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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

Old thread: >>19914


>>20616 FIRST! euguh i really should get and extension like botnetX to filter images (sorry if this offended you)
what happened to partychan the board went down for a few hours and i gotten error 504 (but the site itself is fine)
are be DDOS'ed (again (again)) by (( datadome )) also the board seems a bit laggy today
also someone on the sharty spammed pizza a week ago (the dates line up on other patch chans indicating that this is some coordinated CP raid also how did the spamfag bypass the captcha)

umm sowwy (there happy now)? (this is for the 20k GET that i lost)


Regarding board stability, the server it runs on is quite unstable, crashes often.
We are looking into it right now.


just to be clear, this issue thread is only for the chan board here and not the kemono website itself, right?


File: 1651848412647.png (75.43 KB, 248x380, enzdxesehcc11.png)


More likely to be bi-weekly due to processing speed, unless patreon is split from the rest(autoimport). Then the rest would be weekly and patreon bi-weekly.
We'll see how it goes.


Has the DM import feature been disabled, or did uploaders simply stopped using it because of the Patreon headache?
>Then the rest would be weekly and patreon bi-weekly.
Makes sense given the total amount of Fanbox/Fantia accounts only makes up about half of the number of patreon accounts, but if you go that route I'd rather not have them share the same day for autoimport, make it like a tuesday patreon, friday fanbox/fantia, sunday patreon rotation, so it doesn't seem like the JP stuff is being given the cold shoulder while patreon gets all the attention.
In the end people still aren't gonna be happy and claim favortism or some shit like that, but at least its a solution.


Since the import speed is slow, any possibilities like the idea is to auto import with a certain number?
for example, it can be imported in series like 300 or 500, when one series ends, another begins?


Ah, the 19 year old, brain-damaged Filipino rides again… Go cry on /trash/ or something.


File: 1651863697294.png (211.33 KB, 330x307, 1444252049731.png)

Asking here again: before I say anything here, just for clarity's sake, does reporting on missing few posts who were supposed to be imported from a patreon's artist to its recently updated kemono page, falls still into "requesting" filthy ring? I got nearly the same issue as >>19931 for the record.

Sorry if this was most likely answered already many times before. Thank you all a ton for your fruitful endeavors on maintaining Kemono, providing a better service and much more transparent communication than that of yiff.party and that miscreant of Bui. I sadly can't donate anything in return, but putting the site on my whitelist is the least I can kindly do.


Yes. Yes it does.


I see. Thank you. Wasn't sure if that was really disgusting requesting or actually an worthy issue to file on, hence asking beforehand. Ideally, I could have flagged it for re-import, but said missing posts have to be present on an artist's kemono page in the first place.

Which reminds me; is there a way to flag an ENTIRE artist's kemono page for re-import at once, or is that limited only in selected posts?


No Patreon imports in 7+ hours. There has always been at least some import activity since the importer went back online, so… another blockade?


Is the Gumroad importer having issues? I have been trying to import a couple of profiles and it keeps saying it 'already exists' despite no matches being found for the profile.

Do I need to do something specific other than using the session ID?


Queue is empty so someone imported a mass of non-patreon creators.


it's ALWAYS had issues. Half of the gumroad stuff I've tried to import either fails, completely erroring out, or says it already exists. I hope this gets fixed in the new importer.


Yo admin/mods I'm having those internal errors again with the Patreon importer again and I've been retrying it for like the last hour, care to take a look? Here's half of the import ID that just failed: 74b743f1


File: 1651876064373.jpg (60.07 KB, 550x550, __darjeeling_girls_und_pan….jpg)


New to this site, but I kinda want to understand it more.

I've noticed a few artists getting passed over complete during imports and not being listed in the artist list / only to be found on beta.kemono.party after doing some digging.

Just wanted to ask what's going in there / if there's anything that be done userside to change that.

I harboured suspicions that it might be related to that conspicuous DMCA button at the bottom of the page, but some profiles I found weren't completely scrubbed, as I would have expected, so it has been a bit puzzling to me.


Indexer has been on the fritz recently. Might be related to that.
DMCA button is reserved for dumbfucks that we like to have a laugh at


But I'm not USING Internet Explorer. I'm using Opera.


So…is the patreon importer borked again?


Do we have an ETA on when it'll be patched, 3 artists I've been waiting months to get added to the site finally got uploaded today…


I've noticed that there are no comments on the newer posts that came out after the importer was overhauled. That seems strange that me. Are comments on Patreon posts still going to be archived, or is that not a thing with the new importing system?


I've noticed that there are no comments on the newer posts that came out after the importer was overhauled. That seems strange that me. Are comments on Patreon posts still going to be archived on kemomo.party, or is that not a thing with the new importing system?


It is, isn't it?


Well is simple, people took revenge on kemono for the importer working again and scraping their shit. Was it foreseeable? Of course, I think even the admins admitted it when asked about. So…back at the beginning I guess…


Is something wrong? There hasn’t been any patreon imports for a while now


Kemono confirmed fucking dead and Datadomes beated them in the end, F


Importer shit the bed. Administration is looking into it.


Is it like last time and will take 2 months to fix?




I've managed to figure out where the "last updated" date can be found for an artist, but is there date information available like "the last time auto import attempted to import this artist"?


File: 1651914487923.png (625.99 KB, 673x900, 96088852_p2_master1200.png)


I thought you might have to do some legal skirting, like those manga scraping sites.

Well, guess I'll notice if you ever get to ironing out the kinks there.

Until then, let's hope DataDome remains as ineffective as they've been for the past weekd or two.


I hope things get fixed later in the morning or afternoon


Not sure if this is the right place, but I think there is a fixable issue for the artist page of Ronail, because said artist's posts are only accessable by month.

Essentially, if by the end of the month the links aren't on the site and downloaded from mega, then said links are useless.

One solution would be to move the scraper date about 4 or 5 days before the end of a given month for any current works and/ or manually place zip links separate from the mega files.

For older works which have links that don't work, I guess someone could pay for the $10 per month on either patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Ronail) or fanbox (https://ronail.fanbox.cc/) once to get the "All Files" mega folder and download it before posting it on the artist's page (https://beta.kemono.party/fanbox/user/42900962?o=0)?


So did Datadome strike back?


File: 1651945128265.jpg (387.72 KB, 3000x3000, FbTBSJzIW2IR.jpg)

Regarding importer no longer working.
Fix is being made, will be there soon.


Any idea how long? I don’t want it to be like last time :(


File: 1651945898006.jpg (98.3 KB, 600x600, 1f76be2a5e26136c1c04c70e99….jpg)

Oh God, here we go again…


File: 1651954038948.jpg (47.94 KB, 680x362, 6faz9c.jpg)




Cmon guys.
Did you really expect the whole Datadome to take the L and stop?
They want Patreon's money, so they will bust their asses to screw the importer.
Then we'll fix it again. Then they will break it again.
Get used to checking Kemono once in a couple of months, I'd say. Works like a charm.


Pixiv/fantia are like the only ones not giving a fuck about the whole scrapping their shit stuff lol


How long will it take to fix this time?


>o-owo fix is being made soon >_< stop hating us >:(


can u guys still do the autoimport for pixiv fanbox aleast?


Don't know if this is the right spot to ask but, does /request/ also pertain updates to patreons that haven't been in a while? Should I have specified if that's the case?


File: 1651963966163.jpg (177.42 KB, 1800x1600, 2e82715b9482d507fa17af9b7d….jpg)


Apparently last time DataDome pulled anything they countered it in 10 minutes.
That's assuming DataDome actually did something and it isn't some server, or code issue on Kemono's end.

Admins did it once, and they were playing with an open deck.
Now the cards for both sides are hidden, so I don't see a reason for pessimism yet.


File: 1651964716171.jpg (381.03 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_2022-05-08-01-0….jpg)


getting 503s on the favorites page, everything else seems to work fine page wise.


actually also add the account page as well, seems like maybe a hook to the section of the DB where accounts/user information is stored took a dive.
table or log full maybe?


tbh revealing Datadome as our enemy probably wasn't a good move, now peeps know their name and probably either harass them or tip them off.


beta sub-site is working normally

i mean i don't think that made any real difference, there isn't much your average person could do to a company in the same realm as cloudflare that would have any significant difference on their operations.
their systems would simply flip to new out-bounds and continue on, or do that then let the old one continue as a pop-up sand-boxed honeypot.


HTTP 503 errors are caused by faulty code push, small fix is needed and it should let the update work correctly.

To doomposters: Shill somewhere else, we have it under control.


