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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.


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>reddit spacing
>You seem pretty non-concerned about this
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/referer-control/hnkcfpcejkafcihlgbojoidoihckciin and import this [{"id":1641053709320,"val":"https://anti-scraper.herokuapp.com","type":"specific","filter":"https://www.patreon.com/","isregexp":false,"is3rd":false,"isfrom":false,"isto":true}]
It's a waste of time and effort for both sides. We got more important matters to fix.

Simple, you might have forgotten yp, but it had the same "problem".
One is "Post/Cover Image" the other is "Attachment". Both have different URLs and names, which are served by patreon.
Not every post has "Post/Cover Image" in Attachments. So it has to be shown alongside the attachments, and it so happens that the same image that is used for Cover is in attachments.

Welcome to Big Brother, where we see everything you do.
Change your dns provider. Even CF is better than what you use.
If still persists, use VPN.


File: 1641066693367.jpg (5.08 MB, 3500x3500, 93598554_p0.jpg)

At least for the chan i wish it had a dark theme. Damn this light theme is blinding me.


>dark reader


>>14750 >>14752
like cmon admin its 2022 and this this board could really use a bit of improvement
also i believe adding themes is as simple as putting the CSS files in the imageboard folder and then editing the config (julayworld even allows you to upload custom CSS which only the browser can see)
speaking of dns has anyone ever tried to import from 4g/mobile my connection breaks itself every hour
also files.catbox.moe seems to be blocked on my shithole ISP (had to use archive.org to get the files)

what happens if you accidentally trigger the antiscrapper thingy do you get some kind of popup or something? also try to be more inclusive towards plebbitors

>>14736 why was this deleted? its related to kemono

>Subscriberstar Are Banning Credit Cards That Are Used To Scrap Content https://archive.is/OGLuN


Well, you outed yourself as a reddit newfag by saying reddit space.


It just redirects you to a blank HTML page with text on it. Literally just changing the referrer header fixes it.

In Hermiet's words, "Don't fuck with active devs"


And you've outed yourself as a seasoned redditor.


I'm getting some 429 errors on some images. What do?


Get eye surgery as you are aparently too blind to see the big yellow thing at the top.


>"n-no u!"
Lol, you took off your tripcode to bitch and moan like a typical redditor. You redditors are absolutely insane.


I didn't take off anything, since I didn't have a trip in the first place.


Why did I get a 2 week ban for a request? And can I make a request (in the proper thread) again?


Hello ! Thanks a lot for your insane work. Just a quick question, is there a reason for some files to be stored as *.jpe ?
Have a nice day !


Hi there!
Just wondering about why I'm no longer able to download zip files. Just get a 429 error. MP4 files and such are working fine though.
Sorry for the trouble.


I take it back, mp4 isn't working anymore either. Pain 429.


Hi mods, will you allow dupe requests again? Iv seen couple of artists that get requested on every new request thread not get updated even though they were updated regularly often before.


>Why did I get a 2 week ban for a request? And can I make a request (in the proper thread) again?
I assume you didn't properly follow the format in the OP of the request thread. It warns you that not following the proper "name, tier, price, link" format will result in a ban. You're not prevented from posting again though.


Tried importing from DLSite but it returned
>Successfully added your import to the queue. Waiting…
>Service "dlsite" unsupported.

Any idea what's up with that? I made sure to choose the dlsite option…
(the posts I was hoping to import are on ci-en.dlsite.com though, not the main dlsite.com, I assumed dlsite option would work for those, but maybe I'm wrong)


DL-Site should be unselectable since Kemono doesn't currently support it. Will forward to administration.


Begging in the wrong place makes that happen


So small quality of life request, could you add an option to let us sort our favorites by name and platform?
And maybe the ability to favorite discords.


I've noticed a few artist, from both patreon and fanbox, who have missing posts that are missing post that should be there since they're in the same tier. I think it's because of the maintenance goning on but i'm not sure if it happened before the maintenance started


A) it feels kind of counterintuitive that [Artists] takes you to the search page.

B) would it be possible to show a breakdown of the file types of the attachments? like "1 gif, 2 images" type of thing?

C) why do movie files sometimes not count as attachments on the gallery view?



Please, for the love of god, can we get some way of sorting search results by date?
that would be godlike
Also a blacklist


data2 is bullying me with invalid certificate once again. AND any other data* redirect me back to it…


How long are session keys stored for? I accidentally left auto-import checked when I didn't mean to.


File: 1641339222572.png (1.24 MB, 858x1015, __original_and_1_more_draw….png)

…until it dies.
If you were logged in, the key can be removed here; https://kemono.party/account/keys
If not, key should usually be invalidated if you log out and in (or changing password if that doesn't work)


I noticed musclevillegames was updated for the first time in what felt like a year recently.

However it was just one post and I was thinking "What about the other posts?"

I know it would be pricy to get EVERY post, but even on that regard I was expecting more than just one post.

Right now there are only 18 posts and I wish it was updated more often.


was checking my favorites and saw that a gallery was updated today but there are no new posts on it, just the same old stuff that was already there
(Ehhoeho from pivix)


It's really interesting who regularity updates danza's kemono page, but don't post anything useful in posts. Like really, it's a only damn paywalled posts and posts with DM sent links. No archives, no images attached. For what is posting every month? It's a useless garbage withous any useful in it.


bulgins and some others starting to not include actual mega links in their posts, instead they are now adding paywalled patreon links but seems like autoimport doesnt care 'bout it, and kinda ruins the whole thing


I noticed Request Thread #18 has reached it's maximum reply limit and there's still no Request Thread #19 since then.

How long do we have to wait for a new Request Thread?


Thank you


I guess last year I was given a one week ban for a "duplicate request" but I had manually deleted the first post (or so I thought?) because I formatted it janky. Is there a system that flags duplicate requests even if you delete one? Just want to make sure I'm not wasting people's time.
INB4 "proofread it next time, retard"


Post filename is a link. This gives the file an incorrect file extension when saved. Is this intended? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2339790/post/60609262


File: 1641484608123.jpg (61.72 KB, 1914x933, ux2dv3lk51m61.jpg)

You seriously think you can save a YouTube link as a file!? How dense can you get…

Just add it to your likes…


Why in the world do you block vpns from accessing kemono.party and party.chan?


I was talking about the image not the embed :/


This is the images file name:


File: 1641518037618.jpg (7.93 KB, 480x360, wat.jpg)

You mean this?


Ya when right clicking and saving, not the thumbnail, and looking at what the api says the name is. It shows up as a link.


just testing if i've been banned, will delete soon


could there be artist tags so we could search by tags?


