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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19168


Thank you.


Is the major hurdle with the importer related to figuring out the rate at which posts can be imported without being detected, or is it a problem with accessing certain content?


Oh yeah, I forgot this…FUCK OFF


so much shitposting and doomposting have already filled the old thread… man what a waste.


I think my question got buried before; do we know the name of these anti-botting assholes Patreon has spying on Kemono?


>Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
a button on each user page that checks whether said user is in the import queue already would be nice to maximize the amount of content grabbed per dollar spent by reducing duplicate imports
maybe even (for things like patreon) show the tier being imported if it is not already the cheapest one with the fullest access

problems with this I can see would be services potentially identifying importer's accounts if they select a really specific tier limited in number EG: 1 of 1 $500 bigdick YCH tier


update this guy

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2339790/(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



It has been almost two hours since this thread was created and there is already a retarded user…Damn…


Request detected. Ban imminent.
Retards never learn.


File: 1650532509233.jpg (493.54 KB, 1823x2100, tnvx67.jpg)

More like problems with how our importer works, this has been changed, but we get exotic issues every so often in our test runs that we are ironing out.
Datadome anti botting/scraping.
Their product is the leading anti scraping technology.
Too bad that we are skilled in scraping.
This has been noted in our to-do list, but it has problems regarding importer privacy/security.
Will be looked at in the near future.


File: 1650534618392.png (422.35 KB, 614x473, image0_8.png)



File: 1650538275856.jpg (131.12 KB, 708x686, kemono retardation .jpg)

wtf why did i get ban


So one of my favorites was updated but only the 3 latest posts were there did anyone else experience this is it a problem with the prototype importer?


File: 1650542834714.jpg (65.98 KB, 611x516, patreon.JPG)


Lmao, true.


Went looking through the last 2 walls-of-text and caught a line about patreon's importer

>keeps on mutating their backend code

If patreon keeps mutating, borking every fix, at what point is it diminishing returns?


Out of interest how does Datadome prevent scraping?

As I thought they always attempted to block IP addresses, proxies and maybe user-agents. How else can they block a scrape if you know the element/xpath you're attempting to get? More JavaScript?


This is a conspiracy theory of mine, I think you for banned for being a degenerate. Its just a theory


Why is it retarded to request updates? Why are people being banned over this? I don't get the hostility.


1: It breaks board rules
2: Requests are closed
3: Requesting is pointless anyway unless you know who imports and they're cool with importing
4: There's a dedicated board for it
5: We're tired of having to tell people


>input on how the site could be improved?

Please consider un-hiding the text from thumbnails so we don't have to hover over each post individually to see the date & number of attachments.


Artists names could also replace the "Info" text, for a quick way to know who it is.
Not that it's dumb to see a bunch of "Info" at the top of each post but… yeah, it's dumb (sorry). QoL improvements as they say.


Also, here's some fun facts.

Symptoms of profound Mental Retardation include:

inability to understand or comply with requests or instructions

possible immobility


very basic nonverbal communication

inability to care for their own needs independently

the need of constant help and supervision

having an IQ of less than 20


so looking at this, 4 out of 7 are easily met by some people on here.


I suggest this before

something like a standalone scrapper that will download scrapped result and upload to kemono for contributor

you can encrypt or obfuscate to any format to prevent people upload tampered result


also I wonder if this is suggest before

Can we add a "lasted update time" in search artist page?





Something is causing posts to not show up on the artists pages even though they have been imported to kemono. For an example, if you go to
And keep clicking "next", you can see a bunch of posts that don't show up on her page



one of my favs finally got updated yeah baby lesss goooo


Had this quite some times. On the Beta this doesn't happen.


File: 1650570268336.jpeg (490.82 KB, 828x1403, D5EE19FA-4BDD-4ABA-A2FA-3….jpeg)

The new posts on blackprof are missing the comments


Pretty much in every new patreon post the comments are missing.


Yeah, just figured it out


Who cares man? People are here to watch and download porn, not to read comments.


When will the clown admins finally fix the site?


a lot of artists post the content in the comments because of this very reason


Brain on vacation?
Alot of artists put the content in the comments like in the picture you replied to "Link in the comments"

Might be time for some new glasses


sneaky sneaky, the artists know..


Oh shit you're right.


6 more months give or take 6 more months


They said this month for sure, looks like it to me. Worst case scenario: early May, but I have faith they'll fix it before the end of the month. Unlike when they promised it to be before the end of March…


The feet artists are coming in, yes!


As was said in >>19927 , it's admins vs DataDome anti-scraping department.

If the admins manage to get a solution that works without major downtimes for two months, I'll start transferring them money because that's a superhuman level of dedication.


Admins why don't you just temporarily close off partychan/make it such that only mods/admins can post updates until the importer is properly fixed. It makes no sense to keep a public square open for whinging ungrateful doomers and braindead request spammers who will only impede the development process. And on the off chance that someone does have something useful pertaining to fixing the importer (highly unlikely because if that were the case they'd already be on your team), they can be directed to the support email. That way you won't have to deal with banning every retarded requester and spend more time on fixing what's important.


File: 1650582528984.jpeg (56.32 KB, 612x586, 204EFD8A-D8A4-4187-B4C4-9….jpeg)


I support this idea.



Even though I'm one of the occasional posters here, I absolutely support that initiative.


This forum right now is essentially the anguish of the masses. Not sure if it is different in other times, but now it broadcasts nothing but negativity, and I doubt that anyone from the mod or admin team is motivated by that.


That's actually a really good idea.


Why do some artists appear as 'Artist's page', and when you access their page it just redirects you to the artist list?


why is importing mandatory all of a sudden? what did we do? there is no rule saying we are required to contribute just to use the site even in the slightest?


feet artists on warpath, seeking revenge for their stolen masterpiece :D


Never Donate
Adblock ON
Stolen Laptop
Neighbors Wifi


Just wondering, why some uploaders are allergic to include psd files when they upload whatever artist is to kemono.party from patreon, fanbox, fantia, and gumroad? And also to open psd files use paintool sai or clip studio paint or adobe photoshop to see the entire picture as well as able to customize whatever they want and sometimes uncensor folder inside of psd files when editing or making an art etc. to remove mosaics or black and white bars.


Because they don't want to pay the exorbitant prices that those tiers cost, and go for the images which have the same content for less money.


Why aren’t the comments being imported with the posts anyway?


Cause they’re not added officially to kemono yet so they don’t have a page to send you to, so it defaults back to the artist list.


> Too bad that we are skilled in scraping.
Woah getting way too cocky there, I guess whatever this old man says >>19762 was true after all.

You do realize we have this right? >>8965 That has been pinned at the VERY TOP of the chan board when you open this chan. But for some reason the admin (not the mods they have no rights to post unless the admin say so) are too retard and braindead enough for not using it. smh


Don't know what happened here, either the focus of the creator changed completely, or… IDK https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10740552



File: 1650615356962.png (702.69 KB, 750x494, image_0.png)

Not sure if you either didn't read >>19970 at all or you're just catastrophically braindead.


>Input on how the site could be improved

I posted in the proevious thread, but looks like it got ignored/buried.

How about some way to link an artist's pages together? Like if they have a patreon, substar, gumroad, discord, etc. but each of them have different names from each other. At the top of each page, on or near the banner, there would be buttons/links leading to the other pages the artist posts from. Kinda like a Kemono version of Linktree.

It'll also be a handy way to find the discord servers of artists that have a habit of changing the names of the server and channels, etc.


File: 1650643293069.jpg (51.49 KB, 545x900, photo_2022-02-27_22-40-26.jpg)

use beta.kemono.party
Oh you wannna write cross platform extentions? have fun and make a pr for us.
use beta.kemono.party

Comment imports were disabled on the test runs, as they make lots of http requests that we cannot afford with Datadome watching.. (SA: yet)


I was wondering whether it was possible to "update" posts that have been changed since the time of import, but keep the original post as well
+is it okay to ask whether there's an ETA for the request board re-opening?


I always forget kemono beta is a thing for some reason.


is it possible to import Artist's About page. Sometimes they post archive links there.


Would it be possible to added tags for post or even for the search menu?


Would it be possible to open requests but only for fanbox/fantia content, and any request with the word patreon is automatically blacklisted and the comment doesn't go through? I have a couple fanbox creators I would like to see updated.


Same here, I also would like to see some Gumroad pages get updated as well.


Based quads, also how come uploads ARE SO SLOW today? Shouldn’t it be flooded with more Patreon updates like yesterday?


I was about to say that too. Maybe some issues with the importer in this whole 'arms race' against Patreon?
So far I haven't seen any new patreon uploads today. Although it got kinda slow since yesterday tbh.


