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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>21580


>>22796 (lel the nyvox thread got deleted)
first also why did you lock the previous thread one post off sorry for shitting this one up


also can't we just make a custom scrapper based on the patreon android app im pretty sure you can just send spoofed useragent its not like they auto shrink the images

>>22791 i wanna add vm logo to make this jak complete using GIMP

>>22095 eww pronouny gross fixfox had the "they" option anybody encountered pronoun games before my mood is ruined (gonna rant on igg later about furbait
>>21791 i guess the saying goes the more corrupt the state the more numerous the laws (im sure you get the point)

>>22784 oops made a typo too bad i can't edit jack shit

>he does not keep track of namefags on altchans and the 4chan archives

>>22755 (does this site block adblock? ram went up to 2gbs the moment i opened the artists section)

>he does not know how to remove preinstalled mcrappy (this is why i use adware programs in a sandbox)

>>21864 (>>21751 same here dude)

how does this advert geoIP thing even guess my country (also i saw an 8chan sudo related dummy ad on megaup while downloading IGG warez anybody seen it?)

>>22535 fun fact zoo brothels were rampant on nazi germany even hitler made a porno movie out of it (search yourself not gonna post dont even think about it sick yiff loving freaks)

>whyte mutts despising pedos (i might have gone overboard with this one)
no they dont nibba if they actually cared about kids at their core we woudn't be living in this tranny 5-11 pfizersexual empowerment generation of a clownworld in the first place
pretty every NGO out there supports lgbt but for some reason the P is too much even though they use the same dragqueen tactics (enough humanitarian hypocrisy I WANT OUT this ride)


Not sure if it's really useful but I'll say it
So this artist: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/463194?o=0 had a ton of missing posts and auto-import would import free posts. Figured that it's because the guy imported it is no longer subscribed. But recently, the artist deleted tons of post from the fanbox page, and now his most recent posts actually got imported. So I'm wondering, can the importer block itself ?


https://kemono.party/patreon/user/787619 Has his uncensored content under another link that checks if you're subscribed to his Patreon, it would be nice if the importer could grab the actual files instead of having a page of useless previews



>it would be nice if the importer could grab the actual files instead of having a page of useless previews

Sounds like ~40% of all artists leaked here sadly. I don't know who's at fault (the person importing, the scraper, the website, whatever) but I bet we all could name artists who have completely inaccessible content, or previews &/or censored version only; making their KP page useless.

Wonder if it will ever be sorted out. It "seems" like there are some VEEERY easy/simple measures you can take to ensure your art NEVER gets leaked here (you don't even have to be a wizkid). It makes me wonder why every artist and their cousin hasn't started doing it already. They must just be asleep, or they don't care about getting/losing money.

I mean I have no interest in paywalling my art, but if I wanted to, I've learned atleast 3 super-easy "Anti-Kemono" tricks just by discovery ( "Ugh, this guy uses filehosts only and KP no longer supports that", "Ugh this guy puts links/PWs in comments, and theres never comments" , "Ugh, this guy updates old posts with dead posts to exploit the scraper" )



>Artist who makes a consistent 4k+ (all the way to a 10 sometimes) a month gets updated with newest release
>Only operates via off site links
>Already been changed
>Have to wait for whoever the importer is to reimport so it updates
What is wrong with people to make them so greedy they practice this kind of neurotic 'anti-piracy' enforcement when they're already in the top percentile of earners on patreon


My biggest problem would be how partychan makes me train jewgle smart cars instead of using lighter, less hostile hcaptcha.
And what the fuck does my referrer need to be?
Let's assume TECH BOYS make an automatic scraper for every file share under the sun, as well as a magical parser that 100% reliably finds file share links in any post.
I, the theoretical artist, now simply put a password on the download, and write in my post:
DL password: "G~I~A~N~T.B~L~A~C~K.D~I~L~D~O@MY.ASS" (without the brackets, remove the tildes, but only tildes, if you don't understand, PM me)
And all of that effort was now defeated in less than a minute.
Thankfully, in my example, most popular artists would be immediately flooded with a wave of braindead coomers that don't understand what's a tilde, but the point still stands. External links are hard to reliably parse, hard to scrape, and easily cock-blocked with a password that could be pretty much impossible to parse without human intervention.


Guys, is it just me or has the Recent DMs function stopped working? I recently discovered many artists with great art, but these bastards only send the juicy original resolution stuff in DMs (In the form of Google Drive links most of the time). Is the thing broken? Or have people just stopped using it? The last DM I can see is from mid march of this year lol


I've been getting a bunch of popup ads on mobile, they block half the screen and are really invasive (please do something about this thank you)


Can we automatically detect discord posts and add them to the artists page?



maybe a way to import tags to easily search something you're interested? like for example "animation" and all post including that tag would appear in that artist page or in general if that is a common tag in the service.


What does Flagging post mean? Can someone explain? Tyia.


Does each upload of an artist's post need to be 1:1?

I've seen a few artists (not naming) who's pages are locked or effectively useless because ALL their posts are limited edition because the links don't work after a while. This is acceptable if we can still grab it within that time frame.

The problem with that, however, is that new visitors don't get that content, people can't revisit that archive if it's lost, space, however small, builds up and up and takes space on the server, and finally, the site loses credibility (It's still one of the best options).

Finally, the worst is when the posts are made AFTER the links are dead. False hope, and useless page.

Frankly, I think this problem, and a few others could be fixed with getting a list of artists (make a survey or poll thing) who need personalized modifications to their pages outside of 1:1 scraping and recreation.



It's a tool to reupload that specific post when you think that is not complete or it was updated by the artist. So the next time that someone uploads the artist, the posts that were flagged are going to be updated.


So the month just got over and clearly every patreon subscriptions got reset, and some of the artists I follow still did not get updated. How many days or weeks does it take for the posts to be back regularly?


Since creators like to DM passwords to links, some way to comment or otherwise share the passwords to links in a post would be nice so half of a creators imports aren't useless


i suggested this somewhere else but i second this, add a kemono-specific comment section to the kemono post below the imported comments or something


Hello https://kemono.party/patreon/user/19944454 got updated but his page is still the same no new post


Hello, I've got a question to ask, when a creator page is updated in kemono, will all the changes from his old posts also be updated? Thanks


Yo, so, the artists index just isn't loading and I keep getting spammed with "error retrieving favorites" messages.


Kemono party dosent upload patreon recently


please take one look at https://kemono.party/artists/updated right this fucking moment


If you using Android:
+ For Samsung, you can download Samsung Internet Browser with ads blocker extension called AdBlock Plus ABP. And turn it on the settings menu.
+ For other android device, you can choose to download Firefox with Ublock Origin extension add-ons. Or Microsoft Edge browser with AdBlock Plus extensions also turn on the security to Stricts.

If you using iOS:
+ You can use Safari with AdGuard extensions.
+ Or you can download Microsoft Edge with AdBlock Plus extensions on with stricts security.

For PC:
+ Any browser you desire with uBlock Origin extensions.


artist page and search function is broken


Downloads moving erratically for anyone else?
Last few days I can occasionally download a file in the blink of an eye, but most of the time I can't get above 30-60kb/s


The favorites issue seems to be because the call to https://kemono.party/api/v1/account/favorites?type=post is taking FOR FUCKING EVER.


fix dms


Keep getting the "Kemono Error 3; Could not favourite artist" bug. Was working fine yesterday.

On Kiwi browser on Android


I don't think Patreon importing is working correctly, or at least new creators aren't indexed. I imported a new one a few hours ago and it still doesn't show up on search. Using a direct link brings me back to the artist page.


First half of import id is 2f41348c sorry for not providing earlier


What the hell is with the 429 Too Many Requests that are constantly popping up?


File: 1659851658728.jpg (328.25 KB, 2048x1285, a4a99fb52560c9d013e1501e88….jpg)

Severely under-announced cache expansion and rebuild. Usual 24 hours slow down. There are now 75 distinct cache nodes in total.
…good god.


What the hell? I haven't seen so many errors since earlier this year lol


what's with artists sometimes registering as being last updated on "none"? every now and then i see one of these, just want to know what's going on


Having an issue where if I click on Favorites or Account the site is asking me to sign-in, even though Logout is still there. If I try to sign-in, it tells me the username or password is incorrect. Also, my Favorites are still highlighted in the Recently Updated Artists list.


Clear cookies and try again.


I was about to post something about a link not working but then I saw that the post was already flagged, what's that mean?

Post in question: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/908449/post/70090359



Didn't work, unfortunately.



That didn't resolve the issue, unfortunately.


Because the "logged in" state is inside the Local Storage.
Delete session from cookies and logged_in in local storage.
Probably yeet the site cache, reload, login.



I cleared everything and tried a different browser. Still no luck.


Any possibility of getting an IGNORE feature that hides an artist from recently updated and random list and will show up in the search list or on IGNORE page?


>tried a different browser
…are you sure you are not trying to pull my leg here? Because if it persists on another browser, then something is really wrong with whatever you use.
Some plugin that caches? Something rewriting the page? Or you are simply cursed.

Unlikely. Unless the whole frontend will render the page via javascript.
Actually, the beta artists pages uses the updated field to order by.
So it is doable, but someone would need to write that feature.



I wish I was pulling your leg. Apparently, I'm just cursed. I'm using FireFox, no plug-ins, on my phone. This happened about a month ago, and I just created a new account because I thought I'd forgotten my password.



I imported some posts to the artist motoya401, but besides the first post imported, none of them show up on the artist's page. They do show up on the recent posts page though, and properly link to the artist’s page despite not actually showing up there.

Proof of it being on the recent posts page: https://kemono.party/posts

All 6 missing posts if the recent posts page is too filled by the time this is seen: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14810421/post/4063368






Click on the artist link on one of these posts, and you'll see that they strangely don't show up there. If I'm not supposed to individually list every missing post, sorry, I'll make sure for next time.


