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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>21580
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is there any way to unfavorite an artist that has been deleted?


is the patreon importer broken again or is this due to the "serverr updates"?


the users images have been posted but the text that accompanies them isnt (ie pdf)


images show up but the text files dont show up even if they are the same post


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We can't see it because the Google Drive link disappears in just about 10 minutes…
Please change upload method…
Please upload the downloaded zip file directly to Kemono…


Someone doesn't know how Kemono works…


This artist posts for more than 3 weeks have been mostly placeholder contents.


umm can i have background source? please senpai

>>23329 >>23576
is there a good dumbphone i can buy off aliexpress? a disposable one is fine simcards are easy to get but what if the number expires?
do i really have to pay expensive sheckels every month and the store has cctvs inside i dont think my shithole country accepts crypto

>>23570 >>23402
>deviantart and itchio scrapper
yes do the needful please sirs nobody updated my smeagols :( AIRHEART is using old incomplete version
>i still meow
uhh Kryinge

just make a public rudimentary thread to post random files next to the b64 one but users must manually upload to thier own filehost

RMB is that you? also what happened to crackhead mcgee

>pay it yourself
why wasnt this redacted also cant you just make a simple gallery-dl GUI for us coomers or better yet just reverse the patreon android app and create a natural scrapper


still no clue why these people think requests are useless. I've tried to explain what they'd be good for, but they can't seem to get it through their thick skulls


How is work going?


File: 1664020108037.jpg (254.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-09-24-13-4….jpg)

If you put sort by idate on artists page, times favorited dont change to last updated or indexed.


>How is work (on manual uploading especially, at this point) going?I

Like the clappers, hopefully. If not, then y'all better get shovelling more coal into that furnace, quick time!

Its been so long in the making that by the time its finally ready, I'm expecting it to be the best fuckin manual uploading system in the whole frigging wide world!



Is that oxymoron deliberate or are you more stereotypically 'American' (even if not literally…) than words can describe lol?

How many Jewish niggas you met, or seen, or heard of? And if by Jew you just mean "stingey bastard", then the nig-nog bit doesn't make sense you silly sausage… Sorry to demand logic out of insults, but illogical insults are simply unacceptable you fucking Turkish sheeps-brain eating monkey!


Back when Kemono.party started, we could access the artists DMs directly on the artist page.
Then they've been moved toa separate section and that section was broken for several months.
Now I just CAN'T FIND which DM is from the artist I want, since some artists only post their full art on links on their DMs (especially asian artisis)
This is a nightmare


The artist i frequently view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


See, I know there are places to do this. If they offered a similar service as KP, I'd use them. I.e. file scraping with no real effort on my end, and no need to reupload quite a few gigs of data on said sites. Or paying for premium amounts of cloud storage.

That doesn't get me the paywalled shit I want, either.


If you are going to lock the DM thread at least try to fix the Patreon DM importer…
Fanbox is also requiring a DM importer, DMs are the new trend.


First half import ID E0651d2c, complains about comments or something and just gives up without importing any more posts


I hate “search is under maintenance” shit. Yeah guys, take away my go-to method of getting my fap on. Just what I needed right now


when i open any discord tab its just empty.

i really need access to this one



Import hangs? Most recently updated timestamp is… ca. 8 hours ago (2022-09-29T01:32:39.554Z)? Import queue stuck.



…finally, some importer progress, only now.


I keep trying to import yesterday and today, and when the import finally comes up in the queue I get errors (usually "an internal error") and saying to contact site staff

first half of import ID 06824c8c9


Just noticed something, on beta.kemono some artist with a lot of posts like bonifasko, switched showing on their page from 25 posts to 50 posts. Don't know if is temporary or if it is an error but the firsts pages have to catch up (so 25 post are not displayed) and only the last ones show 50 posts per page.


why are there so many links that are '403 forbidden' on this profile



Happening across multiple profiles



Due to DDoS-GUARD I assume. You using gallery-dl ?


yeah please help me, what do I need to do to resolve this


Probably just wait.

You can also try the cookie method at


I'm only seeing this, put it in gallery-dl conf and I'm still getting 403 with gallery-dl


New anti-botting measure. Please wait until things are sorted out, then it should work.


I have to turn on my cringe inhibitor here because of your ads every time


also the order of artist posts is reversed


The artist i usually view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


Wait for how long?



Until fixed.


>>24023 >>24024 >>24025 >>24026 >>24027 >>24028 >>24039 >>24040
There is nothing to fix. Stop messing with HTTP headers and everything will work just fine, granted you access the data from the post page.


>hurr durr works on my machine i dindu nuffin

no, you fucked with the settings again and gallery-dl isn't working again


I know what I'm doing, do you?


Hello! Gallery-dl doesn't work temporarily, or is it forbidden now?


If you're using gallery-dl, you must now set a referrer header. Add this to your download command:
gallery-dl -o headers.Referer="https://kemono.party/"

And it should work


How do you add this to the config? This didn't work.

This you? https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/issues/2990#issuecomment-1264078857


This artist has all his content locked behind mega. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/316398 does anyone have the folder? I think he sends them to dms


>Sorry about that.
That composition of words is something that you will probably never hear from me. No.


thank you confirming you're an asshole I guess


Yours truly.


Alright, what's going on with the 'Recently Updated Artists' page? The bloody thing won't load beyond the 1st page. Instead there's this "Loading creators… please wait!" thing coming up and it won't go away. Even if it does disappear after 10 minutes and I can go onto the next page… I'm not gonna wait another 10 minutes for it to clear again and again and again (for like 200 pages or whatever, eugh!). Can't use it when it's like this. Just as I was about to check a whole bunch of artists from over the last fortnight. Perfect.

So is there like some kind of work going on with that we should probably know? I usually don't have a problem with it, but in this case it's pretty bad.


well then you should be proud of yourself! there's nothing quite like an asshole to make the world a brighter place! congratulations!


File: 1664630947392.png (102.6 KB, 366x417, 1664313509274004.png)

No maintenance is happening, and there's no global issue.
Clear cache.
Enable JS.


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