I feel this should be renamed to her current name, this one confuses a lot of people (me included, but weirdly enough in the wrong way : I didn't know she did art lol)


>>19759 >>19798 ok that explains thanks it sorry for the inflamatory bait earlier (as you can probaby tell i myself am getting bored but unlike most users i have better things to do at the moment)
>>19796 >>19812 POV this is what zero father does to an MF (no wonder why our generation is mostly furfags wanting to fit in)
>>19813 me three i dont get why fuwwy programmers need to constantly flex their massive egos on twitter all the time
>>19823 same here but i only donload/seed whaterver files i can get at the moment
>>19833 FINE! you got me for now ill be back later on (you better not steal the digits)
>>19853 never really joined it due to lack of account anybody archived it? looks important

>>19879 >>19728 [https://archive.is/sUBJM archive of old thread incase admins delete accountability] also why is >>19907 gone
its almost as if usah switched accounts with the other admins recently to cover his acts and powertripping (make sure to take a break once in a while so your penis does not shrink)

>>17433 eww cringe clone

>also hating on coomer (dont forget put the leadrboard to good use ban VPNs after readching bandwith quota unless they imported stuff)
oh and while your at it add this shit https://google.github.io/tpm-js/ and touchID for the mobile obfuscated scrapper app you selfish freak (no wonder why people hate animal programmers so much)
>hugs and kisses (i wont convert you anthro i promise) (inb4 offensive b8)
eww gross! furfag lingo! too bad major cloog does not have patreon shame i kinda wanted to import that one


>>19896 >>19930 haha nice thanks for the meme

>>19859 >>19922 >>19928
thanks for using the ban feature properly instead of rangeIPwiping users i might not be a fan of modration but i like the mods here (for now)

>>19805 >>19825 >>19864 >>19868 >>19885 >>19888 (search for CREST research 4chan)
security researchers monitor forums/chans all the time and watch out for anything important some even go as far as employing bots to dillute the converstion (like what they are doing now its pretty much standard practice at this point)
whenever something gets leaked they are the first ones to get it (whether it be a trojan source code warez or leaked pfizer documents) they are also the first ones to share it with the feds and DMCA/CP bomb the offending site afterwards

>>19775 >>19881 >>19938 >>19970 (or better yet just get rid of it entirely and hire 10 more wumao janitors since you earn lots of money datamining users)
heres the thing mr genius why not just open the /requests/ and let us vent our frustrations into the void even though nobody reads this shit and pretend as if nothing was broken
>bbut rules (also make a creators general board on /requests/ or you could just make a /trash/ bunker for 4channers)
seriously though even if the importer was in a fully functional state nobody really bothers to magically fullfill our shit EVEN with the proper format (i requested twice before and nothing happened)
why the heck is the stupid format even required? what do you gain from it? can't we just have a regular chit chat on /requests/ since nobody really bothers to read it all let alone pay for it


>create a website dedicated to furfags
>surprised then the userbase is FA/inbunny tier retarded and love causing drama for no reason
gee i sure do wonder why

or a better question would be how long did it originally take the YP admin to fix the original importer? (the original was 6 months and 1 more year for the second fix)
>also obsessed about banning users deemed stupid (jannies cant even setup a proper wordfilter properly let alone stop e-vaders on the second post >>19930)
>doesn't come up with a foolproof solution to keep the coombrains out (despite furries being 90% smarter than most people just like jews)
here you go no need to thank me afterwards https://github.com/ballerburg9005/IQcaptcha (dont forget to purchase our AI spambot detection solution afterwards goyim)

>>19934 >>19945 what does kemono and covid have in common the backend keeps mutating like the moronic strain and the obfuscated scrapper is the vaccine which datamines ur pc instead of actually importing shit (and the users are immune to critical thinking)
>>19914 can we increase the thread limit to 1000 this time the last ones fill up too quickly (this image is wayy too cute i can't fap to this it feels wrong)
>>19918 same but i prefer the old energy of YPbbs god i remeber those times when the importer broke and everyone was boycotting the admin
>>19980 ah i see so its just a price issue i thought this stuff was cheap
>>19978 kek (also i notice that the board gets a bit slow all of a sudden when a GET is approaching and then move fast once the digits are reaached)


>>19935 >input on how the site could be improved and mitigating datadome
maybe you could add automatic realtime updates but hide new posts until its 2 weeks old after fresh import to avoid IP suspicion assuming there are no watermarks or identifier in the files
this might be very resource expensive and rather slow but maybe you could use a chrome (non-incgonito) VM without vgpu then simuate the browser mouse clicking the load button using other auto clicker software
then open the images in new tab one by one per second to prevent detection of mass download patterns/bot activity (after all is done reset/revert vm and generate new browser ID after successful import)

dear mods and admins yours truly (sorry guise im getting really frustrated since my tabs are on the brink of crashing)
>you can stick your /requests/ lockdown up your ass
>you can stick your scrapping mandates up your ass
>you can stick your import VIP learderboards up your ass
>the skies will be blue when the ingrates/doomposter/thotlovers are free
>you can shove your dangerous infected obfuscated patreon-ware importer exe UP your penis hole
>you can shove your bloody banhammer up your ass literally
>you can shove your hotpocket moderation up your axe wound vagina
>you can shove your lgbt/furry postivity up your deep vorey thoat
oh and lastly >>20000 GET haha take that creatorfags (shit i might have gone too far this time please dont ban)


>>19288 >>19530
anime source? also what software did you use to make the memes?

>>18515 https://archive.is/2VXMO
i believe this jak belongs to you (also the character limit of this board appears to be 1700)

i fucking hate this board why did you steal my digits i was asleep that time (goddammit so close i was 2 hours late)

>.. (SA: yet)
what the hell? trannyjannies can edit comments without adding the (last edited by jschan)


You just sealed your fate, son.


File: 1650673880550.jpg (67.29 KB, 1119x1280, photo_2022-02-21_23-36-39.jpg)

>>19859 >>19922 >>19928
>thanks for using the ban feature properly instead of rangeIPwiping users i might not be a fan of modration but i like the mods here (for now)

>.. (SA: yet)
what the hell? trannyjannies can edit comments without adding the (last edited by jschan)
Admins can edit whatever they want, they can enter backend after all.

(time to make this board fur oriented)

Regarding importer, very soon.


Full furfag takeover just to spite him, Go!


Oh my god, be fcking patient goddamnit!! Pretty sure you'll get banned tho.


What the actual fuck is all this verbal diarrhea?


Dude literally went offline for a week or so and returned solely to reply to all the posts he felt "needed" replying.


What else do you expect of the local community clown?


File: 1650686805836.jpg (532.36 KB, 687x1915, Slowpoke is slow.jpg)

One Slowpoke at least


I'm mildly retarded, but is the site still fucked for importing from boosty or those Russian sites?


Boosty was never on Kemono wym?


Shit, I thought it was for some reason, sorry. Is there a siterip for that one?


>hide new posts until its 2 weeks old

The problem with this idea is that some posts have links, that will be dead in 2 weeks…


If requests just got reopened we wouldnt have shit like this


If requests were reopened, shit like this wouldn't happen.

This is the one time /requests/ would be pretty damn useful.


Is there an alternative for kemono?
Some of my favorite artist(fanbox) hasn't been updated yet.


>Is there an alternative for kemono?

Of course there is. Just pay the artist.


Or just wait for a few months more since there's no ETA.


It's the patreon importer that's broken not the fanbox importer


New artists are being imported but they don't show up when sorting Artists ascending.

When trying to click on a newly added artist page from one of their posts, brings you to the artist list.



Poor thing.


File: 1650734655389.jpg (263.49 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled-1.jpg)

Any plan on adding those yellow outline thingies on favorited posts in the beta? They're really helpful when it comes to tracking your last seen post.


Adding on to this, even trying to get to one of these artist's pages by just typing the URL will still lead you to the general "artists" tab and not to that specific Artist's page
Like if I go to Kemono.party/fantia/user/27982 it just kicks me to the artists tab


Yeah, Patreon importer tests have stopped (?), I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. They were quite common a few days ago but suddenly stopped.


If they upload too fast, Datadome could detect them, and it would be back to square one. If we want this to work in the long run, they can't take unnecessary chances. Let them test as much as possible; trust in their timing.


We all know the patreon importer is down, and the substar importer's been dead for months…
But is there anything going on for the gumroad or discord importers?
Asking because Hallogreen/Hotglewd's gumroad seems to be completely wiped clean. Every single page is blank on Kemono.
He also has been posting to discord for a few months now because of leaks, and on top of that, the middle tier is deleting posts after three months.

I was planning on getting in there myself, but I want to know if the importer works, before I try to archive everything in the max tier.


I can get why they don't want people requesting Patreon artists since the importer is still broken, but at the very least allow people to request from Fanbox, Fantia, or Gumroad.


I agree with this since it appears that the importer fix is gonna take way longer than expected thanks to this countermeasures imposed by Patreon that delays the deployment.


File: 1650754784227.webm (1.9 MB, 1072x1080, Hamburger.webm)

>>19288 >>19530
anime source? also what software did you use to make the memes?
19288 Nazrin
19530 Seiga and Yoshika
both from touhou, got it from some random touhou discord server, probably simple editing software like premiere pro or kdenlive

>majority of kemono userbase

we are on a pirating site no one gonna pay shit (unless youre a contributor chad)


How feasible would it be to add a 'hide' list to filter out posts from artists we either already don't like or already have on our favourite list when looking through recent posts?


Kemono after a month "Guys we were so close to the importer b-but patreon found out and got us good!!11!111 but we're trying our best >_<"

Kemono is gone forever and people need to move on.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. GIVE UP WITH THE DOOMPOSTING)


File: 1650763006815.png (242.35 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (275).png)

You know, is is possible to bind the "Patreon IDs" with the Kemono IDs? You may have already did- or otherwise it was a lucky coincidence- but i noticed if i look under Top > www.patreon.com > [Patreon user's html name] > Under Line 301, there's a ID Number


Not news, its been happening repeatedly lately, expect it to last a couple weeks like the last few times…
Admin is so busy trying to fix the patreon issue that they're letting the importers that actually still work get neglected.
For two straight weeks nothing but shit and fart fetish discords were added to the directory, cause fanbox/fantia artists weren't being properly cached


You guys miss Yiff.Party yet?