File: 1641591946603.gif (1.22 MB, 245x195, The_Rock_eyebrow.gif)

seeing that subscriberstar banned kemono.party ips and potentially other services in the future, im thinking about… kemono importer.

i remember from old days (happy birth btw :) ), before yiff.party was going dark, shino made a yiff.party importer to import stuff from YP.

so, why not to implement the same thing to kemono instances?

most likely, these instances runs on residential ip's lowering the potential bans from paywall services, plus if kemono.party goes down, people can spin up a backup kemono instance to import stuff, then after kemono.party goes online, they can import from their backup instances.

to prevent the spam, trash and other bullshit, request a review of instance, after that give a some sort of approval (give a import key or something), and then importer goes flyin.

long-term thing, but hey, what you think frens?


Idea was already discussed the conclusion was that it'd be too risky for whoever is hosting their instance. Would've happened long before now if it wasn't risky.


Happy birthday
Let's gooooooo


File: 1641601924753.png (212.98 KB, 1495x944, Error.PNG)

Is the site messing up for anyone else? This is what it looks like on Artist pages for me. Every other type of page, posts and searching etc., are fine but this is messed up for me


>>14872 >>15106 >>14862 >>14857 >>14844
look jannygender bansexual or whatever the hell its called sorry if i got it wrong (inb4 spam/b8)
stop harvesting IPs you will get tempted to sell them one day (or better yet why not add a wordfilter to auto warn users prevention is better than cure)
also dont use wipe by IP too often i heard it makes your penis shorter over time (i first heard this rumor on patch chans but its slowly becoming true)

>>14838 >>14832 >>14807 >>14771
to be fair most 4channers are disgruntled redditors no wonder why the site has been going to shit in the past few years

>>14812 why is kemono so harsh on people with disabilities (you can copy the JS there https://www.ami.com/ and try it yourself)
even the AMI website has lots accessibility they even had a ADHD option there which is really nice (also dont be lazy and make the buttons slightly larger)

>>15324 cant we just make a local scrapper for windows or some shit? similar to yiff.bat and then sync it to kemono when the user clicks on import from the program
>>14849 on some obscure sites i get .jpe too but it opens just fine so i guess its ok (why do other sites use jpeg not jpg is there a difference?)
>>14960 hoi dont discriminate against our fetishes just kidding actually i need this to filter out scat creators

sorry for the veeery late reply i was preparing my 21h1 flash drive while doing veeam stuff (happy birthday KP try not to get your moderators too drunk this time)
dunno if related but should we archive the patreon community as well? https://archive.is/aU33l


>>15024 move your ass ursurah shitamee those begging/void threads arent gonna magically create themselves oh wait he already made one NVM (i kinda wish shino or the other SA admin made the thread since usah hates it whenever we have fun)

>>15225 because admin likes to datamine people simple as (remember the twitter incident? it was a sysadmin who did it?)
also the donations arent gonna pay for themselves KP could really use one of these canary birds i saw on julayworld (hell they can even make their own OC if needed)
do yourselves a favor and stop harvesting IPs one day you will be tempted to sell them and when that happens kemono will be on hot water when you get caught in the act

>>15190 (so is this the power of furry sysadmins?)
>imagine being smarter than the rest of us yet you can't even operate yt-dl properly to scrape the comments let alone find a non-DMCAd repository
>posting soyjaks as a response to the argument even though soys arent allowed on this board (nice double standard there and no i already archived the file)

>>15306 >just testing if i've been banned, will delete soon
i dunno if admin can preview the text box as i make this post haha simcard-masterrace go brr kek i remember that time i was on an e-vading spree in the old YPBBS due to the 30k GET
>inb4 my shithole ISP gets rangebanned from VIEWING the artists page (welp time to visit the computercafe)

FEATURE SUGGESTION can you add a auto redirect if the user click on a patreon link within kemono (and add a popup box if the post is not yet imported)
so basically this link https://www.patreon.com/posts/59084702 turns into this https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10734570/post/59084702 (for convenience)


Feature Suggestion: Dislikes

I like having a page Favorite but I think Kemono should have Dislikes(a page just for it is purely optional) With the site having 819 and counting pages of artists, it not easy nor convenient to remember every artist I've ever clicked on. I and I'm sure others just want to see if their favorites have been updated and what new artists have been added to the site

the artists I disliked could get highlighted in Red, just like how my Favorite artists are highlighted in gold. I don't think it would be good to publicly show how many Dislikes an artist has but I that's up team to decide.


I would appreciate it if a tagging system with a blacklist was added. Ideally something like what e621 has, but I'd personally be satisfied with just basic tagging and blacklisting.

Of course, I don't expect this to be a quick and easy change, so I understand if implementing something like this won't be a priority for a while.


Fixed, had to do with an css error.


opendns has flagged the site as phish, it won't let you click certain links, can't even mess around with the data tables anymore to bypass it.

Change to Cloudflare dns and all links work now, anyway to get opendns to remove you from phishing tag?


I've noticed some creators using a new Patreon video host or a Vimeo-Patreon integration which makes the content unviewable or undownloadable on kemono.

Wanted to know if there was any solution to this being worked on/already available for importers to be weary of. I hope that since video hosting is a difficult business, this isn't something impossible to work around.



There is a method to watch embedded vimeo videos in Issues and Feedback Thread #2


Vimeo is helping Patreon with hosting porn now?


More likely reactard


can anyone confirm if the people who import actually look at the request thread or is it still a Telegram-only thing?


Thank you


or better yet why not add some kind of bookmarks folders system for all your consooming needs (i actually need this since i check clean game jam developers distraction-free)

>hide the dislikes on kekmono

sounds like something a google employee would say (srsly though it would be nice if we could call out creators for their bad practices im talking about primeleap)

>>15373 (there was that on time someone imported XSS htmls on the old YP i think it was named mybeststuff)
>umm sweatie those credentials arent gonna harvest themselves we need to rotate the cards to prevent the site form getting blacklisted thank you for your understanding
on a serious note though you can email opendns and ask them where exactly is the problematic URL maybe some creatorfags are sneaking shit (dunno if patreon allows HTML uploads)

>>15399 HOY! watch your language this is an inclusive safe space for humans BAD trannyjanny! NO HRT 4 U! (jeez dude why do you blame us all the time?)
also whats wrong with reactards using it? its not like we need to add vimeo or some shit

>>14799 ok thanks nice dubs btw
>>15361 i believe patreon already has some kind of built in category/tagging all we need left is to auto detect these and sort the creators
>>15402 >>15368 👍
>>15395 >>15374 >>15398 cant we just add a browser referrer spoofer thingy or a slow cheap proxy?


feature suggestion: option to only view posts from favorited artists
surprised it wasn't already a thing. just put it up there next to favorites, or make it an option inside that page, to view all posts from that list of artists, in original post order or updated date order


>Due to spam,the uploader has been temporarily disabled.
I'm just curious: what was spammed?


