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Is there a way to download shit from Skeb without this ugly ass text on it? If so, please fucking tell me how.


yes, find out who commissioned it and ask him or her to give you the picture or ask the artist for it


The artist obviously won't help unless you kidnap him and… Encourage him… but IIRC this picture was commissioned by Tony Blair so you could write to him directly. I know he would be willing to help. You may be obliged to do a favour afterwards one day, but… Nothing too weird, I'm sure.


Dunno if anything can actually be done, but give me an example page.
I know about Skeb as a certain commissioning platform, haven't really used it.


This. Skeb isn't a paywall gallery site, it's a commission delivery site. The only one who has access to the full resolution art is the artist and the client. some artists do post their commissions to pixiv/skeb sometimes though.


It would not be that difficult to create a script that automatically detects and removes the skeb SAMPLE watermark from an input image, given an initial sample of pairs of otherwise identical images with & without the watermark (not hard to find). I have been meaning to get around to doing this using python at some point. If I do so, I'll post it in this thread.
(Obviously don't run random python scripts from an imageboard without reading through them first to make sure they are doing what they claim to)

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