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Lv. 100 Kemono Boss edition
(previous thread: https://archive.ph/AnFTd)

This thread is specifically made for posting links to contents (especially paywalled ones) from paywall creators which is normally unobtainable from Kemono's importer. Said contents/links can be (but not limited to):
- Archives/Galleries (official or not/private)
- DM-only stuffs (rewards, exclusives, etc.)
- Contents posted in "threads" in a creator's Discord
- Contents originating from "paywall" services not supported by Kemono yet (PrimeLeap, Boosty.to, itch.io, etc.)
- Contents from artist's personal paywall sites (ones that requires you to log in with a subscribed Patreon first before proceeding)
- SubscribeStar contents/archives (for now since there are several issues regarding SubStar imports going on and requests for imports of it being locked at the time this thread is made)

Few stuffs to point out (1/2)
- REVAMPED RULE: If the previous thread requires you to encrypt links before posting, now you gotta ENCRYPT THE CREATOR'S NAME AND THE SHARED CONTENT'S NAME/DESCRIPTION as well. This encryption bullshit is to PREVENT search engines like Google from viewing this thread's messages (artists googling their links/content name and nukes them if they found it being leaked here). Use format like Base64 or something else you prefer for encryption.
Do your requests in an active DM and Archive request thread in this board:


Few stuffs to point out (2/2)
- If a gallery/rewards link has been applied with a "time limit" (e.g, expires in a month), it is VERY RECOMMENDED to upload/import them in your own private cloud storage or file upload (MEGA, Google Drive, Anonfiles, etc.) to prevent the gallery contents from being lost/expired. Same also applies to stuffs originating from Discord "threads" and personal paywall sites.
- Should you be able to fulfill a DM/Archive request from the requests board and wanna post it here, it is recommended to provide a link to the corresponding request from the other board in your message to point out which request you have fulfilled.
- Try to refrain from doing long-ass topics, or else this thread will be cluttered and finding stuffs would be difficult.

Cheers, good luck, and good day.

(sorry for bad english)
(admin/mods, please point me out if there are any of these which is breaking the rules)


first post! thank god you had the decency to archive the thread unlike our jewish monke janny (why was deletion necessary? can't you just tell admin to lock the thread?)
ill see what i can find on the chans and come back here (off topic but which thread should i upload my game screenshots on? i got my VMs running right now)


Welp, I can't fucking read. I just realized you want the description encoded too.

Mods, please delete >18160, I'm reposting this with the description encoded. Sorry about that.



Crimson here.

Cuz the whole damn thread got artist names and descriptions, we can't put them to stay around without any better "protections", or else artists gonna nuke the links available there.
And for screenshots, you know you can make a thread for it yourself…

Just tick the checkmark besides the name/title of your post you wanna delete, then scroll down until you see the delete post section. The password is already there, jsut click delete and it should be done quick.
And thanks for your contribution.


Can you or anyone else make this file into a gallery instead of a single 2GB file? I don't wanna waste time to download a big-ass file only to have a lot of contents which doesn't suits my taste instead of picking them one by one



Here you go. I may not leave this up for more than a few days since I don't really trust Mega not to snoop. The 2GB zip will remain uploaded.




Its still B64 right?



Only seems to work on the most recent gallery, too bad…


The links should work now


Okay, yeah, you must've posted while it was as new as possible.
Working perfectly now, thanks.


File: 1647573858135.jpg (50.39 KB, 790x316, 61jfkj.jpg)

>artist uses unique unicode letters so it won't be easily shown in kemono's search db


I'm not sure where to ask this but I'm not quite sure how "products" work on fantia, for instance this one creator has his marked as 0 yen but they're products of a certain tier so does that mean that they're free if you're subscribed at that tier?
https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/5339/products (link to artist in question)


you have to be registered on the site and "become a fan" (which is free) and those 0 yen things will be available to you


well no they are products of higher tiers but I think I understand now so thank you


If /requests/ are temporarily closed, will be there content from Discord treads? or this thred is temporarily closed to?


This isn't a request thread, this is an archive thread.


Thanks for answer


btw the non-official archive for Sk1H (had to encode it per thread request) seems not updated since february, anyone know what happened to they guy who owns and updates the archive?


Ehhhh, Ruru really hasn't been doing a lot so there's really not much more added that's not already public last I checked, so not really much worth sharing it for yet
Good few wips, but they're practically all server exclusive


File: 1650558863817.png (117.93 KB, 1485x475, fakuslanteye.png)

any Chinese want to ask him?





