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File: 1655331745029.png (87.62 KB, 1182x685, Screenshot_14.png)


I didn't know you could put DRM in a fucking Minecraft mod, but okay.

Hope this shit gets cracked real quick, fuck Schnurri for this just on a general level.


Now I'm curious, what does the DRM do exactly? Is it malicious, or harmless?


haha virtual machine go brr can i have it? (the java version works fine inside) also mojang supports pride you should boycott it i wanna meet fitmc one day


>inb4 denuvo-level DRM


can someone just crack it to see the dev get even more mad


claiming rights to a mod for a game you did not even create…thats low.


just modify it to ignore DRM check

but people need to have access to mod to check it


Definitely noticing a general correlation that the more derivative and IP thieving the "creator" is, the more possessive they are over the works they steal and defile.
Also, who the fuck asked for sex in Minecraft?


The fucked up part is the fact that it's a minecraft mod of all things.
MC modders work tirelessly and put in 100x more effort than he has, and never once acted like they had the right to put a DRM into it.
At this point, his work needs to be cracked and distributed out of principle.



Gonna be a cold day in hell before i pay for any fucking mod, i remember the paid mod bullshit on Steam! and how pissy some modders there got because everyone was against paying them for mods.

…which funnily enough only strengthens >>21868
argument that modders get more and more possessive of their shit if it uses an already established Property.

Mods should be free on principle! they are one of the few things that are still great in the videogame industry, people make that shit because they love the game! making mods to make cash is the kind of thinking that got us into all this lootbox crap in the first place…

Modding is voluntarily work in my eyes, do it because you want to, not because you expect something in return.


From what I'm assuming, since the DRM-included build isn't out yet, it's probably just a check to see if your Minecraft UID is attributed to a patreon e-mail, and if it's subscribed to his $13 (yes, THIRTEEN DOLLAR) tier.

There is no implication of what the DRM does if the check fails… So just expect the worst.

I'll try and share the DRM version when it releases. Or at the very least, kemono's autoimporter will update with the post that has it, if he even posts it there and not on itch.io again…

SecuROM returns, in cube form. Can you imagine?


Well this could end up being legally dubious, if it's as bad as it might be someone should pay for it and then get him in shit over it


His page updated with the DRM version a couple weeks ago. Has any dev been able to comb through the checks yet?


Context: Schnurri's Minecraft Server "Dark Pleasures" did "steal" another Minecraft Mod called "KaliMainMod", which adds BDSM furniture and was designed for one server explicitly: "KaliServ".

Owner of KaliServ added DRM - now Schnurri adds DRM back despite the Sex Mod not even being used on Kali.

It's just Drama Roleplay all over again.



oh btw: With the way how JRE works, it is technically impossible to create an obfuscation that can not be reversed.

Unless they running the entire game within a Assembler VM like Excelsior JET, you can expect this DRM to be cracked very very soon.


can someone check the DRMed version how the heck does it work too bad my ram is filled up at the moment and he other VMs are busy
aww yeah this is spaicy somebody do the needful and get the archiver beforehand


why dont you do it since you said you could


File: 1658015067626.png (179.33 KB, 1899x1011, Logs.png)

Seems like the problem starts just after the mod is loaded. I ran it with the logger and this is where the problems start.
If I knew more about Java, I'd figure out the spaghetti.
After running it, it creates a folder in your minecraft directory with a "piracy.html" file inside, that then opens in your primary browser.
Hopefully I didn't just game end myself doing this.


Shoulda tried it offline


The mod functions the same way even while offline.
It performs a check-in to schnurri's site, apparently where they keep a series of UUIDs for each patreon subscriber.
Shit fucking sucks. A mod as important as this to the community should never be DRM'ed. This kind of thing only keeps others from learning how to do it themselves. This idea has been around longer than most people would like to think, but the first one to truly bring it to life has sensitive feelings towards "piracy". What a piece of shit he is.