Bui can eat a dick. He cut and run before anyone could backup the site.


If there’s no Patreon updates tomorrow (gotta be at least one hefty update for a feet artist for a string of them to be worth it), I’m fucking done with this site. I’ll only visit it for old content and not the new shit, anyone who imports Patreon should upload them to g-hentai.


>I'm so salty I'm not getting free foot shit that I refuse to get free shit.
That is the dumbest fucking shit I've read here.


They're a footfag what do you expect?


no wonder the admin made a seperate thread to request foot fetish, you guys just cant stop whining


>Admins are taking a long time to do something, wasn't that other site with less functionality, a worse interface, arbitrarily-applied content restrictions and an asshole maintainer who ignored users before taking their money and running so much better?
Get fuckin' real, loser.


There no such thing as a "Kemono ID", it uses the ID from the original site.


File: 1650785427501.jpg (100.31 KB, 500x818, 20220424_142834.jpg)


Nice bait, kek.


stfu i wanted to know when this shit will be fixed too y'know.


File: 1650797144258.jpg (671 KB, 4096x4022, image0-32.jpg)

Looks like the end of the month is nearing, what we have seen is constant fuckery with datadome and their operations.

The importer (kitsune) is in its final fase, i doubt we will keep modifying it after we launch the final imports for this and possibly next month.
Something will replace it, something alot more advanced and time consuming.

Regarding doomposters and feet fags, go find an alternative for kemono..i heard paying with real money helps, or should we ask why this month we got 0 donations? just saying.

All i see is demands and nothing that could help us, why wont you guys start listing places where to buy proxies that arent limited per GB usage. (if you have just email me or post below)

Some also ask why we dont give solid ETA's for our fixes, the answer is simple.



The best i can do is turning off addblock for the site m8, i've so many patreons i want to watch i'd be broke

hope you understand


All i get is session id invalid thing, like do i need to buy something in there?


This is about the gumroad importer, i'm a dumbass and put it on the subject


You need to be logged in and subscribed to someone


>should we ask why this month we got 0 donations?

why not try with another twitter post ? might be worth a shot


File: 1650804703055.jpg (49.51 KB, 574x392, 7dgdeyfde3td57746v56.jpg)

>whine for not getting any donations.
>still have ads
>asking people to pay for the artist locked content
>forgot he is in website that pirate paywall content


agree. more people know = more donations = profit


Kapitalism Party.


Sure call more attention to the site and make KP an even bigger target for anti-scrapers that’s a wonderful idea…


It's called irony.


File: 1650808508255.png (671.84 KB, 1500x1300, 91306571_p3.png)

Looks like this is going to be an ongoing problem. I'll tamper my expectations going forward, but thanks for the hard work.

What sort of volume and price are we talking about for proxies? I've used stormproxies before as they have no bandwidth limit and rotate, but that gets on the expensive side fast.


aren't proxy just gonna get banned real quick?


Why is an admin for a piracy site telling people to give money to paywall artists
If it's a joke it's not very funny


Clean the cum out of your brains for once you retarded coomers
He's saying that your only alternative to Kemono is paying artists for their work so be grateful it even exists and stop being little bitches


Even if the site never gets its importer working again (I certainly hope not) the sheer amount of content that we have already archived is to be commended.

coomers should take this opportunity to go through the backlog of some of the artists you follow on this site. We live in an age where people are so caught up in the dopamine of getting new content and getting it NOW that we rarely stop to appreciate what we already have. We take the influx of art some of these creators produce for granted, there's a lot of shit to be enjoyed, make the most of it!

Of course, best of luck to the Kemono Team and their work on fixing the importer.


Donating money to people making content only to make more money?
No waaay dude.


Props to the guy that said this whole thing would last like 3-6 months (if not more), I believe he was right.


>Donating money to people making content only to make more money?
>No waaay dude.

Paying people for creating value is…wrong? I mean, what else would be worth being paid for than something you actually want. People make a living through this. I don't think Kemono or other scrappers really hit them on the pocket, not in any meaningful way, they aren't bad, but to say they don't deserve money because they make content FOR that money is ludicrous. Or is it just the Coomers who have such an insane attitude?


When is this dead site going to work again? It's been months. Even the requests board for fanbox is dead and aren't updating on kemono much. Dead site


>I don't think Kemono or other scrappers really hit them on the pocket, not in any meaningful way
I didn't think so either so I didn't care, but mine went up almost 200 a month since this went down. That said, I wouldn't mind paying the site owner to remove me from the list and I'm sure other artists would to. Just an idea. Although at this point Patreon might catch up to Substar


>Oh hey guys Patreon importing isn’t working, so we gotta close requests. Don’t worry, it’ll only be for a while!
>Okay guys we got it working, but we still can’t open requests cause we haven’t finished testing it yet. We’re almost done so stay tuned!
>Alright even though it CLEARLY WORKS, not only are we not gonna open requests like we promised, but we’re also not gonna update any more Patreon artists after this dump cause “Datadome might detect it OoOoOoOoH!”

We’ll never be able to request again, this sucks a bunch a dicks. History is fucking repeating itself.


I despise people making content, without giving a shit about quality, just because they want money in return.
But I guess their donators aren't better.


Kemono. Is. Fucking. DOOMED!

Wake the fuck up sheeple! The admins are lying!


holy shit you guys really just can't wait without having to say something everyday


File: 1650832635366.jpg (323.76 KB, 3092x1752, IMG_9377.jpg)

im starting to think all the doompost was made by patreon employee (or with a bot) to stir up some drama, to divert the admin attention from actually fixing the importer

>either that or i forgot to take my meds


we're all faggots from 4chan


Maybe I miss the "Upload Files", so instead of searching for a post you had a straight link to the file, but I'm thankful for Kemono because it took the torch when that shitshow happened. Plus dark mode. I'm happy I don't get flashbanged every night I check this place.


File: 1650836241613.png (52.42 KB, 1465x324, Screenshot(1970).png)

There was a problem with the gumroad import. The post yimaz in the picture caused an error in the first import, and if I import again, it will be displayed as already exist post.

yimaz is this : https://krosa.gumroad.com/l/yimaz


Man, if only there was a certain board available that lets anons tell people what artists they want added or updated.

Oh hey, looks like there’s one up there! I WONDER WHY NOBODY IS USING IT?


You misunderstand what I'm trying to say, maybe I worded it poorly, my apologies if so.
What I'm saying is, enjoy what we have already archived on this website. I'm sure one of your favorites has tons of archived art in their kemono backlog. Try going through it! Maybe you'll stumble upon a piece you forgot about and really enjoyed or come across something new entirely!


Fuck off cock sucker


Yep, Patreon saboteurs trying to demoralize us.


Why do you bother making boogeymen ? Did you forget that this place is full of retards from the Mongolian basket-weaving forum ?


enemadrinking clowns from outer space say it's bad to be greedy


I've been kinda outta the loop. Is subscribe-star unscrapable now?


Bitcoin is a bitch to use when you're not US based and I'm not giving any of those sites my ID if I don't have to


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if admins haven't go utterly crazy about this whole thing (doomposting, patreon trying to sabotage the importer fix, fags whining like every five seconds, etc). Only God knows how you're still holding up lads, thank you.


I'm trying to scrape from Discord, but I'm having trouble opening the web inspector via the desktop app, as per the tutorial on the importer page.
Did Discord patch out the ability to do this?
I tried doing it via browser, but I can't get the "Library" tab on step 5, even after refreshing the page.


You need to edit a certain "settings.json" file to re-enable the inspector in the desktop app.


https://kemono.party/fantia/user/9110 this user isn't working despite a successful import. https://kemono.party/importer/status/7e457ebc4de76500 says they should already have posts



Seriously yeah good job lads


Any idea which one it is and where? As well as what to change?


admins best of luck and god bless you for dealing with all this


Can someone explain the deal with the comments not showing up with new posts? I wanna know why that’s the case since you could basically copy-paste comments since it says “Anonymous” for anyone that isn’t the creator.


that's powerfart


File: 1650865695818.jpg (25.41 KB, 549x309, 4ca9df0cfe4c8dac5b42b28a78….jpg)

>should we ask why this month we got 0 donations?
…Because the importer hasnt been working for this entire month? Who would pay for something that isnt working??


>should we ask why this month we got 0 donations?
because you suck as programmers while also using some "rbl.efnetrbl.org" cocksuckatron which is blocking TOR for this forum, which defeats the whole anonymous board idea is the right answer?



>Comment imports were disabled on the test runs, as they make lots of http requests that we cannot afford with Datadome watching


I've been noticing a gap in some of the Patreon posts for some artists as well as stuff that was uploaded after the most recent imported post but before they were last updated on KP.

Example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/11585009

Is this just a glitch in the importer or is it something else?


What ?


Because you want it to start working again, and they're a bunch of volunteers fighting the efforts of a company that pays people to detect & stop the sort of scraping they're doing?


Oi, mods, you should remove this


yeah, don't click on this


Why do artists appear in the newly updated tab but when you click on them there's nothing new? Does it mean they're queued for import but it just hasn't gone through yet? Sinensian has shown up there at least three times in the past few days but the latest import is still from the 17th. This is a glitch that's seemingly existed as long as Kemono itself has been around


Datadome monitor, record and blacklisted ip? Interesting.