Hey, your video ads are taking up a 1/4 of the screen on my pc.
I don't know if these are new or I need to update my ad blocker but its inconvenient as fuck, and blocking the ability to click on posts on the right side.


Those faggets at malwarebytes blocked your site as riskware/malware and plenty of other sites just recently, just spent a couple hours trying to get back here messing with the DNS/firewall but it turns out just had to add to white list and restart the browser DERP. Hopefully that helps others.


If you want you can report it to them, but nothing we can do.


[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data74.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30.0)

data74.kemono.party is down


If >>23068 has ads that take up 1/4 of his screen, he's either running his resolution at about 640x480, or has a tiny screen.


so…any plans to add afdian.net support for kemono?


The issue from yesterday was fixed, but I'm having a similar issue again, this time with echiru39. This time, 7 posts were imported properly instead of one, but 14 don't show up on the artist's page despite being shown to be imported on the recent posts page and linking to the artist's page. Instead of listing all of the missing ones (since there's 14), I'll list the first and last missing ones: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/56006815/post/3915159 to https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/56006815/post/3376165. I don't know if they fix themselves eventually, or if they were fixed because I notified this board. Let me know if some imports not showing up on the artists page does actually fix itself like I suspect.


Not sure if this has been brought up yet but it looks like comments are not being imported for Patreon. The comment section for Patreon posts is empty which is an issue for posts that have additional content in the comments.


Auto-import today or tmrw?


Does the import feature not work or something? Today I tried to add an artist I started supporting, but his Patreon just won't appear on the website


the importer shat itself, that's for sure


A patreon user that I recently subscribed to has a discord server with patreon exclusive tabs. When can I upload discord content?


estimate when comments will be fixed?


Import Failed. Internal Error.

First Half of import ID - 51955996


Failed import. Ac1888fe


So…it seems like in some recent Patreon posts the comments are back? Idk if this is some temporary thing or it'll keep like that for a while, just pointing that out.


It is really need


File: 1660456819182.jpg (88.06 KB, 1280x720, AWAKEN, MY IMPORTERS.jpg)

>New scraperstuff being tested?
New scraperstuff being tested (so, yes, comments are back)
Please alert me to stability or performance issues.
The same tech is being used to quickly resurrect Gumroad, DLsite, and SubscribeStar. Private testing is in progress and going well.
I will leave the urgency of healing Patreon DM imports up to the decision of other anons.
Also, we are still snagging Fanbox newsletters in the background, and will release those on Beta soonish.


All good news


File: 1660497232288.jpg (132.38 KB, 1253x669, yiyani_-FZ_9vyXVEAALL9F.jpg)

Don't want to come up as pesky since people keep asking this same shit all the time but, are there any hopes of the subscribestar importer being up and running by September 19?

Due to pic related a few artists I follow are starting to mention that they're leaving Patreon for subscribestar as they're expecting issues with Paypal to become worse than they already are for their businesses, so I'm expecting there to be yet another big artist migration coming in the horizon soon, at least on the NSFW end.


the importer for patreon and fantia has been down for over a week now


Looks like there is a decent amount of queued imports without a running import. Is something wrong?


Is the whole thing borked again? Holy shit does this give some early year vibes…
Just kidding please no.


File: 1660530016562.jpg (29.54 KB, 534x680, media_E7jwTD2UcAAtGXZ.jpg)

Unforeseen bug causing really huge problems. Only Patreon is affected. Imports for it will return to operation within an hour or two. Apologies.


File: 1660531057001.jpg (58.78 KB, 421x421, 1647145931095.jpg)

A lack of updates for an artist on its own does not necessarily imply that there is a problem with the importer itself. Patreon has been mostly fine until yesterday morning, and Fantia has been in near-perfect operation for months.
The far more likely explanation is that the contributor simply rolled over their subscription to other creators and no longer supports the one you are looking at.
The officially recommended protocol for resolving this situation is to pay and become the contributor yourself.


I got stuff to import, that's how I know it's done, usually takes 3-5 days for it to appear on the page


File: 1660545252963.png (257.88 KB, 1672x873, screenshot.png)

Feature/design request: When searching in posts from all creators, it would be nice if it showed which creator each post was from without having to open it. At least for posts that don't have thumbnails it would be helpful


Any updates for the importer. There are still imports being Queued


Oh my fucking god the importer is broken again lol


Just be patient. They said it is a bug. Give them at least a week.


It was supposed to be a few hours…


Forgot to actually turn the importer back on before heading off to sleep, ごめん。
Bug #1 has been successfully swatted. Bug #2 was mostly introduced due to the low efficiency of the new comment importing method, and I need a few more hours to rework that part. For now, scraping for those are disabled again.
Oh, my bad. Still, all importers have mostly been functional. If you have (half) log codes I can look at, that'd be helpful.


Recently an artist I like finally got updated on the site, artist in question: https://kemono.party/fantia/user/6831. However, a lot of images are missing including free ones and was wondering was what could have caused this. Did the person who imported the page not do it correctly, or are the other images just delayed on their import, or is it something else?


Jesus Christ the gumroad importer is still not fixed. This really is a dead project. Great fucking job.


Dude. We still have the Patreon, Pixiv, and Fanbox imports. They are also working on fixing Gumroad. If you can’t wait, I suggest looking for alternative sites for that.


Thanks, you fucking idiot. You didn't have to announce your departure so loudly though. And don't forget the clown wig and nose


We won't be getting SubStar support back until the Kemono3 importer system is up and running. Who knows how long that's gonna take.


actual importer or just file upload?

because all I see are they claiming to use file upload to replace those tricky site


Manual uploads won't be back for a good long while yet. System is being rewritten from the ground up so no random shit can just be uploaded.
Admins should share more info when they're both comfortable and know how it's gonna work/in development.


Will there be an autoimport session before the end of the month though?


You need to let contributors know whose passkey got an active subscription.

I don't want to pay for someone's shit when someone else is already doing it.

You should also let people donate to contributors.


Support for threads in Discord imports?


When is the next auto import session?? Also when do auto import sessions usually happen? every 2 weeks or what?


once a month unless the artist is one of the top 100 favorited


Can someone tell me why this artist (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/13360859) stopped getting updated? Back then, it was getting regular upload, it stopped at 2nd week of August, first week of August and prior, things are updated regularly. Thanks.


USUALLY starts late thursday or early friday and takes 2 days to complete, but they didn't run it last week cuz the patreon importer was acting up.


Someone, please fucking tell me how Comment Importing works on kemono. One artist I view frequently got comments on his new posts and it made me think “oh boy, they finally fixed the comments thing!”

Then I wait until an artist with password in comments content gets updated and IT STILL HAS NO COMMENTS!? So can someone PLEASE explain what happened with the other kemono pages with new comments?

The example:


so will there be one this week or?


That's something to ask Hermiet or SA, since they're the ones that decide when to trigger it.


Ask whoever is importing them


Request link for those looking for it: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html

Also I apologise to the mods for pacing mine a tad too often, I'll take it slow from here on.


Can someone take a look at my import, I've tried importing a few weeks ago, no progress on it, came back today and tried again, says my key's still being used, 0 imports.

Half of import ID is 4638898a


Why is a lot of creator archive on kemono doesn't have any reward attached even though they're keep getting updated? (e.g uncensored image/downloads). This is starting to get out of hand. Is there a way to have custom uploads or any other way so that sneaky creator content who only only send rewards through DM, password or discord can be shared? Thanks.


Since manual uploads won’t be back for a good long while, how long will that be? A month or more?


one artist i view frequently got updates but comments aren't fixed https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


Considering it's been offline for over a year now, it won't be any time soon. Besides, it's getting a full rewrite. What I've discussed with an admin is that it will be moderated and will require a certain level of rep to be able to upload. Admins should give more info when the system is in full development.


Some pages like https://kemono.party/patreon/user/53447181 generate lots of vimeo video links that are dead and useless.

I'm not sure what the solution might be to this problem, but having functioning video links would be nice.


Is there planned support for fansly in the future? There are some creators who use it and no good reupload site currently.


>What I've discussed with an admin is that it will be moderated and will require a certain level of rep to be able to upload.
The rep thing sounds like a headache, what if the uploader ONLY has substar content?
If you go this route they'd have to have a history of uploading patreon or fanbox stuff, but many people who support substar do so because they got fed up with patreons white knighting bullshit and left, and may not have anything to contribute from that camwhore/reaction filled hentai purging shithole.
So how would they gain the rep to post their booty?

Besides wasn't the whole issue started with Substar itself tracking it's subscribers anyway? It was hardly the fault of importers who just wanted to support your site, so why punish them when it was your guys code that got cracked, and the paywall dropping the banhammer on them.


>a certain level
News to me.
>with an admin
Which one? But I can guess it's the blue one.
I don't seem to remember any talk about "reputation", so expect the way it works to change.


Dang, guess I’ll wait, it’s a shame so much artists are locking their work behind comments



Afaik those links use Patreon Integration with Vimeo, so only subs can actually see the videos that were posted. So the only way to get around that would be to have the video downloaded, then reuploaded here as a file.


an artist i usually view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


considering they were testing with comments, will comments come back soon?


There's no way to tell when it will be done. All we know is that they are testing it.


Hey I've just stumbled upon a pretty dodgy looking artist. Hard to tell if the stuff's real (hope not) but might be worth investigating. https://kemono.party/fantia/user/293941


I'm not clicking that shit (not this fucking time!), but is it that German sounding account name? Legit pedo photos on that account. I don't know if its the holders daughter or something but its fucking disgusting. I reported it here months back but I wonder if its actually gone yet.

These nonce sickos ain't even trying to hide anymore. I reckon the only reason (more or less) you see some Western names on Fantia & Fanbox is because Paytreon and other Western sites dont allow N.O.N.C.E content.