Is my memory fucked, or is the Subscribestar importer the one we're supposed to not ask about? I know there's one importer the team has more or less thrown the towel in with (obviously not the Patreon one though, good job lads), and I just can't remember which it is.


Yeah, that’s the Substar one.


How much longer are the request threads going to be locked? I thought they would be back on once the Patreon importer was fixed.

And 'NO' I'm not using Internet Explorer! I'm using Opera.


So… does the importer malfunction have to do with datadome's shit or is it some internal problem that has nothing to do with it?


Probably doesn't matter at this point. It's going to be an endless battle. Sites like these are safest when they're obscure and flying under the radar and KP hasn't been doing that ever since the incredibly stupid decision to loudly and directly antagonize artists on Twitter happened.


Thanks, here's hoping that new importer they're cooking up irons out the subscribestar issues


You're kidding. Just fixed it over a week ago and now it's cooked again?! Fucking hell!


I wonder when the administration will be smart enough to delete the Twitter.


I don't want to spam the patreon importer with a bunch of requests that are already on the list, it feels like my import request is stuck or something because it hasn't appeared in a day or two, but maybe the queue is just that long, or maybe there was an error and I failed to add it to the queue, without being able to see the queue it's hard to tell?

am I missing something though maybe? I just don't see a way to see the list here https://kemono.party/importer



Are you living under a rock? The patreon importer is down right now. Admins trying to fix it. So, all you can do is to wait.


It would take you about the same or less time quickly glossing the thread rather than posting first to have found out the answer. Yes importer is down/paused while they fix what's up. Allegedly not a serious issue like last time. We'll see.

Couldn't the other platforms like fantia/fanbox be imported as-is? A simple check of the type of import (fantia/fanbox/gumroad/patreon/etc) could be done and then push through anything else that isn't patreon.

I'd urge not making it be akin to a pattern. Having it staggered/randomly imported would be infinitely preferable to a scheduled import.

Just parroting what others say about how stuff on some platforms is occasionally more time sensitive and gets pulled end of month/etc (defeating the purpose of archiving that content as it'd possibly be gone/pulled).

Also other observation… recaptcha hasn't been prompting with the bot checks tonight, could that explain why some have been able to post some bad shit?


Please REMOVE the green

"The Patreon importer is working, give it a shot."

when it isn't. It only sows confusion.


The typical KP user:
Patreon importer not working: fuck you Admins
Patreon importer fixed: oh, thanks Admins you're the best
Patreon importer not working again: fuck off Admins
So nice.


Communication is important.


Is the importer down anything for pateron is not being updated again


how come there’s been 0 accounts updated in like 20 hours?


Why does the Patreon importer going down fuck other services importers? When the Patreon importer got fixed the first time suddenly there was a massive flood of Pixiv accounts that hadn't been updated in months getting updated. Does Patreon imports getting stuck in the queue really back everything up?


the importer going down is mostly because of the devs. they keep blaming patreon but in reality nothing has changed at patreon for months.


Are all the importers down? There haven't been any updates to any artists at all for several hours including Fanbox, Fantia, and Gumroad artists.



With stupid users like that, who wants to ever provide any service?

How would YOU know what Patreon changed? Are you retarded? This is about detection of session ID reuse and mass-downloads!

The only way YOU would notice is if you run something similar to kemono and download from thousands of session IDs and accounts. Which will always be hard because you don't have the IP address of the system that originally had the session. Now, they can't just blindly bind a session to just one IP address because of roaming etc., but they can easily detect, for examples, spikes in sessions ID and their requests suddenly coming from very different addresses. They can also detect access patterns, a user will have different ones from a bot.

So, maybe you should just shut up and not talk about stuff you are clueless about.



There's a Fanbox being imported that's several gb per post


File: 1652046878662.jpg (13.51 KB, 242x208, photo_2022-05-08_23-11-09.jpg)

They are not locked.

Patreon importer is broken due to internal systems not handling some tasks.
Other importers are still enabled.
Its funny to see you all shill, pushing your own agenda without thinking like a normal person first.


>There's a Fanbox being imported that's several gb per post
what the actual fuck


Well then, let's hope they fix it soon.


What the actual fuck? How many gbs? Like, there haven't been any fanbox imports in almost 24 hours.


Who the hell is it or what's the size in total?


God damn is the importer dead again?
looks like Kemono will never win because they will keep fixing the importer and it will keep dying.


No ETA at the moment so it could be whenever lol, probably this week or next one. Doesn't seem too big of an issue like previous time that took more than a month to iron it out.



Ssexpig looking at recent posts.





Recent Posts


patreon confirmed no changes have been pushed since december


Okay, yeah. Every recent post has either been from that one artist with giant ass uploads, or has been the glitched "Artist's Page" ones where they don't actually show up in the Recently Updated tab.


Fuck you’re right
I hope that it finishes importing so we can at least have gumroad and fanbox uploads


File: 1652075070689.png (37.33 KB, 671x332, The gap.PNG)

It finally did.



Will the flags system remove files that scumbag artists "expire"?
This dickhead, for instance, removes files from posts after a month. Would someone being an asshole with flags tranfer that "expiration" here?


The Gumroad impoter does some weird shit.
It's possible to find the necessary cookie even if you're not logged in or the files aren't connected to an account. In that case, it won't work.

It's also possible for a gumroad page to be imported with a numerical id instead of the username. If it says it already exists, it probably does, you'll just have to find it. :/


File: 1652088503085.png (158.26 KB, 1251x467, Screenshot from 2022-05-09….png)

>Something broken
These files give a 403 error with gallery-dl but opening any of the links in a browser werks fine
Congrats on fixing the patreon importer


So, is it down again? Damn


Is the fucking importer broken A-fucking-gain?! has it even been a week?


>scumbag artists
Imagine lacking this much self awareness, you're using a scraper site to get access to paid content, you lose the right to call an artist a scumbag for taking measures to prevent that




I see the importer updated everything but patreon in the past 1-2h but it's interesting to point out it actually says it has updated one patreon.


File: 1652100180914.jpg (710.29 KB, 1333x2000, 1524380086370.jpg)

Life is pain. The non-patreon importer is back and running.
Didn't notice it shitting the bed since I've only been looking at storage being consumed,
which indicated that "something" WAS working.

The importer is not single-threaded. It's just that the keywatcher shat it's bed and stopped working.
And I actually know why. Was kind of my fault. And since the running imports still worked, I didn't notice it.

It doesn't, I did ^.


Works fine with gallery-dl over here, and via console, and via browser. What?

It's the retarded design of how the lookup table and the user page generation works.
I'll manually process the gumroad shit to the point it can work, still pondering if the IDs that do not resolve to a name, should have their ID as the name, which would make the pages work.

Revision tables exist, just not accessible, yet. Prob accessible in Kemono3. Or download the db dump, I think I included the tables in there.

And you will not see shit in there for the foreseeable future.

The issue has been found and the fix is being written. And it is not due to "internal systems not handling some tasks".

Which one? :DDDDD

That requires effort.

That was me, fixing the un-indexed users. There will be a big influx of gumroad artists in a few minutes.



Do you have any ETA


Is this also the reason why I can't seem to import new creators when importing?


File: 1652111990785.png (177.28 KB, 593x630, wowiefree.png)

Why would I tell you? So you can annoy us?

You need to at least highlight the parts you are talking about.
>"Is this also the reason I can't see when I look?"
Does this make any sense to you? Because that is what your question sounds like to me.


Bro if you think the patreon thing will take long time to fix please take down the patreon importer fix banner this will cause another confusion like the last time and put up a maintenance banner, you know what happened last time and its not fun from either side.



Right. Much of the forum-posts-reading pain is self-inflicted.


Maybe the green banner means they will solve this faster than expected so no need to change, or it's a really funny oversight when the exact opposite is happening right now.


>Why would I tell you? So you can annoy us?

Bold of you to assume we wouldn't do so otherwise.


Kemono really needs a status page, could be on/linked on the home page. Just a list of the importers with an icon next to it, green assumed working, orange some issues, red not working. Doesnt even need to be automatic just a dropdown in the backend (I have no idea what im talking about), the importer could do a check and display a message when attempting to import an orage or red source.


I mean… status.kemono.party


Patreon importer seems to only be working for the new imports, not previous.


they need to just have a banner permanently at the top that says "its broken"


from what I've seen so far, KP's team is really good at coding scrapers, but absolutely terrible at communication


So there autistic


Yo guys if things are fucked up why are /requests/ still open?


You should remove the "The Patreon importer is working" banner


I don't know why I can't make a post on here. I've done everything.


This is basically what happen when you give pigs to handle your code.

If they were bright enough to do that.


can the pixiv importer catch the DM links?