Links to possible CP and other shit. Also had wrong artists images on different creators. Should (hopefully) be re-enabled when (or if) Mod tools are (ever?) finished.


I think a note that tells you when an artist's page was last imported would be great.


Importer seems to be down for about 8 hours now….


Because internal stuff is going on. Missing files are being restored as the dedupe is wrapping up now


browsing kemono party on mobile browser looks wonky as hell. any plan to make it look better on the future? inprove the ui and function?




I'll ask again later then


Why are some artists getting updated every day or some are updated even a next hour?


Cuz that's what people are uploading…
There isn't some bot that magically just grabs what people want anymore, everything on this site is all stuff subscribers are willing to share and upload for us leeches


Is somebody bypassing the paywall of these contents for free?
I think they buy contents or tiers for a month and update many times as they want just for this month.


File: 1641845265944.jpg (52.84 KB, 699x421, paipai.jpg)

Now, all data servers will redirect you to the right place. To date there were 2.432.850 forced corrections.
Broken links from the migration were fixed. So re-run your downloads and tools.
A few more servers were added, so downloading "should" be faster.
Something else is in the works, but it is a big ass chunk of data to be processed.


Input always welcome.

Maybe, I can remember it dying some time ago.


Curiosity Killed the Cat

Sounds like dynamic content, which I see as something suboptimal.
Anything that does not come from cache is a pain.
I'd rather have hard working servers and not burning servers
Will be considered.

yeah, no. Use something better.

Was suggested before, was already known much earlier, but >effort
Someday, maybe.

>giving outsiders control of the data going in and out
Nope. User uploaded stuff, sure. Automatic processing of data from outside, icky.

Pretty sure I don't. Once, TOR was blocked for a few days till a fix was implemented and nothing else is blocked since then(unblocked).

Everything is there, just under a different post.

Probably a flagged post was updated.

Don't use opendns.

A) What else would there be? A list of artist? That is maybe searchable?
B) Kemono is currently tracking 117 distinct file types. The most you could expect is: Inline, File, Attachment and Embeds numbers
C) Most likely embeds?
D) Only Artist search.


Are you talking about how we store or the filenames from outside? Because there is a difference.

Take your meds, schizo. Tho I would like that a specific mod would take off his trip code when writing opinion topics.


>>15190 (so is this the power of furry sysadmins?)
Note, There is a big line between those who run kemono, and those who are the janitors, look at the username (tip, mods are not operators)


It's the SubscribeStar importer working again???


Every time someone asks, another week will be added to downtime.

There is no ETA. Stop asking.


Would like to see Tags being added in content post as text for easier search


Getting 503 here


Imagine posting without any useful information


Same here, 503: backend fetch failed, might be maintenance.
Umm, is XID thing also important?


I'm getting 503 errors too. Backend fetch failure, yadda yadda. It's funny because Kemono was working just last night for me. However, back then when I clicked on a certain specific post of an artist's, the images and text and whatnot were there, but like all the black "Kemono" display stuff holding it in (CSS I think it's called?) was gone and had gone white. Even the artist's "background image" had come loose as its own image at the top of the screen.

Didn't take a screenshot because I thought it was some behind-the-scenes thing again and it'd be fixed when I woke up, but I guess I should've.
Anyhow, site's down basically for me.


I'm trying to get in Kemono party, but it does not work due 503 errors! Does that mean maintenance is out here now?


literally getting 503 just by visiting front page


I don't know why I am getting Error 503 Backend fetch failed


Yeah, I got error 503 too on front page and any bookmarked page I had


Blame shino for deploying broken code and instantly going offline to sleep, instead of testing it like a normal person would.


kek, no problem


Seriously? Goddamn that's stupid. What did he do, pull an all-nighter instead of save his work and take a break?


File: 1641893225160.jpg (73.58 KB, 960x960, NcMLixlTF-9o-D2EN_pJ3eBOlC….jpg)

mental image of shino?


I take partial blame for this. I think setting off shino into full archival mode turned his brain off to focus on that somehow.

He's turned into an archive zombie…

What have I done…


Welp, i think Shino deserve some rest, cant really blame shino after all those coding,personally.


hooray, dedupe over


Some files are still missing and wont load the higher resolution.


File: 1641907100062.jpg (387.7 KB, 1139x797, __fujikawa_tsumugu_tsumugu….jpg)

The links to the specific posts that are like this would be helpful.


>>15593 ok noted i thought he was also and admin since he could see the backend importer logs (and can datamine our IPs in the chanboard)
>>15598 lol as a creatorfag all i have to do is pester the admins all day if i want something revoked EZ-PZ (also im not paying for premium jew)
>>15641 oh hey i missed you your finally back (what happened to cistastech)
>>15443 cant we just restrict uploading to oldfags accounts only or why not make a rudimentary shared files thread where people upload on anonfiles in the meantime

>>15653 >>15652 >>15649 >victim blaming
typical furry attitues gonna cap this post also give the server some rest once in a while those chink hardrives can't spin 24/7

>>15414 (also add a auto update on the board so i can catch deleted comments)

kek i miss whygena i remember some anon said she nuked all the twitter and FA stuff

>>15460 (though would be nice if i can have notifications as well)
yeah a last updated indicator would be nice so i dont constantly recheck the pages

oh look its the resident mass repyling admin jeez dont be too harsh towards schizos (gonna ask for more suggestions lel)
importer related but can you add the option to sync free posts as well BUT this time there will be no alerts when non relevant posts are saved (every little bit matters cuz why not)
also posts tier should be marked by color for example the $0 is black $1 is white $5 is bronze $10 is silver $20 is gold $50 is platinum


Upload will be account-only and require some account age to be available.


This one is trivial because purely a visual issue but posts with the same SHA-256 appear twice, only happens with patreon.

Some posts also don't show up for those poor goons not using the api.

Lastly, it should not be possible for users to auto-import free posts without any subscription. Ask Hermiet and Shino for example users where this happens. It would be appreciated if this was fixed, but if you can't, oh well, as long as this doesn't have unexpected effects.

(or you could just remove free posts completely and people have to do some effort for a change and spend five seconds getting them from the free site of a paysite)

Not getting any connection issues here by simply respecting the query policy. Thanks for the hard work on kemono, more donations coming up.