>silicon dolls
And I stopped caring.


Can there please be a discord or a Guilded instead of a telegram? I much prefer using those applications


You want your discord account to be banned?
lmao no


Germany is world renowned for being one of the world's larges hotbeds of pedophiles. It honestly wouldn't surprise me.


Don't you want to be a nigger janny on there too?


Says the brit.


Are the patreon comments going to be imported soon? some artists are stashing the hi-res links in the comments now.


Eew, don't talk about them. I only use the ip for the funny


I've been trying to upload new Patreons for two weeks by now, but it's still not bloody working. Here's half of the ID: 1b869a33


The name's isn't a German name. It's Fishin&Loli.

Geez did that cause a stir. I should've mentioned it beforehand.


Check the import status page again, the pledged campaigns are imported. Tho one has its old name and not the new one.
And whatever was accessible in the feed seems to have also been imported/was already imported.

Completely forgot about you, but for us to debug you need to tick the allow debug box.
Otherwise no bueno and once the key has been processed there is no way to link the logs to the key or vice versa.


Instead of going to the request site to tell to update an artist’s page, why not add a button to notify someone to update it like in yiff(dot)party?



Agree. The request thread is in chaos right now, mixed with new requests, update requests, and shits. It's hard to know whether an artist just needs an update or they have to be fully imported.


Most we do is delete non requests, new threads, and images.
Rest can stew in the same boiling shit it's always been. God, it'll be such a better time when clubs and a better on-site system comes about.


wasn't there an on-site request system before? what happened to that?


I notice a lack of Patreon and Queued imports. Is no one placing a patreon import. Just checking.


As has been stated multiple times before, that old, out of date system was just long in the tooth. Too much spam for one, too many retards, too hard to moderate, and a few other reasons that the admins chose to delete it for. New system will be much better, will be highly moderated to keep spam and retards away. Only god knows when it'll all come to fruition but it should hopefully be much better, then /requests/ can be retired.


yeah i remember that one they even had multiple short text fields so you can put the creator names and tier and the guy on the final page got harmless redtext for requesting thots (now i know what the format is for but i miss /ofans/ where people can request freely)

>>23256 https://archive.is/x5sXi

why was this deleted https://archive.is/LRIFX (hmm i could edit the VRchat 1984 logo for my meme needs)

>>23069 jokes aside i never had that problem on MS defender and edge i guess the best things in life are indeed free eww avast/mcrappy supports lgbt
i thought most security researchers were furries and secretly enjoy this shit? turns out those were woke creatorfag activists all along thus further proving my point/assumption that they work at FAGMAN and hate piracy/imageboards

>be me search [cult of the lamb r34] >see this https://archive.is/jQTXj what do you do

kek this literally the first page of google images (not requesting or anything)
welp time to get that 'visor running gonna test out [backpack hero] from /v/ even though my RAM is almost full


Is there something going on with the importer again? The Queued Imports are starting to pile up.


Ngl, one of mine followed artist uploads is keep getting is dud(placeholder) posts for 3 weeks because the auto import keep post on to early while the actual post just in prep for full release. So when it up on kemono, it just placeholder and it not even get updated later on somehow. Yeah, it bother me a while, just wanna get it out there.
Link for artist if someone interested or something: https://kemono.party/fantia/user/5408 | fanbox/user/1083254 (check the first 3 new ones, and check they fantia or fanbox for proves. Hell, even one of the posts just say it in prep)


Someone fucked up, I stopped it. Should be up, soon.



also came here looking for vimeo solutions, the paywalls inside paywalls just don't stop, do they


That's a whole ass doll.
If you actually believe this is real, you should get your eyes checked.


Notice an annoying phenomenon with certain artist pages where the only corresponding content shown on the post is the preview, but none of the images or links to see the following content or videos are on there.

It always leaves me feeling frustrated and duped to see this across many artist pages on here. Because I visit this site with the expectation of being able to view the full content from these artist on here, not to see lame previews.

Whats puzzling, is some pages continue being updated with new post despite the issue of being entirely unable to view full content in all post continue to persist.

Example of a page that contains this issue:

No complete content or link to content in post:

Pages continue to be updated despite issue persisting:

No complete content or link to content in post:

No complete content or link to complete content in post:


I wonder do any of you play a part in updating or adding some of the artist pages that are requested in the there? Or is it just unknown users who’re responsible for doing those deeds?


is the patreon importer broken or is there just no people updating patreon creators


No Patreon updates? Wtf happened? Importer rigged again?


Can someone please provide the link of the request thread?


are comments thing are still fix?


Might be. I saw some of the latest artists being imported have comments.


Can you a feature to by pass itch.io games that are patreon linked



PROBLEM: The latest Patreon post is missing (yes I know about posts not showing up in the index page and that you can navigate using "previous").



Both authors have the latest chapter . which is in the same tier as the last one imported, so it's accessible - missing.

Those are fresh imports from just now.



…They (the very latest post) are also not in the [Recent Posts], only the last but one is there.

Author https://kemono.party/patreon/user/36884260 has the same issue


Your importer has an "off by one" error, not importing the latest post!



Same with Zogarth https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34232701

Latest import is one short of Patreon (all are in the same $9 tier). Index page is further behind, but we know that is temporary. Again I'm talking about the ACTUALLY and REALLY missing very latest post of an imported author.

Okay okay - enough evidence. The latest code update used for the current big import run has an off-by-one bug, one of the more common software bugs.


Importer seems to be fucked again, I can't import Patreon shit.

Hope it gets fixed before my pledge runs out.


Earlier this month, update posts from this creator are all up to Tier 3, but lately, only Tier 1 posts are getting posted? What's happening?


a creator on my favorites page (refreshed) has a date of…

Pixiv Fanbox
2022-08-26 19:30:55.623351

but when viewing 'Recent' it's…

Pixiv Fanbox
2022-08-28 20:22:50.030579

is this working as intended?


Is the discord importer still down?


same thing is happening to artists on my favorites list


Looks like the importer isn't properly setting up file downloads anymore, seeing many links like this as of late:


Instead of what it normally does which is store the file on Kemono.party.


File: 1661763226618.jpg (22.75 KB, 400x400, ehh.jpg)

Popularity's gotten to this site, huh?
Not saying sekrit club garbage (ie panda) is good, but at least it helps keep traffic down and notoriety low.

Godspeed for the hackers trying to fix the importers though. Going back and fort with paid autism must be exhausting…

Manual imports *might* help, but it could also generate even more problems. May also defeat the point of the site, if automation is the main goal.


How long has the subscribestar importer been down now?


I think they should also allow manual imports at this point, especially if their own code stops working and there's people subbed to the artists who want to be useful to the community lol


Yeah I'm pretty sure the discord importer is broken. No discord content has been updated a while.


1. Disable the shitty CSS effect, it's bloat and makes it harder to click on links.

2. Let us search for multiple things at once, e.g. dropbox|mega|drive gives all posts containing either of the words.


File: 1661828319878.jpg (58.62 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

>half the partychan images are gone
>34 running imports but 4387 queued
pic rel


File: 1661832081496.png (1.26 MB, 980x1128, rdr.png)

There's a lot of CSS effects, which one should be more minimal?
>half the partychan images are gone
We were apparently raided, and many threads were cycled out as a side-effect, without many good recovery options. Sorry about that.
>34 running imports but 4387 queued
Kinda expected.
Auto-import. It uses the same queue.


November or December


Patreon comments still not importing for the artists I follow



What about the OFF BY ONE issue??

All Patreon imports are missing eth LATEST post. I only check webnovels but it's all Patreon, and every single one is always missing the LAST/latest entry, since the last mass-import a few days ago.


Non-issue, the posts are imported. It's just redis lagging behind, which caches for 60m iirc and if you mess up the order of flushing, then it might as well take 12h.


File: 1661879065044.webm (2.3 MB, 906x486, 1.webm)


This one


I think on the primary artist list page, that it would be nice if you could see their last updated. The stat is already shown on the Recently updated artist page, but that one lacks a search functionality. This would make it easier to tell if it’s worth revisiting a given artist’s page without having to end up finding nothing new posted.


made an account today and now all of my favourites are gone despite the notification that they would be ported to my user. can I still salvage this somehow or did I mess up somewhere? appreciate any help


Is the discord importer actually down?


File: 1661902511359.png (14 KB, 398x52, Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at ….png)

214.9 imports?


it's been three days since at least two artists on my favorites list (probably more) have been missing the latest post. sounds like an issue to me.


trying to import at the end of the month is always fun, especially when you wait through the queue only to get "Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram." right before your access is revoked
2nd half of import id is 38b369f5


Why Duplicate images everywhere?

Why is every image duplicated? (at least twice, but can also be thrice+), one image with the same url is usually posted twice or more, e.g. every post for YinYue artist

can something be done about this? cuz I'm thinking about writing a userscript which'd filter images with the same URL at this point…


that's the artists fault



IIRC every single artist I've seen on the site (since forever) has atleast 1 dupe image (often more) in every, single, post, without fail.

I often have to sit there playing spot the difference because I can't tell if I'm looking at a slight variation or just a dupe (with diff URL or name).

I don't know why they don't just get rid of the dupes. Surely when you add them all up you're looking at a BIG chunk of data (millions of 7-15mb PNG's?) that could be reserved for new, not redundant data.


Check the image hash. One image is the preview image, the other is the full image.


managed to get it to work the second time but it still complained about errors, fortunately once it got to the already existing posts
2nd half of this one was 05998464


No they aren't? They literally have the same URL (all 3 dupe images in the post), they can't be "different images"


it's the artists fault

here's an example https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/8445925


Well, it's YOUR user's problem and headache, so could you please do something? at least filter same-url images \ don't fetch previews \ something ?