Good to know you already found the problem and that you are already working on it


Never donate
Adblocker on
Stolen Laptop
Neighbors Wifi


I wanted to talk about this, and got beaten to the punch. But yeah, is there something stopping the posts from being displayed here? As someone who’s very interested in the comments this bites.


Posting about not being able to post. Me confused bigly.



Follow up from same poster. I think the download links have to be put up as non-mega links. The previous links have now become invalid and I think the artist is monitoring downloads from their mega files.


Expecting Kemono to store, on its own servers, every multi-gigabyte file that someone links to is a little bit impossible, anon.

Especially if the creator decides "lol fuck Kemono" and links to a shitload of random huge files out of spite.



Ha! Anecdote time:

At the beginning of the Internet, when bandwidth was precious, I found that somebody had not exactly "stolen" an image I had on my website - I would not have cared about that. But they linked to that image directly from their page. Again, different times, precious bandwidth. I had to pay for that bandwidth without anybody seeing my pages.

I replaced that image with some juicy gay porn. The person who had linked to it was some teenager and their use of that image link was what today would be some Whatsapp chat between teenagers. So, that gay porn suddenly popping up in his posts….

Oh well, I was a bad guy but enjoyed it even if I could not see the reaction. He removed that link very quickly and my server traffic went down back to normal again.


HAHAHAHA!!! I dont know how kimono party ever alives anymore. They so dumb retarted and canot keep an site in secret so they BTFOs by base Datas Domes(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A MAJOR RETARD)


File: 1652214711724.png (338.44 KB, 628x628, unknown.png)

Admins have been working hard, I say DOUBLE their pay!


I had no idea this existed, how am I meant to know about it? it's not telegraphed on the site which it absolutely should be. It also isnt what I described… great that you have server status but how do we know what that means? dosn't mention which importers are down or what is effected by outages, I can imagine its very useful for the dev team but I am more talking about for everone else.

When you have critical systems that can go down regularly outside of your controll it just seems a no brainer to have an incredibly visible status page, reduces repeat questions and imports from down systems. I would be very surprised if the dev team doesnt keep track of this info already so why not make a page for it on the site.


File: 1652218748033.jpg (21.4 KB, 289x185, FILE1391.JPG)

Did the patreon importer broke again?




File: 1652221112233.jpg (33 KB, 563x479, FILE1074.JPG)


It's kinda at the bottom of every single page


So are they fixing it or even trying? Seems like they don't care at all 'cause /requests/ are still open, even the telegram chat for requests is still open. Holy hell even the "Patreon importer is working" banner is still there. Whole situation's really confusing ngl.


Hey guys, I have a question. If I'm importing from Patreon, and the site says my import is sucessful added to the queue, I have to keep the tab of the web broswer open, or it progresses anyway?


File: 1652231184048.png (140.56 KB, 588x371, installlinux.png)

You can close the tab and step away, tho do note down the import id/url if you ever want to see how it fared.

Meh, I'll just ignore the "repeat questions".

You are not wrong.

Not really a problem for us. It's a drop in the bucket.

Patreon importer comes with limitations until the next version of the importers is written.

How did you circumvent the parental control settings?

The rewrite will scrape a lot more data in the future.
Not worth the time to invest into current importer.
Since the new one is written whenever patreon is not broken.

At least highlight what you are talking about.

Try harder.



Well, then go on and assume the ETA on your own.




Hey, I saw the sitewide warning on the requests board, and I think shutting it down and making it telegram-only is a terrible idea. I would highly recommend reinstating the requests board back on kemono directly, with the template of artist/tier/price hard-coded so there aren't any simple rules for morons to break.


File: 1652236956970.jpg (85.49 KB, 1280x720, 519.jpg)

The Patreon importer is working, give it a shot.


Maybe they're implementing new cool shit to the site so the importer is in standby in the meantime.


I agree. I've tried Telegram once… BIG MISTAKE.
They wouldn't stop telling me about their "money issues".
They're called "REQUESTS" for crying out loud… That's what that page was even FOR!
Regardless I don't make very many requests anymore due to its "no duplicate requests" rule. So any chance of further requests that I WOULD make would be pages I KNOW need to be updated, haven't been requested in the thread before (at least not by me), and only do it at one request thread at a time.
But even on that regard I'm still posting less due to the importer shutdown.


I hope so.


My big problem with the vitriolic hatred some mods have about the requests board is that kemono used to have a simple, hardcoded solution that was impossible to make a mistake on even if you tried, but was removed due to it being a "begging void", despite the current situation being prone to people making mistakes and being just as much of a begging void.

If I was a developer, I'd reinstate the requests back on kemono directly, have the the current required variables of artist/tier/price/original link hardcoded so people can't make mistakes, and if desired or applicable the kemono link/extra description/sample image since those are decently common on the board and are helpful to know whether the artist has been updated on kemono or if their art is even worth uploading to kemono. To orevent duplicate requests if the mods really don't want them, the artist's homepage link can't be posted to the requests more than once or twice a month, and if somebody links the tier or a specific post by accident the part with the artist's home link is read and counted.


This type of delusional bullshit is what kills sites. Incompetent admins that think everyone uses what they use and have no concept of the people that don't. This is how every social media site thinks. They only focus on the main userbase, fuck off the rest of the userbase, and the site eventually dies out because they alienate the main group of people that used the site. I guarantee that if they do that the requests feature will be totally dead.

I do not have a phone, I will never use Telegram - an app that forces you to connect with your name and phone number and is so fucking prone to hacking there's 10 pages of search results on google when you google "telegram hacked" dating from several points in the last 5 years.


One unified platform which is easy to moderate is a lot better than using avenues that are ass hard to moderate. Admin is toying with the idea of removing it, and i wouldn't really be against it, since it's a fucking nightmare to manage alone.


lmao telegram can you imagine being braindead enough to actually use that dogshit


I agree that partychan sucks for requests, but making Telegram the only venue seems like an even worse idea if it's so prone to hacking and you have to give out personal info. Seriously, I cannot fathom why the requests feature on kemono was removed. Like I mentioned several times, it's already organized, which takes away some of the moderation work. If you physically can not post it without a link or price, the site has done half the work for you. Just bring the requests back to kemono directly, or at the very least use a more secure (both hacking and personal info wise) venue like discord instead of just telegram.


I agree. I have no interest in using Telegram with all the bullshit. Honestly, even if you switch to Telegram only, you’re still going to have retards do the same stupid shit over there as they do here but with extra security risks as a nice bonus.


20824 is right. Telegram's too dodgy and unreliable. At least pick something else.


I've never heard of Telegram have security issues. I've been using it for fucking years now without issue. The Kemono telegram group is older than the actual site itself too so that's something, I guess.
The request chat is a lot cleaner, with better rule enforcement by multiple moderators and even the admins. Would be much better off imo.


Moving it to Telegram would be a fatal mistake for Kemono. DON'T DO IT!!


File: 1652251953523.png (823.82 KB, 1000x1000, ce30d30d08194913051c3f57bf….png)

Telegram… i dont like the idea of giving my phone-number to some random company so i can talk about pirating stuff.
sounds gay.


Genuine question, but when you say that the request chat is cleaner, do you mean that the required stuff like the artists name, links to the artist's original page and kemono page, and a price, are there as checkboxes that you can't rulebreak even if you wanted to.

I'd be interested in moving the telegram format to something with better security, not just because of giving personal info to the app, but I would prefer not having a designated app for piracy, which could get me in trouble if somebody opens my phone irl and sees the telegram app button.


Fuck Telegram, I'm not giving my phone number.


>Well, then go on and assume the ETA on your own.

I have decided it is today.
Are you done yet?


I want to add some deleted content which was not imported here, is there any way for me to do that?


I want to ask about a comic that can only be bought from the artist website. Where can I request that?


The telegram chat is a very tightly run ship. Anyone caught disobeying rules are met with warnings, those for not following the format, and the other rules which govern requesting, like the 3 day rule and such. That way, there are no duplicate requests or low quality requests.

>scawy telegwam button

bruh, it's just a messaging app that more people use than whatsapp


You can use this thread over here >>18152




You don't need a massive instance, the dev version present in the repo is cucked by patreon too.


File: 1652274685724.gif (1002.79 KB, 298x257, Trust in Pain.gif)



They are russian owned and yes the FSB can find you on there, they arrested some pro-ukrainian tranny that was shitposting on telegram about dead russian soldiers.


Imagine defending someone scamming the shit out of their paying customers. What a fuckin' loser you are.