PS: Fuck coomer though




could there be a list of pending artist requests so that people could check if someone already asked for and artist (new or to update)


No. We deleted the request page since it was unmaintained and only use here and the Telegram group to request now.


I think I have found a bug in the patron importer. Two of the import sessions are currently stuck on in-progress with one of them having been so for a few days. In the logs I can find a user id for all creators except for one. That user’s patron page has no posts on it as it’s just used for donations only. As a result, my guess is the import does not know what to do when there are no posts for it to scrape and gets stuck.

The easiest solution to this is to add that creator to a blacklist so they get exempt from importing.

The creators page in question and the first half of the Import IDs is as follows:
Session 1 Log ID: 0fb8601f6
Session 2 Log ID: 8b7a11113

Please let me know if you require any more information.


Did you read actual log messages?


Telegram: Search for artist
Partychan: Find in DOM

You can dump the active requests and parse them so you know when they've been requested. It's futile to request the same artist more than once a month unless they delete daily, in which case not even importers will be able to help and you should sacrifice yourself for the job and cause extreme malding.

If a content creator is being an asshole and is facing an even bigger asshole, they're relatively unlikely to engage in an asshole deathmatch.


Download speed is about 15 kB/s for this https://kemono.party/patreon/user/28871178


Just wondering if there was an update on the weird file name for that image being set as a link. I know there are some other rare cases of it happening. I can try finding the links to those posts if it is a problem. Thanks :)



For some reason, all single quotes in posts' text are replaced by this thing - [’]. Like It’s, I’m etc.


Is it possible to update edited comments on the next import? Looks like some creators use the comment function on patreon to constantly change their dropbox/mega links


It looks like the "data1.kemono.party" server is always returning error 429.


Dead drives were replaced, so cache is rebuilding. Give it a day or two.


> 17% 1.34MB 25.91kB/s

holy fuck


Can I ask you what happend with import?…I did all like the rule said (name,tier,…) and its moře then 3 weeks and nothing happend.


Is there a way of recovering your username when your password is lost, like making a new password for your old username, cause I've been trying so hard to get it back.


No and there won't be one for quite a while since one of the admins took a big dump on the repo and made it unworkable for anything but his local setup.


Error 503,judging from replies above i think maintenance on the way fixing the importer or cache rebuild-thing




admin has been saying "rebuilding cache/deduping is going to be done in 1-3 days" for 3 months now

it'll never end


Dedupe is finished. Drives died so have been replaced so cache is having to rebuild again. Blame the old drives Hermiet likes to use in the servers


File: 1642378884892.jpg (23.06 KB, 647x192, IMG_20220117_072033.jpg)

It wont overload right? Never sees the importer imports this many


>It wont overload right?
Nope, don't worry. :)


Ever since the recent update there are missing files like the link works but the file won’t play. When I click it there it a play button that is crossed out.


you should post link and tell me you didn't post your personal email address



I think the queue is stuck. >1700 in queue for hours and "Recently Updated Artists" has the last entry five hours ago.



Oh well, it's being processed now.


There were more then 1000 imports and nothing with my request (and i was one of the first who wrote the request) … is anybody how know what is happening?…if it is some import request from past (like december, november,…)?


hey i was wondering does the auto import feature work every 24 hours from witch you fisrt regester the key or does it havde a set daily reset?


File: 1642455180630.png (96.74 KB, 235x140, Schowek01.png)


At least let us post text ;links to fucking mega if you can't handle uploads, you dingdongs!


File: 1642459766409.png (595.32 KB, 826x2953, coomgone.png)


Manual trigger. A lot of reasons why it is done this way for now, none of which I will explain.

You could have kept the name, you know.
Yeah, it gets stuck sometimes. Reason? There are actually no errors, so fuck do I know why. Someday will figure it out.

Maybe? gl next time.

>don't worry

>it'll never end
The ride never ends.

You hit that 5 min window that I was unable to mask.

Simple, don't forget your passwords. https://keepassxc.org/

gee, i wonder why

>slower than 9600 baud modem
Welcome to the future.
Whatever, I wonder if I even want to address this. On my side the network pipes are being stretched to the limits, except two nodes but this will be fixed in two days time.
Take a gangbang as an analogy. There are 8 fucktoys and thousands of horny fucks that want to stick their dicks inside them at any given time. That is what happens to data servers.
Expect yellow banner.

tl;dr Post Image and Attachment.
Proceed to commit unalive.




> You could have kept the name, you know.

Different PC, different settings - reason bad memory what I used on the other one.

Aaaaaand it hangs again. For about 10 hours by now, judging by Recently Updated Artists last date-time.



Yep, 10 hours ago there were 12 running imports and around 15 queued imports. Now there are still 12 running imports, but 103 are queued.

Doesn't the importer log anything? It seems like the Admins should be able to check the logs and see where it hung up.


File: 1642528246711.jpeg (58.37 KB, 789x1073, oualxbnp02a81.jpeg)

…the second announcement that I requested was not added.
Either way, in connection with the planned downtime, the importer was halted for good reasons.
It will restart once the maintenance is finished.


Good to hear it's something planned. I was starting to get worried. Thanks for your work!


I had to coax info out of Hermiet since nobody knew wtf was going on. If it comes to it, just do the announcement yourself. Better than me having to poke admins to get answers.


site is much faster but i'm getting TONS of 404's still (new 404's I wasn't getting yesterday….)



specific example 2 files and 8 404's


not sure if the 404's are worthless duplicates or not, since they 404 I cannot tell, but they appear as 404's rather than as nothing at all.


Still getting 10 kB/s


File: 1642561812202.jpg (870.77 KB, 886x1254, 1642542266232.jpg)

99% sure that is a failed yp import.
Yeah, I've found the "missing" files in the yp dump but not in the kemono data structures.
Won't be done/fixed right now. But I can say that the data is there and safe.


Now it's 5 kB/s.

Do you want people to be able to download in a reasonable fashion or not?


wow what a bunch of assholes, /cumg/ is a very important general, that site is becoming more like resetera


Many artists that were updated in the past few hours don't seem to actually be updated. They're in the recently updated section but have no new posts on their pages


File: 1642621879830.jpg (97.2 KB, 1246x348, 205012.jpg)

I'm getting an error when trying to import from patreon.



The new chapters are there though. Just not visible on the index page - YET.

Go to the last chapter listed and then use chapter navigation "< previous" to get to later but right now still invisible chapters.

The update pf the various components of this site seems to be asynchronous and decoupled. That's why you have new chapters not visible in the index and a lot of other phenomena.