The proxies that might be helpful and I know of are the following:


Keep up the good work, you doing great and ignore the crybabies.


why is the request closed just because the patreon importer is not working? there are many request for non-patreon content right. So, if the admin dont want seeing patreon request, then how about just not allow any request for patreon content and let people request for fanbox, fantia, etc


delete this.


Requests are closed because retards will request patreon regardless of orders.

I will link back to this post EVERY. TIME. SOMEONE. ASKS. THE. SAME. QUESTION.


File: 1650898322447.png (17.92 KB, 306x150, sarcasm.png)

The jokes write themselves.


Easy. One of these parties gets paid $75,000 per month, one gets paid nothing.


Why not allow some volunteer to host their own request board and Kemono just need to link it?

if result is terrible you can always remove the link


My favorite artist list is gone except one. What happened?


Request threads are already useless here, they won't be more useful elsewhere I'm afraid.


File: 1650901080543.png (566.89 KB, 1750x2400, Screenshot22.png)

These guys are trying so hard.. so fucking hard. Have some sympathy and patience please, it's a frustrating process for everyone.


Have the mods considered closing down the recently updated page? If they can't easily track what's been scrapped, won't it make them work much harder to find out what's been stolen in the first place before they can find a fix?


controlled opposition or do you work for datadome?


File: 1650903879748.jpg (34.4 KB, 652x367, newspic-82257-652x367.jpg)

Toss an Oolong to your Fixer,
O Fappers of Plenty!


>controlled opposition or do you work for datadome?
Literally what? I am calling crybabies all those coomers, that from the moment yiff closed came here and the only thing they have done is crying. How about becoming a dev and getting in the team and help instead of coomming 24/7 in your sock? If you don't have anything constructive to write then don't write at all and just fap, like the good coomer you are.


I miss Yiff Party.

Since this site is dead, anyone have any GOOD alternatives?


>How about becoming a dev and getting in the team and help
Are you?


Reporting a broken link. Nothing on this url seems to be working the way it's supposed to.



F95zone and E-hentai take most of their content from KP so, unless you're into furry stuff for which there are dedicated websites, I guess the answer is a no.




Yes but not a python one. Fucking retard.


Both of those sites have been ripping shit since long before KP was as active as it became, and have pulled an ass ton of files that weren't even accessible via YP
A lot of shit that's been leaked on either is shit that still isn't even on KP, or showed up a good few months before KP recieved a rip, especially f95 which is mostly game based, don't discount coomer pirating to somehow relying on one pirating site that's not even that old


Why not nuke any retard without a link? If its a patreon link then should be an instaban for not reading the red text, although i remember the insane spam for those "thenormies" fucks


Not even true


Elon Musk just bought twitter


Why all posts with his works was deleted? Why all links are dead? Where I can find his works. I am from Russia and it is problem for me because my Visa card was blocked. Help please. Give me advice.


There are no alternatives. Memoryhole is legit dead, leaving Kemono as the only site of it's kind currently.

You can always start your own instance and host that online. Everything is open source


File: 1650921438252.jpg (80.21 KB, 835x1500, Inkune11 - braixen air fry….jpg)

It's just something he does. Kinda like JADF, killing his links. There should be archives online. Cloud Snatching is one of the next big features for Kemono3, so that should eliminate the need for flagging the posts.

It usually is an insta-ban. Thing is, there'd be so many bans that it'd be tiring having to sit on the chan all day, monitoring every single request. We all have our lives to live.

Mods don't have the power to edit anything on the site. Only admins can do that (Shino, Hermiet, SA)

Creator hasn't been indexed. Known issue. Indexer is kinda brokey atm, so there are plenty of creators that haven't been indexed yet. Will probably be fixed after the importer is up and running again, since that is taking up all the development time (Datadome is a bitch to work around from what I've been told)


What even is this?


Oh I see. Then who have his New works? share it. I would buy a subscription myself, but I can't. Our pay pal is blocked, my vis card is also blocked. I just want to see his new works. Who is not difficult to help.


footfag back at it again with their obnoxious post


They're not the one being a whiny bitch.


since when is learning Python hard lol


>I didn't think so either so I didn't care, but mine went up almost 200 a month since this went down. That said, I wouldn't mind paying the site owner to remove me from the list and I'm sure other artists would to. Just an idea. Although at this point Patreon might catch up to Substar

Not trying to be the "we're giving you free advertising/promotion as we priate your shit" type, but there are several creators who I found (and subscribed to/bought single item goods from) thanks to YP/Kemono and f95 in particular (as I'm more into the h-games and some specific fetishes). I would say a few probably found your content and backed because they found it here in the first place. A few of us fall under the "try before buy" and back people we see the work of keep tabs on them for a bit and decided to toss them a few bucks a month.

I mean you guys clamped down on it for subscribestar and it quelled down. Could do the same there possibly? Some even cited a filter for posting patreon links or the like. I'm sure there are a few who would be willing to help out just to ensure people can request fantia/fanbox/gumroad content.


Wow I just looked that up are they really that desperate to stop scraping services? You autists never cease to amaze me. Going up against a multi-million fortune 500 corporation, and winning. Keep up the great work.


I'm going to play devil's advocate here and pretend I wanted to stop bots from accessing paywalled content. I could: add stupid complicated javascript on both the url request layer and on the server serving layer, ip based checks via timing of account usage and location and web browser heuristics, and making it so every image is unique to the account used to view it so I can block access based on finding those images elsewhere via webscraping.

Now as kemono to mitigate these things I could: strip back all the useless javascript and download the url image, convert the image several times in several ways to remove identifying user info, always use the exact same setup the user did to access their account via browser usage pattern and ip.

Now there's alot of complicated shit you can test for with browser usage patterns and browser identity in general. But once mitigated it would take web browsers adding more garbage "standards" to fuck shit up again otherwise its an arms race like with ublock origin's scripts. I'm just thinking out loud since I can't contribute to developement at this point without rewriting.



>The importer (kitsune) is in its final fase

Phase. Not fase.

Wow, if you spell half as good as you code, no wonder everything's broken.(USER WAS PROMOTED TO JANNY FOR THIS POST)


Hey i gotta uplod request upload that guy who draw tity



>website where people go to get paid content for fee.

>nobody pays it any donations



I mean the only reason I haven't thrown some donations their way is because bitcoin sucks fucking dick to use half the time


That makes sense. This site sucks half the time.


It's literally providing free porn from dozens of artists I enjoy that I'd otherwise have to spend literal hundreds to access (which when you have any kind of archival focused obsessive tendencies is especially beneficial when it comes to faggots like Pochincoff and Melonart and their fucking hundreds of alts per image)


>Taking the piss out of someone because English is not their first language

Yea, that's fair


I've been noticing a trend for some updates on Patreon. It looks like some artists are only having their free stuff imported recently.

Example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/9919437

Versus: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9919437

Is this an issue with the importer?


No probably reason they are testing the importer.


Patreon doesn't have free tiers (unless the artist has disabled payment temporarily)


The reason why the importer(tool) reacts like this is that the session_id is still valid but the importer(person) has unsubscribed the artist and therefore only free contributions are loaded since you can still follow the artist on Patreon and accordingly you will see the free contributions in the respective patreon dashboard which the importer has now scraped it


It feels weird having to go through multiple pages of Patreon imports now.
Back to the good ol' times.



Any idea why some newly imported artists never get their profile page completed ? One of examples https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/11488661/post/2853408 and it has been like that for 2-3 days.


The importer seems to work very well ! Huge thanks to the devs !


I'm seeing a lot of patreon artists being updated and the queued imports list slowly going down. Does this mean that the importer is finally fixed?


no, it's just the next step in upscaling of testing. Yesterday was the biggest test yet until today. It's not fixed until the admins announce that it's fixed


Ah okay, thanks.
Hopefully once this is fixed more generous contributors will come back to fill in the gaps.


I’ve always wondered if it might be a good idea to set the site so that you need some sort of login to view the content. Similar to how a lot of message boards work. (Even just the login that’s functioning now would do.)
Often, as soon as the art goes up. People immediately take the art and post it everywhere else, which of course angers those artists and makes them lock up their content to be even harder to get to. Heck, I’ve often spotted art on other sites the instant it goes up on KP. So perhaps some small required login to view content might mitigate it a little, if at all.

Of course, this is just an idea. I’m well aware that it might not even be a good idea at all. It’s just a thought that might help prevent patreon and artists from trying to do everything they can to prevent content from going on KP, because in order to view it, it would require creating a profile to do so.


and what is the restriction to create account?
this just doesn't make sense at all


Normally its an e-mail, but chances are the Admin wouldn't want that. So it might just have to be simply the effort of creating an account in the first place to view the content. Which is extremely minor, but it's something.
I'm just comparing to many other sites with particular content and how they often implement an account system for people to access those specific things. Such as exhentai.

Like I said, it's not a particularly great idea and it completely relies on what restrictions the admin wants to implement on account creation, if they even want to do it at all.


Whats with patreon comments not importing


So…how huge will the next test be?

Devs: Yes


Pleasantly surprised to have an entire page worth of favorites just get updated, seems like the end is in sight.


Thank you for fixing your shit.

Does this mean requests are back open?


No. Suffer. At least until we're certain this will last. Then a week after we're sure, they will re-open.


