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Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff"


Obligatory author list. If anyone's not on here post them below.

3seed - Eight.
AbyssalRoadTrip - Abyssal Road Trip.
acaswell - A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World.
AleronKong - God's Eye, The Land.
alex_kozlowski - Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG by Alex Kozlowski Author.
alexclaw - Interdimensional Garbage Merchant, Brewer King by Psychomeltdown.
Allanther - Wizard’s Tower.
alstonsleet - A Traveling Dungeon.
Argentorum - The Devil’s Foundry.
authorchrisvines - Elemental Gatherers.
awmaher - The Hedge Wizard.
BabaVader - Owlnother World.
benjaminkeyworth - Superworld.
blacksmithoftheapocalypse - Blacksmith of the Apocalypse.
BlaiseCorvin - Apocalypse Cultivation.
BMedrano - Ancient Dreams, Eve of Destruction, Lilith’s Shadow, Through the Fire, Mantles of Power, The Beesong Chronicles.
Buller - The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy.
C_Mantis - The Path of Ascension
caerulex - The Menocht Loop.
cathfach - An Unbound Soul, A Lonely Dungeon.
chronicler - The Eagle’s Flight.
chunwa - A Dragon's Curiosity.
CoCo_P - Tower of Somnus, Viceroy's Pride, Blessed Time.
Comiak - The Reincarnation of Alysara.
DakotaKrout - Desolation, CC2.
Dbfassbinder - Confessions of a Magpie Wizard.
DefianceNovels - Defiance of the Fall.
delemhach - The House Witch.
Dinniman - Dungeon Crawler Carl.
dragonheartednovels - Dungeon’s Path, NeoRealm.
DropShotEpee - The Strongest Fencer Doesn't use [Skills]!
Duck_No_Duck - Digital Marine, Super Soldier not Super Hero.
DungeonCultist - Respawn Condition: Trash Mob, Dungeon Item Shop.
DungeonRobotics - Dungeon Robotics.
egathentale - The Simulacrum.
EJames84 - Dungeon Novel.
EmEs_etherious - Etherious.


ericvall - Dragon Emperor, Summoner, Without Law, Making Monster Girls, Duelist, Building Harem Town, Dragon, Conjurer.
erraticerrata - A Practical Guide to Evil.
FortySixtyFour - AnimeCon Harem, RE: Trailer Trash.
GamingWolfie - Forgotten.
GenesisWavebySaltMaster - Genesis Wave.
georgemfrost - The Zombie Knight Saga.
halosty - Elder Cultivator, Truthful Transmigration.
HBDLo78 - Unlimited Evolution.
HereBeTreasure - Breaker of Skulls.
Humas - Again from Scratch.
IAmNotTheHero - The Houndsman.
IdeasGuy - Power Corrupts, Going Native, See No Evil, A Hard Knock Life, Risk It All.
Igi - The Space Legacy.
InadvisablyCompelled - Blue Core.
IrateRapScallion - Displaced.
ivankal - Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends.
jacobk - Heart of Cultivation, Yashima Chronicle.
jdfister - Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply.
jmclarke - Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy.
KaiserBlak - This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder.
kamikazepotato - An Outcast in Another World.
Kingkennit - Sylver Seeker by Kennit Kenway.
klevanski - Dragon Heart novels.
Konge - Sanguine Paradise.
kuropon - Unfathomable Senior, The Runesmith.
Laevo - The Caring Dungeon, Druidic Cultivation.
LiseEclaire - Quod Olim Erat, Leveling up the Wolrd.
lochar - Planetary Cultivation.
Lone Immortus - Shovels in Spades, Lone: the Wanderer.
lukew_logan - Dragon’s Dilemma.
Macronomicon - Wake of the Ravager, Apocalypse: Generic System.
Magic_Smithing - Magic Smithing by Kosnik4.
MarkArrows - 12 Miles Below.
MatHaz - Ave Xia Rem Y.
Maxlex - Phantasm.
Mecanimus - A Journey of Black and Red, The Calamitous Bob.
MelasD - Salvos, Melas, Tian.