You're thinking of VK, the creator of Telegram's last project, which was forcibly taken by allies of Putin and the Kremlin after he refused to comply with requests for user data about protesters. After that, he fled to the United Arab Emerates and founded Telegram from there.


if files in /requests/ are all going to be deleted, why not just disable image replies entirely and make it text only?


When is countdown to kimono party dies? No more requests no more patreons kimono is DOOMED *laugh evily* HOFF HOFF HOFF


Tbh nothing makes sense here.


Looks like it :/ ETA this time? Lol


If it's quite literally just people rules there, it sounds like the exact same thing on partychan, with the only actual benefit being less people to moderate since some of us don't want to give personal information to an app with a lot of google results saying it's dangerous. I'm still not convinced that telegram-only is a good idea. I hope I don't sound too splurgy like some other people here, but I don't trust telegram. If it's just rules, then open up a discord, since there's less of a reputation for hacking there.

Seriously, I can't stress this enough, just bring back requests to kemono directly, and make the artist name, link, and price required fields that you physically can't submit until they're filled out. It's still probably susceptible to dupes, but at the very least people will be following the format because they quite literally can only submit it if they properly. Or, like I mentioned earlier, open up a discord for requests there since unlike Telegram, it doesn't have a reputation for hacking.


Mods will I be banned if I make a new thread on here for trying to find the artists for cirten pics. Cus there is no threads for that and It could help a little here


Mods will I get banned if I make a new thread that's for finding artists that people are trying to find. It could probably help out alot if we did.


for some artist, they send links with private message, maybe there should be a function to import that, or a port to add links to the artist's stuff; also some content can be expired, so maybe can upload by user (paste links for large files, or direct upload for small files)
(and a rating botton to remove unralated stuff)


I agree with this, there are lots of this smartasses that think they could avoid people pirating their shit by sharing private messages with their patrons. Ngl I also thought of the possibility of people importing those messages or links too so we can flip them off, it seemed logical and plausible. Don't know it than can be done tho.


also Telegram is only accessible to people with smart phones, which means that poor people who can't afford one can't join
so they're likely also unable to afford subscribing to paywalls
in other words, most of the people who turn to KP for content cannot make requests on the Telegram chat


>Telegram is untrustworthy and insecure
>Discord isn't somehow
do Americans really? I thought pirates were supposed to be more tech savy than average.


Discord usually doesn't require you to give them your real phone number, that's the main issue
I wouldn't know about security issues for either site myself, but the one that you don't have to give private info to sounds preferable


>I thought pirates were supposed to be more tech savy than average.
Yes, they do. Or well, we do, but this is not really a great merit since there's average people who doesn't even know how to install an app in their phones, or people who think you need an installation to get Netflix in the TV. Also, I really doubt there's experts in cyber security among us.


File: 1652306107609.png (854.56 KB, 1917x923, CXCrzj2.png)

You mean literally the only part of the page that you cant see when opening up the site? also like I said whats on the status page isnt really what I'm talking about.

I guess thats fine, still would be a nice QOL thing for users to have, that just seems lke it would pay for itself time investment wise.


Well, we got one Patreon import. Hopefully that means the importer is on the mend.


File: 1652306970908.png (192.17 KB, 716x1011, 1451497594416.png)

>I thought pirates were supposed to be more tech savvy than average.
Who gave you that idea?




Do quote what you are replying to. Kinda hard to know what is being replied to in a mass reply.


*Casually opens recent posts on kemono to check stuff,sees posts about feet"

Yup, the patreon importer is back.


Cool lets see how fast it breaks this time


stop doomposting faggot


Very little content from DLsite, no?
Is DLsite import still available? Please let me know how to request, thanks


I hope it's not too much of a dumb question but is there a way to save all original images from a post at once through your web browser?
Currently I'm using "save target as" to ensure I get the original files one by one with their original name but when you have posts with tens of images without zip file, it can become quite tedious.
Any suggestion?


DLSite imports haven't been available for a long time now. Don't ask why.


Will there be support for boosty? I’ve been seeing it pop up somewhat more often recently. To be honest, I don’t know why there are so many sites like this to begin with; they’re all basically the same thing.


>To be honest, I don’t know why there are so many sites like this to begin with; they’re all basically the same thing.

Simple: Money

"Hey look what this company is doing. They're making money off of artists by taking a cut of what they earn (I assume thats where their profit comes from). Lets do the same!" - Every IT entrepreneur after Paytreon became "the new black"

Same reason theres 20 shows about Pawn shops & auctions these days, and they're all the same, and all unwatchable shite.


>Don't ask why.

So in other words, "ask why" lol.


File: 1652368741019.gif (94.63 KB, 295x123, k5li8o10.gif)

I found a problem:

>Dat feeling when you see an artist who never gets updated just got an update, and it ISN'T just empty/fake/BS posts saying "DM's sent".



I would like every artist sorted into the request categories, so that I can click the category, for example "furry" and only see those artists.
There seems to be a lot of IRL, young Asian girl porn, especially in the recent posts section of KP. I don't wanna see that at all when searching for new furry creators.


Seems like I encounter the same bug again, when I run a new import, a time-limited version post got overide by the "Closed" version of the updated post. Now the exclusive version is missing.



Is the patreon bi-weekly update thing still happening and if so what are the days?


Probably within the next few days I hope.


File: 1652424005229.jpg (156.44 KB, 720x1261, furcord.jpg)

how is discord more secure than telegram, you know discord collect your data right ? they can see every message you send, every cp you post, every server you join

how is that more secure ?


just to highlight my point
>We need to store and process some data in order to provide you the basic Discord service, such as your messages, what server you're in and your direct messages


There's a big difference between the app asking for your real phone number and the app recording your messages. Like, not even in the same planet difference. I'm saying this in the nicest way possible, I don't know what to say if you seriously think recording your messages is somehow less safe than recording your contact information.

Also, that picture you sent says that it's an option to let discord record your data, rather than a requirement. And just curious, why did you name the image furcord, not everybody who uses kemono is into beastiality.


> Discord usually doesn't require you to give them your real phone number, that's the main issue
The servers can enforce the phone number requirement on their participants. Also you are being fussy over a phone number, but discord dumping a bunch of tracking cookies and local storage items on you is a-okay. Unlike the normal sites discord is client-rendered and therefore requires javascript to work. So no javascript - no discord.
And that not even talking about the standalone client since Electron is notorious for being full of security holes. It got so bad I couldn't even compile a hello world example on their fucking site because it was using unsafe APIs by the current version (at that time) standards.
> Or, like I mentioned earlier, open up a discord for requests there since unlike Telegram, it doesn't have a reputation for hacking.
Bring me the examples of Telegram hacks, discord is a sifter compared to telegram, security-wise.
> Any suggestion?
The lead dev not being a retard who takes months to merge frontend changes.


tell me wheres the difference, if you knew anything about privacy is that every data is valuable, from your phone number to your private messages thats why every messaging app is free they feed of off your data

no its not an option read my highlight its a requirement if you want to use discord service
>We need to store and process some data

why furcord ? go look up #Changediscord drama


File: 1652428269361.jpg (182.29 KB, 645x719, changediscord.jpg)


Looks like alot of pixiv imports, but there are some patreon imports. I guess alot of people imported from pixiv


You're absolutely right. And where did this stupid idea/expectation that everyone has, uses, or even uses their phone more than their computer even come from? It's so (dangerously) stupid. BTW I'm typing this from my computer.


By limiting the request section to only Telegram, you would be undermining a key principle of Kemono; To let everyone have equal rights here on the internet.

Besides, moving the request wouldn't be fair on all those who've done the right thing. Like me for example, I followed and obeyed the rules and everything (even though mine I've waited since March for those requests to come through, yet I've been incredibly patient).

This better not be your idea of making Kemono.party become obscure. Because if it is, well mate, you're doing it wrong.

If you are going to move the request section, at least move it back onto Kemono itself. That way, everyone will still get to have their say. Though preferably I strongly urge you reconsider moving it altogether.

Once you shit in the pool, party's over.


Will there be discord requests?


I'm willing to bet that moving requests to Telegram will cause imports to stagnate. get ready to see the same few artists updated over and over, with hardly any new ones added.

as long as any potential KP Discord server doesn't require your phone number, anybody can just sign up with an alternate email account, and Discord will never know who you really are. I've done that myself!


What’s with all the Gumroad imports that are just a bunch of random numbers?


The 60something gumroad ids were no longer resolvable.
So I simply added IDs as names, so they would be indexed.
And in turn, you would be able to access them.


Thank you, finally somebody who agrees that requests should be brought back to kemono directly. If the admins think that moderating requests is a pain, then let the site handle half of the work for them by making the format a bunch of required fields instead of letting people freely type and open the door to not just morons, but also honest mistakes.