Something's fucked. There are a lot of recent posts that appear in the [Recent Posts] area but don't appear on artist pages.


Came here to say that. I see lots of artists' pages updated, but no new posts. WTF?


Same here


Oh, now it has fixed itself for me.


>Somethins' fucked

no shit, retard

the speeds are fucked and half of the links haven't worked for months


File: 1642653477489.png (754.99 KB, 850x1266, 1642535504122.png)

A lot of words for a retard but not a single link in sight. gee, I wonder why.

Should be fixed now. Something I forgot to adjust.

Select the whole value, not just what you see. Also, only the value is needed. https://kemono.party/importer/tutorial

See >>16298. I see that all data servers are going full speed.
I could implement the connection limit per ip on all data servers,
but then the other part of users starts screeching about muh 429.
So it is either muh speed or muh 429. Choose your poison.



This can be resolved by simply using torrents. Automate the process. Put everything for an artist in a single torrent. Make a new torrent for the artist when someone imports new files.

>but muh torrents can die when no seeders :'((((

Create a page that highlights which torrent has low seeders.


Can you put "SubscribeStar importer disabled" notice instead of just make it unselectable ?


Good thing the project is open source, so you can make your ideas a reality yourself and share it with others. You aren't just some ideas guy, are you?


I can't believe you took off your tripcode to sperg the fuck out at someone who only gave you a suggestion when you literally asked for it in your OP.
>Want to give input on how the site could be improved? Talk to team members and administration directly here.

You're such a blatant glownigger, the fact that you're against decentralization and bait people to use Telegram proves it.


>I can't believe you took off your tripcode
Retard I am one of the devs. There is like 3 of them in total, so you can guess which one.
>someone who only gave you a suggestion when you literally asked for it in your OP.
>Automate the process. Put everything for an artist in a single torrent. Make a new torrent for the artist when someone imports new files.
>Create a page that highlights which torrent has low seeders.
Goes way beyond of "mere suggestion" and is just a demand.
>You're such a blatant glownigger, the fact that you're against decentralization and bait people to use Telegram proves it.
Come back when matrix shit doesn't require being an autismo to install and use.


Due to strange behaviour on our data server Hdds, we are doing several checks to make sure it isn't anything we should worry about, to speed things up we are cutting all connections to the data server, cache servers are still operational and if your file was cached then it will be served without a problem, for non cached files you will notice 5XX Type HTTP errors.

We are estimating that the downtime will be around 1-2 days when the checks are running, during this time imports will be put into the queue and will get run after downtime is over, other site functions will continue to work.


File: 1642714266303.png (679.68 KB, 808x730, 94820550.png)

Initial filesystem checks and surface scans show no problems. Will continue monitoring.
Verification of all files has started and will take a considerable amount of time ~40h.

The less access there is to the disks, the faster it will finish. Try your luck against cache servers.


for some artists, when they upload a new post, it takes a long time for it to actually come on kemono.party while other times, ti could come rigth away. do you know why this could be? before, for the artist formoftherapy, his uploades came right away, and now hes uploaded many things but its been a week and hasnt updated in kemono.party


So you didn't read the front page of the site, explaining what Kemono is…
Figures… Reactfags seem to always ignore both rules and basic sentences…

That's another one for my "Book of proof".


Is this also the reason the import queue keep raising while import process seems to be stay (or stop since at the time you announced this there's no new imports) at 4?


>Goes way beyond of "mere suggestion" and is just a demand

That's your interpretation and assumption, retard. Reality says otherwise.



If you don't like it just fuck off?


There is no support for torrents in reality, good job blowing yourself away, retard.


File: 1642789745692.png (15.44 KB, 668x862, zoomer.png)

>There is no support for torrents in reality, good job blowing yourself away, retard.


>unable to quote properly
>calls anyone a zoomer


File: 1642821917391.png (1.71 MB, 1447x2047, af23214bd44c37501d2f8696a5….png)

TL;DR Everything works, no problems found.

Done with the verification of all files. All files pass the integrity checks.
While I perform the last few maintenance jobs, I can write something about this… incident.
As you might remember, two days ago there was that short and planned downtime. A few upgrades have been performed on the backend servers to increase performance.
One of the sata cables was nudged. Without going too much into details, it was possible to read from the disk but nigh impossible to write to. Has something to do with sata Tx/Rx pinout.
Why did we only notice it two days later? Simple staging, experience and trust issues. It is really simple, but effective.
Create a RAID1 with devices that are unlikely to fail, write data to the RAID1 device, copy data from RAID1 device to your preferred storage medium/setup,
make sure that the data is protected against disk failures or such, maybe run backup, and once done remove the copied data from RAID1. Rinse and repeat.
Even if the writes fail, incomplete data is written to disk or junk is written to the journal, it is unlikely to damage journal and the tree/table in a way that would lead to data loss. (when appending)
Now guess what was reaching the said threshold two days after the downtime. And this is where we are now, again. Everything seems to work properly.
And now as I finish writing this, the maintenance job is about to finish. The data should be accessible by now, have fun. Oh, another thing. When was your last backup? Go backup.


Not that I'm asking for Subscribestar content, but what did they do to make kemono.party so pissed at them that they're refusing requests about them?


Could learn to read instead of just asking to be spoonfed, it's a lot faster.
There's an entire thread dedicated to answering your question that has now been answered a dozen times over…


[d84333cfa1d67d2c]@2022-01-22 05:22:54: Successfully added your import to the queue. Waiting…
[d84333cfa1d67d2c]@2022-01-22 05:22:54: Starting import. Your import id is d84333cfa1d67d2c.
[d84333cfa1d67d2c]@2022-01-22 05:22:54: Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram.

Discord import is bbbrokennn


Look at you, spastic snowflake. Take your own advice and fuck off, you sperg.


>doesn't understand what a quote is
>still denies being a zoomer


>pretending to be retarded


You know there are NICER WAYS in telling me this you know.
I mean I didn't see it anywhere, so cut me some slack!


File: 1642888620500.gif (395.43 KB, 256x468, aba4d9844367de0474835f5dce….gif)

There will be no torrent support from our side. Not that it can't be done, but rather it is effort I am not willing to invest my time in. Not right now.

Forwarded. I think I said to disable it ages ago, but seems it took a wrong turn somewhere.

Since IPs are wiped after a period of time and some sperg is on a deletion spree all the time, I guess you are implying that I would post without a tripcode.
If so, take your pills and know that you were talking to someone else. I might shine brighter than the stars, but nobody is forcing you to use other communication channels.
If you so desire, go setup a synapse node, rally people to use it, manage the community and what not. I will only check this place.