It is the artist's fault, but I don't think the kemono devs can do much either because if they restrict all cover images for example, you'd lose out on the handful that actually make dedicated cover images for their posts, and manually sorting is WAY out of the question. If you're just trying to datahoard my way of doing it is open the images in two new tabs and rapidly flip between them and differences will show up almost immediately. Not the most graceful solution but like I said I don't think much can be done.


it's not just limited to the embedded pictures, a lot of artists embed the pictures and also embed an archive containing those embedded pictures, so you'll waste 2x more space

you can use gallery-dl to skip duped embedded pictures, and use a deduplication script to generate hard links for every dupe


well, now I just look at the url - if the url of images is the same - I ignore them, I mean - at least THIS could be done via a script, no?

> cover images

Just putting cover into a separate place for Covers would do the thing I guess (e.g. at top right or smth instead of main content at the center)



You are confusing this new issue with an older issue where the posts were not getting indexed but were downloaded.

This new issue, the posts are not downloaded at all. It is not an indexing problem. The posts cannot be accessed by using the "previous" button. The posts cannot be found by searching the the Recent Posts. They do not exist on the server. They do not show up 12 hours later.

It is a serious issue that started about a week ago, and needs to be fixed.


there's an UI problem I find very non-user-friendly:

- when you open a post you can't scroll it with arrows or spacebar cuz focus is probably somewhere unrelated to the main content with images, pls fix cuz it's very hard to browse with this.

Tried both classic and beta - same in both places. Firefox on windows 10.


Yep. It's nothing new. Discord importer has been down for awhile. I think subscribestar faced the same fate too iirc.


Is the patreon importer on the fritz? I'm seeing ~20 imports running for a few hours now and several of my favorites (and one of my imports) seem to not be importing some posts.

It's probably nothing just a slowdown or something but I thought I'd ask.


Nvm, just saw >>23468. Likely answers that. Thanks!


does discord import work?


Say I've got content from gumroad that I'd like to add to this site. The gumroad importer and direct uploader are down. What should I do? How can I get those files to you?


While the gumroad importer is down, I've got a Contributor-Only stop-gap channel on Telegram. Soon as manual uploads are back, I'll upload every file uploaded on there by myself.
Link is: https://t.me/kemonopartyshared

Let me know when you want to join and tell me what you have so I can approve you as a contributor


Are Patreon comments only being uploaded to a fee artist?





What I have to contribute I actually already posted here:
and here:
but yeah I'll join and post those links there too if you want


Where is the request thread?


i just wanna ask why i suddenly got banned on telegram channel of kemono.party when the truth is i didn't violate any rules? first, i've read the rules and i just followed the format for requesting a patreon artist, and i sent it. then after a while, i just got banned for idk reason.


Hey wait a minute, I've seen this happen before.


File: 1662128471016.jpg (85.82 KB, 850x923, 1659308295284686.jpg)

Afdian and Boosty support is incoming, along with a revived Subscribestar and Gumroad importer. You can begin submitting keys now to help us with the final stretch of testing on them. Please check the import page for more information.
Patreon comment importing technically works fine, but due to being buggy/slow, it's manually disabled for some time. Hopefully, people can wait just a little longer?
I'm becoming slightly more receptive to the idea of alternative community spaces for multiple reasons, but enough people have to show support for such a thing.
Reasons. The capabilities are there to eliminate them, by using the internal file storage tables instead of the dupe-filled direct API data, but actual implementation is not straightforward right now.


Subscribestarbros… I see the light at the end of the tunnel


For example:

Recently, 秋空 (Akisora) opened all his works for free, So, I upload my fanbox session.

After hundreds of importer logs, it finished processing, then I found kemono skip 秋空 (Akisora).

I know I did't subscribe to any plan of 秋空 (Akisora), but why pay for free(price)?

秋空 (Akisora):


What's up with the importer? It seems to be struggling to import anything


I can't seem to change my password, I remember it once gave you the option to do it, but now that I'm changing all of my passwords, Kemono is the only site that I can't.

Maybe I'm retarded, but was the password change really removed?


There was never an option to change password


Well, I thought it did gave you a prompt in case your password was found in a data leak or something like that, but it was probably another site.

In any case, I believe an option to change the password is a must, even if there isn't anything of value to take from a kemono account (except my favorites, it's hell trying to mark them all back the way it was)


Well, I thought it did gave you a prompt in case your password was found in a data leak or something like that, but it was probably another site.

In any case, I believe an option to change the password is a must, even if there isn't anything of value to take from a kemono account (except my favorites, it's hell trying to mark them all back the way it was)


Yeap, that's a real pain in the ass for someone who mainly uses spacebar to scroll pages…


Are most of the images on the BBS offline for anyone else or is it just me?


File: 1662153199777.jpg (103.79 KB, 1061x731, photo_2022-08-29_22-59-36.jpg)

Use beta.
The hashes are same, so wont take up more space, even if there will be 500, only 1 image will be saved.
Read other admin notice.

I still meow.


There is a Japanese site called Ci-en. Are there any plans to add Ci-en support for kemono?


Hey could there be any way to load Patreon posts that have been updated after being imported to kemono? Im seeing that some artists now update their old Patreon posts but the importer doesn't show the updated version


I agree with you and would like to see updated posts from non-Patreon sites loaded.
However, the URLs that were published for a limited time only. It is possible that they will be removed from the postings, and especially with Fantia and Fanbox, the updates may result in stricter censorship of genitalia.
Hence, I would like you to keep the previously loaded versions of posts and files.


hopefully you can support Deviantart sometime soon. they started letting artists paywall recently.


>I'm becoming slightly more receptive to the idea of alternative community spaces for multiple reasons, but enough people have to show support for such a thing.
Telegram requires a phone number for account creation/verification, that's my main issue with not touching the thing, this is supposed to be a piracy site so having to do something like that which requires a "legit" phone number that can be traced seems counter intuitive.
Discord may not be as secure but it's a hell of a lot more convenient, and if you get the other importers up it's not like anything would need to be uploaded to it for filesharing or content hosting, it could just be used for site support/updates, and beggars spamming requests.


I've been telling them about DA since March or April. But yeah, it's a good idea they get on top of it before it's too late.


>Discord may not be as secure but it's a hell of a lot more convenient

Discord is a totalitarian shithole, they periodically silently (you won't notice) delete servers they don't like for whatever made-up reason


Where can I request an update for this certain artist? I was gone for a while and I checked their page and they were getting updated one month ago, but the updates stopped mid august. Where can I request?


Seconding this. There's a few artists that haven't been updated in more than a year, and I was wondering where the threads had gone.

If it turns out you guys are just stopping the request threads altogether it's fine, but yeah just asking


Sorry, wrong link on the previous post I made and deleted.

Recent posts are showing up as white images other than the cover image. This was happening on some of their older posts as well but has since been resolved so I suspect they are briefly uploading these white images initially then swapping out to the actual images. I'm not really sure how the importer works at all but maybe add a way to delay it grabbing new posts by a few minutes to avoid this if it is what is actually happening? I don't think its something fanbox is doing globally since I haven't noticed this on anyone else.



AFAIK DA have been doint that for years now. Shit, I think even Hentai Foundry started somekind of paywall service now too… I guess from a business perspective, its inevitable that ALL "previously free" sites WILL do paywalling eventually :/


>using space bar to scroll unironically



A normal human being, you troglodyte.


File: 1662252589433.webm (1.24 MB, 1478x558, 1.webm)

same issue on beta

what's the point of these effects tho


I see that Gumroad, Subscribestar, and DLsite are being worked on. Any word when Discord will be fixed?


File: 1662258965048.jpg (2.25 MB, 1666x2000, 1660441158424288.jpg)

A you problem, go unfuck your system.
also >Let us search for multiple things at once
There will be no OR searches in this database.

Only time will tell.

Flag the posts, wait for someone to import, then it will be updated.

Then go subscribe to them and import their posts.


Do whatever the fuck you want, matters little. If you want to manage the "just asking" crowd, go do so.


Someday in beta, poke codemonkey. But he is busy with other things.

Wasn't it intertwined with dlsite to a degree?
We'll see how popular these get before deciding.

Just you.

Only happens on beta, no such behaviour on main site.

We don't import free tiers.

That's the train.

For now it is up to us to enable or disable comment importing, as it is still experimental.

Seems to be caused when the comments are enabled, the error is being caught but it is quite the retarded error.
We'll need to fix that one.

When I see the system behaving not the way I need it to, it will be stopped and fixed until it does.
Such was the case here.

I think I kicked the archiver at that time and re-run your import.

Admittedly that one has been a pain for a long time


File: 1662260379228.webm (1.52 MB, 1478x696, 1.webm)

it's not, this is your doing

>There will be no OR searches in this database.

implement it, here's how https://studio.code.org/docs/ide/applab/expressions/orOperator


>>Then go subscribe to them and import their posts.
You think I wouldn't, if I could?

>>We don't import free tiers.

Mm-hmm, sure. Tell that to the fuckers that go around updating exclusively the free posts on a whole bunch of artists and nothing else


No, DeviantArt only started doing it this year. You might be getting mixed up with when they decided to turn their Mature Content filter from a DOB gate into what's pretty much an account-only setting.

Also now that I think about it, you may have a point. Who's to say it couldn't go so far as to include YouTube or Google or Archive.org… oh shit.
I don't think any of us could begin to comprehend just how fucking DANGEROUS something like that would be!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, even emailing services and many more. That could even qualify as a doomsday scenario!


unlikely as in it would be difficult to code a scraper for DA paywalls, or that there are other more important things to do?
or is it unlikely because you simply don't want to because reasons?



Actually I've met a lot of people who's all like "dude wtf! you use a…PC?!?! - just use a phone to view\read stuff bruh!!"

especially when reporting problems with their website-reader for manga\manhwa xD


File: 1662292274330.webm (1.52 MB, 2242x942, SvxUdIqHCA.webm)

A you problem. And the answer is still no.

