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I used to get so hyped when I saw this. Now it just fills me with rage. I gave the little cocksucker money for several months, and after delaying Part 3 AND being a whiny bitch about it, he takes all of our money and fucks off. I did what every brainless shill and money-hungry (con)artist told me was the right thing to do and THIS is what I get in return. I swear porn artists are the most entitled people on the fucking planet, they charge you 5 shekels for like 2 images a month if you're lucky, and then they take 4 months off because they stubbed their fucking toe or some shit, and pray to God you don't have to use discord to access their art that you already paid for because they want to prevent piracy even though it DOESN'T FUCKING WORK AND ONLY MAKES ACCESSING THE ART A PAIN IN THE ASS. And while they pretend they don't have enough time to make more art, they certainly have time to stream themselves playing video games for 5 hours every single day (which you'll have to pay extra for). Never paying for art again, long live kemono


your first mistake was paying for gmeen art


furries are literally the successors of jews without the inbreeding defects (prove me wrong) what you've just witnessed is just one of the symptoms of the problem itself

also are you still subbed? if yes use gallery-dl and post it on anonfiles/megaup


Self denying furry says what?
Are they illegal in the Philippines or something?

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