is still broken :( see my thread I made


I hope the importer gets fixed before October ends, because I just spend money in two creators I wanna import, hahaha.

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