You want examples? Here's some that are saying telegram is dangerous, others literally giving hacking tutorials.


As in once every two weeks, or twice a week.

P.S. bi-timeperiod is one of the most retarded words in the english language. Imagine if hot meant hot OR cold. Fuck.



ugh an artist I requested an update for is still missing posts


Just be patient. There are at least 4000+ imports queued. There is a chance your artist is a part of that.


they've updated like three or four times in the past few months and those same posts have been missing every time


Just 2 questions.

1. Are there no ways to get files from artists who give personal msgs(links) to their importers? Can importers leave link or msgs for each of artists page?

2. Why are there missing posts occasionally? I can often see those.
For example, 1st May and 5th May are imported, but 3rd May post isn't even though there is one in artist's page.

Thx for all your efforts


was indexed today (thank to the guy who shared it), whoever the importer didn't get any of the actual files, is there any reason for that?


Is anyone working on a DeviantArt importer? Because the first DeviantArt request had just been made.


Hi. Maybe it is possible to make also visible file size next to file names of files uloaded to kemono? A lot of creators make a bunch of different quality versions of one art (e.g. different bitrate and resolution of same video) but seem like fail to name it understandably and/or consistantly. So size is the most obvious parameter. For people who want to download only specific quality


At first I misunderstood what you meant, but this is something I find to be a little niggle myself, so I agree I'd like that too. It'd be a handy little EOU feature.

Sometimes what appear to be straight dupes are actually different res, and the artists rarely indicate that in the filename like "MacDonalds Banana Milkshake Enema 4000px".


I forgot even DA started jumping on the Paytreon "cash cow bandwagon" a few years back lol. DA Premium ( or whatever TF they call it). Cheeky fuckers, but you can't blame em I guess. Its all a logical progression. All the freely viewable art community on DA eventually will go "pay2see" ;(


When will the patreon comment importer be ready?



I'm having trouble importing content through the Patreon importer. Don't know what the problem is exactly, as it just says internal error. Since I don't want to just hand out my phone number to an app, could I get some help on this thread?

Trying to upload content from https://www.patreon.com/Oni_Unicorn/


I'm trying to follow the tutorial for discord importing, but I can't seem to find the "Library" line under XHR on the browser version, for step 5. I can't open up the inspector on the desktop app in general, either.

There's two servers I'd want to scrape from sometime soon, but I've been having some trouble going at it for a while.


Hi there. To whomever it may concern, the "Other/Misc request thread" has reached the 500 reply limit on /requests/.
That is all. Thank you.


Good to know anon


Addendum: So has the Japanese/Hentai thread now that I look at it.


If requests are brought back to Kemono directly, could one still be able to request there like here on chan.kemono.party? Or does it come with a catch like needing an account or something? I know you mentioned something about "keeping the morons out", but couldn't whatever feature that would keep the morons out also keep out the average requester?

BTW I'm not too familiar with how the request section used to look on Kemono itself. It might've been sometime before I started using this site.


>BTW I'm not too familiar with how the request section used to look on Kemono itself. It might've been sometime before I started using this site.

Basically, the same current infos required but displayed in a table with the possibility to upvote requests that seemed interesting to you.
You could also see their status (pending, completed) but I had no idea how it worked and/or who could set them to completed.


File: 1652632100488.jpg (38.43 KB, 738x414, HELP I CANT DOOMPOST.jpg)

constant 504


the idea of requests being exclusive to a privileged few just goes against the whole point of piracy imo


upvotes would inform importers which artists are the most wanted


Yes, I didn't say the opposite.
My problem was with who managed requests status.


I was just adding to what you said, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was contradicting anything


It's hard to follow these threads, so I apologize if this was answered already. Some artists have a "all content here" post where they link to a folder with everything in it. One of the artists I favourited had a 404 link on that post. The post was flagged for re-import. When I saw that the artist got updated, I quickly went to see if the post in question had the link fixed. The flag was removed, but the link was still dead.

I'm just wondering that when the artist got the update, is it that the post just had the same old dead link re-imported or did it get changed too quickly for me to catch it live?

I'd flag the post myself, but I'm wondering if it's futile if it's always going to be the same dead link getting reimported.

For those wondering, the artist in question is ISAL_3D.


I'm just here to laugh at the doomposters


multiple threads in /request/ have hit the reply limit


that's because the mods don't give a fuck about them anymore


it happened again, the same artist artist got updated but is still missing the same posts
whoever's importing them needs to upgrade their tier or something, I dunno


Could it be that the artist "nuked/deleted" his own (temporary) archive folder?

Some of the stingier, more regimental paywall artists do do this, regularly. For example as soon as they discover its been leaked, or "after x amount of days". Some artists place external links (EG to Mega folders) in the "description" of the post and it is ALWAYS a dead/inaccessible link. Even if the post is brand new.


How do I watch videos of artists who post their videos on private websites (like dropbox) or send private links to their subscribers?


Let's just hope it isn't because they're busy preparing for the move to Telegram.


Got an…..frankly I don't even know what it is, but I recently made one single request in the kemono request telegram channel, im sure I followed the rules and request format perfectly, I make the post, and the very next second, I got banned. I go and ask what's going on in the regular kemono thread for support help, and apparently I get locked out/shadow banned, so I can't get any help there, but I can still view the normal channel moving on

I just need to know: what portion of the rules did I break to get utterly banned from kemono telegram not more than a few minutes after making a single request?



That could be it. I mean, there is always the possibility that the URL is always rotating or that the updated URL is in the comments section somewhere instead of the post. If It's a rotating URL, I'm not entirely sure what Kemono could do in a situation like that without, say, a separate files folder that is separately hosted somewhere. I think I've seen that suggested somewhere else here, but some consider that a security issue.


So I know the reasoning for the subscribestar importer being disabled, and you wanting to be tight lipped about it to not tip off their security techs on whether or not you're working on it.
But is there hope that someday down the line it will be a feature for the site again?


If this is how the telegram is, then that's even more of a reason to not move requests exclusively there. Partychan sucks compared to when requests were on kemono directly (move them back there please), but telegram sounds even worse with all the hacking, and now apparently you get banned within minutes because of what was likely an honest mistake.


I see what you did, so ban was completely justified.

You'd know what you did wrong if you'd read the rules fully.


Substar will be back with the new importer, since both Patreon and Substar will take centre stage, with Infantia and Lolibox being set to the wayside as they basically never change technically.


Do you think it'd be viable to have a "post history" system? That way if a given Patreon post is changed, there will still exist a previous version with the correct link.


Only problem is most of the upvotes will go towards artists who are most popular. What about those that aren't on Kemono or those not many people know of, could those ones go years and years before ever having a chance of being added (assuming it isn't too late by that point)?

As someone who's been trying to request artists that aren't on Kemono, I'm not 100% satisfied with that sort of deal.


Hey I have a question, and I promise this is a good question.

When it comes to requests, do you have a price limit (in US Dollars) when it comes to buying tiers?

I ask because I'm on the verge of requesting a new artist tier, but the thing is that it costs AU$27.50 (or somewhere around US$19.29) per month. Would that be too expensive or would that be fine by Kemono standards?


>Would that be too expensive or would that be fine by Kemono standards?
It would be wishful thinking is what it would be, any requests being fulfilled is basically a pipedream and pure luck.
Anywho, safe bet is to list the USD price, takes 2 seconds to hop on google and convert it, that's what I do.


> as they basically never change technically
You were saying the same about Patreon a month or so ago.


>upvoting requests
Wasn't that the old Yiff.party system, and the one we had on Kemono before they deleted the main-site [requests] tab?


Yes it was, at least for KP. Dunno about Yiff.


Since when has the currency factor ever been a deterrent? I mean AU$27.50 does convert to US$19.29, but after a good look at the artist's page it dawned on me that the highest tier came up as US$20 instead, but only because the artist mentioned it (which is a pretty rare occurrence). But what if the artist didn't, that would beg the following question. If I made a request and put down US$19.29 whilst unaware that it comes up as $20 in the US, couldn't I be banned for "falsifying" the tier price? Coming to think of it, I wonder how many people were banned from that alone.

The reason I'd been putting down the price in my country's currency is because that's what it comes up as. The other thing is that currency rates change all the time. For example, what might be US$19.29 one day could be around US$21 by the following week. In fact while I was making this message I noticed that AU$27.50 now comes up as US$19.33, either I mistakenly put down AU$27.45 the first time or that it's already gone up by roughly 4 cents over the last 5 1/2 hours or so.

