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what's really the point of importing the patreon posts of SugarbellArt if it doesn't include the NSFW stuff?


The idea that Kemono Party is exclusively nsfw is an abysmal thinking imo, it's a piracy site for Patreon and other paywalled content sites.

That's why even youtubers own patreon is imported there despite not being relevant to the average coomer.


You're missing my point, I am aware that it includes all kinds of stuff and not just NSFW. But what's the point of importing posts if they don't contain said paywalled content?


Theres plenty of pages that are like that. Tonnes of posts which are nothing but cropped, censored, free previews, teasers, "DM sent" alerts etc. Or just empty posts which say "NSFW available" but when you click it, you get a cropped preview with giant Paytreon logos covering everything.

Might be worth starting a thread that lists all the artists (because there ARE lots, LOTS) whose pages are like this. Not sure it'd solve anything though, even if it highlights a blatant and annoying problem.


It'd be a good way to reduce the queue to purge paywallers that don't even post their paywalled content from uploading. Saves a tiny bit of bandwidth/data use not having say 100 (or possibly a lot more? idk) paywallers getting uploaded into the system. Not sure if the admins would want to bother, but its that many fewer that would get pulled into the system over and over.

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