Why not import your keys and update the artist?


Try not to add spaces or other extra characters before and after the key.



>but rather it is effort I am not willing to invest my time in. Not right now.

that's an outrageous lie, you're against it because you won't be able to pretend you're running out of space and bandwidth to collect $5000 from retards on a monthly basis

imagine trying to tell people that it takes more effort to type "ctorrent -t -u tracker_url -s torrent_name [path to files]" and automate the process than dealing with server providers, hosting 10-100 TB and dealing with DMCAs


File: 1642904152504.webm (2.37 MB, 1280x720, 80d87bda.webm)

>imagine trying to tell people
Yes, but it seems you are incapable of understanding what I wrote.
Was also debating if I should write out the reasons, but >effort.
There are 49859254661074 bytes in 9010701 files and 8gbit of bw right now.
Download everything, package as you like and seed as much as you want.


>Was also debating if I should write out the reasons
no need to do that, it's obvious that you're a greedy glownigger and it was also pointed out in the thread before, it's clear you are incapable of basic reading comprehension


File: 1642911665246.jpg (74.97 KB, 601x508, 2423p0.jpg)



File: 1642916144125.jpg (216.26 KB, 1242x1122, Ead3KhuXQAAL4vE.jpg)

It's pretty clear he doesn't care what you think about him.


I noticed that in the past week or two, a bunch of artists I keep up with here haven't been updated consistently despite their posts usually being added here a day after they release for the past few months.

At first I chalked this up to the importing people unsubscribing, but this has happened with at least seven artists I follow this week, so I don't think this is a coincidence, especially since the site went down one time and there was maintenance a few days ago.

I believe this site has an auto importer, and might be a good idea to check for some issues.


Again, Kemono is an open source project. Surely if it's that easy you can make a PR no problems. Also I can tell you are a retarded linux user because you use shorthands for arguments and think slapping yet another linux-only cli is a-okay way to do any work.


File: 1642947730159.webm (506.52 KB, 1280x720, OiwvHV5F4y81.webm)

Connection limit was altered to have a more fair distribution of download speed between users and scrapers.

Tell me if its affecting you in a way as a normal user.

scrapers may suck on a dick and should alter their software to respect new rate limits.


Is it just me or all request threads are locked ?


go to the /requests/ ghetto


File: 1642979581648.jpg (21.75 KB, 609x307, yrgtf.jpg)

Some comments are blank, boombadaboomsfm seems to always have this problem.


File: 1642980165182.png (95.12 KB, 1606x937, Screenshot (2).png)

the video links for bellly_pumper228 do not work as they send to an invalid link


File: 1642980253202.png (62.58 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (3).png)

The issue is on all of his videos not just the one


Set referrer to Patreon. If that doesn't work, you're shit outta luck


Search bug:

This page is titled "Bob the Calamity part 6" https://kemono.party/patreon/user/23793573/post/57023456

This search is unable to find that page, but should be able to: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/23793573?q=Bob+part

This search is able to find that page, which is correct: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/23793573?q=calamity+part


how does one request an artist's paywall Discord server when you don't have the invite link?


>>15728 (are you blind it literally says check out coomer on the little blue banner)
someones clearly skipping their D&I classes its manadatory for a reason

oy vey! get a life aside from insulting reactards like me all day be more nicer to newfags will ya also just to clarify there is a line between full time importers and newbie lurkers we rarely browse the board most of us dont really notice the downtime notes unless its on the frontpage we have better things to IRL ya know?

>>16763 >the ips are wiped every few days and some rouge janny is wiping shit (should have mentioned this earlier)
now that explains it i though usah was datamining the board this whole time but still i cant be too sure since the site is backed up often why not add the board to the autobackup as well it literally takes less than 300MB when i last archived it
maybe your right i will get the restocked as soon as i can i though the iplogger is real

>>16904 >>16832 >>16787 >>16797 do i get to win the ban lottery afterwards? (hold still while i get my trusty archiver i mean notepad)

welp since everyone is arguing i might as well do my part by repsting deleted comments (since usah posted his own jak will add mine later in the meme thread)

Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 21:35:39 No.16611 | Images aren't loading. "502 Bad Gateway". Please fix. (sorry is this is not allowed but im just doing what must be done)
Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 21:38:18 No.16612 File: 1642801098912.jpg (30.63 KB, 335x334, b.jpg) | >>unable to quote properly | >>calls anyone a zoomer
Usah Sojamee ## Mod 01/21/22 (Fri) 22:14:10 No.16613 | >>16611 | You had 2 chances… | >>16590 | >>16589 https://archive.is/ZQW7P


>>16292 why not make a rudimentary shared files thread on >>/requests/ in the meantime
>>16891 aww sweet ive asked for this feature long ago in the YPbbs era thanks admin (when are we gonna put wordfilter in the board like any respectable chan would)
>>16843 cute but cringe but i saved it nevertheless
>>15996 >implying furry artist dont constanly flamewar each other on twitter
>>16516 >>16680 >goes into a suggestions thread bashes others for insane features anyways
>>16359 remember folx kemono was meant to be transparent try not to end up like the old YP
>>16499 nah torrents suck use zeronet instead
>>16826 how about take your own advice and make your own instance creatorfag (remeber guys the discord army is ready to raid)

>>16193 >>16359 >>16592 no offense but why does herm keep using cum as lube on the drives? that stuff is unhealthy (are the backups physical or cloud what happens if the hosting provider bans you all of a sudden)

>>16298 >>16397 RIP the sharty also got reverted due to cp spam fortunately the perpetrator was caught but SOOT didn't make newer backups (man i loved that site)
holy shit i was lurking the /trash/ happening 2 weeks ago while e-vading my ban multiple times (did you see me there?) i even saved myself a copy of PEE but unfortunately the mods managed to ban embed files

>come back when gallery-dl does not require an autisimo to use
fixed also cant we just make a standalone downloader or some shit? and then sync the folders by uploading i mean its not like they put watermarks there

SUGGESTION: is there a way to get the old school patreon interface? i miss the old appearance of YP also add a blue poly theme to the main site (or the beta)


Where is the non japanese content creator request thread? The only other ones are specific fetish threads


File: 1643029295035.png (123.16 KB, 885x287, Captura de pantalla 2022-0….png)

I was going to ask the same question too, only the ones from (Japan/Hentai), and from foot fetish this one but to add in COOMER.PARTY it is not to add in KEMONO.PARTY. I would like to know if they will put one of KEMONO.PARTY please.


No. Other threads are for that. Put it in the one that it is closest related to.


