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I have requested an artist from the previous request thread, the 1st one this year. Yet there is a new thread, and my requested artist is still not updated into the website. I am sure that I have filled the form completely, and I am one of the early birds in that thread.

Did this happen to anyone else as well? Please tell me if I missed some procedures.


This also happened to me. My requested artist is still not updated, I was asking since December 20th or smth. I hope they'd recheck tho.


Up. Thiz also happen 2 me. I hope they would fix it


I don't think you understand how this site works. It's entirely community-driven by people like (you) and there is no guarantee as to when or if an update happens.


Replying to yourself doesn't exactly help matters… You realise that, right?


psa not so psa. so you might have thought "holy shit how do they know that?" well actually a secret not so actually but both mods and admin can see your private residential ip address. surprisingly isnt it butt you can actually hide those by masking them. thats why im using mullvad; well sometimes but browsing; but whatever just put condom on your ip kid just how i mask mine when replying to this chan cause well its cheap and reliable and they wont black listed it trust me. or you could use other preferred vpn


Or just don't samefag.

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