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Whenever I click download video text shows up instead which happens with all the download video links


Exactly! Videos on the actual patreon page come up as embedded videos that subs can easily watch there, however once imported to kemono they show as download text links or a vimeo link that gives you an error. I once try to address this issue before but instead of working on a solution a mod basically told me to fuck off and deleted my message for no reason.


Its a kind of copy-protection IIRC. Its always been like that, on YP & KP, so I assume theres nothing people can do about it.


Not always, I remember about a month before the jackass nuked the site, the YP team managed to fix it where you can view and download videos.


>Reactionfag shit


<ReactionFag shit
be more tolerant dude you literally shove your foot fetish and vore shit on our throats whenever you get the opportunity yet we never complained at all meanwhile we arent even allowed to import the shit WE paid for jesus give us a break will ya
also there is no rule saying we aren't allowed to request jack shit we even have a dedicated /requests/ thread you doofus


He likes vore? Oh THAT'S IT! Now I'm angroy, and you would like me when I'm angry!


Hey Pal, you just blow in from Stupid Town?


Obviously I was just taking the piss you muppet lol. Learn not to treat everything you read literally…

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