>Mm-hmm, sure.
Blame shino.

All except the first.


As far as I understand currently only flagged posts are reimported. Is reimporting all posts too expensive (computationally/time-wise).


Many artists time gate their posts and remove content/links at the start of a new billing cycle.
If everything got manually reimported we'd risk losing more than we'd have to gain.


That makes sense. Thanks.


The import queue has been slowly rising over the pass several days. It is at 116 right now (but only 1 running import).

What is going on? Are there really 100+ imports stuck in limbo? Why?


The importer should download the content from the links.


When did the minimum character search limit get increased to 2? Searching Asian creators' posts has become difficult because of it.


It was a while ago, apparently there was some search spam that put stress on the engine, and since programming-wise it's impossible to differentiate "a" from "甲", the bump-up was the only option.


They are logographic characters which are relatively performant to search by, contrary to "a" searching fags.
Also not the hardest to implement, but you would need to consider chinese, japanese, korean, other logographic characters and then their variations as well as the extensions.
And the current tokenizer is working with double characters, so there will be no changes to that for a long time.


so you DON'T want to give a middle finger to paywallers no matter where they operate? weird…


File: 1662349995843.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1200, 1662087562066470.jpg)

He's not necessarily telling you no.
For me, at least, there are indeed more important things to do at the moment, like manual uploading and the various other importer initiatives. I also have no clue about any of the paywalled artists there or how the platform works in current year.
If you are absolutely hellbent on having support for a certain site for some reason, emailing me tokendumps (use EditThisCookie?) and artist URLs can ease the process of looking into it.



I notice that too, but I also see that there are still patreon, pixiv, and fantia still being posted. Maybe it will be done in a large import dump?


If you actually read the admin posts above you'd know they are substar and gumroad imports being tested before the platforms are officially brought back see here >>23552



"Don't want to because reasons," seemed fairly like a "fuck off" to me, but hey, that's just me.



Fuck off.


>programming-wise it's impossible to differentiate "a" from "甲"

actually programming-wise it's quite possible and actually is frequently done in forum searches, just search something on some forum e.g. "a book" and it'd answer you
> "a" ignored, searching for "book"


Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Backend fetch failed

Guru Meditation:
XID: 640124589

Varnish cache server


why is there so many queued imports and only like 1-2 running imports?


According to >>23619 it is because substar and gumroad imports are being queued until the system is ready to import from those sites.


>Just you.

No, it isn't just me. Look around your own BBS and you'll see others reporting the same bug. See that new thread on the main page? Its like the left-hand doesn't know what the right-hand is doing round here sometimes…


File: 1662409613590.png (10.27 KB, 500x414, j1.png)


Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram.

First half of import ID is 2a1f246328

Is it okay to post this here or I should go to telegram?


File: 1662422777165.jpg (115.88 KB, 1080x720, 458-crash.jpg)


>Is it okay to post this here or I should go to telegram?

No you have to post this directly, the old fashioned way.


Logged on today and for some reason when I sort artists by "ascending" to check what new artists have been added the first 2 pages are blank and display no artists at all, and if I sort it by descending and try to look at them as the last 2 pages instead it still shows nothing.


okay, I admit I was being kind of a smartass, but can you really blame me?


File: 1662467301281.png (59.54 KB, 159x159, ForsenCD-Example-Usage.png)

We don't import free tiers.


Any chance this could be adjusted so if one has paid subscription for particular artist to create 1:1 mirror of their posts ?


Dude, there is a thread here just for asking passwords. Ask there.


No, there isn't.


File: 1662547283607.png (39.44 KB, 1920x922, 0609222.png)

So is this just being done to conceal new subscribestar and gumroad accounts that have been added for testing?
Cuz as I said yesterday >>23640 it was pages 1 and 2 for new artists that wasn't being displayed, now the empty section has moved to 3 and 4.


Does Boosty uploading not work? There's no artists under its tab and when I want to import my posts, there's no readily obvious auth_token under my cookies. The uploader also seems to agree with anything I post.


Boosty is still in debugging. If you provide your key, it should eventually be imported.


I want to know when the feet requests on /requests/ are gonna get done. That board still exists even if it isn’t in the corner of this one anymore.


they get done when the magical importing machine in the sky says they get done


articles are not hyperlinks themselves, the links are separate <a> tags inside them, that's frustrating.


is there a way to get titles of images?

to get the rar unpack password from this user you have to click on the image, but here it doesnt show anything :/



Any news about the Maintenance of the recent updated artists and the large number of queued imports? I know we are testing the subscribestar imports, but that is a large number for that.


File: 1662812566865.png (113.43 KB, 1083x609, unknown.png)

Some Patreon contents , ex BlackProf , won't show the comment section , where he puts the link to his images . Please have a look and fix thank you


Anyone getting 503: Backend Fetch Failed?



Ignore. Try again in a few minutes.


Is anyone using the DM import thing at all? More and more Patreon artists are starting to lock their shit behind a cloud service like Google Drive, or you need a password to unlock the art. I feel like everyone forgets about importing their DMs lol


So how long is the recently updated artists tab going to be under maintenance?


the recent posts tab still works it's not about maintenance



then what is it about then?



It's a political statement about the oppression of penguins in the Arctic, where they are denied entry.



My guess is that they don't want anyone to have an easy time tracking when a creator gets imported during the batch updates. Patreon might use that information to track down which user's sessionID was used.


vimeo bros we got too cocky…



The huge gaping hole in that argument is the tab "Recent Posts", which would be even better suited for that purpose.


Is there a way to donate to the site NOT through Crypto? Basically its impossible for me to purchase Crypto of any kind.


File: 1662932731612.png (395.42 KB, 1840x1438, au u.png)

Your biggest contribution for the site is adding extra content trough the importers.
We appreciate it much more than normal cash donations.


File: 1662940892292.jpg (142.41 KB, 600x600, 1662142106569782.jpg)

A day or two or three. There are major performance issues stemmed from how it currently works internally.
If you weren't aware, updated sort on /artists does the exact same thing functionally, and you should probably use that.


Any way to delete or disable my account?


just stop using it


I got banned too, before I had ever posted anything, at all. I was >>23538 and I wanted to contribute, but… Idk what's up with this


File: 1662972955161.png (5.36 KB, 248x115, TA6L59CLWB.png)

There is no "updated" sort


So this artist is being updated but none of his content is there:
His content has been flagged for months now but nothing change.
Please look into it thank you very much


It's available on the beta version.
But it's still worse than the regular last updated artists page.


File: 1663002502471.png (4.86 KB, 460x101, Vwd0GqH.png)

It literally fucking isn't.

Agree on the fixing the recent updated page though.

There would be many times where like 50-90% of the "updated" ones are listed on back to back pages, sometimes even a 3rd or 4th page in a row.

Which used to make me think a bunch more just dropped…. and no that wasn't the case. Just some bug in how they would be supposedly listed a few times that didn't really hurt anything tbh. Is there any ETA on when it's going to get fixed? Was useful for finding interesting content and for people to get a good idea if someone imported the same stuff they have.



Beta does have the "Updated" sort option for the Artists search. But it displays so little info. Just the name and the banner.


https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174 the artist i usually view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed


Why would the site be timing out all of the sudden? I was just browsing and then I just started getting time out errors. I have to access the site using a different network now


File: 1663079004505.jpg (288.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-09-13-09-2….jpg)

Uh, can anyone replicate this? Because i keep getting it and only with this kanji, weird af.


I've noticed a few accounts having a large gap between imports? Like their page will be updated but they haven't been updated in a couple months and everything between when they were last updated and about late August is missing?

Like here there's posts from June 29th and then there was a new import today and there's now the posts from August 29th up to now
but on their patreon there's plenty of existing posts between August 29th and June 29th showing up


May you post the kanji if you want us to try?


File: 1663086171500.jpg (13.25 KB, 607x145, Screenshot_20220914_001918.jpg)

Please add an option where you need to confirm a flag. I'm on mobile and whenever I scroll through my finger accidentally touch on the flag and it happens a lot. Also, unflagging should be nice too.



Does [Recently Updated Artist] redirect to a page that just says "Maintenance." for anyone else? I've seen no one discussing it here and no announcements about maintenance in that thread either.



Look again. It has been commented on.


Something broken or bothering you?
Yes. Me.


Could you quote some more examples of begging to loudly in the request threads besides “please”?


Yup, that's the kanji, also happens if you put anything composite with it like 鈴木


On the beta site, the artists page displays the artists' profile picture and their banner.
But is it really useful to display the banner?
You could probably save some bandwidth and load time by not displaying it, right?
Meanwhile, I think it would be better to show the timestamp when they were updated (text don't use much bandwidth as pictures).


Interesting, if I try just 木 it says there are 30 results but only shows the first 25, page 2 is blank. Probably a kanji reading error of some sort. If you search each of the three kanji in
楠木 帯 separately the first and last give all results, only the middle one has some missing.


Question relating to kemono telegram (ban list) and telegram's time account deletion thing

For example, let's say Dude A makes a telegram account, changes settings, and sets the timer for account deletion for a month (if inactive by then), joins the kemono telegram, and after a long amount of time, has a moment of being an idiot and gets banned from the kemono telegram entirely (all rooms) because [insert reason here]. Dude A has other channels he's a part of, does stuff, but then forgets about his account because [insert reason here], and leaves his telegram alone for a long time, enough for the timer set till inactive for his account to be auto deleted from telegram

would that telegram account deletion automatically remove Dude A from the kemono blacklist, and if they join back, would they regain access once more, or does the ban list keep track of some special ID that never changes between accounts in-case someone tries to invade with alts just to be a special kind of dumbass


File: 1663268464420.png (30.61 KB, 1080x394, Screenshot_20220915-213135….png)

Thats something new.
Whats happened?


