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File: 1643189953114.png (120.17 KB, 321x311, 2.png)


These .psd files are too large.

I don't have Photoshop, is there any other way to batch convert .psd files into .png or another format?


Probably not. Just get Photoshop from TPB or something


Disregard my last reply. Try this:


What about Irfanview batch conversion?


Couldn't you just get the image files from kemono or some other site ? From what I understand, PSD files are a condensed form of a photshop image project, They're mostly shared so people can make edits or learn how to draw, if you are only interested in viewing then you shouldn't keep them and instead get the exported image file.


Wtf are you talking about, retard?


Found the retard. It's 17028


I have a similar question:
There are some artists that post a few pics on the side but also include the psd file. The PSD has layers which includes several more alts of the same pic.

Another artist (from Fanbox) included the censored layer so that way it is easier to remove it and have a full uncensored pic.

Is there any way to just drop/import the psd file to an app and let this export all possible alts of the same pic with the available layers of the psd file?

Even if I end up with 40+ pics it would still be easy enough to just look through them and decide which ones too keep/delete.


Link to that PSD?


File: 1643788491118.png (7.67 KB, 346x385, áss.png) | .zip with password ? Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 07:54:51 No.17152 [Reply]
I have been looking all day for ways to try to unzip a .zip file with a password that is private, how do you do in this case?

uhh why is this thread deleted? https://archive.is/w2snM creator source? i can figure this one out
maybe you can try hashcat i heard its good for unlocking 7zip files (inb4 egghead alzip)

>>16995 >>16985 da GIMP can open psd files and convert to png just fine theres also a wangblows version
man i wish i had my own neural network to analyze and doctor psd files (i wanna prank twitter by replacing pride flags with zoo/map symbols and eat some popcorn as they melt down)

>>16988 >>17132
>also >not creating a dedicated VM for cracked software and keygenned warez
photoshop has a option to export different variants of that image but i dunno how to use it
who here uses SAI? i saw free download links on multiple youtube kids furry channels (eww cringe but i saved it anyway)

>>17125 hey! dont discriminate against tards like us thats illegal bro
>>17154 dude go to the dedicated meme thread https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/16533.html
>>17146 same i want artist sauce


Stop projecting, retard, and kill yourself already.


I was going to say you're trolling but then I realized you're actually that fucking stupid.


>>17162 >>17163
both of you please take the 'fizer jab for your adobe lifetime creatorfag license and while your at it dont forget to shout #AnthroLivesMatter for a free drink on starbucks/hooters as you line up for the vax
oh and did you know that preaching #KillAllHumans will let you win a free night on our furry brothels we find it so hot genociding skinnies
thanks and have a nice day -The Kemono Corporation .Inc guys this is just a joke pls dont ban

why did you delete that other thread? lel i archived it just in time


a .PSD is a whole folder of different images and information

its not possible to extract a .png from it without owning photoshop

try https://www.photopea.com/
i believe that has the function to open .PSD files


Xnview and Irfanview can open .PSD files but I've only encountered a .PSD file with one image

can you show me a .PSD file with more than one image?


Not sure if you are interested since its loli but here it is https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/34805079/post/2030873

Look at the file above or this one for example: https://fantia.jp/posts/143492 (the post is free but it was not uploaded to Kemono since all free posts are not scrapped)

There are so many layers and multiple combinations that I don't know which ones to select/unselect to get them all.

That is why I'm looking for a way to do this automatically.


I need an account to download the file in that Fantia link

If you already have an account on Fantia, can you grab it and upload the file for me?


>This can lead to a bazillion files if it does try every possible combination

I suggest the filename should be"[name of file]_PSD_CONVERT.[extension]"

If you guys find any way to export all of the possible combinations in a .PSD file, let me know please.


GIMP sucks ass for .PSD layers

Krita seems to be able to load every layer, I'm not sure because I don't have access to Photoshop

Xnview can view some of the layers, but not all of it


Here you go

The link expires on 3 days so download it quick.


I found this video, anyone with Photoshop experience knows if this helps?


> I can't believe the NFT shills are going to help.


>>17397 http://web.archive.org/web/20220211025424/https://litter.catbox.moe/j6c94q.zip
thanks here is the permalink gonna get my getintopc cracked photoshop VM running soon (i will never support adobes woke practices)
incase nobody noticed a couple of furfags creators on youtube are sharing cracks of SAI without virus go find that one (eww the comments make me kringe)

didnt realize that never tried those tools myself (it came preinstalled on loonix)

>>17393 >>17370

oy vey instead of banning people for saying "sub start" why dont you get to work by creating new /request/ thread the last one is full and i miss the 500th post GET
also LTT managed to upload 360TB onto gdrive without getting banned can you beat his record while not getting V& for your cum pics collection


more rare pepes? i needed that one for my 'jak folder
>also not using kronoz (dunno if mentioning this will get me banned)

poor kot! what have you done you sick freak also stop cumming on hard drives its gross


I'm not sure if it'll work on windows, but if you can install imagemagik you can just run `convert 'image.psd[0]' image.png`

The [0] references the top which is a join of all layers so you don't wind up with one png per layer. If you're running bash or something with some basic shell tools you could hit all psd's with something as simple as:

`ls *.psd | xargs -n1 -I{} convert '{}.psd[0]' image.png`


What about saving each .psd with all possible combinations?


