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there are some accounts registered here that have limitations or blockage to NSFW content, could they find ways to give us access to that content, such as downloading the file, link and/or having the password, I would be very grateful


Like which ones?



>Like which?

Like any. Theres a lot of it. Infact theres probably just as many "SFW only + DM's sent" accounts as there are accounts with proper uploads.

Artnip is the highest tier one that comes to mind. Almost every single upload is a SFW "teaser" (which you can find on non-piracy sites), not the XXX version.


If I (or anyone) checked thru some fave artists, I'd find loads more examples. DM or "external site distro" is such a common practice because its a nearly watertight way to "ensure your paid art doesn't appear here", and that kind of heaven-sent news (among paywall artists) spreads like wild fire.


Oh right. There's nothing really the admins can do except for enabling manual uploads but I don't think that's going to be available any time soon


for me some examples are raydonXD, JMG PartyBean, skarletjewelcv05, etc


Yea its weird, I'd love somekind of understandable explanation from the admins about why its taking so long to get uploads re-enabled. At this point (literally over a YEAR later!) its almost as if they've simply conceded and quietly given up on fixing what is arguably the sites only REAL weakness, but its such a huge (and super-easy to exploit) weakness that it basically leaves the site totally crippled…

I'm no coder so I don't know whats involved, but I just hope they don't wait until every single paywall artist has wised up and figured out how easy it is to totally prevent their art being leaked here (or any similar site).


>>18411 maybe is for some security passwords or its to much money to update all accounts


This has been coming up again recently. Anyone familiar with app.box.com? Some fanbox artists are moving their work to it and simply posting thumbnails and links to their fanboxes and it completely thwarts the importers. Example, all new posts from https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/127543 2022/04/06 onwards.

I have a guess that it requires some kind of account on there to access it and access permissions to accounts are being given through peoples fanbox inboxes?

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