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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>21580


>>22796 (lel the nyvox thread got deleted)
first also why did you lock the previous thread one post off sorry for shitting this one up

also can't we just make a custom scrapper based on the patreon android app im pretty sure you can just send spoofed useragent its not like they auto shrink the images

>>22791 i wanna add vm logo to make this jak complete using GIMP
>>22095 eww pronouny gross fixfox had the "they" option anybody encountered pronoun games before my mood is ruined (gonna rant on igg later about furbait
>>21791 i guess the saying goes the more corrupt the state the more numerous the laws (im sure you get the point)

>>22784 oops made a typo too bad i can't edit jack shit
>he does not keep track of namefags on altchans and the 4chan archives

>>22755 (does this site block adblock? ram went up to 2gbs the moment i opened the artists section)
>he does not know how to remove preinstalled mcrappy (this is why i use adware programs in a sandbox)

>>21864 (>>21751 same here dude)
how does this advert geoIP thing even guess my country (also i saw an 8chan sudo related dummy ad on megaup while downloading IGG warez anybody seen it?)

>>22535 fun fact zoo brothels were rampant on nazi germany even hitler made a porno movie out of it (search yourself not gonna post dont even think about it sick yiff loving freaks)
>whyte mutts despising pedos (i might have gone overboard with this one)
no they dont nibba if they actually cared about kids at their core we woudn't be living in this tranny 5-11 pfizersexual empowerment generation of a clownworld in the first place
pretty every NGO out there supports lgbt but for some reason the P is too much even though they use the same dragqueen tactics (enough humanitarian hypocrisy I WANT OUT this ride)


Not sure if it's really useful but I'll say it
So this artist: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/463194?o=0 had a ton of missing posts and auto-import would import free posts. Figured that it's because the guy imported it is no longer subscribed. But recently, the artist deleted tons of post from the fanbox page, and now his most recent posts actually got imported. So I'm wondering, can the importer block itself ?


https://kemono.party/patreon/user/787619 Has his uncensored content under another link that checks if you're subscribed to his Patreon, it would be nice if the importer could grab the actual files instead of having a page of useless previews



>it would be nice if the importer could grab the actual files instead of having a page of useless previews

Sounds like ~40% of all artists leaked here sadly. I don't know who's at fault (the person importing, the scraper, the website, whatever) but I bet we all could name artists who have completely inaccessible content, or previews &/or censored version only; making their KP page useless.

Wonder if it will ever be sorted out. It "seems" like there are some VEEERY easy/simple measures you can take to ensure your art NEVER gets leaked here (you don't even have to be a wizkid). It makes me wonder why every artist and their cousin hasn't started doing it already. They must just be asleep, or they don't care about getting/losing money.

I mean I have no interest in paywalling my art, but if I wanted to, I've learned atleast 3 super-easy "Anti-Kemono" tricks just by discovery ( "Ugh, this guy uses filehosts only and KP no longer supports that", "Ugh this guy puts links/PWs in comments, and theres never comments" , "Ugh, this guy updates old posts with dead posts to exploit the scraper" )



>Artist who makes a consistent 4k+ (all the way to a 10 sometimes) a month gets updated with newest release
>Only operates via off site links
>Already been changed
>Have to wait for whoever the importer is to reimport so it updates
What is wrong with people to make them so greedy they practice this kind of neurotic 'anti-piracy' enforcement when they're already in the top percentile of earners on patreon


My biggest problem would be how partychan makes me train jewgle smart cars instead of using lighter, less hostile hcaptcha.
And what the fuck does my referrer need to be?
Let's assume TECH BOYS make an automatic scraper for every file share under the sun, as well as a magical parser that 100% reliably finds file share links in any post.
I, the theoretical artist, now simply put a password on the download, and write in my post:
DL password: "G~I~A~N~T.B~L~A~C~K.D~I~L~D~O@MY.ASS" (without the brackets, remove the tildes, but only tildes, if you don't understand, PM me)
And all of that effort was now defeated in less than a minute.
Thankfully, in my example, most popular artists would be immediately flooded with a wave of braindead coomers that don't understand what's a tilde, but the point still stands. External links are hard to reliably parse, hard to scrape, and easily cock-blocked with a password that could be pretty much impossible to parse without human intervention.