Read thread titles. Thread for ASMR/React/IRL are at the bottom.


>>16911 >>16909
its on the bottom there are no replies yet i checked an hour ago

i know this is getting really offtopic but i dunno if critisizing the moderation is allowed but is having fun allowed here? its not in the rules

>>16914 >>16913
look control freak i dunno why the hell are you obsessed with moderation so much jeez i really miss /ofans/ where i can easily shitpost

>2 week ban for a request that no one will fulfill (or better yet disable thread creation)

serious question but what the fuck is even the point of these threads if everybody will just beg in the void?

>also hates reaction content with a burning passion

>yet makes a entire request thread about it
fuck off hypocrite


Any chance on ci-en.dlsite.com being added? Or is it included with DLSite?


>>16917 take your words back i heard that telling admin to add x scrapper and remove Y feature will get you banned like me cuz the mods are too lazy to add jack shit


The new request board is confusing. There is nothing for western creators, 3d, etc and you're not permitted to create one.

Moderators, do you have any plans to increase the number of categories or reintroduce general request threads?


The board is a total clusterfuck right now.


no offence but this is what you get if you let literal banhappy tranny jannies manage the board for you KP (we warned you before)
seriously need some pro-human moderators and less furries to keep things diverse and a bit more inclusive (for us thotlovers)

>also >creates /requests/

>prohibits people from freely creating threads anyway (i miss ofans)
>punishes people with harsh bans for pooping into a landfill of steaming shit
like whats the point? i mean if your going to ban then atleast try fulfilling a few requests at a time every day even IGG knows how to do it right

>DOM searching

i dunno what this is gonna be for since the threads arent gonna be merged together on some database

can i have the webm on request thread 21? i forgot to save that video
on the other hand thanks for creating this board so i can make GETS more easily hehe
hey mods if you are seeing this please add floating reply bar like the ones i use on other boards


File: 1643047831639.jpg (70.27 KB, 1280x640, photo_2022-01-23_23-42-31.jpg)

Gallerydl and hydrus work out of box, no extra configs needed to bypass DDosGuard as i whitelisted them
While possible, current ui is rough and i suggest trying out my version (beta.kemono.party)
>serious question but what the fuck is even the point of these threads if everybody will just beg in the void?
I ask that myself sometimes…
/requests/ will be improved quite a bit, give it some slack while i shape it.
Trannyjanny whatever is kept at minimum by me and i also went trough the banlist to clean it up, just respect rules and keep banter out, my bans are never permanent.
>hey mods if you are seeing this please add floating reply bar like the ones i use on other boards
Will look into it.


Fantia importer issue. Can confirm several people experience this preflight issue and the headers have not been messed with.

Test log: 97c61c86
Thanks for your time Hermiet, SA and Shino.


File: 1643053770205.gif (407.97 KB, 2394x1612, Aniki-the_CV_next_door.gif)

>Allow administrator to use my session for debugging
Keep this checked.
There are only two causes for this, either adult mode can't be enabled or you don't have paid subscriptions.
Adult mode would have triggered a different error, so it can only be subs.

Don't be retarded. One thing is linked to another. Tilt your head and maybe the last braincells will meet eachother, causing a miracle.

Interesting, the db search properly returns 8 results, with 57023456 being part of it.
I guess redis/python code are messing up somewhere. Needs another look.


Whoops, sorry about the missing debugging check, I'm retarded. It does have paid plans on it, and R-18 is enabled.

Proper test log: 21e13e12
Thanks again.


Gallery's seem to be a bit glitched, they're not showing posts that HAVE been added, but if you search for the specific post it works
Its missing the posts between 1/22 and 1/11 but if you type in part of their names (麻衣さん) it lists the missing posts.
3 other artists in my favorites are having this issue, cleared my browser history, but its still happening.


Caching I think. Try the api or wait a bit.


File: 1643061799795.jpg (3.16 MB, 2024x1860, 01ff24109368c08f01bbe77924….jpg)

Yeah, that helps. Everything checks out and I got a hunch as to what might be causing it.

Has the import finished or is it still running? Because there is a big difference in how cache works for different parts of the site.


no thank YOU for importing stuff

>>16937 thanks didnt expect such a quick reply sorry for calling it cringe earlier
also make sure the jewish monkey attends his monthly DEI seminars otherwise ground him of his hammer privileges i bet he'll go nuts
i dont hate kemono in any way its just that the mods are way too anti-human (he hates reactards so much) in fact this is where i get my pirated shit (i dont use f95 whatsoever)


Looks like it was uploaded 10 hours ago


yes this reply makes perfect sense in context, thank you for your kind words

why do I even bother asking any questions at all on this dumpster fire of a board?


I'm not really sure where even to ask this but, there's a patreon(DeepInteractivity) that has had a few updates in a while and there wasn't one in kemono, is there a place where one can ask for such? I apologize for the annoyance, I'm fairly new to this *chan and I didn't even know where to post this.


Importing from Fantia failed. Tried clearing cookies and logging in again to get a new session key. Tried switching browser from Edge (Chromium) to FireFox. Didn't work. This is what happened:

> [a3968a43943c396f]@2022-01-25 09:13:43: Successfully added your import to the queue. Waiting…

> [a3968a43943c396f]@2022-01-25 09:13:44: Starting import. Your import id is a3968a43943c396f.
> [a3968a43943c396f]@2022-01-25 09:13:45: Error occurred during preflight. Stopping import.

The import sessions were a3968a43943c396f, 2d617648553fff50, and 1c02e6fa9f7a8bc4, if that helps.


I have to ask since there are new threads request for each category.
Does the "(Coomer) Thot request thread" take only request for the onlyfans page or can i request even their patreon's page?


File: 1643137613092.png (4.98 KB, 320x303, Clipboard01.png)

Is there something wrong with Gumroad importing? I just ran an import, I can search up one of the posts I know was just imported by title, but it just says "Artist's page", has a broken avatar, and the artist page doesn't exist.


As the name and contents imply, that thread is only for "COOMER.PARTY".

Use the ASMR/React/IRL thread for that


File: 1643180127189.png (64.71 KB, 1192x308, 1.png)


File: 1643193064879.png (20 KB, 630x148, 7871551680.png)

what the fuck? why are these two imports taking so long?



Heh, I too noticed there's always a 2 under "Running imports" at all times (whenever I look)…



…in any case, since the nr. of running imports seems to be 200 those two should not be the reason the queue is growing and no imports moving to "running", apparently.


Hey there, just wanted to add that it seems something changed with fantia itself that's making not just the importer here fail, but things like fantiadl and other ways to download fantia stuff don't work too.

