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It seems like everything but Patreon has been getting uploaded I've looked at the recently uploaded and the last time something from Patreon was posted was months ago


It's only been two weeks. The Patreon importer is busted, word is it's being worked on, but no forecast as to when it will be fixed.




Its a little painful that the importer isn't currently working, but either way I'm sure the team will figure it out. What I know is that I can't afford patreon, and having access to the content is a godsent. Thank you Kemonoparty staff for your work on the website, it's very much worthwhile. We are thankful you are working on the problem and will wait for your imput when you can


Have you tried not being poor?


You try pledging 20+ artists who's minimum tier price (if you want to actually get the art at least) amongst them is $10, because you either want to be able to see the ass ton of exclusive pics/alts they make, or just be able to actually see their pics at all because they only post public pieces with the smallest res possible (I'm looking at artists like you Panthera you fucking faggot)


And a lot of them just delete everything older than a couple weeks so even if you pay you're barely getting anything. Fuck that noise.


this, I support a few patreons, but I absolutely refuse to support ones that use it like a subscription service where "you only get you pay for", fuck them


So when will Patreon posts get comments again? None of the new posts include comments so creators who get updated who use password-protected zip files go scott free.

I follow LewdSaiga so it’s annoying when I check and see no comments so I can’t access any of his shit. I’d make a seperate topic about this but I’m afraid mods will delete it before the guy who imports his stuff sees it.

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