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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

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"Gee, I suuure hope my favorite furry artists get a new update in the upcoming auto import whenever the hell that happens, it's been like a month since their last update or somethin', just sayin'!"


I’m new to this site. Are auto imports a thing here?


Sorry to alarm everyone, but did anyone notice that there is only Pixiv artists again.



Yeah. The importer is probably down again. I mean, little to no patreon posts has been getting updated the past weeks, but I do hope that theyll fix this.


Something fucky happened internally. Being fixed now.


Question, why this link give me "payment required"?


Does this mean it's an empty author? If yes, how someone can create an empty one?


File: 1655940947603.png (10.53 KB, 596x121, Screenshot 2022-06-22 1935….png)



A bi-weekly reminder that the auto-import can start at the end of the week please


It means the creator has been banned from the site due to CP.
mostly a funny quip to catch people out


change in url from "user" to "server"


question to developers
is it possible to add tags to authors?
for easy search and sorting


When did the pop-up ads and banners start appearing? I mostly visit on mobile so there's no convenient adblock solution.


I came to mention that, there’s now those malicious “virus detected!” ads that lock up the whole page.


Poked our adnetwork, if this happens again do tell, we will stop doing business with them.


thank you administrator


There's a pop up saying "you receive money" something like that while I'm searching, what's up with that?


Was wondeeing if there ever will be a button for flagging incomplete artist, since there is a button for incomplete posts

Have a nice day!


Why are some of ekor2's posts getting deleted such as this one:


Malicious advertiser. Admins now aware. Hope to have it sorted soon.
Please enable adblock temporarily until it is sorted.





When browsing using android device (idk if apple iphones work cuz I don't have it or own in) use brave browser and that should block ads and redirect ads unless those piece of shit ads knows how to bypass ad blocking from brave browser android or something and also I use brave browser on my pc for very long time ever since google starts getting worse for me imo but I still download ublock origin for double ad blocking.


Advertising was fixed.


How long is it going to be until comments are uploaded to the pages?
They still say "No comments found for this post" but I can think of a more recent post that has 20 on their Patreon page.


Want to thank the admins for being on the ball with the advertising issue. Shows they do really care about a positive user experience.


Whats the status regarding the Discord importer?


An artist I follow has been recently updated (Few hours ago), but only exactly 1 of his recent posts got posted here on Kemono. Could the importing still be ongoing? It has been few hours ago though. Ty.



Holy shit why did I click that link? :O**



It's a patreon post, lmfao.


This logging in through a session ID from a cookie, is it possible that the paysites will eventually patch it so it's no longer a viable method? Help me understand this - if two different machines are logging in through a same session ID, isn't that somewhat easily detectable on the server side? Can it also lead to account ban on that site?


Unlikely. Many people using VPNs or just have dynamic IP so their actual area might be different. You might cause Session ID expiration to reset if there was attack on site, but the thing Kemono is as if same user just connected from other network.

Maybe technically you can track that one adrress comes from india another from US and make conclusions but as long as VPNs exist it is much harder. And usually Session ID leaks is end user fault and problem and fixable by end user easily.

And if there was database leak well the leaked session ID is the least problem.


Someone explain the “no new comments or DM updates” please. It’s fucking annoying we can’t get them and for most artists that’s where they put all their stuff. How come we aren’t getting them any more I need an explanation.


I just really want manual upload. It's such a terrible feeling discovering a new awesome artist and seeing all the artwork you cant access due to expired links

What browser do you use? If you install firefox you can get the uBlock origin plugin and it works great


>I just really want manual upload. It's such a terrible feeling discovering a new awesome artist and seeing all the artwork you cant access due to expired links



So y'all only JUST got around to removing that request board after spending the last few months troll-fucking and mindfucking around with us. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!


So… there was this talk of moving the request board to the Kemono site itself. I'd ask whether that would happen, though I suppose a better question would be;

What IS the future of requesting on Kemono? Is it really all finished or might it return someday and operate in an effective manner? I mean it would be a good opportunity for a reset.



Sorry 22009, that message wasn't meant for you. My mistake.


Request chan must reopen!!!! Troller can't be reason for closing


I've been getting a lot of 503 Backend Fetch failures lately.


It's June 25 2022,
I entered the Telegram group KemonoRequest, and after a while (not sure when) the group is suddenly unavailable.
After a day or so (not sure how many days, but it should've been 3 past days at most) I try to join the regular KemonoParty group in Telegram. A few minutes later, it says "Sorry, this chat does not seem to exist".
I can still see it when I search for groups, I can't understand if I was banned or there's a problem, but I can't think of anyway that I broke the rules in both group chats.


File: 1656191851380.jpg (17.73 KB, 1280x165, 40509.jpg)

I got this message just by browsing through the most recent posts. It's been going on since last night.


File: 1656214208324.png (87.17 KB, 750x1334, 303A384C-4455-4EDA-827A-FB….png)

on the fourth page of HankMillerAudios, all the audios aren't working. when you press one, all that pops up is what i've attached. cant tell if it's with the audios or the links.


why are like half of his audios flagged 😭 im unable to pay any of them after like the third page


Is the Pixiv Fanbox importer working?
Some artists have not updated in 4 months…


The importer is working just fine. It’s just those artists might not be automatically updating and the users who leak the data here got caught and banned fromthem.


Admin should tell why request chan had deleted


any thoughts about adding fansly for the public archiver?


This artist has plenty of missing posts


File: 1656277355888.jpg (18.49 KB, 342x550, Kemostress.jpg)

Development is still progressing smoothly, manual uploading is still coming soon™️. Taking a brief hiatus for a few days though, due to ██████████████ ███████.
It has only been removed from the header. A certain someone on the community team demanded it temporarily be so.
Coomer's job.
>disabled importers
Done because the affected archivers either stopped working or proved to cause minor issues for contributors.
Fixes? Will be rolled out with the newer tech. I don't feel like working with Kitsune anymore.


These uploads are lacking comment imports.
I'm sure all of those posts' patreon pages have dozens of comments in each of them by now, so I don't see why kemono is being slow to show us what they are.

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