I was actually just about to make that request, but now I'm not so sure.


was it the paypal subscription method thing that was against the rules, or the £ money amount that broke the rules? even if I did read the request rules, its a bit…..draconian of a response for a permanent ban, even if its considered hand-holding, if the person that was banned isnt informed of the rule they violated, otherwise they're constantly left with the feeling of "what did I do, and why won't they tell me". was it the story content of the author in question that got be banned? I didnt join the requests to start a flamewar, I didn't self-promote since I dont got anything to promote, there was that picture that posted when I included the discord link, but if its that automatic, then I never got told how not to render that pic, and I didnt ask anyone explicitly to add this artist, I only included a brief summary below saying they were formerly on patreon but shifted to a paypal based subscription method, and that was it, no more. I used the request format (<Artist Name> [requested tier, price] <platform link>), and I didnt see the author in question on previous request posts through the search function.

if none of what I included hits upon why I was banned exactly, is the only response I should accept is "you know what you did wrong", that just doesnt seem informative enough. would it be hand-holding that much to know exactly why?


Ever thought of implementing where we can sort not only by service, but when they were last updated? So far all we get is sort by date indexed, alphabetical, and service. It would be nice to sort by say gumroad, and then sort by updated recently


getting this for almost every file when i try to download with gallery-dl

[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data1.kemono.party', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /data/38/61/3861cdffc99f24eca56a5b3d5cf3cd5d41cfe5ceb4f032c660953c5a20f30f6f.jpg (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x04423870>: Failed to establish a new connection: [WinError 10060] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond')) (1/inf)


So, is the request board going to be defacto shut down? Two of the threads have hit their limits days ago and no new ones have opened up to replace them.


Mod is just a lazy fuck


why's the uptime so low?


Is import DMs going to come back?


The sky is falling.


Have the admins considered "hiring" Janitors like they have on 4chan to help monitor the /requests/ board?


The request board is just like that, even before the stupid notice was sent. While I usually hate doomposters like this, I actually agree that requests shouldn't be telegram-only if hacking is so prominent there.
They could just bring back the old request function where the format is a required field. I don't know why it was ever deleted. Partychan is obviously not ideal, but telegram seems like even more of a disaster, and a legitimately dangerous one at that. I repeat, please don't make requests telegram only. It just punishes those who did follow the rules like me.


I'm banned from requests on Telegram because I posted too many subscribestar creators (I didn't realize you weren't allowed to post those, I do now and stopped… well, on request boards anyway, since I'm telegram banned). If it goes telegram-only I'll literally not be able to request anymore, which sucks because I've made the effort on the board to follow the rules from now on about requests. I already can't even request on the boards because, as stated earlier in the thread, no one's making an effort to make new threads for categories.

I'm not even sure if people other than the usual threadmaker can make threads, since all the category ones are made by Usah (and the rules thread too).


This whole "you know what you did" mindset is so wrong. It's like they expect the mistake to be as blindingly obvious to you as the sun is and that you'd have to either be a dumbass or a game-playing nuisance of a troublemaker not worth responding to. I've dealt with people do the same thing to me and it's an absolute mindfuck of a mess to see through to the point you'd begin to wonder whether they're just playing around with you.

He went through the rules and he still isn't sure what he did. Come on Usah, just tell him already! He has the right to know!


I think the patreon importer is down again, can you please check it guys?


this site is run by a bunch of powertripping faggots who don't know what the fuck they're even doing half the time
yiff.party should never have died


where am i supposed to request? i remember a while back there just used to be a request tab on top of the main site, but it's not there anymore.
i've tried the jp thread in the /requests/ board, but it's dead. is making a new thread there against the rules?


>this site is run by a bunch of powertripping faggots who don't know what the fuck they're even doing half the time
yiff.party should never have died

But it did die. And if you remember the lead-up to it, it died because it was run by a power tripping faggot who didn't know (or care, in his OWN words!) what the fuck he was even doing half the time, and spoke to all his users like they were pieces of shit. constantly sidestepping & lying about issues, endlessly ignoring all reported problems (all the while, raising the "ransom demands" more & more lmao), and eventually closing the site 1 month later EVEN THOUGH someone had just donated enough "site ransom" money to keep the site online for THREE months. So in other words, he basically stole $800 of the $1200 he was given as "upkeep/site-rent", and then he just fucked off.

The site was kind of good, but for a fairly long while now KP has been better. The only area KP is still worse than YP is in that KP STILL won't bring back "uploading" (even after more than a whole bloody year…) but thats the only edge I can think of. YP was a decent site ran by a complete wanker who didn't GAF, so it was always going to fall apart eventually.


Great, the importer seems to be borked again…idk if this time is due to those datadome assholes or some 'internal issues'


Just saw that there's a plan to make /requests/ phone-exclusive on telegram, even tho I'm new at partychan and I'm only managed to request once there

I echo sentiments from posters above me about how at the very least PC-only or mainly PC users like myself should granted their chance to request whether it is on /requests/ with extra jannies, on discord or on KP itself

Also hacking aside, idk how you guys gonna convince people like me to join telegram when bans are adressed like
because that reads to me as if you expect perfection from requesters and nothing else where a single mistake can permaban you for eternity without even a second chance or an opportunity to repeal it, let's be real honest here that people gonna make mistakes and it's normal, it just happens, and some would need help or guides to do it like what happened with
If those 2 posts really reflects the state of your telegram then welp, it really only gonna hinders people me from requesting because muh privilege that's already tough to gain because muh phone-exclusivity and I don't want to lose it because the very high bar expected from requesters there


File: 1652903101613.jpg (1.71 MB, 2480x3508, 1650859315472.jpg)

While I typically leave community matters to the people who are designated to deal with them, I'd like to state that administration has not given official word on anything related to the deletion of the /requests/ board, and that I would likely intervene to prevent that from happening until the intended native/on-site replacement is implemented and widely adopted by the userbase.
Despite everything, requests have a role to play in the Kemono ecosystem, and I don't think shafting it to this or that app is a good idea at the moment.


Holy fuck just shut up about requests. No one gives a shit about them.



It seems to me like a lot of people GAF about them:

People that haven't yet realised requesting is 1000% pointless.


Thank you so much admin, it helps to know that there is a plan for an on-site replacement.


File: 1652906063552.gif (1.09 MB, 498x498, tenor (1).gif)

Thanks for the update shinonome, stay cool


File: 1652906385009.jpg (26.21 KB, 480x375, behold-i-come-quickly.jpg)


The last time someone suggested that the on-site request system be revived, the sentiment from admins was "fuck off peasants", so I'm glad that's changed


if by the natiove/on-site requests, you mean the [Requests] section of kemono.party that everyone used all those yesteryears ago, then I await with patience and hope


We should have non-Japanese hentai thread on /requests/


True. From what I heard about Telegram, it would be a bad idea to move the request there.


Is anyone else not able to favorite artists?


I noticed many artists on fanbox are starting to simply censor all their works and only release by DMs.


The "plan" doesn't mean shit if its realization isn't actively being worked on. I wouldn't hold breath on his promises until there are actual commits in the repo towards those.
So far he had 0 commits towards any of these plans:
- shinocoin
- manual upload
- dlsite importer revival
- subscribestar importer revival
- kemono being some sort of OSS distributed paradise
- there was some other big idea which escapes me now but for sure it's totally going to happen too (before the heat death of universe at least).


Might be off-topic but bruh, Siu'patreon account are now gone thanks to stupid ass patreon's double standards where fictional anime characters are banned (in his case some of his his bestiality art) where real CP, furry sex, 3d model western style art is ok and now no more uncensored art for him and is migrating to fanbox and for uncensored works just gonna dm him. Also lots of Japanese artist and some western artist that also draw anime style art and some other Asian artist are gone and banned on patreon by starting to threaten artist by delete certain work that violated THEIR own ToS on both patreon and pixiv or get permabanned and even goes far of stalking artist so they are forced to deactivate patreon and migrate fanbox but no more uncensored art.


You're forgetting that Kemono3 and the new importer are closed-source for the time being, so commits aren't public


>>21089 iirc about a year ago i think,fanbox enforced rules about posting url links in which it leads to other downloading site for uncensored art in which it's a big no-no cuz of japanese law of censorship where the genitals during sex or even no sex involved or nude, needs to censored by blocking it with pixels or black or white bars or their works get deleted or even account termination of fanbox so they have to be careful or else their hardworked art will be gone thanks to their stupid censorship laws


Seems like the problem I constantly encounter works like this, once post is flagged for reimport, the reimport status just constantly stay there even a new reimport is done.

