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Has any artist you add to kp ever found out that you upload their art on here? Not just finding out that their content is being leaked, but finding the specific pledger whos leaking it.

And has anyone ever been banned from Patreon or Gumroad for using kp? Im thinking of adding some artists onto the site, but I wonder if theres any risk in doing so.


To do that, the artist would have to have implemented signature detection measures on their art. It only really works with art sent trough DMs as each individual pic sent would have to have unnoticeable unique changes to identify potential leakers. Its generally extremely rare as it is expensive and very troublesome for the artist.

In summary, don’t worry about it. If rewards are not sent trough DMs you can be 100% certain they wont know who leaks it, if they even care.


Artists using signature detection on their art is extremely rare due to how expensive and troublesome it is. Its also limited to art that is DMed to each patron. If art isn’t dmed you have zero percent chance of getting found out.


the only time you have the potential of getting caught is if
A. like the replier above stated, the artist is a schizo and puts signatures into their dmed art
B. if the artist is constantly watching for updates to their kemono page, and notices an update right after you subbed to their patreon. even then, that would not be solid evidence.

both scenarios are incredibly unlikely.


Thanks for the info.

I still wonder if there are ways to not have the artist find out Im the leaker by checking kp right after they get a new subscriber. I could choose to manually import the artist a while after I subscribe.

Are there ways to find out if an artist added signature detection to their DMmed art? Could I workaround the signature by saving the images as my files and uploading the images to sites like u18 or exh?

And has patreon ever banned users for using kp? Ive heard from an anon on u18 that they upload there to avoid the possibility of being banned from patreon. I don’t know if you really can be banned from patreon for using kp, but I want to be sure I can safely import artists to kp without being caught.

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