Are you really sure you want every single possible variation?


You clearly have too much storage space.


Yes, the .psd files are much greater in size and I'll delete the combinations that I don't like.


XNCONVERT, its free, very highly recommend


It only converts all of the layers in the .PSD into one image file


Anyone know of a reliable way or program to convert CSP (Clip studio) .clip files into PSD's without actually having to download and install CSP?


Krita can do that iirc.


XNView2 can view and export Photoshop PSDs, Gimp 2.10 can import and export them with possible minor differences and I believe Honeyview can also do it.


https://stackoverflow.com/a/7411336 ignore the comment, it handles transparency just fine


>XNView2 can view and export Photoshop PSDs
it doesn't read 32 bit and doesn't view all PSD layers

>Gimp 2.10 can import and export them

doesn't view all PSD layers

>I believe Honeyview can also do it.

why do you believe it can?


>why do you believe it can?

So, unless YOU'RE op, OP, ignore this fucker. This message is proof positive this person is just here to be negative and start shit, because while my memory makes me 'believe' it can, a simple google search proves that it fucking can.

XNViewMP is your best bet, regardless of what shit starter here thinks.


File: 1648494435310.gif (425.1 KB, 240x196, the-office-20.gif)

>Step 1: Guys which program is the best for this task?

>Step 2: FIIIGHT!


wtf are you talking about schizo? and no it can't do that

>XNViewMP is your best bet

doesn't read all layers


I have a better answer for all of you guys;

Use the .psd reader program you have that YOU are the most comfortable with! It is that simple.


File: 1648529663045.png (294 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220328-235215.png)

>Lol, I'm going to double on down lying about something that's extremely easy to verify.

Do you have to try to be this stupid or does it come naturally?


learn to read you illiterate retard


File: 1648582076461.png (151.14 KB, 600x764, 023.png)



File: 1648583461409.gif (506.38 KB, 320x240, 1187734353500.gif)

>ITT now.


File: 1648584413125.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, what do i do now.PNG)

NAS COAL!! AND ARCHIVED!! (hah i saved the jak what are you gonna do about it?)

>ackytually phoneposting
do you by chance are the same guy who evaded your ban earlier? your posting style looks familiar? but nice b8 though

same bruh picrel this is light portable version of photoshop (idk what to do with the PSD he just gave me? ive enabled all the layers)

thanks for the trick now how do i make a captcha with imagemagick

why do you even need to save every combintions? are you trying to scam furries using enn eff tee technology?

>>17385 >>18268
eww more furry-ware even huion is pozzed i hate chinks who draw this shit

i got a pirated version working in my VM i needed to help a friend out but autodesk on the other hand has missing orange textures on VM-SVGA3d

>>17763 image fixed and reuploaded https://archive.is/JVvyL
>>17735 >>17736 oy! reupload the thumbnail
https://archive.is/1HGFW (nvm this was still up) https://archive.is/2VXMO https://archive.is/8PKF2
what the? who heck archives the images without saving the board index? that stuff is important (also i participated in that bread lol)


File: 1648623377148.jpg (33 KB, 514x591, caebqj6tn6m61.jpg)

>The software's official website saying you're full of shit
>Pic related

Glad you started using your name, though, because now I know you're just that crackhead who goes around trying to start shit for no reason.

Seriously, blatantly lying about something this ridiculous is just sad. Get a life, pal.


Saying that is like calling a nigger black. There's no difference. Fat greasy neckbeard sat in their parents' dingy moist basement, flicking his noodle at little girls on the internet…


File: 1648632715229.gif (1.52 MB, 355x200, 200.gif)

Is this thread actually about owt anymore, or what lol? Might aswel start with the laughing gifs at this point.


>OP asks for a way to convert PSD layers
>you suggest using a program that lets people half-assedly view a PSD file
Kill yourself, retard. Maybe you'll be literate in your next life.


File: 1648670072361.jpg (31.69 KB, 307x291, 1217544516675.jpg)


just download photoshop. 2019 is the definitive version imo and it's like a gig.


costs money doe


yo fuckin daniel dancer piracy is a thing


>software costs money

"OH COME NOW!" - voice of a 1920's aristocrat. Or Sideshow Bob.


yo fucking retard you've no idea what adobe is and who's cracking it


OK then, what is Ado-

>InB4 "I'll never tell! Teehee!"


File: 1649110234347.png (46.3 KB, 904x422, Screenshot 2022-04-04 1433….png)

Oh my god, the fucking irony of you calling someone else illiterate as you prove your own ignorance and illiteracy.

Let me break it down for your retarded ass.

In your empty head:
>OP asks for a way to convert PSD layers
In reality:
>is there any other way to batch convert .psd files into .png or another format?