File: 1651005587036.webm (5.35 MB, 480x360, Little Britain Live - Vic….webm)


File: 1651007169663.jpg (121.88 KB, 858x638, pearl jam looking awkward.jpg)

I bet fixing the importer is really easy when you don't have a porn addict bitch in your ear being a passive-aggressive doomposter.


Many thanks to the Devs who worked so Hard to fix the importer despite the audacity of some people on this site


Is there a way to pull the text formatting from Pixiv Fanbox? An author is password protecting the file and bolding the numbers for the correct password.

For example:


Admins, you delivered. You crazy bastards you delivered!

As much as my conscience despises piracy and all, thank you very much.


Lets hope they didnt notice yet, lol.


Haha says the guy on the piracy site lol. Anyway thanks again to the hardworking mods and admins a dozen of my favorites were updated today. Hope the final stretch is going well and patreon doesn't Mutate again.


>As much as my conscience despises piracy and all, thank you very much.

the fuck you are doing here

Also, yeah, it looks like you guys fucking fixed the importer. Fucking finally.


Thanks and congrats on fixing the importer, devs!
I don't know how long it'll last or what the extent of the fix is but beating the anti-scraping tech even temporarily is an achievement in itself.
Thanks for all the effort! :)


Question not about the importer (awesome work btw)

I read where you said to "use the beta site" or get used to the interface or something, because that's where kemono is going, but…I can't login to the beta site. So to use it, am I going to have to create a new account? Can I use the same email as my normal kemono account? And if I do create a new account for the beta site, when it stops being the "beta" which account will I keep? Will I need to refavorite all my favorites? Sorry if these are obvious/incredibly stupid questions, I'm kinda retarded.


File: 1651029246699.jpg (105.1 KB, 803x972, yuuko, my beloved.jpg)

After over a month of maintenance, the Patreon importer is back to normal* operation, processing the backlog of keys. Comments are currently excluded, but everything other than that works.
Thanks to SA and Hermietkreeft for all their help during the development process, and thank you to all members of the moderation team for taking care of the community during the entire situation. Most importantly, thank (you) for sticking around.
There are many words to be said about future development, but I'll save them for now. Stay tuned and enjoy the updates.
(…by the way, fixing things was not free. Consider turning off your adblock, or making a donation. Thanks.)


Wow, now THAT was one hell of a ride…Somehow everything turned out fine no matter the amount of doomposting or whining since day 1 of this whole issue.
Thank you btw admins and devs, you certainly exceeded everyone's expectations and actually did what you promised. Wish you the best.


As long as you don't do that retarded Twitter advertising, sure


File: 1651032390298.png (517.78 KB, 931x500, 8090924A-062C-4B17-B6C6-C3….png)

Thank you for all the hard work and time investment you put into the problem!


For Patreons who put stuff in comments to get access, can’t you make a directory for them with passwords included until you can add comments to the posts again?


Thank you very much, to the group of administrators and the moderators !!


Thanks, i cum now
Also whats the progress on the duplication removal?


Dupes were removed a good while ago. Wake up, grandpa.



I still see many posts with double images like this, is this not apart of that duplication removal?



and this as well, isn't this eating up the bandwidth


Thank you all for the hard work, holy shit! I know there’s still some hiccups like comments, DMs, missing posts etc., but I’m very glad to see that things are mostly functional again.

You all have earned a round of applause.


its good to see the import queue shrink for the first time in a good while




File: 1651041992993.jpg (66.59 KB, 440x663, 1650913621168.jpg)

Thank you for all of your hard work to you and the team. Love you guys <3


File: 1651045229082.jpg (85.09 KB, 602x674, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart - ….jpg)

Fine I'm adding an exception to my ad blocker, you're the first one I let through since 2008 so better be grateful.


Well if it is back to being at least relatively normal, then why hasn't /requests/ reopened? TBH I'm surprised no one has already asked.


Here's a suggestion that probably won't stop the requesters but might slow them down. Is there some way we can see if an existing artist is in queue to be updated? Or would that ruin the way the importer works and or will work.


>isn't this eating up the bandwidth

Firstly, I don't think deduplication was ever about bandwidth, but about storage space.

Secondly, if you look at the images closer (open both in new tab), they both have exactly same address. Which means, it's stored on the servers only once.

The only extra storage used is the html with the second reference to the same image. I think it's better to archive posts as the originally were, rather than trying to save few dozen bytes of storage here and there.


File: 1651053382219.jpg (5.34 KB, 184x96, Jewnigger.jpg)

cheers to all the dev and fuck patreon with their jewish antiscrapper


Just try to keep your ads unobtrusive, and accidental click virus hubs and you have yourself a deal


File: 1651054408562.png (567.05 KB, 708x1260, Live.png)

thanks for all the hard work


There was a ticket system for requests before on KP but it has been removed.
I don't remember if it showed requests progress though, aside pending or completed.


can someone do something about this >>20248


Hopefully with the importer seemingly fixed, requests will open back up again soon. There’s quite a few artists I like with posts missing because the importer was fucked for 6 weeks.




Can something be done about the faggot posting pizza in a separate thread?


Yeah, I second that. Last thing we need right after all the bullshit is glowie bait.


If Jarate is piss… Then is Mad Milk…


>Consider turning off your adblock
maybe make use of that low presence announcement and tell people to "consider turning it off" because I totally forgot its existence


>Consider turning off your adblock

The last time I did that for a site I liked was on Funnyjunk, and it cost me my hard drive and everything on it. Antivirus did nothing and I could never get the the drive to even be recognizable again. So sorry, but I've had that kind of trust beaten out of me already. I can't afford that kind of risk anymore.


I don t know where to post this, please don t ban me only because I'm posting this in the wrong section. I d like to know where I can ask for passwords, some patreon pdfs need it


thank you very much for the hard work you have had to return the importer…. I've always had confidence in you and the reward has come!.. Thank you


Any plans to add non crypto donation methods? or by the nature of the site it has to be 100% crypto?


Wtf is this gumroad flood?


Fixed some shit manually, that's why.


The import DMs is also not working. Just wanna know if it's going to get fixed.


It's not eating any resources, it's still the same photo, the first image on a post is the one that's made into the thumbnail.


>Consider turning off your adblock
Consider choosing less vomit-inducing ads, so I won't need a bucket


Thanks again to the devs for all the hard work, everything looks good so far


heres an idea keep the yellow maintanace banner on the main site to fuck with the anti-scrapping service that patrion uses


i'm actually curious about this too. i don't want to make any unnecessary requests but it's hard to tell if certain artists need to be requested or if they're just taking a minute to update and i'm being impatient.


some artists are still missing posts, hope that gets fixed soon


I think it will. I’ve seen things like that in the past before the importer got borked. I think all it needs is for someone to reimport.


Maybe I'm just retarded when it comes to how ads work, but aren't you just paid for the space, not whether or not anyone actually SEES the ad?
What would turning off the blocker actually do in that case? It's not like looking at the ad incentivises me to actually click it or take any action. The result is the same whether the adblock is on or off.

It's like those people in the Youtube comments bragging about how they watch the sponsor section of a video because they respect the creator. They've already been paid to put the sponsor section in, they're not getting money for you watching it.



What I've seen is almost every post from every artist has atleast 1 duplicate image. Sometimes they're literally identical; Other times the filename will be different, but identical image.

So logically I can only assume the "dedupe process" from way back had nothing to do with duplicate images, but something else instead. Maybe something technical not seen by users. I have maybe 40-50 artists in my faves, and I bet every single 1 has atleast 1 dupe in every single post (if its an image post). Sometimes the same image will appear in a post 3 times and thats not an exaggeration!


I'd point out which artist it is specifically, but that'd be considered a request I imagine


Congrats to the tech boys. I was sure shit would get sorted out eventually!

To the mad panickers: Don't panic too soon!


Trust me, it’s not just that artist, a lot of Patreon artists pages are like that atm. Hell, one of them has had two different imports in the past two hours that added some missing posts but not all of them.

I think it’s a combination of bad session ids, people who chucked it into the importer right when it got fucked and later unsubbed, causing the paywalled posts not to get imported after the importer came back, and just some jankiness of the importer itself. Again, I’ve seen this happen before in the past before Patreon decided to fuck with everyone, usually would get fixed by a reimport.

It’ll probably be sorted out once requests open up and you can request that the missing posts get imported.


It's because of how patreon handles its thumbnails/preview images, scraper gets a double of the first image and maybe some/all of the other images at random, it happens on most other manual page scraper programs/addons too from my experience, tho unlike Kemono they usually just take a direct copy of the low-res thumb/preview instead of duping the full-res
(Kemono also manages to get the actual full-res itself in general, I've noticed files from KP are usually a few mb/kb bigger than the ones you usually get directly off patreon, and it's a matching size for the files you can download when the creator also shares an external gallery to download from too so it's not some kinda data addition on KP's end)


ohh. yeah i was about to say, i dont have very many artists in my favorites at all and they havent been updated since the importer got fixed, but now i see that they probably just need a reimport or two.


I’ve noticed the duplicates before, but how does that relate to missing posts or only non-paywalled posts being imported?


>>20293 Whoops, >>20291 was meant for >>20285

As for the actual post issues, probably something along the lines of what you put down, people sending in session ids then cancelling pledges midway through/having them run out before the importer was fixed


I can't help but wonder if making this website target everything under patreon's sun is what's causing patreon to crack down on kemono so hard. Back when yiff.party was a thing artists had very few ways of defending against leaks, and now it seems like Patreon themselves are stepping up. If we had stayed exclusive in only hosting anime/furry artwork and not camwhores and reaction content alongside everything else kemono imports do you guys think we'd be having to worry about sites fighting against botting like they seem to be recently?