However there is a problem, some artists will edit their post to remove those exclusive content after a certain time has passed (like one month for example) to manually make it a time-limited content. Because the reimport flag or request is still active for the said post, the next import will reimport the said post again, causing the now edited or exclusive content deleted post to overide the previous full version post.

Like this 65218840 post, you can saw it get imported again although a reimport is already done in my previous import.

I hope the devs or admin can fix this problem, like making the reimport request to expire (or whatever you call it) after a reimport is successfully done, not just let the reimport request remain active.

Otherwise those full version exclusive content will just constantly get overide by those edited/deleted post.

For the overided post, can devs or admin restore the post to its previous full version?

Another new problem I just encounter is a newly imported post was not shown in the artist's gallery. The post is successfully imported but it can only be accessed by manually typing its id in the URL or using the "Previous" button on a previous post.


Uh, it looks like we need a new misc. image request thread? Or are we doing the telegram thing now?


Why would kemono3 development be closed source in the first place?


Datadome. The anti-scraper company Patreon hired to counter Kemono, they've been spying on us and the code and made importing impossible for the better part of a month and a half.


Using VPN right now. I cant access the website without it.


Does Gumroad still ban accounts that import to Kemono or was something implemented to prevent this?


Substar was the one banning accounts via shady IP tracking, gumroad hasn't done anything of the sort, the import for it is just glitchy.


>fanbox actively punishing creators for just trying to show uncensored images to people

and this, my friends, is why patreon is at least slightly less shit than it could be


But we are talking about kemono3, not the new importer. Completely different things.


>Kitsune is open source
>Datadome studies the code
>they use that knowledge to strangle our porn grabs
>Kemonon3 is open source
>Datadome studies the code
C'mon, you're not retarded. This is simple cause and effect.


File: 1653069583073.jpg (324.56 KB, 2048x1152, photo_2022-05-11_01-20-47.jpg)

As people are reporting that site no longer works for their isp/iprange.
Do tell if it works now, if not email your ip address and/or an MTR result for further analysis.
(mtr -b –tcp kemono.party)


Are games no longer being updated/uploaded? Some patreons I've been following haven't updated even after the importer has been fixed.


None of the artists I follow have been updated either


Does the requests thread is abandoned? Some of the threads are already at their limit a week ago and no follow up threads to continue them


No it's you being retarded there. Even an entire rewrite of kitsune would not affect a single line of kemono outside of maybe a few endpoints and their shape (which has 0 details about the importer).
It's quite rich to think Patreon pulled up the datadome for kemono specifically instead of just cucking all scrapers at once.


Threads are cyclical. Knock yourself out. I can't be bothered with moderating it anymore. One man can't do everything by himself when I'm busy with IRL stuff.


Do you guys still look at the request threads?


Only reason mods and admins look at requests is to ban and moderate the board. We don't import. See the FAQ


The moderator says they don't want to anymore, but the admin said on >>21068 that they would likely intervene if requests were to disappear, that they are working on an on-site replacement for requests directly on kemono, and that official administration has not said anything about stopping requests (administration is different from moderation). Also, the sitewide notice saying that the requests board might be shut down was removed. I wouldn't be surprised if the anonymous mods here saying telegram was great were all the same person, and considering how I remember one (I think their name was Usah Sojamee) acting all pissy towards everything, I wouldn't be surprised if it was that mod that put the notice there, and did it without talking to the admin while mistaking those plans of bringing the direct requests back with making it telegram only in >>20821. I understand if real life is stressing you out, so I can't be too mad, but I can see a lot of unnecessary vitriol that makes it difficult to work with you. Either way, they said threads are cyclical, which from my memory probably means they'll only reopen all threads are full.


So how do you get new patron accounts on the site if I can't use telegram or use the import on mobile/tablet as I don't have a desktop?


You don't.


mtr? is that some windows command-line based tool for ping related stuff?


>>20625 →>20915 →>20823 →>21093
stay butthurt creatorfag (fuarrk off romanian furfag from and stop impersonating me on altchans)
translation: your just jealous that i can run pirated shit without getting malware on my fixed VM (you will never be a real gamer)
seethe cope and dial8 in that order i bet you are one of the ones working for datadome coaling up chans left and right with fresh pizza

>>20502 aw sweet another sharty user (do you know the real origin of the dogjak? i heard it was from /bant/)
>>20799 hey what about me? do i get banned for being a huge tripfag

>criticizing the admins is against the rules hope you get banned
uh oh looks like someone forgot his GPT3 Seychelles VPN

>>20015 >>20014 go ahead its ok its your board after all but all i ever ask for is please be more inclusive towards thotlovers/reactards
but if there is one more thing you should promise us please don't ever join the woke side pledge to never put rainbows on your frontpage during june i hate FA and inkbunny i really find that stuff disgusting even though im agnostic my instincts tell me its wrong

==HAPPENING: WAKAMARISEN HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN== https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/87026228 (had to repost this on multiple chans i figured out KP knows a lot about archiving)
what the hell do we do? this is real i just found it on /pol/ how long before they seize archive.is? the original 4cuck thread incase you need it https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/378858229
==[NOT A FUCKING DRILL I REPEAT its sadpanda/yiffparty all over again]== too busy IRL i didnt have the time to read everything and mass reply


Some of the creators that are in my fave list were not updated for a week already, yet some are still getting updated. Is this still some importing issues?


File: 1653204151022.jpg (5.79 KB, 200x200, 5sv6td.jpg)

>>20880 I'm seeing a LOT of artists turning to booosty lately, not just the Russkies who got kicked off of Western sites. Hopefully this is high on the to-do list.


Not likely. There are patreon imports and the queued imports are low.


"Their"? The mod in question isn't a tranny so why did you plural-pronoun him?


Do the comments for the post not work? Because there dosent seem to be any under any of the post nit sure if it's broken still


File: 1653235757910.png (138.58 KB, 1134x592, Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at ….png)

This is the third artist in a row i've seen who eventually figured out that messaging is the way to go.
Sooner or later privating through Patreon messages gonna be the norm since the artists talk to each other, rendering this entire operation obsolete :/


>some artists are being updated; some aren't.

Unless you're unbelievably lucky, you're never gonna see regular updates from everyone at the same time because imports/updates happen by sheer chance.

Some artists don't get updated for over a year, or ever lol, so if its only a week I wouldn't worry yet.


Yes. Yes it is.


>Artist I asked for surprisingly gets imported
>turns out all their shit is cropped and the actual pictures are discord-locked, because they're trying to dodge Patreon being a dick about certain content
Fuck. I think I made someone waste like 20 bucks for nothing.


Yet another reason the guys in charge here were unfathomably retarded for bringing so much attention to this site.


As much as I hate to call them that, I agree that they shouldn’t announce this on twitter.


Idk some artists I follow still share their content on Patreon the way they should, whilst I don't think it will remain like that for the time being, it's still kinda hard to believe that ALL of them will send private messages from now on, some are dumb y'know and some others are completely unaware of kemono's existence, or either way at the end (even if it takes a year or so) they know their art will get leaked. Maybe the devs are already thinking a way to import those private messages as well, I reckon whatever that is it could be implemented alongside the new stuff they're already working on.


Well if artists don't like the fact they're on Kemono.party, they could try and solve the problem by ACTUALLY RELEASING ALL THE STUFF THEY'VE BEEN HOARDING, at least the stuff that's over a year old.

I've seen one artist say they know about the site, the next few posts saw them ask their patrons what they should do (keep in mind the comments didn't come through), and then later that artist announced that they were just gonna continue as normal while accepting the fact they're being scrapped. BUT, how would we know if that isn't a trick, how would we know if that artist hasn't gone and messaged their real plan to their patrons with the intent of catching out the scrapper/importer?

You might not think artists will resort to messaging, but in their eyes they're fighting a war and they'll do everything it takes to win it.

I swear I've seen it happen MORE than 3 times. Read my reply to 21166 above for more.


Fuck those paywalling pigs. OINK OINK

Fucking selfish cunts. Fuck them! FUCK THEM ALL!!

And those who make questionable art who only allow for commissions. Too bad if the only other good artists you find do the same thing, and the only artists who do allow requests are the ones who are just shit. Wait for their art to improve and AH FUCK ME NOW THEY'RE DOING IT TOO!! Try paying them with DeviantArt points and ah well apparently that's not a thing anymore. Oh oh I got it, PAY CASH, but they don't live nearby, but wait we can still mail cash in a birthday card or something, but NO they don't have a PO Box and won't mention their address (though that last part's understandable), but wait, I found someone who DOES have a PO Box, and God help us THEY LIVE IN A DIFFERENT FUCKING COUNTRY, but that's okay we can go to a cash exchange place then go to the post office and deliver overseas as a parcel with a tracking number- ah but then that would defeat the whole purpose of avoiding commissions.