Never said a god damned thing about layers.

In your damaged little world:
>you suggest using a program that lets people half-assedly view a PSD file
In reality:
pic related

I feel sorry for your teachers, kiddo, because you're obviously beyond help.


File: 1649110451773.png (244.74 KB, 986x851, Screenshot 2022-04-04 1708….png)

God damn it, that's the wrong picture.


I don't understand the relevance (oh shit, is it releVANCE or releVENCE?) of that pic either, but fuck me, I understand the relevance of the other pic. Even if its only relevant to my dick.


its for more information on File :)


The second picture shows Honeyview converting a PSD to PNG. The first picture was one I sent to Westlake because one of their accounts was used to spam me.


Getting back to the original question, an automated process would create way too many dud images.
Suppose the psd had one layer. An automated process would create two pngs, one with the layer on, one with it off.
If it had two layers, it would create four pngs, on/on, on/off, off, on, and off/off
If it had three layers, it would create eight pngs, and so on. You see where I'm going with this. If it had ten layers, it would result in 1024 pngs. Would you really have the patience to go through them all? Plus think of the space it would take up. Suppose there were 20 layers, that's over a million pngs.


>Suppose there were 20 layers, that's over a million pngs.
strong math skills

>Would you really have the patience to go through them all?

why not

>Plus think of the space it would take up.

a 500 mb psd file would be less than 10 mb if it was converted to png


Yeah, doing that would cause some exponential bullshit, but that was neither the original question nor a particularly clever one.

The answer to >>17132 was never a matter for debate, it's simply "no." It's a bad idea no matter how you look at it. If you want something like that, you need to fine-tune it, so you need to do it manually.


That's 10 MB each png. A million of them would be 10 TB.
Yeah, I meant to link to >>17132 , my bad


I know WYM but thats not exactly how layers work.

If theres only 1 layer, then its effectively the same as "just an image file", so you couldn't turn that layer off (that 1 layer is the whole image). Strange artists DO release "1 layer PSD's" (which are basically all 30+ layers merged into 1) but all you can do with them is "bounce off custom resolutions" (making them mostly pointless and a huge waste of HDD).

If you have a proper PSD (with all layers intact), you'd honestly be better off NOT automating the process of exporting every available combination of layers into a batch. As someone else said, you'd end up with tonnes of pics you don't want, then have to sort thru each of them 1 by 1. Nobodies got time for that. After 5 mins you'll be pulling your hair out.

A better way (to give you full control and waste no time) would be to use a program that lets you choose exactly which layers to combine & disable.

That is: Photoshop. Just grab a pirate torrent; I've had PS CS5 for ~10 years with zero problems, and its lightweight). OR just use ANY similar app that can manipulate layers.


lol I replied to the wrong comment. I see you're one of the people trying to explain why this is a bad, extremely time consuming idea.


>Nobodies got time for that
I do.

>A better way (to give you full control and waste no time) would be to use a program that lets you choose exactly which layers to combine & disable.

That is a million times more time consuming.

>Photoshop. Just grab a pirate torrent; I've had PS CS5 for ~10 years with zero problems, and its lightweight). OR just use ANY similar app that can manipulate layers.

Oy vey, just install malware, my anecdote and lack of understanding of sec tell me you'll be fine!


>Choosing exactly what you want by hiding layers you don't want is more time consuming than sifting thru 100+ auto-exports.

It honestly isn't lol, but I can see I'm being joked with, so yea, you got me!

lol I'm not even going to dignify that last bit with a response…


>That's 10 MB each png. A million of them would be 10 TB.

You're clearly retarded. Why are you talking about things you know nothing of? Don't try to be clever by saying "baited!" because pretending to be retarded means you're still retarded, retard.



>It honestly isn't

It is.


Imagine being such a schizo that you think there's no malware in cracked software because "i haven't been hacked yet xDDDDDD" and that it's faster to select the layers and save every combination rather than automating the process


Imagine being so retarded that you allow proprietary software to automatically update itself and think that's secure.

Where the fuck do you think you are?


Basic math. One million times ten million is ten trillion (US measures implied, of course). I may be retarded, but at least I can multiply two numbers together and get the right amount.


what did the schizo mean by this?


The point of these is for archive bruh.


In what way is having a raw master more suited for archival than having a lossless (or HQ lossy) PNG, or a standard JPG.

When you consider that most PSD releases tend to have almost all their original layers merged together, they become almost totally pointless to collect UNLESS all you want to do is export various different sizes (which in itself, seems largely pointless). Logically, PSD's (with their huge filesizes) would be largely unsuitable for archival, unless you had limitless HDD space or something (PNG version = 4mb VS PSD version = 97mb. Both version "look" 100% identical.).

I used to think artists were "actually" releasing their project files (containing every layer) so you can make seamless edits, but with these "merged, bogus PSD's", you can't edit them any more than you can edit a single layer PNG/JPG. Its like people read "PSD/Project File!!" then get excited, but don't realise they're getting excited about nothing.


most artists make their jpg/png version very different from the psd


I think so

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