At the very least a huge part of it was dumbfucks going on social media and bragging about the site and tagging artists to rile them up. The artists weren't going to do anything but of course the fucking platform is going to protect their marketshare if you start swinging your dick around.

That was some of the dumbest fucking shit I've ever seen.


So by dumbfucks you mean certain admins/heads of KP itself yeah?


having an issue when going to a creators page and trying to fav them.
it tells me i have to log in when i'm already logged in. clicking login brings me to the index. going back to the creators page i can then fav. i can work around it, but it's a bit annoying.

using Pale Moon 30.0.1 (64)



B-but the ad money…


Found a bug: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/35587833/post/39739800
artist link not working for some as this one.


Trying to import a new artist from Patreon, but only the existing artist is getting updated, the new one I subscribed to isn't being enumerated. Might be on a delay but I'm not sure with how the importer has been behaving.


>There is a dedicated board for it
What's the point of having a seperate board for requests IF THAT WHOLE BOARD IS LOCKED?


I think this post got mistakenly overide by a reimport and become the "closed" version, I have imported the time-limited full version of the image set before, I wonder can the admin or tech guys fix it?


I have raised this issue before and it was confirmed the full version image set is still in database. I just hope admin or the tech guys can restore to the previous import so that everyone can easily access it again. No rushing here, just hope it can get fixed someday.

Thanks for the hard work on fixing Patreon importer.


the importer's already fixed, right? so when can we request for creators to be updated?


That's a good question


I think it would be wise to reopen the requests only when they're sure that the Patreon problem is indeed fixed.
Otherwise, if it's only a temporary fix, there's no point in reopening requests because those might end up in empty updates if it doesn't work for too long (people unsubscribed by the time it's fixed again, like how it was until now).
And I guess they also keep it close for other services because some smart people will always try to add their Patreon request in the topic, and they don't want to lose time moderating this.
Just saying.


There are 6000+ queued imports and it seems it frezee. What's happening?


Partychan just froze for me and there's 200+ imports happening at the same time so i'm assuming its a DDOS by datadome.


Why there is 6000 imports so suddenly?


Elon Musk is importing his furry collection.


according to https://status.kemono.party/ the database server for replication is down.


Well, it was good while it lasted (like a day or so). Thank you and see you next year when things have finally been solved for good.


Let's doom


Replication will come online soon. Archiving will be online "shortly".
Chan stability is still under investigation, but makes zero sense.
Data server warming up. Fuck me.


So is the importer bricked, again?


uh oh


Not really, it seems to be working again. Just a mild scare.


>change the banner right when the website has some difficulties
kek, you kemono admins are something else


What’s with the thousands of posts waiting to be imported that came out of nowhere?


File: 1651202451939.jpg (64.97 KB, 500x650, datadome after they lose.jpg)


Might be a good idea to set a max daily import cap to prevent shit like this, I seriously doubt there's ever going to be a time 6000+ import sessions is a realistic ballpark to see incoming even on a monthly basis, much less daily from the usual amount of people we have importing stuff here

iirc we didn't even hit a full 6000 queued during the time when the importer was actually down


Either that or some kind of delay between a certain amount of imports, 500-1000 in 1 minute or less time, and then a 1-2 minute wait before more can be imported, so there won't be sudden immediate spike of 6000+ like this, and there's time for people to react to the incoming import spam


Yeah, maybe set it so after about 200 imports there's a ten or so minute wait, though you'd need to implement a feature that tells the importer that they have to wait 10 minutes before importing. Should help with identifying and fixing problems like these if with the problem of whatever they're doing making hard for people to actually import due to the limit being used up immediately.


File: 1651206960747.png (263.37 KB, 882x425, mgxduikkrfi.png)

Some post have been omitted and only from the last week were uploaded


as if there was an error, I refreshed the page when there were 5 imports and suddenly 6000 imports appeared, not normal.


autoimport was triggered


Like it refreshed every single artist already on kemono? That's a neat feature and all but don't ddos your own servers lmao.


Aye, that probably sounds like the best idea, and it lets the admins have time to react and be able to close it down if they detect a DDOS surge before it crashes the site




Kek, enjoy your ban faggot


Oh, no. Run!! The ban hammer is coming!


was trying to import for the first time and it got to fanbox 56277014 before the importer died, RIP


So just wondering now that the importer is doing well despite the slight hiccup earlier how long of a grace period do we need to wait till we make requests again?


So i have no idea how any of this works, but if an artist used to get updated frequently before the importer broke will it get updated on it's own eventually?


Assuming they are a relatively popular artist, probably. It might take some time though.


File: 1651221004534.jpg (55.55 KB, 500x552, Gr6y55ghi5r6yfr6yge46y.jpg)



Great. But still can't request to import artists on Kemono Party since the /requests section is broken.


It isn't "Broken". It's just closed since everything still needs time to settle before I open the floodgates.


Until the dust completely settles. Give it a few more days and we should be able to re-open requests. Just make sure that you follow the rules. No duplicate requests or anything.


File: 1651225237371.jpg (34.96 KB, 520x388, WWarrio.jpg)


The files on data12.kemono.party aren't loading, someone might wanna check that


I understand this creator's page had recently been updated, but there are a lot of missing posts that were made between
2022-03-10 03:04:46 and 2022-04-18 03:08:57 (both dates/times in UTC). And no this ISN'T the result of a tier
difference. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could fix this. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/574525


* not sure if that model is real child or teen or cg photoshop but to me, some post have real child or idk


Nah, that was no edit nor cg. Time to work.



I second that Aswell
Post from 3/14/22 to 4/13/22 for this User is Missing



File: 1651241364743.png (105.82 KB, 500x374, FO2TUKOXsAAisfD.png)

pass the creator id and their platform

>put some mandatory unfunny fbi open up meme here


File: 1651241915882.jpg (48.88 KB, 499x499, 1413308742663.jpg)

Don't worry, INP is already on their way to you.


Might consider monitor some of the ads displayed to end user as well. Some of it is disgusting and sometimes contain "jailbait" content which straight away forcing me to turn the adblock back on.



Alright, time to gloat at content creators on Twitter.


KemonoError 003 when faving more than 3 artists. What do?


Okay, now update with comments so artists that put passwords in them can be updated properly.


Whoever updated saturnxart on my birthday you are a Saint


Thanks for all the work done to repair the importer!


After the recent update of TF8 some of the latest posts are missing, and isn't because of tier difference.



When will requests be open


He's updated, but you need to add the Morphs. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14447516


File: 1651267360789.png (6.67 KB, 1308x84, Screenshot 2022-04-29 1721….png)

uhhhhhhhhhhhh this is normal right
i'm also just endlessly waiting for my import to start


File: 1651268149452.png (9.46 KB, 1300x83, Screenshot 2022-04-29 1734….png)

nvm it's working i just gotta wait


Hey Mods/Coders/Admins! hope you doing great! is there ever going to be added a way to tag/blacklist creators/artists/degenerates ?



Sounds like a Ban Incoming


From Tsampikos a couple of posts dated 31 march 2022 are missing, and they are of a tier that should have been inported.



>>20011 (you) >>20016 (you) >>20133 (you) >>20342 (you) >>20399 (you) ALL ME
and this my friends is why VPNs exist good thing i used residential proxies youll never catch me keep on datamining faggots im also the same guy who posted CP twice and flooded memoryhole what are you gonna do about it furfags? aside from screaming MOOODS


you need a better hobby


So was the import all thing an accident nearly all my favorites got updated cuz of that though I wouldn't mind if it was regular?


You mean everything got imported?


File: 1651280781198.webm (250.07 KB, 516x480, its just a goof.webm)

>haha guys look i post cp wasnt it funny i post cp and its illegal but i keep posting it, look guys im funny please i need attention i dont have friends

pathetic no life faggot admitting to a crime


>Importer is working with green box saying so
>Requests still closed even when it still works after two days
>If you request here anyways out of spite you’ll get banned anyways
Just put it back up man I’m not waiting another week when it’s already way overdue to reopen


Please this, we desperately need a way to hide boner killers
99% of the time if a post has no embedded images and is from Patreon its weirdly specific furry fetish stuff


If they really really wanted to they could just use the https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus project as a free and open source tagger and let us do the work. But as if they, the kemono dev(s) didn't have a big enough target on their back already. Now they would be going up against e621/hentiafoundry which has come to be owned by some literal giga kikes in recent years. The autism on both sides would intensify greatly and I for one welcome the shitshow if it means I can start tagging shit.


How to solve the invalid link


mayday mayday captain, the importer is down. It neither shows the queue nor the active imports.


Is anyone able to import anything with their key? I'm getting a internal error every time I try.


hey, calm down kid. they just hide it, the importer still works.


I keep getting import errors, possibly related to >>20336
Just says "Internal error"


For some reason the importer isn't adding in hew users just existing ones from Patreon.


Yes, the Patreon importer isn't saving the original filenames correctly.


Thanks for fixing PaddedUlf's page!


Please seek both God and a psychiatrist.




File: 1651340711635.png (35.02 KB, 168x168, newpfp.png)

Regarding /requests/ and request on telegram,
Grand opening will happen on may 1st.
Old submissions will be wiped.
Please disable DM import.