File: 1663270728310.png (767.71 KB, 838x600, Glowstick.png)



Can anyone do sth about the DM import ? I can't see link to contents in the comments , it's been too long


First Recently Updated is under maintenance, and now we got annoying pop up ads in Posts. Yippee…


When can there be an option to display a user's other sites on a page? Like if an artist has a patreon, to have their substar, fanbox, discord, and/or gumroad kemono pages linked as well?

Also, will it be possible to have support for boosty eventually? I'm seeing a bunch of artists move to that place because patreon is becoming increasingly shitty for all users with each new update.


I'm seeing a peculiar thing happening with this guy's page:

He has the latest video in a tinyurl link, but it just goes to his Patreon page. The post has been flagged for the past week now, and it still hasn't changed.

I recall that he had some sort of URL code script thing done a few months ago that sends you to another place if you don't have a proper user token or something… but the last time that was mentioned around here, the admins brushed it off as a non-issue, and coincidentally the guy stopped using it as well. I'm wondering if this might be that little script in action, again.


File: 1663313751281.jpg (31.91 KB, 600x935, xa69z5.jpg)

There are no pupup ads on the site, you most likely mean the "js slider" (the thing that slides out from the bottom right with a close button)
Will set a timeout for that zone like previously.

If you mean ads that create a new browser window, then report it instantly with the url + screenshot.


File: 1663315106547.jpg (178.14 KB, 1080x357, Screenshot_20220916_005721.jpg)

I keep getting this obnoxious ad, there's also an annoying vid with a goblina but I managed to block that


File: 1663319728921.png (22.18 KB, 1200x248, Ggb7eIQ.png)

Ah I gotcha. Sorry. Retard moment on my end. Thanks for the heads up/clarification. Appreciate that. ( ° ʖ °)


Twice now, when an artist's Kemono got updated, I've noticed some of their work from Patreon got skipped over. What gives?


What country/state/area are you from? Please tell us!


From Russia.
But it doesn't matter anymore. The beta version of the site is working fine.


I think adding a blacklist feature would be very good for people that look through the updated page.


You can do that with an extension like Ublock Origin with CSS rules.
It's client side obviously but still better than nothing.


Yep, I'm from Russia too, and having the same issue… Can you please fix this?



There are more terms with that bug:

- Albo
- Aven (Page 2 dont work)
- FerrianFepon
- SlaveBoyHurts
- FirefoxNia
- MesoTroniK
- Mary Cruz
- Akaikosh
- Darkness
- ADVPodcasts
- Patrick Riley
- Tartiflette
- Sacred XO
- Aaron McKee
- Matt262
- DocNoff
- Saotome Nanda
- Mr. Domino
- DVDBeaver
- Nia Tahl
- Valium Sadfemme McGirlBoss
- redcomet2009
- 鈴木すきゃな
- kiaps
- nuclear82
- 爪子 乙 -Oto Tsumago-
- 赤竹ただきち

If the artist is in the page, the page wont load


File: 1663367897068.png (3.34 KB, 272x42, login_with_patreon.png)

if 'https://' or 'http://' in body:
lnkpos = body.find('https://') # link position
if lnkpos = -1:
lnkpos = body.find('http://')
lnk = body[lnkpos:(lnkpos + body[lnkpos:].find('"'))]
2ndwall = urlget(lnk) # whichever url-getting function goes here, pls check for OB1's
lp2 = 2ndwall.find('href="https://www.patreon.com/oauth2/authorize?') + 6
2scale = 2ndwall[lp2:(lp2 + 2ndwall[lp2:].find('"'))]
# then login with the account, and import the smut that is listed in the link redirect, and maybe check against (thumbnail) hashes if it's a more generalized page for new images

one or more of the pages link to some other website containing this button, limiting the amount of imported smut
rate my selftaught never-before-published "code"


File: 1663383364761.png (17.18 KB, 540x162, basic-bitch.png)


Just tried Beta, it loads "/posts", but if you use certain keywords for Search, it still doesn't work even in Beta, still returns you to this (for example I tried "hololive").


What can I say, you are lucky. Found "banned/illegal/bad" keyword.
By the way, I've used a bunch of keywords to search for (even typing in the names of Hololive members), and they work just fine.


So it's just in Russia. You can't guarantee a fix when the reason (which is obvious) can be hard to do anything about.

You'll just have to wait and see what happens. It might get sorted, it might not.


File: 1663407039278.jpg (88.53 KB, 811x1081, ab8f828c2ee2cf46aefd3f76ec….jpg)

Yeah, only in Russia.
And I know the cause of this problem, and know how to fix it.


It's not РосКомПозор… If it had been, the whole site would have been blocked in our country, not just one page. I think, there just some issues at the site. Cause piracy site that impose sanctions against russian pirates is rather hilarious, stupid and non-profitable. Some of russians also contribute content to this site, and loose these contributors (which may critisize this damm crazy war, sorry for politics) due to some ideology is rather strange idea)


File: 1663459904705.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1368, Roskomnadzor.png)

If I thought I could say more without causing problems, I would.
Just know we aren't making stupid arbitrary decisions.


>stupid arbitrary decisions
KP Twitter account



Any hope of us getting a keybinding to allow us to add posts/artists to our favorites list without needing to struggle to find the star on the page? (Discords specifically lack a way to favorite.. hence the request for a ctrl-F, or keypad-0 favorite key.) If this feature is present, please, let me know. Thank you!


Oh boi, there's Russians here!?!?


why wouldn't there be faggot


Um… well, yes. A lot of people from different countries know about Kemono. It's strange that this surprises you.


I dunno faggot, you tell me


because they're faggots of course, Russian


Each account in Telegram is unique, having an ID independent from its phone number, so answer to your question "can I avoid the ban by deleting my Telegram account" is yes.


So when, if ever, are the DM imports getting fixed? Literally none of the artists I favorite have had their DMs imported since March at the most recent.

I attempted to import mine on a whim a week or two ago, and even several hours after the post imports were done, I wasn't able to pick which ones were to be uploaded to KP.

Because the linked page they were supposed to be on was empty.


I sometimes worry that hundreds if not thousands of hi-res and/or uncensored art is going to be lost because DMs/Discord/outgoing links aren't supported


The best way for that is to download them to your device and post it somewhere else. That way, anyone can find it if they know where to look


Why aren't they? They were before, so what changed?

That would work if there was a website to post the links on. Perhaps some sort of paywalled content scraping and upload website. Hmm.


Import completed but artist page doesn't show up.

Half of import ID: 1b9d772c


Just a relaying a post from the request page:


Don't know why.


I'm seeing a lot of small QOL changes happening so I'll take the opportunity to ask for another one: Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the posts just like the ones at the top please.


Well, there are some websites. There is pb, but it’s not 100% stable. There’s u18 which is styles like this chan. And I saw some patreon art on 34.xxx, but that might be risky to put there since I notice some payed content gets removed there.


Could you tell us why requests are closed again?

I'm asking because there's an artist I've been requesting who's on the verge of deleting a particular never-before-seen post I've been wanting to see for a long time. I was gonna mention make a new request where I mention this but now requests are closed. The timing couldn't have been worse. (Shit. Shit! SHIT! SHIT!!! WHY NOW?!)


If I remember correctly, they closed it due to spam requests, but I don’t think that will help. The request are only there to inform what we want to possible scalpers. The only way for that post to be placed in Kemono is for one scalper to buy a subscription and import it here.


No I mean THIS time. They've just closed it again. I wasn't asking to be reminded why it got closed at some point in the past.


You can definitely get (perma?) banned from R34.xxx for uploading paid art. AFAIK in the rules its treated the same as "DNP artists". People do upload paid shit to R34 but IMO they're taking a silly risk cos the mods & admins don't piss about on that site (eventually it'll be "your turn for the ban hammer").


And manual uploading. We haven't had that for something like 2 years now I think…

R.I.P all that content. Now, let us all take a moments silence in quiet remembrance of this shit. A candlelit vigil is to follow.


Hey Admins, any chance we get /prev and /next navigation back? Used to be that adding /prev or /next to the current post address navigated to the prev/next post respectively. Now the previous / next links are hardwired to the appropriate posts.

If not possible, any suggestions for userscripting keyboard navigation?



File: 1663662915613.png (145.85 KB, 460x260, ringlewd.png)

HQ of KP is scared of RKN doing something? Oh, please! RKN won't do a thing until there's some request from some government funded producer or writer.


you're assuming that I actually have any of that content
if I did, I would have shared it elsewhere already


This is for those who have access to that content. I’m sure there are still some scalpers on the other services that cannot be placed here for now. They just need a place for us to find it.


Just checking, now that the request board is closed again, is there any way to make requests elsewhere? Also, any reason why it was closed? Would really appreciate some transparency.


you are implying they haven’t already knocked


No.They're closed for a reason.


"because I said so"


Go cry to administration. Only doing what I was told to do


> https://kemono.party/patreon/user/31915455
So this imported account seems to have its old Patreon name (Steven Rodriguez), instead of its current name (XboxAddictionz).


Normal. Kemono seems to use the name, pfp, and header they had at the time of first import


"because I said so"


It is Possible for Kemono to archive Patreon Discords? I have seen public Discords on Kemono already but no Patreon related ones. Just wondering if that is even possible.


Begone jewnigger. Your kind aren't welcome here.


e-hentai Make an artist archive and upload it there. Can even make it monthly files instead of one big file dump if you're inclined.

Easy to set up torrents too. Aside English TLs on the stuff the ex fellow piratefags turned jewbags at fakku get taken down nothing worth enjoying hardly ever gets touched. The JP versions stay up there along with virtually every non english TL out there. A shit ton of SP/FR/PT/RU/PL/IT/TH/CN TLs on there of a lot of good stuff.

