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Instead of wasting time, please at least update your announcement board in both the website and telegram, some people don't use English as their native language.


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That’s what happens when an Indian Tech Support nigger decide to make and run a website, proud to use Proxy tho


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>fix patreon comment import
>fix subscribestar importer
Soon. Sesshoseki development is going well behind the scenes.
>lack of announcement board updates
Fair criticism. Combined laziness and attention being directed to more important things.
He is a sysadmin and partial community manager who does his things while I do mine. None of what you listed above is typically his job.
If this is what you are implying should be implemented, it is more difficult than I think you realize. Planned, but not on the immediate roadmap. You know that various translation services are there if one needs them. Ask about this again in 2023.


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Not OP but thanks for actually caring enough to reply to him, you are doing a good job sorry for the random rage, Im not proxying to browse this website I don’t know what I was thinking, forgive master


oiiii veey nigger shiiiet is there a way to setup asagi fetcher on windows? how long before the chan goes into full banwave mods?
also i had a dream of bill gates chasing me down and giving me the monkeyox vaccine

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