Importer has been stable and behaving kinda like expected, could be better but meh it brought us to the end of the month in a good way.


>>20438 Was watching progress of import things seemed to be going smoothly with around 500 still queued now import displays dash for both queued imports and running imports. What happened did import job crash?


Just tried importing a user that I'm subscribed to and the importer recognized that all those posts were already there but for months I've not been able to find their page. Then I stumbled onto the fact that their page is broken and just registered as "Artist page" that just takes one back to https://kemono.party/artists. I saw someone mention this in the old thread and am wondering if anything can or will be done to resolve this. It's user 17528759


Is the flagging system working for Patreon?
I know it works properly for Pixiv


Sounds like that artist's never been indexed. Odd… Will tell administration that indexer needs looking at again


About those Datadome niggers, what exactly were they doing that made this shit so awful for the last month? Or is that an operational secret since they have prying eyes? Do you expect them to have a countermeasure anytime soon in case, since they've proven they can't be underestimated?


Its under the Trade Secrets act ( from a private company), meaning you can't request said info to be revealed under the "freedom of information" act.

I had to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement myself and I wasn't even involved. I was lost and just walked into the boardroom, but decided to sit down anyway (to relax and pretend I wasn't lost AF).

Now if I say anything, apparently my knees are at risk. Fucking pen pushers.


How did you manage to even find the artists page if it doesn't appear in the artist list or search results?

Incidentally, I just tried that User ID code, and it took me to the artist list. I can't even access the "unindexed version" of the page, wtf! ?

Is there any way of finding other "artists who ARE on KP, but aren't on KP at the same time"? Now I'm curious lol. I want to see if some of those "never leaked" artists have actually been here all along but just are… Invisible!


>Please disable DM import.
No dice, imports still failing due to internal error. I'll try again after the queued imports all finish.


Enable debug, give me half of the import id.

>SELECT p.service, p.user FROM posts p WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT NULL FROM lookup l WHERE l.id = p.user) GROUP BY p.user, p.service ORDER BY p.service, p.user DESC;
I fix that stuff manually every now and then, same with icons and banners. The logic behind the table is fine, the way the code does things is… yeah. Also the >indexer, this stuff should be done at import time.


Always wanted to know what it is like the have rough sandpaper placed between the bones and make the person walk.

Depends, either the pages is loaded from cache, so the flag stays there even after change or you are on beta.


There should be a feature that automatically updates pages that get edited. Let’s say for example, an artist compiles pics you likes on MEGA links but he keeps changing the passwords and shit. If it was automatically updated then there would be no worries about the page being outdated.



Several aritist from patreon seems to have missing imports, and not from tier difference. Some of them after a day or so have this issue resolved, is this an indexing problem? Or they need to be imported a second time? I ask because usually the missing posts are avaible when the artist reappear in the "recently updated artists" list.


>Enable debug, give me half of the import id.
Will do, here's exactly half of my import ID: 84d936b1


Cache, 12h iirc. After that, it's dropped. +- X seconds per visit to the page. Or artist is imported, then the cache is dropped at the end.

Can't "login" with that session_id, either you logged out or did some other funky stuff. Log out, log in, copy the session_id and try again.


Thanks for your answer about the cache.


>either you logged out or did some other funky stuff.
Tried logging out and back in for a new session id and the importer seems to be able to login, though it throws an internal error when trying to import the first creator. Again, here's half the session ID: 8df1df3


Hi. Why there's no longer any thread for posting or requesting artist hidden content? Many share only by dm or similar approachs.


DMs are disabled temporarily, and the old thread was filled with duplicate requests, so was deleted. Will be brought back when moderation is back up to full power and DMs are able to be imported again.


Ok, I've looked over it and it looks like the networking part from our side was fucking you over.
This one is kinda pain in the ass, due to where it appears but I think it is fixable. Need time and need to talk.
Also, I started your import under another session id and it is running without problems.


>Also, I started your import under another session id and it is running without problems.
Many thanks for that. There were a couple of creators where I think I was the only uploader of.

>This one is kinda pain in the ass, due to where it appears but I think it is fixable. Need time and need to talk.

So, do I just keep trying every once in a while till it's fixed?


Are there plans for artist pages to have galleries where you can manually upload images? Or would that be too difficult/tedious to moderate? (maybe have a system the images have to be approved by admin before appearing publicly?) Being able to just manually upload without any kind of importer would be the most direct way to contribute, especially for content that isn't even on their patreon and shared privately instead


File: 1651367661584.jpg (1.13 MB, 1358x986, f4f05523deadc1d4472493a1a0….jpg)

>So, do I just keep trying every once in a while till it's fixed?
Let it fail and then try again, yes. If the import ID changes, then you on the right path.
This is not optimal, but for now it's a quick solution. We'll see how we can solve it on our side.


look admins i apologize if this is downright bait but please remove murrsuiters/fursuit porn or atleast give me the option to be blissfully unaware by hiding it

why the heck is this shit even allowed in the first place who the fuck faps to this kind of shit i thought this crap was excluded from KP from the very start

vanilla thots and tiktok cosplayers are perfectly understandable but real life 3DPD furries is just a complete abomination why the heck are you even enabling this mental illness/degeneracy you know this stuff is halal/sinful right?

why am i being forced to tolerate this rainbow pride imagery whenever i go to the frontpage what wrongdoing have i done to have this shoved down my face? even social media platforms are pushing this woke BS but look guys dont get me wrong i download my crap here whenever i see something interesting since fag95 is sometimes unreliable

please remove or try hiding those offending creators i came here originally for 2D shit/pixel art not vomit inducing content though i prefer fapping to real life bitches instead of hentai this is all i could really ask for sorry if i sound like a huge salty obnoxious boomer i dunno where to vent this frustration

its still here >>18152 i guess this is the one you are looking for?


File: 1651368393417.png (543.44 KB, 581x705, vSIknDi.png)

Cool, many thanks for the continued support, admin!


File: 1651368981308.jpg (1006.31 KB, 1554x3043, 95598722_p0.jpg)

Look Anon, I don't give a flying fuck about whatever is being imported unless it will fuck us over directly.
So… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, it is a technicality that prevents the server side blacklisting. And I am pretty sure that there was someone that wrote a userscript for blocking artists from view.


File: 1651369979948.jpg (52.67 KB, 800x800, NEVER BROWSE RECENT.jpg)

As someone who has overseen this site from the beginning, fursuit imports really feel like the tip of the iceberg. Not that matters though, as Kemono has had an open content policy for the longest time. Laissez-faire, zero deletions or blocks, unless certain government agencies knock or there's child porn.
If you click on random artists you aren't familiar with, or unironically browse `/posts`, you deserve everything you get. Dangerous browsing tends to result in dangerous prizes.


File: 1651371248209.gif (1.45 MB, 480x360, homer-bush.gif)

Or just never look at random Fanbox/Fantia artists, since 90% of the ones I've seen seem to all be the same… "subject… matter…"… (few more dots…).

I don't know why those 2 sites haven't got to the bloody point & just renamed themselves to lolibox and infantia yet lol.


Guess we should rename Patreon into "Furrtreon" then


If most of it is furry porn, then yea, for sure.


File: 1651372203922.png (537.21 KB, 600x900, 743.png)

Holy fuck, there has never, and I repeat, NEVER been a more accurate and hilarious way to put it. Well played, Anon. VERY well played.
(Though more fanbox than fantia. Fantia seems more japthot focused but ig some of that stuff is on there)


Go home, W7. You're drunk, high, both, or just down bad. (Go take your meds)



>>20473 also fanbox is getting infected by western artist with their western 2d art and furry porn might as well rename it as pixiv furrybox and westernbox lol and sometimes there is japanese artist does do furry art both sfw and nsfw but not as ugly as western artist imo also I'm into the furry and I'm sicking tired of seeing furry porn patreon post too.


why this site only has free content
Also most of the links on this site are not working
please fix them, thanks


stupid question but why is proper formatting required on /requests/ what do you gain out of it assuming nobody breaks the rules? whats the point honestly? why cant we just make our requests normally like the old YPBBS without restrictions? even though we have our own dedicated containment board
is there a script/bot that performs a final scan after 500 post thread has been locked to parse it with the system? what is the purpose of the formatting for? even though nobody really bothers to look let alone fulfill a few creators

>>20369 >>20471
also what software do you use to make memes quickly i wanna post images here since i dunno what to add in this thread

you forgot your admin tripcode


Mind your own business. No one asked for your input.


Great, now I'M gonna get dragged into this shitstorm by some random hypocrite. And over an act of kindness too?! What a shame.


the fact that I am having to keep a bucket near the table to puke in when I'm accidentally glancing at the top of the pages is bothering me. could you please use ads with less smelly vaginas?


> i wanna post images here since i dunno what to add in this thread

Upload image

> "Imqge already exists"



And people wonder why buckets are getting more expensive nowadays…


So I'm noticing that some recently updated artists are suddenly having duplicates on nearly all their posts, for several pages, even going as far back as 2021.



Go to Finland if you're worried about bucket prices. They literally give them away.


Don't care. Didn't ask. Take your meds. See your doctor. You're so painfully unfunny it's beginning to Hurn the community. That or you're an obvious glownigger or paywall shill.


>samefagging without removing name

Spot the braincell. Go back to reddit


doesnt take a genius to realize one is low res and the other post is high res but i guess you're an extra special case.