If anything it can help ease the burden for kemono. As far as I know there's no compression of the images, but I may be wrong. So then you can just upload your stuff you extract from those pass protected paywall things and share with the bois. At least its what I used to do when I had the spare funds to sub to a bunch of shit before/before I heard of yp.


I was wondering if it would be possible to add support for fantia products? For instance, https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/5339/products this guys' products are free with the tier (I think) but they're not on this site or anywhere else.


Can requests stop being locked, I can’t use Telegram anymore so how else am I gonna beg for my favorite artists to get updated?


So what's the reason this time?




hey, i have an issue with search posts tab, when i try to open it instead it gives be black screen with text content unavailable for connecting country, tho i can use all other parts of the site


genuine question. when can i request an artist to be updated all of its posts? i don't see a thread about requesting anymore. thanks.


File: 1663942755482.png (482.36 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20220923-171622….png)

Nowhere. Just wait.



Just update it yourself instead, leech.


Fanbox upload failing



Tried to import but received a message along the line of 'this key already been used for an import', but when I checked content of artists I subscribed to, there were no updates.

First half of import ID is 7d6c66f67


Server upgrades.


is there any way to unfavorite an artist that has been deleted?


is the patreon importer broken again or is this due to the "serverr updates"?


the users images have been posted but the text that accompanies them isnt (ie pdf)


images show up but the text files dont show up even if they are the same post


File: 1663993071081.jpg (30.79 KB, 800x420, 3142353536.jpg)

We can't see it because the Google Drive link disappears in just about 10 minutes…
Please change upload method…
Please upload the downloaded zip file directly to Kemono…


Someone doesn't know how Kemono works…


This artist posts for more than 3 weeks have been mostly placeholder contents.


umm can i have background source? please senpai

>>23329 >>23576
is there a good dumbphone i can buy off aliexpress? a disposable one is fine simcards are easy to get but what if the number expires?
do i really have to pay expensive sheckels every month and the store has cctvs inside i dont think my shithole country accepts crypto

>>23570 >>23402
>deviantart and itchio scrapper
yes do the needful please sirs nobody updated my smeagols :( AIRHEART is using old incomplete version
>i still meow
uhh Kryinge

just make a public rudimentary thread to post random files next to the b64 one but users must manually upload to thier own filehost

RMB is that you? also what happened to crackhead mcgee

>pay it yourself
why wasnt this redacted also cant you just make a simple gallery-dl GUI for us coomers or better yet just reverse the patreon android app and create a natural scrapper


still no clue why these people think requests are useless. I've tried to explain what they'd be good for, but they can't seem to get it through their thick skulls


How is work going?


File: 1664020108037.jpg (254.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-09-24-13-4….jpg)

If you put sort by idate on artists page, times favorited dont change to last updated or indexed.


>How is work (on manual uploading especially, at this point) going?I

Like the clappers, hopefully. If not, then y'all better get shovelling more coal into that furnace, quick time!

Its been so long in the making that by the time its finally ready, I'm expecting it to be the best fuckin manual uploading system in the whole frigging wide world!



Is that oxymoron deliberate or are you more stereotypically 'American' (even if not literally…) than words can describe lol?

How many Jewish niggas you met, or seen, or heard of? And if by Jew you just mean "stingey bastard", then the nig-nog bit doesn't make sense you silly sausage… Sorry to demand logic out of insults, but illogical insults are simply unacceptable you fucking Turkish sheeps-brain eating monkey!


Back when Kemono.party started, we could access the artists DMs directly on the artist page.
Then they've been moved toa separate section and that section was broken for several months.
Now I just CAN'T FIND which DM is from the artist I want, since some artists only post their full art on links on their DMs (especially asian artisis)
This is a nightmare


The artist i frequently view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


See, I know there are places to do this. If they offered a similar service as KP, I'd use them. I.e. file scraping with no real effort on my end, and no need to reupload quite a few gigs of data on said sites. Or paying for premium amounts of cloud storage.

That doesn't get me the paywalled shit I want, either.


If you are going to lock the DM thread at least try to fix the Patreon DM importer…
Fanbox is also requiring a DM importer, DMs are the new trend.


First half import ID E0651d2c, complains about comments or something and just gives up without importing any more posts


I hate “search is under maintenance” shit. Yeah guys, take away my go-to method of getting my fap on. Just what I needed right now


when i open any discord tab its just empty.

i really need access to this one



Import hangs? Most recently updated timestamp is… ca. 8 hours ago (2022-09-29T01:32:39.554Z)? Import queue stuck.



…finally, some importer progress, only now.


I keep trying to import yesterday and today, and when the import finally comes up in the queue I get errors (usually "an internal error") and saying to contact site staff

first half of import ID 06824c8c9


Just noticed something, on beta.kemono some artist with a lot of posts like bonifasko, switched showing on their page from 25 posts to 50 posts. Don't know if is temporary or if it is an error but the firsts pages have to catch up (so 25 post are not displayed) and only the last ones show 50 posts per page.


why are there so many links that are '403 forbidden' on this profile



Happening across multiple profiles



Due to DDoS-GUARD I assume. You using gallery-dl ?


yeah please help me, what do I need to do to resolve this


Probably just wait.

You can also try the cookie method at


I'm only seeing this, put it in gallery-dl conf and I'm still getting 403 with gallery-dl


I have to turn on my cringe inhibitor here because of your ads every time


also the order of artist posts is reversed


The artist i usually view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174


Wait for how long?



Until fixed.


>>24023 >>24024 >>24025 >>24026 >>24027 >>24028 >>24039 >>24040
There is nothing to fix. Stop messing with HTTP headers and everything will work just fine, granted you access the data from the post page.


>hurr durr works on my machine i dindu nuffin

no, you fucked with the settings again and gallery-dl isn't working again


I know what I'm doing, do you?


Hello! Gallery-dl doesn't work temporarily, or is it forbidden now?


If you're using gallery-dl, you must now set a referrer header. Add this to your download command:
gallery-dl -o headers.Referer="https://kemono.party/"

And it should work


How do you add this to the config? This didn't work.

This you? https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/issues/2990#issuecomment-1264078857


This artist has all his content locked behind mega. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/316398 does anyone have the folder? I think he sends them to dms


>Sorry about that.
That composition of words is something that you will probably never hear from me. No.


thank you confirming you're an asshole I guess


Yours truly.


Alright, what's going on with the 'Recently Updated Artists' page? The bloody thing won't load beyond the 1st page. Instead there's this "Loading creators… please wait!" thing coming up and it won't go away. Even if it does disappear after 10 minutes and I can go onto the next page… I'm not gonna wait another 10 minutes for it to clear again and again and again (for like 200 pages or whatever, eugh!). Can't use it when it's like this. Just as I was about to check a whole bunch of artists from over the last fortnight. Perfect.

So is there like some kind of work going on with that we should probably know? I usually don't have a problem with it, but in this case it's pretty bad.


well then you should be proud of yourself! there's nothing quite like an asshole to make the world a brighter place! congratulations!


File: 1664630947392.png (102.6 KB, 366x417, 1664313509274004.png)

No maintenance is happening, and there's no global issue.
Clear cache.
Enable JS.



data65.kemono.party is down


Seems like there's a way around Kemono's scraper by putting links to the patreon hosted file instead of embedding the download inside of the post?


File: 1664682214266.jpg (72.09 KB, 861x522, KP referer.jpg)

Regarding gallery-dl, if you use it purely for Kemono and you don't want to add the referrer line constantly (or edit each .bat file like I would need to) add picture related to your config.


Can you please the website shitting itself every time I want to favorite an artist?
It's either
>Couldn't favorite artist
>Couldn't retrieve favorite artists
This happens if I reload the page and get an infinite alert and have to delete cookies and log in again and even this sometimes doesn't fix it


*Can you please fix


speaking if banned who deleted my comment on /b/ and the >>23973 show yourself janny those were legit posts


Is there a way to easily search for DMs? I dont know the specific title and it was uploaded weeks ago so it is hard to find it manually. Like is there a way wherein you can filter the creators, categories, or such?


looks like we lost another artist to greed



DMs haven't been updated since March.
If you want to search old content then you can just add /dms to the end of the artist's kemono link. Example:


Yeah, that table has been a pain in the ass for the past weeks.
The maintenance script is done, just needs to be timed with a 10 min backend downtime.

Pretty sure there was a commit to fix that not too long ago.

Elaborate, since as far as I can remember, the files are also being processed.


How can we check if a profile isn't being updated because there's no one way to import? I.e. Contributor required.

I'm looking at a Patreon profile that looks like it should have updated but I'm not sure whether the importer is broken or whether I need to pay some money…



If it's not updated it's not updated, what is the mystery here? Yes, _somebody_ has to pay and then do an import here. Unless you become a true hacker and hack into Patreon systems and manage to get all their content without paying.


The mystery is whether the site has actually gotten round to updating it. It doesn't look like patreon updates all that frequently. I don't know how this site works.

If there's already a valid importer then there's not much point to me adding a second is there? (Not rhetorical. I legitimately don't know).


https://kemono.party/patreon/user/376174 the artist i usually view got updates but comments thing aren't fixed yet


Bugger! >_<


Just gave it another go, it's all good. Don't know what was wrong the first time but it's fine now.


Mrbooshmaster is not only aware his Patreon content's been leaked on Kemono, but he's so butthurt that he even made a post whinging about it.

Take note of the last sentence because that could lead to more trouble in the future.


seeth harder stingy creatorfag youre lucky i can't evade my credit card ban you jewish patrecucks dont deserve any support


More issues with this user. Lots of images have seemingly gone missing, only covers appear to be preset now. Already flagged them but pretty concerned how this could have happened in the first place.


Is that also why the API JSON files like https://kemono.party/api/fanbox/user/1079073.json suddenly started showing up blank?



