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A creator has 23 pages uploaded (some have more), each one containing a mega download link (probably). I have mega sync, found out you can just copy the megalink into "open links" which speeds up the process. But going through each and every single one of those 25 times 23 (minus whatever is not on the last page) would take forever, even with that technique. I been looking on reddit if there is a way to quickly download in bulk (without mentioning site names) but haven't gotten responses from either of the posts yet. So, is there a faster way of downloading mega links?


I usually use MegaBasterd for mega downloading and such. speeds are usually capped at what your internet speed and bandwidth allows.


I meant if there is a faster way to download in bulk. I don't need more speed, I need to find a way to add a new download to mega faster or adding multiple. Like to get all the mega links much quicker. The actual speed isn't the problem, it's how long it would take to manually add each and every single one


Dear OP you are a fag. Here is your solution https://github.com/megous/megatools


Lol this is like a satirical pisstake of Reddit and certain elitist forums. Someone WILL help you, but they WILL insult you first :*P

"You're a fucking cunt. BTW this is how you marry quantum mechanics with conventional physics, you wanker!" - Everyone on Reddit "knowledgebase" style forums.


Using wget, cat, grep, and megadl you can, download a webpage, grep for mega links, then download all of said megalinks. I think megadl is part of megatools now.

He got called a fag for using an alias on a imageboard. It probably has nothing to do with elitism but has to do with encouraging anonymity.


Does anyone know how to scr@pe a k3mono page? Or do you have to dl each file individually?

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