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Where I can possibly ask to update artist which don't have recent posts on kemono.party?


can't even request either, all threads in the /request/ area is locked for some reason


You can't currently. All request threads are locked because of the ongoing importer issue.


It says Patreon in the pic, and the Patreon importer is broken for now so you just have to wait for a while, or check other sites.

The request pages are locked likely because its pointless requesting (from Patreon atleast) while the importer is broken.

Theres other art piracy sites out there. Don't limit yourselves to 1 source. Maybe should start an "Alternative Sites" thread.


Is there some temporary alternative for webnovel stuff? Like a discord sharing server or something?


>Is there some temporary alternative for webnovel stuff?
There is.
>Will I tell you?


GATEKEEPER (or fakekeeper) HAS BEEN DETECTED! Everyone flush the toilets NOW!!


lots of artists will not be updating their works
because lots of them are vaxxoids
they wont live long


Confirming there is but giving no further information is a dick move.



More or less confirms they're lying.


>Bringing up vaccinations in a post that has nothing to do with it.

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