> youre lucky i can't evade my credit card ban you jewish patrecucks

Should've learned to fucking dodge-roll then, shouldn't you.


What difference does adding or omitting "index.html" from the BBS url?


Not a lot Eli. The directory the "/" bit should automatically direct to the default which is typically an "index.html" or "index.php". In short, you only need to specify the remainder when you're looking for the non-default page.


Found a strange bug in the jaynaylor page: if you go there from the search or the recently updated artists with the links provided there are several posts missing, but if you load the same page from the page number link (in this case the number 1) the missing posts reappear. As far as i can tell the only difference is in the adress the one with all the post has extra only ?o=0 at the end. ex.


Opening some images in a new tab gives 403s now, unless I go back to the post page and click the image to make it full resolution on the kemono page before opening it in a new tab. Is this a bug or the anti-botting measure a mod was talking about last week because it's a little annoying. And also please fix requests as soon as possible, they're useful for the target demographic of this site.


Thanks for demystifying that for me :)


Found a bug on one artist
for some reason, all of their downloads are forbidden on mine, switching to a different browser doesn't work.


You have to click/tap on arbitrary images so the full resolution one is on the kemono site before opening the image in its own tab, which I don't really like but think it’s that anti-botting measure mentioned earlier.


Weird, still the same though. I tried on other artists but it the downloads still work normally. Should I flag it or something? Because one thing I noticed is that even the artist's old works have the same error. Is the fault in the importer's side?


What sort of "botting" is meant to be allowed, and what is being blocked deliberately?
Before the new measures, my setup was:
>read from my list of artist info
>for each artist, check the JSON to see when the newest post was imported
>if no new posts since I last scraped, skip the artist
>if there are, run gallery-dl and update the last-scraped column in the list
>this script runs once a week
Is this the sort of setup you're trying to prevent, or is it full-site scraping you're worried about and mine is just collateral?


There is no "Anti-Botting", stop messing with Referer headers and shit will work just fine. Granted you access the content from the main site/post/wherever.

Who the fuck came up with that idea.

Update your packages.

See first line.

Not a bug. They are "different pages", cached at different times.

As far as I can remember, no api enpoint ending in .json ever existed.


>As far as I can remember, no api enpoint ending in .json ever existed.
But that's what I was referring to by "check the JSON" in >>24144 and it worked until recently.


Noticed this issue as well, is there any fix incoming for this one?


Hi so, same guy here.
I've found a method to bypass it, however the difference is is that the speed of the download is stupidly slow, but it still downloads. What I did is basically right click > Save as video or just ctrl+s. Hopefully this helps.


> stop messing with Referer headers
I didn't though. The only thing I'm doing is open>click the three dots>download.
I didn't really mess with anything else.


>stop messing with Referer headers
I didn't though, the only thing I did was open it>click on the three dots>download.
I didn't really mess with anything.


It would be cool if we had a favourite artist 'feed' or something like it.

I'm picturing it like the recent posts tab but only for our favourited artists (it would be also nice if we could switch between date indexed and date posted)


Following up on this, looks like an import happened today for this user and all of the posts in question were unflagged, but the images are still missing. Additionally the two new posts which were brought in are exhibiting the same issue:


Why does it take so long to favorite a post or artist page?
I have to wait for a solid minute for the favorite action to take effect, and sometimes it doesn't even really bookmark the post as a favorite, a message of error appears, or even if the icon changed to show the post was bookmarked as favorite if I reload the page it disappears and I have to favorite the post again and start all this process again, it can take up to 10 minutes to favorite a single post


Favorites features have been noticeably borked for weeks now, favoriting takes a good 30 seconds, unfavoriting artist can take several minutes of retrying cuz the process keeps failing, and just loading the favorites page takes a good minute for me.
But that last part is nothing new, it's always been long, it's just longer than usual, but I do have 1500+ favorited artists, so it makes some sense.


Are you the importer? Check debug, start import and share half the import id.

gfd, fucking phone browsers

It's a purely database problem. The delete procedure needs to be adjusted,
because transactions stack and have to wait for the predecessors to complete.
Which is fun, when you consider there are pk/uniq indices involved.
And in an unlucky moment, you are stuck in the queue.


I am not the importer, I am just noticing that something really weird is happening with this artist. A large number of images on their posts which 100% were on kemono for months suddenly vanished last week. Only the cover images seem to be showing at this point.
Following this someone did an import two days ago which appeared to not fix the issue but unflagged all of the posts, and also brought in the two latest posts from the artist exhibiting the same issue.
A few hours later it seems like another import was done which did fix all of the posts that had been reflagged in that shot period of time. Checking back today, it looks like another import occurred which destroyed all of the images again.
No clue if there is some problem with kemono or if the artist or fanbox is doing something strange but there is definitely an issue here.


Just checked out my fav artist, who usually shares all their stuff via MEGA links, only to find out that they re-edited their MEGA content to contain a single "fuck you" txt file to importers. Disclosing only the proper links to payees.

So what he essentially has now is a dummy Patreon page with decoy posts which Kemono now meaninglessly updates.

I'm not even mad at this point, i'm just impressed.


>there are 35 posts
>but there are 299 revisions
Someone is having fun. A solution for that is relatively easy, but needs to be written.
On the other hand, be more vocal about revisions. Pressure shino into writing it.


who is it?



Hey this artist i like has the exact same issue


So how are displayed profile names on the site decided when it comes to importing fanbox artists?

For example this artist appears as "Bginga" on KP, which is their name in the address bar when accessing fanbox, but on fanbox itself their profile name is displayed as "B-銀河"
While this artist displays the same name "らんち" on KP that Fanbox has on their profile, and doesn't use "lunch"

It doesn't seem to be because one is using Kanji, and the other is using hiragana as there are many profiles with Kanji in them and vice versa.


File: 1665634784426.jpg (43.17 KB, 1862x842, kemono.jpg)

i'm trying to import from fantia but i can't get past entering my session key
the page stays blank and doesnt load anything


Can anyone fix the DM importer already ?


What's happening with requests? I noticed people are starting to get fed up with the lack of further notice.


The name doesnt change after first import. I believe they had unicode on fanbox in their urls and @s then pixiv standardized it, as a result some vanities look a bit weird too like a random combination of letters and numbers


But why? The site can load images and post really fast, but a measly bookmark takes ages


Measles virus slows down the process I guess.



The Measles virus must be slowing down the process, old chap.


This artist goes back and deletes his past Fanbox rewards, and it is not available on Kemono as well. Examples:
(Each post is supposed to have 6 images)

I wonder whether the importer simply imported after everything had been deleted, or did the deleted post somehow overwrote the earlier post after an update?


Deleted posts don't get reimported, edited posts might but there are revisions.


this, please fix


Don't lie. You're actually from Afghanistan aren't you! AREN'T YOU!!


File: 1665852635474.jpg (25.92 KB, 325x271, no.JPG)

WTF is this!?
I was just minding my own business when the ad section started showing this particular ad (see the picture to the left). The problem isn't the fact I'm getting the ad, the problem is the fucking ad itself!

Who the hell in their right mind would think it'd be a good idea to capitalise off an ongoing war, let alone through means that only serves to mock the conflict while millions of people are suffering as we speak? Also how would we know this is even real? Could be a virus/malware trap. Could be a way in for hackers, or scammers who may or may not be Russians getting money to fund their end of the war.


Get rid of it before someone gets hurt, or even killed!!


File: 1665856896265.jpg (217.72 KB, 1080x1760, IMG_1556.jpg)

A lot of words that I won't read, but if it (still) shows up, we need the link to which it redirects, the location of the ad on the site (header, middle, footer) and if it is kemono or coomer.
This looks like a rotating ad, so we have no direct control unless we know who is behind that specific ad.


You are asking the wrong person. Because the majority of the site has been optimized for speed. But that "measly" part is not optimized.

Because name change is not implemented, neither is multiple names for an artists. yet.
I could simply run a specific query that would update every artist, but then you would loose old names.

That was the old name/logic, if they changed it see ^

Works fine, do you by chance have an arabic keyboard layout?


is there not gonna be a huge auto import day for Patreon this week? usually happens somewhere around thursday - saturday


Gallery-dl users, is there a neat way to skip the thumbnail image for each post? I'm not very smart.



the patreon importer isn't broken and it imports one at a time, retard


Any news on the gumroad importer?


any time I open a new kemono page or post, it's trying to open a new tab to a site called owlunimmvn.com which my antivirus is flagging.



why do the queued imports shoot up to 8000 every week then


Cuz that's when the weekly "auto"dump is happening, it lasts days cuz it's so slow.



RE: Your reply to 24239

The ad was coming up on Kemono (I haven't checked Coomer though) and at the bottom of the page. And if I see it again I'll try and get the link (provided it's not a malware trap where clicking it means getting a virus, in which case I wouldn't).


Onto a different topic. Lately, anytime I click on a picture, my security program seems to be picking up something. Here's what it says:

Threat secured
We've safely aborted connection on owlunimmvm.com because it was infected with URL:Blacklist


I am having the same since yesterday, keeps trying to connect to owlumnimmvn[.]com


File: 1665925404215.gif (3.42 MB, 498x498, cat-black.gif)

Reporting the general url does not help us finding the EXACT ad that is causing trash.
If you get a popup or some shit ad, just right click onto it and copy the url.
Having the direct url means we can find out what advertiser is being abusive instead of just saying the whole ad sucks.


I'm getting forbidden 403 on anything from data35, everything else works perfectly.



you enabled the BROLKEN Patreon comment import which leads to the off-by-one ERROR

Pastreon imports don't import the very latest post!!!

You disabled Patreon imports because of this KNOWN PROBLEM - and now they are back AND SO IS THIS PROBLEM!!!


Oh no! Anyway…

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