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Honestly it gets pretty annoying when someone on kemono starts getting slick and puts their shit behind integration paywalls. Besides the tried and true method of just downloading the file, archiving it, and spreading it in >>284, is there any plans for a dedicated import system for sites that use Patreon integration for paywalling (ex. Itch.io)?


oh hey im also trying to find a way to get that file, but honestly all im finding is nothing so far. only thing i found is a site that lists off the details about the jar and nothing else. https://openeye.openmods.info/mod/sexmod/all


I have no ideas for scraping in general, but for your mod in particular… might be a good idea to check out some korean or japanese minecraft communities. They are usually pretty resourceful when it comes to acquiring mods and stuff. If you find anything then rehost it here.


Not really well-experienced in finding things in other-language communities. Not really sure where to start, even. I will try and see if I can get at least some lead on something, but don't expect much…

That site's just for logging details and stuff. Not really anything else there, but at least there's record of people using 1.4 there. Means people have it, so there's probably someone in that group that's willing to share/re-host.


Well, as soon as I went looking, I found something. Go figure. It's not really a conclusion, but LoversLab forum thread had JAR's for 1.3.2 and 1.3.1 at one point. They were either taken down, or the files just went stale. I'm gonna keep a tab on that thread though, just in case 1.4 pops up…


Okay… false alarm on that. 1.3.2 and 1.3.1 are in the thread, you just need an account to actually download them. I guess LoversLab didn't bother making anything telling that and just made any files just look like they're deleted…


The LoversLab thread will (most likely) no longer be officially updated. He hasn't even logged into the site in the last 2 months. SchnurriTV made his own website for the mod but it got cucked by german laws so now he just releases links on his twitter and patreon/itch.io integrator. It seems he publicly releases the 2nd latest version of his mod on twitter for now, which currently is 1.3.2.


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>The 2nd recent version gets publicly released
>Meaning once a new version is released, the "old" new version gets publicly released
>v1.4 comes right before he started plans to update the mod to a new version of minecraft, which takes a shitton of time for any mod


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The devs really need to implement something like that. As kemono, and patreon scrapers in general become more widely known about, this kind of protection will become the standard.

Also, what balls does it take to demand money for a literal fucking minecraft sex mod? Why, out of the tens of thousands of mods, many of which have hundreds of times more effort put into them, do they have the right to demand payment?


because muh twitter porn waifu slipperyt is in it


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I'm looking for similar to OP, I'd like to see the videos or whatever but they're hosted on external sites. I'm guessing the way the hosters verify is by the same session key that the scraper uses, but flat out giving out your session key on a public forum would be a security nightmare. As >>21091 said this is going to become more commonplace, so something needs to be figured out


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Even the Pixiv guys are doing it


This is what happens when your pirating website is owned by a clout chasing twitterfag who's willing to outright @ artists who were unaware of the sites existence and tell them about it to generate more 'traction' (read controversy he can stroke himself off to)>>21109

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