Guys, is it just me or has the Recent DMs function stopped working? I recently discovered many artists with great art, but these bastards only send the juicy original resolution stuff in DMs (In the form of Google Drive links most of the time). Is the thing broken? Or have people just stopped using it? The last DM I can see is from mid march of this year lol


I've been getting a bunch of popup ads on mobile, they block half the screen and are really invasive (please do something about this thank you)


Can we automatically detect discord posts and add them to the artists page?



maybe a way to import tags to easily search something you're interested? like for example "animation" and all post including that tag would appear in that artist page or in general if that is a common tag in the service.


What does Flagging post mean? Can someone explain? Tyia.


Does each upload of an artist's post need to be 1:1?

I've seen a few artists (not naming) who's pages are locked or effectively useless because ALL their posts are limited edition because the links don't work after a while. This is acceptable if we can still grab it within that time frame.

The problem with that, however, is that new visitors don't get that content, people can't revisit that archive if it's lost, space, however small, builds up and up and takes space on the server, and finally, the site loses credibility (It's still one of the best options).

Finally, the worst is when the posts are made AFTER the links are dead. False hope, and useless page.

Frankly, I think this problem, and a few others could be fixed with getting a list of artists (make a survey or poll thing) who need personalized modifications to their pages outside of 1:1 scraping and recreation.



It's a tool to reupload that specific post when you think that is not complete or it was updated by the artist. So the next time that someone uploads the artist, the posts that were flagged are going to be updated.


So the month just got over and clearly every patreon subscriptions got reset, and some of the artists I follow still did not get updated. How many days or weeks does it take for the posts to be back regularly?


Since creators like to DM passwords to links, some way to comment or otherwise share the passwords to links in a post would be nice so half of a creators imports aren't useless


i suggested this somewhere else but i second this, add a kemono-specific comment section to the kemono post below the imported comments or something


Hello https://kemono.party/patreon/user/19944454 got updated but his page is still the same no new post


Hello, I've got a question to ask, when a creator page is updated in kemono, will all the changes from his old posts also be updated? Thanks


Yo, so, the artists index just isn't loading and I keep getting spammed with "error retrieving favorites" messages.


Kemono party dosent upload patreon recently


please take one look at https://kemono.party/artists/updated right this fucking moment


If you using Android:
+ For Samsung, you can download Samsung Internet Browser with ads blocker extension called AdBlock Plus ABP. And turn it on the settings menu.
+ For other android device, you can choose to download Firefox with Ublock Origin extension add-ons. Or Microsoft Edge browser with AdBlock Plus extensions also turn on the security to Stricts.

If you using iOS:
+ You can use Safari with AdGuard extensions.
+ Or you can download Microsoft Edge with AdBlock Plus extensions on with stricts security.

For PC:
+ Any browser you desire with uBlock Origin extensions.


artist page and search function is broken


Downloads moving erratically for anyone else?
Last few days I can occasionally download a file in the blink of an eye, but most of the time I can't get above 30-60kb/s


The favorites issue seems to be because the call to https://kemono.party/api/v1/account/favorites?type=post is taking FOR FUCKING EVER.


fix dms


Keep getting the "Kemono Error 3; Could not favourite artist" bug. Was working fine yesterday.

On Kiwi browser on Android


I don't think Patreon importing is working correctly, or at least new creators aren't indexed. I imported a new one a few hours ago and it still doesn't show up on search. Using a direct link brings me back to the artist page.


First half of import id is 2f41348c sorry for not providing earlier


What the hell is with the 429 Too Many Requests that are constantly popping up?


File: 1659851658728.jpg (328.25 KB, 2048x1285, a4a99fb52560c9d013e1501e88….jpg)

Severely under-announced cache expansion and rebuild. Usual 24 hours slow down. There are now 75 distinct cache nodes in total.
…good god.


What the hell? I haven't seen so many errors since earlier this year lol


what's with artists sometimes registering as being last updated on "none"? every now and then i see one of these, just want to know what's going on


Having an issue where if I click on Favorites or Account the site is asking me to sign-in, even though Logout is still there. If I try to sign-in, it tells me the username or password is incorrect. Also, my Favorites are still highlighted in the Recently Updated Artists list.


Clear cookies and try again.


I was about to post something about a link not working but then I saw that the post was already flagged, what's that mean?

Post in question: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/908449/post/70090359



Didn't work, unfortunately.



That didn't resolve the issue, unfortunately.


Because the "logged in" state is inside the Local Storage.
Delete session from cookies and logged_in in local storage.
Probably yeet the site cache, reload, login.



I cleared everything and tried a different browser. Still no luck.


Any possibility of getting an IGNORE feature that hides an artist from recently updated and random list and will show up in the search list or on IGNORE page?

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