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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19914
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Yes. Yes it is.


>Artist I asked for surprisingly gets imported
>turns out all their shit is cropped and the actual pictures are discord-locked, because they're trying to dodge Patreon being a dick about certain content
Fuck. I think I made someone waste like 20 bucks for nothing.


Yet another reason the guys in charge here were unfathomably retarded for bringing so much attention to this site.


As much as I hate to call them that, I agree that they shouldn’t announce this on twitter.


Idk some artists I follow still share their content on Patreon the way they should, whilst I don't think it will remain like that for the time being, it's still kinda hard to believe that ALL of them will send private messages from now on, some are dumb y'know and some others are completely unaware of kemono's existence, or either way at the end (even if it takes a year or so) they know their art will get leaked. Maybe the devs are already thinking a way to import those private messages as well, I reckon whatever that is it could be implemented alongside the new stuff they're already working on.


Well if artists don't like the fact they're on Kemono.party, they could try and solve the problem by ACTUALLY RELEASING ALL THE STUFF THEY'VE BEEN HOARDING, at least the stuff that's over a year old.

I've seen one artist say they know about the site, the next few posts saw them ask their patrons what they should do (keep in mind the comments didn't come through), and then later that artist announced that they were just gonna continue as normal while accepting the fact they're being scrapped. BUT, how would we know if that isn't a trick, how would we know if that artist hasn't gone and messaged their real plan to their patrons with the intent of catching out the scrapper/importer?

You might not think artists will resort to messaging, but in their eyes they're fighting a war and they'll do everything it takes to win it.

I swear I've seen it happen MORE than 3 times. Read my reply to 21166 above for more.


Fuck those paywalling pigs. OINK OINK

Fucking selfish cunts. Fuck them! FUCK THEM ALL!!

And those who make questionable art who only allow for commissions. Too bad if the only other good artists you find do the same thing, and the only artists who do allow requests are the ones who are just shit. Wait for their art to improve and AH FUCK ME NOW THEY'RE DOING IT TOO!! Try paying them with DeviantArt points and ah well apparently that's not a thing anymore. Oh oh I got it, PAY CASH, but they don't live nearby, but wait we can still mail cash in a birthday card or something, but NO they don't have a PO Box and won't mention their address (though that last part's understandable), but wait, I found someone who DOES have a PO Box, and God help us THEY LIVE IN A DIFFERENT FUCKING COUNTRY, but that's okay we can go to a cash exchange place then go to the post office and deliver overseas as a parcel with a tracking number- ah but then that would defeat the whole purpose of avoiding commissions.

God help us.


We appreciate the help you've given us but PLEASE don't let us down now. There's enough bullshit going on as it is. If you guys (the admin and mods) can pick up some steam and do better then where we are now, it would mean the world to us. Please help us, because we're all over this shit.


Sorry for the language, just needed to let that roll off my chest.



Agreed. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the fact that the artist I mentioned before guards their stuff to the extreme. I literally found Kemono from trying to dig for his art specifically. The only thing they post is severely pixelated previews and maaaybe something over a year old that isn't even that good.

This guy got salty even seeing one or two posts on rule34 before, and now seeing his stuff on Kemono has made him blow his top. Wouldn't be surprised if he decided to interrogate all his patrons to see which one's the leaker or some shit.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't having manual upload basically solve all the problems related to artists circumventing the importer? Whoever is subbed to an artist could just get the files through whatever means are required, then share it freely. I know it's a bit more complicated and more work for leakers but it would at least be consistent and reliable.


>consistent and reliable.

Kind of the opposite of it. The automatic scraper scrapes the content from page (no idea If it would be easy to fool).

Manual upload can be whatever uploader decides to upload, goatse, viruses, whatever.

Besides, kemono already has manual upload, but it's currently disabled due to spam.




For some reason the person who imported Amanddica's Patreon forgot to import her dm's. Without Amanddica's dm's the actual patreon content cannot be seen.



As you can see in the Recent DMs page, it hasn’t been updated in months and probably will stay like that in a really long time


I noticed that some updated artists show up in "recently updated" but not in "favorites" (both in regular and beta versions of the site). Is this a bug?


File: 1653364389070.jpg (38.51 KB, 696x671, Eo5OLvJXUAA-ruE.jpg)

I finally figured out how to get discord imports working- turns out I can only find the library tab when on chrome. The last time I did a discord import about a year ago, I was able to do it on the desktop app.

I'm doing my part!!


File: 1653371618282.jpg (23.54 KB, 403x278, artists.JPG)


Would it/is it possible to filter the "Recently updated artists" by service like pixiv too? Same as regular artist search does? Or is there any way to filter artists by service AND last update?

Since the majority of my sources are on fantia it is kinda a hassle to browse for new contents right now.


Umm… The site is broken. white background and no management


Me too. 503 backend fetch failure when I tried to go to favorites.


Try switching to the beta site. It worked for me.


A weekly auto-import would be nice


There is an automatic import option when importing and it says that new posts will be added automatically after 24 hours. so what's the fucking point of that fucking option if this doesn't work?


Can't do fantia import, getting this error:

The key length of "64" is not a valid Fantia key. Required length: "32".

My fantia session_id is in fact 64 characters. Not sure where the 32 restriction is coming from, something new added?


No running or queued imports at the moment.


File: 1653495193897.png (148.31 KB, 537x630, a rise in pay.png)

Fixed patreon. Should be back up and running.