I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to figure out what's wrong, but just wanted to bring it up.


File: 1643265750214.png (5.39 KB, 733x68, fantia problem.png)


>>16979 gonna ask some questions here dont mind me
if the thot were to use regular patreon instead of onlyfans does that count as well?
does kemono remove thots? by moving them to another server or are they kept even though there is a dedicated site for that? do they share the same storage pool?
are the instances connected together like a big webring are they seperately owned and controlled? (it looks like usah sojamee governs the whole thing or maybe its just the board?)
is the scrapping done simlutaneously or one post at a time until the creator is fully updated?
i wanna import soon will shopeepay work? i dont wanna use card or shiiet

>>16982 kek cracked toonboom works inside my win7 VM and anydesk syncs pen movement just fine to help a friend out (inb4 low quality b8 B&)
GIMP can view psds just fine but you can't edit them (also what creator is that out of curiousity)

>>16955 -56 why did you lock the thread so quickly? dont want me talking about how great vmware is and on how i play my warez without getting pozzed dont ya?
unity was the most VM friendly game engine so far next to nwjs everything just works naturally with no tweaks needed UE4 is too heavy and lags my vGPU
also what game/creator is it? maybe i could find a direct crack for that [inb4 (((creatorfags))) add anti VM using themida]

>>16951 jeez dude you really are playing with fire go buy some tape drives or secondhanded EXOS disks it will be a matter of time before the "good guys" finally manage to take it down
also i heard that gdrive added CSAM shit which wrongly flagged family photos [dunno if relevant but you might be interested https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/adult-content-from-hundreds-of-onlyfans-creators-leaked-online/]

>>17000 GET hah i did it this time


Holy fuck, will you ever shut the fuck up, you obnoxious glownigger?
Go boil in liquid shit in hell.


They already fixed it a while ago. Don't use the releases unless they're 1.8.1, use the latest code from the repo.

Please fix the fantia importer before Feb 1st if possible or there will be gaps for entire months of content.

Also please dropkick whatever smart guy abusing the hell out of the importer by importing only free posts, it's a repeat of the discordfag importing complete nonsense. Thanks.


You mean running from source? Because there doesn't seem to be a 1.8.1 release yet. Lemme try that later then


Some flagged posts don't get updated. Their artists got updated several times, but posts are still unchanged.
For example:


Can an admin just check if the importer captures the zip file from this post? After several flags it no longer captures the links as well as the zip files:


File: 1643378895538.webm (689.72 KB, 1200x900, 6BZUjfj4mTc1.webm)

Fantia got fixed.

I do it in such a way that it wont get detected, the files are archived and i doubt google will take the time to open up and scan them, future backups and other data is now encrypted too (as a pre caution)

It seems like the data servers are finally calming down, but i also noticed that some scrapers are trying urls at 200 rqps, calm down as it triggers the ddos protection for your ip range. causing your downloads to get 403 ed.


>>17032 umm webm source/creator please i need it for scientific research?
also you do realize that security researchers can just join the telegram and slowly siphon the whole chat without anyone noticing or better yet they can make it appear as if they were actively contributing the code to gain the admins trust to blow the cover later on
they do it all the time on raidforums they even made a infographic about /pol/ by monitoring different chans using a automated script they also said there that sliding the discussion by intentionally causing arguments and spamming low quality bait are effective strategies which got shared quickly by anons on obscure boards
(its too dangerous to go alone take this image youll need it) https://archive.is/o/9BfKd/https://zzzchan.xyz/file/e7860cce6f49bcecd60712ad71f8f2db8a13c4b356ab013afead3edc28ce9a29.png
TL;DR fuck these globalists 4chan was right about the shill thread sliding/datamining all along (when i visited the twitch leak thread it was mentioned on news the next day)

>>17004 since you asked so nicely more VM schizo rants (hmm i really should make a tutorial about setting up cracked photoshop in a fresh new win10 VM since friends keep borrowing Xtremelite7)
>translation im a butthurt furry artist/creatorfag who loves to put DRM and jew paywalls in my shitty artwork/code and i really hate it if people leak my uwu sexy game private builds from dicksword to the public one day i will help blitzdrachin make a permanent ring-0 driver to prevent people from using kemono by blocking the session ID after they downloaded my game mwahaha
>also >HURR DURR NAMEFAG BAD >MoDs pWeAZe bAn auScHwistiC iNDiviDuAls


>>17014 you guys hosting your own instance? neat
also why not disallow using the importer unless the user is subscribed to a paid tier of atleast $1 or more that should make life a bit harder for the patrecuck shills
for the discord spam im pretty sure you can check if a discord server is associated with a creator's patreon if its not linked to any service then a mod must manually whitelist the server for import

>stop playing native games inside a VM you fweakng scheazo and STFU already >go to hell and boil your APU solder joints until the gpu melts in liquid
says the glowing furry coon (nope not gonna happen the fans are really chill and goes to 60C peak on high 90% loads legions have best cooling lol)
haha AMD go brr i chose this model specifically in the mall for the VM stuff other budget laptops are shiiet (man i wish they had 1660 or 2060 there but its all sold out this was the last one kek)

>>16298 soy wiki link? source? the sharty got cucked RIP the gems when it got reverted
>>17002 welp failget oops i should have checked first i stayed all night for that one GRR
>>16979 instead of trannyjannying the other board all day long why dont you do something useful by removing the "The Body Was Too Long" limit in this board

hey admin since lots of people are making request spambot in the past few days can you check the banlist and do reverse IP lookup? where the hell are these people coming from?
it looks automated or done by dicksword kids sice they keep putting generic stuff in the email field (are they from some kind of VPS server with residential proxies?)


Is it possible to repair or reload links to videos uploaded to Vimeo? I can't see them… Thank you


Try this method out


> better yet they can make it appear as if they were actively contributing the code to gain the admins trust to blow the cover later on
You are fucking retarded, there is no way to "make it appear to contribute code" without contributing one. Way easier to just gain the admin trust without touching the code.



Just wanted to comment on something I've noticed:
Sometimes, on Pixiv Fanbox, an artist will update a post and add more images without "renewing" the post itself.
The problem is that the Kemono scraper doesn't scrape the new stuff since it thinks it already scraped it.
Hopefully, it will be fixed in the future so it doesn't miss anything.


I am on ios? Should it work anyway? Thanks


I think they forgot to include "REality - Part VII" during last night's RogueFMG update.


Nevermind, had to click "Next >" on "REality - Part VII - Voting" to find it.

I think someone needs to fix that.

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