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There is a patreon user who has a link in patreon that wasn't still posted (like it's hidden)

The user is pretty smart.


its not hidden its just as a simple as changing the post number


equals to

so in this case its >https://kemono.party/patreon/user/637385/post/53772560
which doesnt exist on kemono because whoever import it only import the free/public version


oops a couple typo there but you get the point, you cant only view the public version


You "cant" only view? Then that means you can view the paid versions. So a typo within the typo confirmation


And you just killed it by not putting a typo in you're own reply ;(


No you missed it. The typo is in the quoted message "cant". See? I did it again! There is no ' in your version of can't

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