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I couldn't ask this on telegram cuz your server is banned in my country, and so is your website (the way it works is that if my ISP detects porn ads it will blacklist the website entirely).

Is there a better way to view unblocked sites without the use of third party VPNs? i'm tired of having a limited time usage with free VPNs and everytime i buy a VPN like NordVPN it doesnt work cuz that VPN service is blocked in my country.

I tried using DNS like google's but that didn't do anything.

I am stuck in the middle east atm.


Try using Tor browser



Not sure if it'll work, but have you tried using a free VPN to download a paid one? Can your country fuck with software you already have on your computer?


Use a tor bridge like FTEproxy and use the tor browser. There's distributions like tails/heads that have this kind of thing setup already you can run off a usb drive or livecd.


Buy Mullvad


Get on your free VPN and use your limited time to download UltraSurf, which is free and has unlimited time. It works for me with similar restrictions, hope it will work for you as well.

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