Looks like they upped the length to 64. The old 32 character ones still work, but on re-login you get a new 64 one.
Will be fixed sometime today. And yes, seems like the retard filter is finally in place. If only you knew how much trash was put into that field.

And? Go import something.

It does work, but only when the jupiter moons perfectly align and the blood of a new born is sacrificed.

That would be optimal, yes. But for that to happen with the current performance,
we would need a prioritisation queue which is not hard to implement,
but the time is better spend on new importer rather than the current one.

I wonder if someone pulled the "commit&sleep" tactic.

>The updated field is in the api response
>the field is not epoch
>it is not used in the "sort by"
Welcome to kemono.

Recently you should be able to find it under local storage, but dunno how things are right now. As discord imports are not working right now.
The tools and processing were mostly decided for the upcoming importer, so the only thing left to do is wait.


Every time there was breathing room to develop new features, some shit broke and needed time fixing.
Manual uploads are planned with the new importer, which would fit properly into our db.

The more draconian their "security" gets, the more people they will loose. All I can say, have fun.

I am not reading all that schizo posting.

Cry me a river.
You can join him.

Not really a problem. We got the tools to work with js cancer sites. So it'll work.

Disabled, as the current fix is skewed af, but it is rather stable for the last two weeks.
The way thing are scraped will change in the next iteration of the importer, so the comments should come back, too.

Polite speech when talking about/with strangers. Tho I am not so sure that the person in question deserves it.

I didn't include the running patreon jobs in the running queue due to a number of reasons. Well, not in the public one, that is.

High? No. Known? Yes.

Entitled much, aren't we?

~~this fucking schizo~~


You are not wrong. That's all I can say. I do hope the server side implementation will be there soon. So that other board becomes unmanaged begging void.

Let them think what they want. They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.

Works fine, even when you posted this message.

Some things are only visual due to cache.
Revisions exist, not accessible yet.
Hopefully with release of the new importer and the changes to the frontend.


“Cry me a river”? It’s not my problem that you decided to put yourselves out there for the world to see and paint a massive target on yourselves.


Don't worry bro its "not really a problem" just like subscribestar


>Let them think what they want. They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.
Wait, back up a bit. If you're denying what >>21117 said is wrong and you aren't trying to hide from Datadome, why is Kemono3 going to be closed source in the first place? Wasn't the initial announcement last thread because you were getting spy attention?


And now the same statement you quoted applies to you, too.


and (unrelated) you still got stinky twats in your advertisements. get another set, without family guy, futurama and simpsons porn banners, would you kindly? I want to turn adblock on more and more each day



the ability to search through faved artists/posts would be nice


How often does the auto import run now? Every two weeks? It's definitely longer than 24 hours.


I just wanted some clarification man, no need to be a dick.


trying to get the admins to not be assholes is a fruitless endeavor


Are there any plans to add compatibility with DigiKet?


The fact the site is known is absolutely irrelevant to its scraping capability of posts.
The problem lies on the other end.
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't having manual upload basically solve all the problems related to artists circumventing the importer?
Yeah it will "solve" it by bringing a different set of problems in the form of community management. And let's just say there are not a lot of people in "the team" who would be willing to babysit retards for 24 hours a day.
>They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.
If by "works" you meant it breaks every two weeks for at least a week, then sure, it "works".
Of course it's a closed source because the secret patreon assassins are on the hunt for the kemono staff, not because the person in charge of the rewrite struggles to write the code without direct secret key references. Not surprising though, there are around 8 config files you have to wrangle and half of them have to be synced manually, per environment. So it's kinda a hassle for developing.
There are plans for everything. In fact at least 90% of development time is spent on planning the next big thing. Implementing them requires a lot of work and is annoying to do, so the plans never progress beyond being plans.
But otherwise Web3.0 Kemono (not related to Kemono3) cloud-based fully-automated scraping DApp is planned. Literally free shit for everyone and everywhere.


what the fuck is this reddit spacing? kys you underage newfag


Are there any ways to flag "artists" updated within 3-4 days?

I appreciate all your guys efforts, but there are missing posts updated recently, so i'm little bit nervous, that I might lose opportunity for downloading limited rewards, and I have no way to inform this to importers,

because I cannot request the same artist who is already requested, and also flag function works for posts already imported, not for not-imported ones


same artist was updated, same posts are missing


Patreon importer borked again?


File: 1653704559997.png (120.78 KB, 290x278, 1649649441769.png)

>If you are artist or designer who is part of the Kemono community, contact us at ytrap.onomek@tsitra.
What is this announcement about and why is the address flipped when I paste it here?


Reddit spacing? Newfag??? WTF are you talking about? Speak "English" English, not nerd English, motherfucker.


File: 1653714108653.png (352.68 KB, 659x1053, Untitled.png)

I… I don't think you know what that means.
Discussions were had in adminland, and people are needed to help make Kemono3 look pretty.
It shouldn't need to be noted that multiple people are taking care of different things, and that the coordination of artists and their commissions will not affect the pace of software development.
We know. We are either taking care of it or planning to.
If you have access to paywalled work on a service, shoot me an email (admin <at> kemono.party) with cookie dumps and a general description of how the suggested site works, where the bot is supposed to look for content, etc.
On-site dropspot for things like this are planned.
Sorry. It isn't uncommon for that to happen for a few minutes after an internal update is applied, or if I did a code woopsie within the update itself.


I think kemono looks fine now

or it's not rainbow enough?


So you don't need artists, you need web designers.


Not quite.


Hmm… what are you looking for? Commission art of the mascot?


Based Seuls poster


Not only.

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