MillenialMage - Millenial Mage.
Mirikon - Dark Fate, Lewd Dungeon, Lich Returnee, SCI Stories by Stuart Grosse.
MonroeByJahx - Monroe.
Monsoon117 - The New World.
MrWhiteWriting - A Journey in Darkness.
Nagrij - Dim Prisons and Drakes, School in Hastelan, Leases in Hell.
Necariin - Unbound.
neobear - Out of Space.
NorskDaedalus - The Way Ahead.
nixia_writes - This Quest is Bullshit.
Parky - Dreams Come True.
pirateaba - The Wandering Inn.
playwars - The Fallen World: A Dungeon’s Story.
Proximal Flame - The Last Angel, All the Little Lost Boys and Girls.
pshoffman - The Last Human.
puddles4263 - The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound.
QitM - Queen in the Mud.
QuasiEludo - Inexorable Chaos.
raizarp - I Was Bored so I Made a Secret Organization, The New Horizon.
RD404 - Ar’Kendrithyst.
RealmofMonsters - Realm of Monsters by Frostbird.
RhaegarRRL - Azarinth Healer.
RinoZ - Chrysalis.
riverfate - Battlefield Reclaimer.
Ruffwriter - Savage Divinity.
Saileri - Rise of the Weakest Summoner, I Own a Brothel in Another World.
sarahlin - The Weirkey Chronicles, Street Cultivation.
SCM2814 - Demesne, Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers!.
Seaborn - Seaborn by CaptainK-19.
sealjohnson - Undermind.
SelkieMyt - Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.
SenescentSoul - Delve.
ShadeTouched - Shade Touched.
Shirtaloon - He Who Fights With Monsters.
silentoverseer - Whispers of a Dead Empire.
SilvaLau - Dragon Princess, Blue Sky, Loli Elf, Demon Sword Maiden, Transcendent.
sorrywrites - The Dark Lord's Home for Undead Heroes.
sunrisecv - System Change.


sunslammers - Virtuous Sons
tabletot - Mana Anxiety.
Tefler - The John Blake Chronicles.
The_Red_Lands - The Red Lands by ForestRage.
theBlackStaffAndNightMarE - Stranger Than Fiction.
TheDeepDarkReef - Rok, The Aby Survival Guide, The Abyssal Dungeon.
TheUnwanted - The Unwanted.
thundamoo - Vigor Mortis.
Tilted_Axis - The Stained Tower.
TMarkos - Peculiar Soul.
todstl - Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita.
Torsten Hewson - Beware of Chicken by Casualfarmer
treeaeons - Tree of Aeons.
TurtleMe - The Beginning After The End.
VoidHerald - The Perfect Run, The Legend of Kairos, Vainqueur the Dragon, Never Die Twice.
wardenraime - The Storm King.
WilliamDArand - A lot of Amazon published novels.
wiz - Reborn: Apocalypse.
WritingBySea - Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled.
XelofBloom - Los.
Yamirmoon - Tales of the World Devouring Serpent, Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics.
Za1d3 - Forgotten Conqueror.
Zendran - The Great Core’s Paradox.
Zogarth - The Primal Hunter.


where did webnovels 8 go? (i was about to archive it) thread 7 got locked to to broken importer


At first i made webnovel 8 & put one of old picture & they said its already made, so i just put wen9 & changed pic too for good major


File: 1650575633587.jpg (46.46 KB, 450x600, 5384107cf4d0bfde613b8e5ab9….jpg)

Thanks for the list :)


Thanks for the list of names to blacklist from showing up in my feed.


Also add this author
Rinoz - Book of the Dead


Is that Luis Royo? If so, someone's got taste in art. I don't know what this thread is about but I do know that.


If people begin requesting in this thread again while the importer is offline, thread will be locked again.


I request a cuppa. Strong, No sugar.


I hate this word so fucking much.


It seems Delve has been updated. Enjoy.


What? Cuppa?



Is it possible to request offsite?

Like, I'd really love it if the OP put literally all this shit into a daily .zip or pastebin or torrent or something.


Join us here for web novel & stuff
Mainly for royalroad patreon


mdbob - Blue Box Cultivation
SilencetheHunger - Silence the Hunger [ LitRPG-lite ]


Oops. Someone updated Wandering Inn before me. Volume finale is on May 3rd, and break for a month, so I don't think I'm going to Patreon for it.