So, what's the big deal?
Downloaded the latest scraped version of this cancer to take a stab at it, and it just works?
Granted, I am offline and on a pirate launcher. Don't tell me his galaxybrain DRM only works for licensed players.


whats inside the piracy.html can someone cap it? i can't test it at the moment


File: 1658120623662.png (13.28 KB, 1299x325, Logs.png)

Nothing of interest here…


I think someone actually has to go through the .jar directory and brush through where this bugger is.


I mean, you'll probably waste a few hours or days to crack DRM, just to get maybe 0.5-1 hour of contents

unless piss him off is your major motivation


New version just uploaded to the scraps, should still have the same kind of DRM


Oh aye, I get you on that, I meant do it offline in case he included some kind of IP tracker/doxing software too
Definitely seems like the kind of creator to think that's reasonable


If you ain't just trolling then that's fucking hilarious


thanks (any weird obfuscated bits in the code? i can open the jar as zip easily things look normal so far)

>>22482 do it! just to spite xim even further i wonder how far he can go
PS: hey SchnurriTV if your seeing this PROTIP add some anti VM protection to your next build and ill try out a couple of hacks on youtube
man i wish i was good at coding since i have autism

kek it would be really funny if he actually added flying fish in-game or put a pirate hat on the user just for the kicks like stormworks (eww wireframe magazine 60 thumbnail is cringe)


File: 1658156848801.jpg (199.05 KB, 1169x981, Capture.JPG)

there're definitely some weird ass obfuscation

I only decompile Wakfu to check game mechanics before and it doesn't look this messy


What's interesting is that Schnurri actually hosted this mod on Lover's Lab, but he stopped updating it after he released the 1.2 version of the mod in August last year, apparently after he leaked an unstable version of it.
For true lulz we could post the DRM-less versions there.


Ah, so it's just Schnurri being so ballistically mad that he can't use something that he isn't supposed to be, that he's making sure people can't use his thing now. Brilliant.

>be a modder
>create drm
>all it does is open an HTML saying "uuu… pweeze gib me mowney… pweeeze… i'm staawwwving…."
>masturbate off the idea of annoying people, probably

At this point, it would be funnier to see if he gets pissed off when people crack the DRM, than to crack it or the content. All the content in it can literally be experienced in like 45 minutes in Creative mode. Nothing fun, nothing special, it's just fucking girls. Doesn't even have shit that some of the OC's creators do.

Post or you're trolling, Anon…

>"For true lulz we could post the DRM-less versions there."
Ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, Anon. 100% for this…


File: 1658458566098.png (255.74 KB, 575x410, Screenshot_35.png)

>see tweet on my tl
>eh, verified account, probably something lame
>some shit about ishowspeed, ok, little interested now
>look at the video attached
>it's this fucking mod
>90,000 viewers
>ishowspeed is getting a minecraft blowjob infront of 90,000 viewers using schnurri's sexmod
>this all happened after the DRM

my fucking sides don't exist. they never did.


File: 1658595337923.gif (2.13 MB, 320x320, suicide-jump.gif)

Denuvo brainchip activated, enjoy the last ten seconds of your life.


File: 1658960513208.png (277.07 KB, 1920x1027, C7EAF477.png)

Fixed by 1.6.1.
Maybe he just forgot to put it in.


I just tried it and the DRM still appears to be there. How'd you get around it? Any other mods installed?
inb4 "I paid for it"


1 downloaded https://kemono.party/patreon/user/57814935/post/69184547
2 opened this russian spyware pirate launcher: https://tlauncher.org/en/
3 made a new mod profile with no mods other than the launcher's built-in skin system
4 dropped this shit into the mods folder
5 told java to fuck off in firewall pop-up
6 done


Does the latest release version work for anyone else? Looks like the method explained doesn't work anymore, but I might just be a dumbass.


File: 1662930517364.png (254.93 KB, 500x340, 1579372271682.png)

whatever that retard did it seems to make the game shit itself during startup, already finding out a work around now


accidentally stumbled on an old post containing this link: https://f95zone.to/threads/schnurritv-s-minecraft-sex-mod-jenny-mod.115758/
lol forget cracking this myself its already done for me i hate java

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