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(I can't say which artist I am so I don't have people unsubbing suddenly lol)
But I love and support kemono.party so much. Its an excellent tool for finding stuff from deleted patreon creators (I hate when creators delete their whole pages without notice. I belive kemono doesn't even take away from artist's revenue at all (at most barley) hell i use this site often and i used yiff.party back then so i would be a hypocrite if I denounced this site. Keep up the great work. Any artist getting mad at this site are just mad they have 1560 supporters instead of 1569 supporters lol


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>>deleted patreon creators
Currently have a patreon account with 4 unavailable creators due to their account deletion, poof goes art!


Hey instead of commenting shit and fucking around with dmca emails, why not do something more beneficial? idk like fixing the patreon comments import OR improve you beta version of the site. Or how about tweeting joke to Datadome about how such failure they are in anti-scrapping services ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Yeah it hurts when someone's patreon stuff is gone. I usually understand if it was patreon who deleted their stuff but i hate when the creator is like "I cant do this anymore" and deletes everything.


Be Hermiet
>Late 20's
>Still live with parents
>Provoke Patreon
>Laugh at dmca's to provoke artists
>Made artist move to other paywalling sites


Shit like this is why I have a 120tb nas for datahoarding lol.

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