God help us.


We appreciate the help you've given us but PLEASE don't let us down now. There's enough bullshit going on as it is. If you guys (the admin and mods) can pick up some steam and do better then where we are now, it would mean the world to us. Please help us, because we're all over this shit.


Sorry for the language, just needed to let that roll off my chest.



Agreed. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the fact that the artist I mentioned before guards their stuff to the extreme. I literally found Kemono from trying to dig for his art specifically. The only thing they post is severely pixelated previews and maaaybe something over a year old that isn't even that good.

This guy got salty even seeing one or two posts on rule34 before, and now seeing his stuff on Kemono has made him blow his top. Wouldn't be surprised if he decided to interrogate all his patrons to see which one's the leaker or some shit.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't having manual upload basically solve all the problems related to artists circumventing the importer? Whoever is subbed to an artist could just get the files through whatever means are required, then share it freely. I know it's a bit more complicated and more work for leakers but it would at least be consistent and reliable.


>consistent and reliable.

Kind of the opposite of it. The automatic scraper scrapes the content from page (no idea If it would be easy to fool).

Manual upload can be whatever uploader decides to upload, goatse, viruses, whatever.

Besides, kemono already has manual upload, but it's currently disabled due to spam.




For some reason the person who imported Amanddica's Patreon forgot to import her dm's. Without Amanddica's dm's the actual patreon content cannot be seen.



As you can see in the Recent DMs page, it hasn’t been updated in months and probably will stay like that in a really long time


I noticed that some updated artists show up in "recently updated" but not in "favorites" (both in regular and beta versions of the site). Is this a bug?


File: 1653364389070.jpg (38.51 KB, 696x671, Eo5OLvJXUAA-ruE.jpg)

I finally figured out how to get discord imports working- turns out I can only find the library tab when on chrome. The last time I did a discord import about a year ago, I was able to do it on the desktop app.

I'm doing my part!!


File: 1653371618282.jpg (23.54 KB, 403x278, artists.JPG)


Would it/is it possible to filter the "Recently updated artists" by service like pixiv too? Same as regular artist search does? Or is there any way to filter artists by service AND last update?

Since the majority of my sources are on fantia it is kinda a hassle to browse for new contents right now.


Umm… The site is broken. white background and no management


Me too. 503 backend fetch failure when I tried to go to favorites.


Try switching to the beta site. It worked for me.


A weekly auto-import would be nice


There is an automatic import option when importing and it says that new posts will be added automatically after 24 hours. so what's the fucking point of that fucking option if this doesn't work?


Can't do fantia import, getting this error:

The key length of "64" is not a valid Fantia key. Required length: "32".

My fantia session_id is in fact 64 characters. Not sure where the 32 restriction is coming from, something new added?


No running or queued imports at the moment.


File: 1653495193897.png (148.31 KB, 537x630, a rise in pay.png)

Fixed patreon. Should be back up and running.

Looks like they upped the length to 64. The old 32 character ones still work, but on re-login you get a new 64 one.
Will be fixed sometime today. And yes, seems like the retard filter is finally in place. If only you knew how much trash was put into that field.

And? Go import something.

It does work, but only when the jupiter moons perfectly align and the blood of a new born is sacrificed.

That would be optimal, yes. But for that to happen with the current performance,
we would need a prioritisation queue which is not hard to implement,
but the time is better spend on new importer rather than the current one.

I wonder if someone pulled the "commit&sleep" tactic.

>The updated field is in the api response
>the field is not epoch
>it is not used in the "sort by"
Welcome to kemono.

Recently you should be able to find it under local storage, but dunno how things are right now. As discord imports are not working right now.
The tools and processing were mostly decided for the upcoming importer, so the only thing left to do is wait.


Every time there was breathing room to develop new features, some shit broke and needed time fixing.
Manual uploads are planned with the new importer, which would fit properly into our db.

The more draconian their "security" gets, the more people they will loose. All I can say, have fun.

I am not reading all that schizo posting.

Cry me a river.
You can join him.

Not really a problem. We got the tools to work with js cancer sites. So it'll work.

Disabled, as the current fix is skewed af, but it is rather stable for the last two weeks.
The way thing are scraped will change in the next iteration of the importer, so the comments should come back, too.

Polite speech when talking about/with strangers. Tho I am not so sure that the person in question deserves it.

I didn't include the running patreon jobs in the running queue due to a number of reasons. Well, not in the public one, that is.

High? No. Known? Yes.

Entitled much, aren't we?

~~this fucking schizo~~


You are not wrong. That's all I can say. I do hope the server side implementation will be there soon. So that other board becomes unmanaged begging void.

Let them think what they want. They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.

Works fine, even when you posted this message.

Some things are only visual due to cache.
Revisions exist, not accessible yet.
Hopefully with release of the new importer and the changes to the frontend.


“Cry me a river”? It’s not my problem that you decided to put yourselves out there for the world to see and paint a massive target on yourselves.


Don't worry bro its "not really a problem" just like subscribestar


>Let them think what they want. They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.
Wait, back up a bit. If you're denying what >>21117 said is wrong and you aren't trying to hide from Datadome, why is Kemono3 going to be closed source in the first place? Wasn't the initial announcement last thread because you were getting spy attention?


And now the same statement you quoted applies to you, too.


and (unrelated) you still got stinky twats in your advertisements. get another set, without family guy, futurama and simpsons porn banners, would you kindly? I want to turn adblock on more and more each day



the ability to search through faved artists/posts would be nice


How often does the auto import run now? Every two weeks? It's definitely longer than 24 hours.


I just wanted some clarification man, no need to be a dick.


trying to get the admins to not be assholes is a fruitless endeavor


Are there any plans to add compatibility with DigiKet?


The fact the site is known is absolutely irrelevant to its scraping capability of posts.
The problem lies on the other end.
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't having manual upload basically solve all the problems related to artists circumventing the importer?
Yeah it will "solve" it by bringing a different set of problems in the form of community management. And let's just say there are not a lot of people in "the team" who would be willing to babysit retards for 24 hours a day.
>They got their own story, we know the truth and the importer works.
If by "works" you meant it breaks every two weeks for at least a week, then sure, it "works".
Of course it's a closed source because the secret patreon assassins are on the hunt for the kemono staff, not because the person in charge of the rewrite struggles to write the code without direct secret key references. Not surprising though, there are around 8 config files you have to wrangle and half of them have to be synced manually, per environment. So it's kinda a hassle for developing.
There are plans for everything. In fact at least 90% of development time is spent on planning the next big thing. Implementing them requires a lot of work and is annoying to do, so the plans never progress beyond being plans.
But otherwise Web3.0 Kemono (not related to Kemono3) cloud-based fully-automated scraping DApp is planned. Literally free shit for everyone and everywhere.


what the fuck is this reddit spacing? kys you underage newfag


Are there any ways to flag "artists" updated within 3-4 days?

I appreciate all your guys efforts, but there are missing posts updated recently, so i'm little bit nervous, that I might lose opportunity for downloading limited rewards, and I have no way to inform this to importers,

because I cannot request the same artist who is already requested, and also flag function works for posts already imported, not for not-imported ones


same artist was updated, same posts are missing


Patreon importer borked again?


File: 1653704559997.png (120.78 KB, 290x278, 1649649441769.png)

>If you are artist or designer who is part of the Kemono community, contact us at ytrap.onomek@tsitra.
What is this announcement about and why is the address flipped when I paste it here?


Reddit spacing? Newfag??? WTF are you talking about? Speak "English" English, not nerd English, motherfucker.


File: 1653714108653.png (352.68 KB, 659x1053, Untitled.png)

I… I don't think you know what that means.
Discussions were had in adminland, and people are needed to help make Kemono3 look pretty.
It shouldn't need to be noted that multiple people are taking care of different things, and that the coordination of artists and their commissions will not affect the pace of software development.
We know. We are either taking care of it or planning to.
If you have access to paywalled work on a service, shoot me an email (admin <at> kemono.party) with cookie dumps and a general description of how the suggested site works, where the bot is supposed to look for content, etc.
On-site dropspot for things like this are planned.
Sorry. It isn't uncommon for that to happen for a few minutes after an internal update is applied, or if I did a code woopsie within the update itself.


I think kemono looks fine now

or it's not rainbow enough?


So you don't need artists, you need web designers.


Not quite.


Hmm… what are you looking for? Commission art of the mascot?


Based Seuls poster


Not only.

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