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So, the admins are fixing the Patreon importer. Meanwhile, do you have any good creators of Pixiv Fanbox? I'm reading you.


File: 1649745829933.jpg (102.8 KB, 1080x1246, BasedOfTheBased.jpg)

>>19329 Fanbox? Hell yea brother.


>Ikuchan kaoru
>pija (pianiishimo)


What are you looking for my nigga ?


Nel-Zel Formula


I just saw, that today "04/12/22" between 03:30 and 04:00 some Patreons got an update. Is the importer working again?


Saw the same, I dunno. The admins are silent about the matter.


Anything normal, not weird shit such as ero guro, coprophilia, or bestiallity with insects.

Really, thank you for recommend something good.


I don't know these recommendations will fit you or not, but I can recommend these 'good' creators of Pixiv Fanbox that you can find in Kemono:

- takenokotaketa
- solar
- fukuro
- uiri
- kaedetsukimiya
- woogi
- ametoyuki
- deaver0211
- aslindsamure
- hayabusa-fanbox
- nanam
- jonsun
- イコモチ (icomochi)
- 色谷あすか (aoirobox)
- 最中かーる (currlqcurl)
- そらなにいろ@お仕事募集中 (sora72iro)



File: 1649778989984.jpg (852.04 KB, 2000x1336, comment_1643141361lWkeeySN….jpg)

- 山石
- clesta
- kumatora
- handplug
- damda
- YD
- sunhyun
- houtengeki
- ishigaki-t
- zucchini
- phrysm
- jmg
- Maxi
- Hong/Reina


can you suggest some feet/tickling related pixiv fanbox accounts? they all chinese i don't know how to search it through kemono





thx a lot!


File: 1649798572085.jpg (18.53 KB, 400x400, 44a80f29e437bc8ffed926d9ec….jpg)

Thank you guys. Yoy have a nice taste, those creators you recommended are just perfect.


This was a thread looking and seeking for Pixiv creators, not a request thread. But thanks for the names, I guess.

I was the one who asked for creator, but I can help you right here. This are the foot fetish creators I know:

- Kahlua
- ナッシュ (Inori)
- Reathroch
- BlueSenpai
- Lululewd
- るとんにき
- 大嘘
- Omegazero01
- Yuiyuihibana
- Nekoda
- 猫打


Thank you mate!


File: 1649941413528.jpg (161.09 KB, 1200x630, Dont let her face deceive ….jpg)

Appreciate the list anon, although kinhasu and laserflip is a hard pass for me
Here's mine if you like >>19339 list

Format : username [User ID]
Grandarbo [18340266]
ie [24164271]
K-pring [3937352]
Niginigirabbit [45081727]
Poper [17312525]
Grazero [23575403]
Mana [3015512]
Ctrlz77 [6134554]
Blade [72357]
Blackmoon [515040]
Leonat [4698160]
Muk monsieur [4234383]


As for feet oriented artists only those come to my mind:

- blue-senpai
- ruton-niki
- laserflip


If you're into Idolmaster, check out


File: 1649987057279.jpg (30.18 KB, 540x540, touhou-fuckmyshitup.jpg)

touhou fans should follow:




File: 1649990314221.png (47.43 KB, 644x995, 1648960068842.png)

Adding to this:


I have a bunch of furry-ish stuff, tetetoroort is pretty good. He does kind of cute robot transformations. The-Dark-Mangaka sometimes has good stuff, he does lots of (lewd) anime fanart. I really like his digimon ones. The rest of my list is pretty spicy


If you enjoy highly customizable PSD files, I would recommend sihkygmojsn/性癖歪みおじさん.

Otherwise, off the top of my head would include:


Any good straight furry animators on Fanbox?


WEW, now that's hard
Now just imagine all that meat and shit being goops of ice cream


What about a list of fanbox artists who don't draw loli or gore?

There MUST be some "simply porn artists" on fanbox too right??? As in artists who draw adults fucking adults, or monsters fucking adults, or robots fucking adults, or zombies fucking robots, or adult animal people fucking female Xenomorphs.


>monsters fucking adults
>robots fucking adults
>zombies fucking robots
>adult animal people fucking female Xenomorphs.
My god, you disgusting freak…
Sex should only be between two living humans, how can you sleep at night you degenerate pervert!!
But seriously stop fetish shaming people, dumbass, there's more to fanbox than just loli shit and half the artists listed in this thread don't even dabble in it.
It's like saying patreon is for nothing but faggot and furry shit.



>there's more to fanbox than just loli shit

I take it thats just a very small minority then? Click 10 random Fanboxers and the majority of them will be N.O.N.C.E art. So I don't think its a particularly unreasonable assertion. Or maybe I've just been bizarrely unlucky and (somehow) in some random string of chance, almost every single FB artist I clicked on just "randomly" "happened to be" loli or gore.

>It's like saying patreon is for nothing but faggot and furry shit.

Except that 8 out every 10 random Patreon artists you click on AREN'T furry or gay. I know, because Patreon comprises most of the random artists I click. So, no, in all fairness its not really anything like saying that. If it was, I'd have stopped clicking random Patreons a long long time ago because furry & gay art isn't what I look for.


.t seething filipino


There are 7600 fanbox artists on the site, and more than twice that at 16010 when it comes to Patreon, so "playing the odds" with random views isn't exactly a fair comparison when Patreon content outnumbers fanbox 2:1
Can't help what people choose to upload here, but it doesn't give you an excuse to write off the entire platform as nothing but party van central.


So… Doubledeck pretty much?


Whats "double deck"?


Double Deck Seisakujo


I looked it up and can 100% confirm that phrase is not Japanese for "double decker bus" lol!


Anyone able to suggest some good pixel artists on fanbox/fantia? Doesn't have to be porn.

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