Whimsical Deity - Protagonist: The Whims of Gods

It's a fun little read so far.


I tried joining the discord but got banned before I had a chance to say anything.


can someone update realm of monster's please


no one have the last chapters of necariin?


Actus- My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror


Anyone subbing to puddles this month? Ghosthound is almost 60 chapters behind on kemono… would really appreciate an update.


MatHaz update please ?


Would also appreciate an update to SenescentSoul please. Thanks in advance.


the discord invite has expired, can anyone post another please?


is ghosthound ending anytime soon. i dropped it around 1500.


The author says it’s on its final arc. But said arcs tend run a bit long, so I’d say, optimistically, that there should be at some 100 chapters left.


oh wow. I can't believe it's actually ending. I dropped it roughly at ch. 1100 iirc. I wonder what kind of note it's gonna end on.


Thanks you for the update o7


I second the request for an update on Actus it would be appreciated.


ad astra - speedrunning the multiverse


Thank you to whomever updated Quasi Eludo, it has been over half a year I think.


It's up on the discord.


the invite link says it's expired. can you ask the admin to create a new invite link or something.


Anyone still subbed to Vigor Mortis? Kemono has up until last month’s last update, so I’m wondering if whoever it was canceled for May. If not, would greatly appreciate an update.


Thanks for the C_Mantis update


KaiserBlak - This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder seems to be missing chapter 245.


Zogarth is missing 5 chapters, would be swell if someone can update


please we need another discord invite because current one is expired



Invites are currently disabled on that Discord server, not possible.

Probably because end of last month a few authors showed up and then banned people from their Patreon?

Here is some music instead: https://youtu.be/J7yRsiGw-e0?list=LL



File: 1652064122456.png (96.39 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

An anon asked me to share my reading set up here.

This userscript enables arrowkey navigation between posts:
// ==UserScript==
// @name Kemono.party Reader
// @match https://kemono.party/patreon/user/*/post/*
// ==/UserScript==
document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
switch (e.keyCode) {
case 37:
window.location = window.location.href+"/prev";
case 39:
window.location = window.location.href+"/next";

And this CSS style strips away extraneous content:
@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Helvetica:ital,wght@0,100;0,300;0,400;0,500;0,700;0,900;1,100;1,300;1,400;1,500;1,700;1,900&display=swap);

header.global-header {
display: none;
header.post__header {
display: none;
ul.post__nav-list {
display: none;
div.post__content {
font-family: Helvetica;
font-size: 28px;
text-align: justify;
div.post__body {
border-left-width: 0px;
padding-right: 200px;
border-right-width: 0px;
padding-left: 200px;
color: #ffffff;
background-color: #000000;
section div h2 {
display: none;

footer.post__footer {
display: none;


ul.footer {
display: none;

main.main {
background-color: #000000;

You can load it with something like stylebot.

P.S. the scrollbar replacement is InvisibleScrollbar extension.


Here u go guys new discord link for webnovel and stuff


What's your name on discord u probably joined when authors were joining & we ban everyone who joined at that time


Why is there a bot that announces the name of everyone who joins? Even if you leave the server, your default name is saved there permanently for any authors who want to look it up. This problem is just going to keep happening until you turn off that bot.


File: 1652275261024.jpg (44.57 KB, 604x575, 231487-U159Q8S.jpg)

" 'Anon AKA Jim Townsend (exact adress & bank details in profile)' has joined the chat.

>'s'all good!


The importer is working now


Last link is expired so here


Mathaz update before end of the month please ?


Would it be possible to get an invite link?





Link expired, new one available?



Ashley is dying of cancer and stopped writing.



Oh Jesus


could use a new discord invite



Wouldn't you rather have bronchitis?


Soul of warrior that is kyfe is late for update



Same one can upload KaiserBlak


It hasn't been updated in over a month so whoever had been updating it must have dropped their subscription. Royal Road should be caught up to it soon though.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update.


can someone import Kyfe Soul of Warrior? it seems there won't be an Auto Import this week


kemono is already 3 chapters behind on selkies Beneath the Dragoneye Moons. *cries*


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!



it's up to date in discord though


it is? Thank you for the information. guess I need to download discord again, i had to reinstall my pc a few days ago.
if you could post the link again, the 10x its already posted are all expired.





thanks for the SelkieMyth and MillennialMage updates!