What did the chinese do to him?



Bullying, kinda, they're about 70% of the reason why he deleted all his content before, bad luck almost all of them were chinese people


Its Fanbox so I take it he was just another loli artist? If so, the bullying is totally understandable and not without due cause.



Well, i wouldn't call it understandable, but yes, being a fanbox artist might be the cause of the chinese bullying


Say anon, could you share his mega archive? /Request/ thread is closed so nobody can ask for it.


>Can't ask for an archive on \requests\
>Goes to thread titled 'Archive content thread'
>Whines about not being able to request in the wrong place
We need social Darwinism.



More like thats how kemono doesnt work



gotta get more mega accounts


Shit, Shaity Gdrive archive just shit itself to death along with a lot of other ones
Think I recall some mention of some kind of update being planned that was going to fuck up a lot of older shared links from somewhere a ways back so I'm assuming it might be to do with that


Guy somebody know its still not possible to ask for request in the thread?
Just wanted if somebody can update Lynxgirl patreon page please?
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/39206880(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE RULES.)



Thanks for sharing


I can't seem to open some uploads from this creator. When i open the given link, it says that the signature has expired.





Alright, Ruru seems to be getting back into the swing of things finally



Idk if anyone can help me with this but this artist and the platform is not supported on here…looking for this and the following work in late april



Can someone post forastero archive link from his discord server?


>>20174 its ok anon just trust the science™ im just gonna correct you since im an expert here
what you refer to as evolution is just a myth and IQ literally is just a bunch of digits like the amount of creators this site has to offer do you even watch fox news? they literally proved that it was a lie they also managed to deboonk it with 100% accuracy long ago even charles darwin remorsefully confessed his sins to god before he died
>bullying reques-tards
did wigger hands type this post? you sound like a leftist i bet you cant even figure out how the importer works let alone mass download your favorite doggy coombait without getting throttled every second you genocidal piece of shite
TL;DR grow up redditor science is real just like vaccinations and yes i didn't get the murderna saline shot

how is fanfox artists different from your average creatorfag? any quirks? drama/controversies about the platform?

these gofile links aint gotta archive itself and the anonfiles will auto expire after inactivity im correct?


>how is fanfox artists different from your average creatorfag? any quirks? drama/controversies about the platform?

In terms of attitudes they're probably the same, but the main difference I've noticed seems to be that most Fanbox artists (I'm guessing atleast 2 3rds) are closet pedos.


>even charles darwin remorsefully confessed his sins to god before he died



No this isn't a request thread, this is an archive link thread.




Doin gods work


>This encryption bullshit is to PREVENT search engines like Google from viewing this thread's messages (artists googling their links/content name and nukes them if they found it being leaked here).

Totally logical, and makes perfect sense. Thats what people SHOULD be doing (its just common sense) but PLEASE don't do what those muppets on BBWChan do and encrypt the encryped link, then encrypt it again, and again. Totally pointless and totally stupid lol.

I asked them why they add 3 pointless extra steps, but I just had 5-6 people flaming me yet providing zero explanation for their "self enforced stupidity" LOL.


Question. Is content that can only be purchased by Paypal ok here? There is a comic I want to request, but I don’t know if I can do it here.


so wait, if this isn't where I request for DM-exclusive content to be posted, and there is no request thread for DM-exclusive content, then where am I supposed to request for DM-exclusive content?
asking because there's one certain artist who still needs his DMs scraped for content


>>where am I supposed to request for DM-exclusive content?

A church, temple, sinnergogue or mosque. Or a stone circle or native American ceremony.


Does anyone know if krekkov has new archive?



Also does kemono.party itself have some sort of way of preventing link searching and having the site appear thru google?


Due to how the web works the only way to do that would be to make the page inaccessible without a bot/crawler check. There's technically a flag you can add that requests engines don't index the page, but that's completely reliant on honor system like the "Do Not Track" request in your browser, so it's ineffective.


Quite opposite actually, both artist and post pages have meta and opengraph tags to make it easier to be gobbled up by the crawlers. You are lucky the templating language is pretty scuffed and the backend code is pretty shit, otherwise crawlers would orgasm at the <head> tag.


So where's the non-supported site request thread?


Is there one?


I thought there was, I guess not. Would be nice to have one.

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