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These artists are retarded, they make the names for the files inside the zip so damn long that you can't unzip it or move the extracted files. The only workaround I've found is to manually go through each file in each zip but it becomes a chore when you're ripping 100+ artists because you end up with thousands of zip files.

Has anyone found any better workaround?


any examples/links? my pinktop still has spare ram for a linux VM ill see what i can do about this



Seeing that the artists are from fantia and fanbox, maybe the file names are in Japanese? If that's the case I think changing your system locale to Japanese may fix it

Explanation of how: https://f95zone.to/threads/how-to-run-japanese-games-on-windows.1040/


Read the OP instead of making strawmans.


have you considered using an unarchiver or a file manager that handles UTF-8 correctly? 7zfm and ye olde windows file explorer works fine for me.
if you can't move any of these files because of the text encoding, you might want to consider batch renaming those files using a batch renaming program.


have you considered learning how to read instead of making strawmans?


Have you considered learning how to make strawmen instead of reading?


File: 1653583445597.png (2.83 MB, 1036x1006, Untitled.png)

>the weeb is so retarded it doesn't understand there's a limit to the path size and it thinks changing the language to japanese will solve everything

can't make this shit up

as usual, the weeb embarrasses itself and starts deleting messages like the love child troon of ben shapiro and yanderedev that he is


Based retard thread


I mean who TF doesn't know by now that you have to set the language to WELSH to fix it, not Japanese FFS.


fix what, my dunce friend?


You, of course, my little eunuch.


>anitroon doing the usual of sperging out and projecting itself onto others
imagine my shock


File: 1653694793813.png (53.11 KB, 779x356, jesus.png)

Are you actually retarded?
I downloaded a zip from >>21205 and sure enough the language contents use Shift-JIS. Of course the folder and filenames are going to be longer if you view them in a different encoding.

Open your zip in an unarchiver that supports changing name encoding. I know WinRAR does for sure.
Last I checked 7zip does not. If you use anything else figure it out for yourself.

And if this isn't the problem you're having, then fucking explain the problem better rather than saying
>Read the OP
you absolute piss-drinking garbage-man.

Jesus fucking Christ on a bike.


it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that OP is talking about the 255 bytes path name limitation in filesystems and this was even pointed out by an anon in the thread

>then fucking explain the problem better

that's your handler's job, retard, since you're a weeb as you can't read due to being a cripple, one should've been assigned to you but it seems you already scared your handler away


You seem to have me mistaken for the OP or someone else. I'm >>21229 & >>2150, IDGAF about whatever you're all waffling on about; I'm just here to take the piss out of you monkeys, the lot of you lol.


OP's dumb enough to not know the limit is also based off of folder name length, so he's also trying to extract it C:/Really/Really/Hidden_Pron_Folder/Actually_ItsNotPron/HahaFooledYa/Its_Actually_Yiff


the retard here is you for projecting your delusions and not knowing that extracting a zip file creates a folder


No it doesn't, tardo.


There's definitely a lot of retards with busted software here. You deserve no help from anyone, and mods should get a brain and delete the thread.



>the retard here is you

>for not knowing that extracting a zip file creates a folder

The retard here is you.


I'd keep the thread for a bit for the lols.


explain how not being a subhuman and using "extract to" doesn't create a folder, you fucking retard


>it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that OP is talking about
quit samefagging and learn to explain your problems better, fucko


get your handler to do it for you, retard



Fucking Retards (you)


I never knew Jap artists could be so high IQ & based that they can transcend computing logistics and make files so otherworldly that they make seething retards fail to extract it properly.
Works on my machine.


>says people are retarded
>extracts shit in the drive's root directory
project more, low iq sperg


>001 Fishine-Rewards-2020-07-JUL.7z\Fishine-Rewards-2020-07-JUL\Fishine-2020-07-[illustration] Fire emblem - Kamui (swimsuit)\Fishine-2020-07-[illustration] Fire emblem - Kamui (swimsuit) (2).png

what the fuck

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