I never used Reddit, but I'm still new to the whole chan site thing. Give me a break.


You said /requests/ will be reopening on the 1st of May. Well it's now May everywhere (except for two uninhabited American islands in the Pacific). So, what gives?


File: 1651406878670.png (9.56 KB, 160x167, Screenshot from 2022-05-01….png)

In case datadome starts linking the session_id cookie to its own cookie should the patreon importer preemptively ask for it as well? or am I being schizo-tier paranoid?


hello grandpa welcome to the world of chan board, we hope you enjoy your stay


I overslept.
For the first while, we'll be taking a stronger stance against spam and rule breakers until things settle back to normal


File: 1651415242964.gif (2.71 MB, 160x160, 1646990901931.gif)

Before I say anything here, just for clarity's sake, does reporting on missing few posts of an patreon artist's updated kemono page, falls still into "requesting" filthy ring? I got nearly the same issue as >>19931 for the record.


File: 1651429146362.png (42.98 KB, 223x194, screenshot5.png)

this is so painful to look at, both stinky hole and lack of geoip failure handling. please, please remove this ad, or I'll turn adblock on


File: 1651430828887.jpeg (116.01 KB, 1280x520, j4gD4fw.jpeg)

>Hierarchical paid service with actual employees gets BTFO'd by a bunch of furry scrapers with nothing but free time on their hands
Yeah, I'm thinking the admins are complete chads.


it's crazy how one of my patreon artists still doesn't update, im not mad its just weird huh


TBH unless you have a very small faves list (or it only contains super-ultra-mega popular artists), then you're very lucky you only have 1 artist who doesn't update.

Count yourself lucky I'd say.


Why? Does the importer didn't took him, or the guy just doesn't update his Patreon, so the importer has nothing to update?


>>20510 it seems that the importer did not take it, because the artist was updated a long time ago


Were you importing and it didn't import?


So question for when requests open again anyone here actually had their request granted for a new artist so people just wait there's no way to tell of somebody eanted to fulfill your request?


File: 1651455418266.jpg (67.38 KB, 491x583, Schowek01.jpg)

The fucking shite is that?! Can these entitled cunts block people from giving them money now?! Can they fucking detect us using Kemono?!

Also, someone get her art here, it's been like a year since her stuff was archived


>>20513 it is not that, it is as if the artist is not updated with new publications, while in his patreon he has new publications


as if kemono didn't recognize the artist lol



>The importance of punctuation…


File: 1651464521192.jpg (1.08 MB, 2535x3278, nichi.jpg)

Blocking supporters has been a thing artists could do since forever.
>Can they fucking detect us using Kemono?!
No, at least not easily. It is more likely that you were caught in random-fire.
Correlation attacks with update timing is a known hole, but it rarely happens because it is extremely difficult to pull off. Regardless, it is advised that you don't import immediately after pledging. Let other incoming people cover you.


>Let other incoming people cover you.

yeah except in a year no 0ne has fucking done so so I have do the job ffs


Would there be a request thread for DM and Archives?


trying to import a patreon creator though the artist name isnt being applied nor does the artist show up on the list, probably a bug?


I too would like to see this thread revived. I just discovered an artist whose Patreon was NEVER scraped before it was closed, and none of the threads up right now seem like an appropriate place to ask.


No, you'll never know your request has been fulfilled until you see you artist has been updated (granted it wasn't by sheer luck).


Twitter is now ban lolicons pedofile retardness, when has kimono party will do the same thing???


if you see any actual CP being imported, go ahead and report it. I'm sure the people who run the site don't want it here either.


How long do you think it will take for the patreon comment importer to work?


Lots of images in the requests threads seem to have been deleted, why is that?


clutter and cutting down file size of the chan


What file size should we limit our images to?


Why do you need to upload images in the first place?


So now that requests are open, I have one question.
What do I do if I'm not sure which thread my request belongs in?


other/misc request thread


Thanks. One more question, if their name on patreon is different from the one on kemono, which name do I use, or does it matter?


File: 1651543987078.jpg (30.23 KB, 441x440, WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT.jpg)

just copy and paste whatever their name on patreon, but if its like kunaboto situation i genuinely dont know (seriously wtf is going on with kunaboto this dude have 3 different name)


When kemono3 comes out will the focus then be optimizing the backend structure or the likes? Idk. Or maybe adding new scrapers for things like PrimeLeap, Boosty.to, itch.io, kofi, etc? Or just something else entirely.


Will comments and DMs imports ever be back?


Getting lots of 429 errors for some reason.


They never said they would not re-enable the feature, give them a little time
Take a look at the banner under [Home], this is the reason for it lol

Would be nice if you could activate the auto-import after rechache once


yooo how do gumroad importer works? I always have the "Can't log in" error lol


File: 1651593531927.jpg (85.58 KB, 1099x1280, photo_2022-05-02_01-38-18.jpg)

The ip limit has been increased, this was put in place to avoid overloads on the new cache nodes while cache rebuilds.
Auto importer is run when i feel like it.


link to feedback thread #2 post 3910 is dead
anyone know the method for viewing the videos that open to a txt file with just a wall of text with m3u8 links?


hey that's the artist i'm importing at https://kemono.party/patreon/user/19726928
hope you like em cause i really do!


File: 1651619953395.png (984.31 KB, 1771x1831, Screenshot(1975).png)

As you can see from this image, there is an issue where the list of imported posts cannot be seen properly on the page of the artist after the import. This can temporarily make it appear that ?o=0 is attached to the back of the url, but essentially the code needs to be modified.

In addition, the most recent post(in this screenshot, https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/77778/post/3763955) seen in url without ?o=0 was updated when I imported it, and it seems that only one of the most recent posts is updated when someone imports it.


File: 1651620596091.png (468.32 KB, 1490x2144, 0310b.png)

This is expected due to caching systems, nothing is broken and instead it works as configured/expected.


Hi, How long does the auto-importer generally last? I've imported something yesterday night and it's still In Progress.


are there Plan B in progress when Patreon start to go subscribrStar route ?


I can't view videos that use the patreon internal player, specifically those from Cold Ones. What's the story there? Is it because the feature is so new?


Small question, is there any ETA when the importer update gets pushed to github? I have my own instance of Kemono for archiving patreons I'm subbed to and can't do it currently.
Or is it not updated so Patreon can't spy on how it's currently being scraped?


File: 1651668277460.jpg (61.71 KB, 2253x1266, rokotallion_14428347840660….jpg)

>currently running monkeypatch ("Kitsune Ultimate")
>the in-development successor to Kitsune ("Sesshoseki")
To be determined.


At this time, I don't think that is very likely.
However, an anonymous, cryptocurrency-based intermediary and paysharing service is planned to allow contributors to work with hostile services like SubscribeStar and even Primeleap. Certain global events affecting payment infrastructure are making it harder to release at the moment, though.


Alright, thanks for the answer.


are you still trying to block TOR? why?


Tor users on chan are only allowed to view not post, same goes for opera vpn.

This is to prevent spambots going wild here.


spambots, huh? isn't the captcha enough? it kinda defeats the whole purpose of the anonymous imageboard to block anonymizers


Even 4chan's bullshit Captcha doesn't 100% filter out bots. If anything, that one filters out more humans than anything


Why cant we request subscribestar?


The importer doesn't work, which is why


>hostile services like SubscribeStar
Can you elaborate on this? What exactly is SS doing that makes them hard to scrape?
Does it have anything to do with tagging/watermarking? I subbed to a SS creator in January and downloaded a bunch of PDFs and MP4s from them. Are those PDFs stamped with my account ID or something like that?


>import thing
>leave keys in for auto import
>flagged posts aren't automatically reimported
kinda gay tbh but then I read the description and it does only cover "new" posts
how do we deal with the eternal swticheroo of patreons linking to a file hoster then once it is seen imported just changing the link? we know they do this because that link doesn't change until it is visible on kemono

some sort of automated link mirroring is the only solution I can think of


They'll straight ban you if they think you are sharing session ID


So AI is apparently so so stupid it cant tell that a pic is a dog anymore if you change 1 pixel (AI documentary), yet it CAN solve 3 irritating picture puzzle games ("click the buses, now click the bikes, now click th" FUCK OFF FFS!!!)?

Either bots are using the most advanced NASA AI on earth, or… Or what??? How does AI crack captchas if its simultaneously so dumb that it can't tell WTF its looking at after you change just 1 pixel!?

> "OK its a dog. I got the breed wrong but it IS a dog" - AI, 2019

Add single pixel to pic

- "I have never seen anything like this in my life. WTF IS it!?" - AI 2019


I have seen browser extensions that can solve captcha challenges by using speech recognition, so maybe bots could do the same ? There are also services you can hire to solve captchas for you, I don't know if people would bother to go to such lengths, but it's possible


So the beta site requires a whole new account, and you lose all your faves? That bites.


I have a question; If the Patreon importer is fixed, then why are the request threads still locked?


Do not use Internet Explorer.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how retarded are you? Since I'm pretty sure you hit the 11.


What? No. Your account will work, as the beta site is connected to the same backend.
I'm pretty sure the board software just blocks Tor as a default. I don't have an issue with Tor posters myself, at least while Vichan's anti-spam stays effective, but I leave the decisions to Kemono's community team.


hey admin i have a question is the auto import a weekly thing or a monthly thing?


500TH post sorry about that i could not resist


fuck you, w7

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