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No day goes well without an artist taking drastic and "smart" measure(s) to keep their art safe. Any other similar artists you guys know of?


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Well, right now the best way for artists to keep their art safe for now is to DM links to the rewards, because this site just fucking refuses to let people upload DMs to artist pages and have to wait literal months for DMs to be "approved"


Its been like that IIRC for a whole year AND some months ontop.

Every artist (if you forgive the deliberate exaggeration!) and their cousin knows KP has no "manual uploading" anymore, so all anyone has to do is NEVER post their art directly to the paysite and BOOM! No more leaks of said artist on KP except for those (all too prevalent) useless "billboard" posts that say "DM's/Rewards sent" with zero accessible content. Some pages are almost ENTIRELY composed of those "billboard" posts making their entire KP page ( presumably) a waste of site space, since theres literally nothing anyone can do with it. It essentially just serves as a kind of "advert" for the artists legit paysite…


>be sure to get this month's exclusive variant pics from pCloud! the link expires at the end of the month!
>oh, did you join too late/forget to grab a month's collection? that's okay, DM me and I'll send five (count 'em, FIVE) expired pics of your choosing!
fuck you. sure you've dissuaded pirates, but you've also made it a needless extra pain for legitimate supporters to keep up as well. I would say that this just encourages piracy, but nobody's actually compiled and uploaded this guy's artwork from before May.


Well, the best way for that information to be leaked without being posted directly to the site is to download them and upload them to another website. I've been going around some websites where I was able to get images that are not posted by the artist directly. Of course, that may not be the best solution because the artist may be watching or posting their stuff in those websites.


>the future exclusive stuff will be moved up to the $15 platinum king tier to dissuade dedicated leakers
Anytime I see something like this, I immediately make it my duty to leak their content, no matter how costly.


Like yeah sure maybe DMing or whatever other antipiracy measure works to keep your stuff from being leaked, but does this shit actually result in you getting more money, or are you just trying to squeeze more blood from a stone?

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