File: 1656136770585.jpg (45.29 KB, 333x500, 51zGAP45xkL.jpg)

Anyone got a link to the new Dragon Heart book?
Dragon City. Dragon Heart (A LitRPG Wuxia) series: Book 15


Please update Adam Sampson a.k.a. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47038251

Really good book and 12 chapters ahead of RR


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Managed to find it. Still can't believe faggots still gatekeep content behind "You have to register to view this content" and "You have to reply to view this hidden link" bullshit.

It's on libgen now. Cheers and don't be faggots.


Thanks bud. Forum bullshit from 2007 still beats Discord faggotry tho.


Would it be possible to get an update to necariin?


can someone take war of divinities?


Anyone got Wildcard updates from Brian J. Nordon patreon?


could we get a new discord link? the million others have all expired.



Paranoid Mage by InadvisablyCompelled has 2 chapters up. Appreciate an update if anyone has it this month.


Can someone please update awmaher's Hedge Wizard? It has been quite a while.


Thanks to whomever updated paranoid mage, but could you upload again? You literally imported minutes *before* the new chapter drop.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


I apologize if this is the wrong thread to comment on as this is my first time using the site, but I hope someone could update Zendran's The Great Core's Paradox.


Just like >>22357 I don't know if this is the right place for requests. I was hoping someone could add posts from Chichipe13? Has absurd prices for advanced chapters


Aurora Scroll anyone?


what even is this


dont use such a retarded discord, no rules, everybody arguing like retards and the mods are even worse, just insults everybody and full of fucking trumpers. just upload on kemono and don't waste your money sharing patreon shit with them. you'll be banned in a week.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Does anyone have the latest chapter of sylver seeker 231-232


I hope someone could please update Halosty's Elder Cultivator. It would be much appreciated!


gonna drop system change (sunriseCV) today.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


thanks for MillennialMage and SelkieMyth updates!


hi! I'd appreciate if anyone with a patreon sub to Adam Sampson (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/47038251) could update his chapters. thank you


Thanks for the Mathaz update, I was just about to request it for the new month so it was a nice surprise <3


My god. Elder Cultivator has so much damn filler. If someone here is subscribed to his patreon, please update it.


Anyone here from the Discord?

My account, with which I was logged into the kemono webnovel Discord channel, just got banned minutes ago.


Just got my discord banned because of "Your account engaged in the theft or distribution of paywalled content"


I saw the discord got deleted but I didn't get banned.


did something happen to the discord server? it suddenly disappeared from my server list, and I don't think I got kicked or banned, as i didn't do anything that would warrant that, or anything at all really, i'm not really active and just read the new chapters without commenting.
only thing i could think of is kicked due to "inactivity" as I have my discord on "appear as offline" constantly.


I think they just nuked the whole thing, my 2 accounts are gone and the invite link doesnt work anymore so ibeleive they just banned everyone that was on the server?


the ban hammer has struck!! lets play wack a mole w/ discord then


It was bound to happen. Discord is a big business. They cannot afford the hit to their reputation if they got publicly smeared by one of the authors complaining and Discord did nothing about it.


It's surprising it took months for it to get banned. Discord is prob among the worst places to distribute copyrighted stuff.

Hopefully people who posted stuff there would be kind enough to update it on kemono. AFAIK kemono uses many proxies so it's not even particularly dangerous.


Damn, I was watching someone bash Selkie too, you know who you are. Lol hope the croc makes a new one


Well shit. I mean kemono is still there, but it updates a lot more infrequently for some series.


Nope I'm not banned, though maybe its delayed or something? I never uploaded so technically I dont think I broke TOS


Maybe they can at least make a new discord just for webnovel discussion. No pirated material.


well shit. Hope it gets remade quickly



Oh please not Discord again. Just a question of time before getting nuked again.

How about just kemono now…

In any case, I care a lot less these days. Too much garbage. Do I actually care to read Selkie earlier? Not really - the story right now SUCKS again (as it does much of the time). Primal Hunter is "don't touch this" for me until at least fall - I've no desire to get cliff-hanged with all the new story-drama, I'll only read when it'*s all good and over and solved.

Does not leave much, very little was actually updated lately.



Kek selkie was even spotted on 10m old account and called out for it.


File: 1659645837025.webm (281.52 KB, 498x330, ezgif-4-eb80bb09c7.webm)



> fucking trumpers

Found the loser



Found the butthurt loser


File: 1659646928352.png (2.45 MB, 1276x1742, unknown-329.png)

Can't believe the "we're not pirates we're just a group of webnovel enthusiast" didn't work.



I do hope the boomer and croc makes a new one. feelsbadman


Well, we all know who to blame.

MelasD. They disliked the nsfw salvos fanart. They hate beauty.


seems like a poor idea to make a new one when discord nuked the old one and banned accounts that contributed to it


who got banned? the uploaders?


the uploaders, the staff and most regulars.
But we were ready for this and had backups. It was a month old but it had all the infra, roles and was up in less than an our



damn, nice moves to keep backups prepped


There is a new link for discord posted above. Create a new discord account and join.


Yes, all accounts with the Uploader role got banned.

If you're an uploader, If you decide to rejoin the new server, I really suggest you create a new throwaway & only have it join that server, that way you'll limit contagion/fallout if/when the new server gets slapped.


damn when did discord add phone verification? was it recent or am i tripping


There is a new link for discord posted above. Create a new discord account and join.


Did the new Discord get nuked already?


Nope still here.


did the discord get nuked? the link doesnt work


Nope link doesnt work anymore


Discord link doesnt seem to work again



Honestly, who is so STUPID to create a new DISCORD of all places???

OF COURSE they are going to nuke it now!

These invites here are PUBLIC! How do you think they found it in the first place?



If they kill this one we'll make another and another and another.
I can pump out these things at about one every hour.


And what do you in your infinite wisdom think we should do instead?



Use a service that does not shut you down so easily???

I'll report you guys to Patreon myself now, because your responses are STUPID and I've had enough of stupid.

Literally ANYTHING before the centralization of the Internet in a few major corporations would have worked. You can still rent server space in places that don't care about copyright like US corporations do.

Used to be you would just set up your own forum twenty years ago. It was EASY and ubiquitous.

Now you MORONS are convinced that you must use some major corporation's services and that's the only way. You idiots have been trained well!


Man just give me some links where i can do piracy do give me bullshit like 20 years ago ……. its not 20 years ago & ranting servers???? Do u think if i had money lying around i do piracy? How old r u ? 60+ years? I can imagine your grumpy 😠 face from your reply


File: 1659710817188.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1800, 20220802_095118.jpg)


File: 1659711022073.jpg (149.71 KB, 698x1000, 20220802_095250.jpg)



damn that dude is fucking salty


File: 1659775568665.jpg (116.81 KB, 850x1012, sample_131defaf884f5dde7d0….jpg)

I heard a croc requested futa


File: 1659783769721.jpeg (341.57 KB, 1240x1754, 59815012ebcf7afd5b325661d….jpeg)

no, he needs preggo futa art in specific
thats's his favourite



File: 1659793165364.jpg (107.89 KB, 850x656, sample_3b095d552075b8df152….jpg)


Holy shit, discord faggotry is pure cancer. Kills this thread, and now floods the when they got banned. Just use the thread like normal people, you troons.

In a less ranty topic, anyone still subbed to RD404; It's two weeks behind, could use an update.


File: 1660129258793.jpg (117.07 KB, 850x927, sample_eb311a9eddb89e08db8….jpg)


File: 1660129567634.jpg (122.73 KB, 850x1201, sample_e948c9e373db96dc262….jpg)


File: 1660176781697.jpeg (710.86 KB, 2899x4096, 15fbf5cfc03aa3415aff248dc….jpeg)


Is there an alternative on the darkweb with as many leakers?


is the discord still up? neither invite link is working



Rip you, 204 already posted on discord


nta but could I get an invite? I was in the old discord paranoid mage page, took me a while to set up a burner.


New invite link


Now with the actual link cause I'm retarded.


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