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Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff"


Obligatory author list. If anyone's not on here post them below.

3seed - Eight.
AbyssalRoadTrip - Abyssal Road Trip.
acaswell - A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World.
AleronKong - God's Eye, The Land.
alex_kozlowski - Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG by Alex Kozlowski Author.
alexclaw - Interdimensional Garbage Merchant, Brewer King by Psychomeltdown.
Allanther - Wizard’s Tower.
alstonsleet - A Traveling Dungeon.
Argentorum - The Devil’s Foundry.
authorchrisvines - Elemental Gatherers.
awmaher - The Hedge Wizard.
BabaVader - Owlnother World.
benjaminkeyworth - Superworld.
blacksmithoftheapocalypse - Blacksmith of the Apocalypse.
BlaiseCorvin - Apocalypse Cultivation.
BMedrano - Ancient Dreams, Eve of Destruction, Lilith’s Shadow, Through the Fire, Mantles of Power, The Beesong Chronicles.
Buller - The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy.
C_Mantis - The Path of Ascension
caerulex - The Menocht Loop.
cathfach - An Unbound Soul, A Lonely Dungeon.
chronicler - The Eagle’s Flight.
chunwa - A Dragon's Curiosity.
CoCo_P - Tower of Somnus, Viceroy's Pride, Blessed Time.
Comiak - The Reincarnation of Alysara.
DakotaKrout - Desolation, CC2.
Dbfassbinder - Confessions of a Magpie Wizard.
DefianceNovels - Defiance of the Fall.
delemhach - The House Witch.
Dinniman - Dungeon Crawler Carl.
dragonheartednovels - Dungeon’s Path, NeoRealm.
DropShotEpee - The Strongest Fencer Doesn't use [Skills]!
Duck_No_Duck - Digital Marine, Super Soldier not Super Hero.
DungeonCultist - Respawn Condition: Trash Mob, Dungeon Item Shop.
DungeonRobotics - Dungeon Robotics.
egathentale - The Simulacrum.
EJames84 - Dungeon Novel.
EmEs_etherious - Etherious.


ericvall - Dragon Emperor, Summoner, Without Law, Making Monster Girls, Duelist, Building Harem Town, Dragon, Conjurer.
erraticerrata - A Practical Guide to Evil.
FortySixtyFour - AnimeCon Harem, RE: Trailer Trash.
GamingWolfie - Forgotten.
GenesisWavebySaltMaster - Genesis Wave.
georgemfrost - The Zombie Knight Saga.
halosty - Elder Cultivator, Truthful Transmigration.
HBDLo78 - Unlimited Evolution.
HereBeTreasure - Breaker of Skulls.
Humas - Again from Scratch.
IAmNotTheHero - The Houndsman.
IdeasGuy - Power Corrupts, Going Native, See No Evil, A Hard Knock Life, Risk It All.
Igi - The Space Legacy.
InadvisablyCompelled - Blue Core.
IrateRapScallion - Displaced.
ivankal - Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends.
jacobk - Heart of Cultivation, Yashima Chronicle.
jdfister - Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply.
jmclarke - Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy.
KaiserBlak - This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder.
kamikazepotato - An Outcast in Another World.
Kingkennit - Sylver Seeker by Kennit Kenway.
klevanski - Dragon Heart novels.
Konge - Sanguine Paradise.
kuropon - Unfathomable Senior, The Runesmith.
Laevo - The Caring Dungeon, Druidic Cultivation.
LiseEclaire - Quod Olim Erat, Leveling up the Wolrd.
lochar - Planetary Cultivation.
Lone Immortus - Shovels in Spades, Lone: the Wanderer.
lukew_logan - Dragon’s Dilemma.
Macronomicon - Wake of the Ravager, Apocalypse: Generic System.
Magic_Smithing - Magic Smithing by Kosnik4.
MarkArrows - 12 Miles Below.
MatHaz - Ave Xia Rem Y.
Maxlex - Phantasm.
Mecanimus - A Journey of Black and Red, The Calamitous Bob.
MelasD - Salvos, Melas, Tian.


MillenialMage - Millenial Mage.
Mirikon - Dark Fate, Lewd Dungeon, Lich Returnee, SCI Stories by Stuart Grosse.
MonroeByJahx - Monroe.
Monsoon117 - The New World.
MrWhiteWriting - A Journey in Darkness.
Nagrij - Dim Prisons and Drakes, School in Hastelan, Leases in Hell.
Necariin - Unbound.
neobear - Out of Space.
NorskDaedalus - The Way Ahead.
nixia_writes - This Quest is Bullshit.
Parky - Dreams Come True.
pirateaba - The Wandering Inn.
playwars - The Fallen World: A Dungeon’s Story.
Proximal Flame - The Last Angel, All the Little Lost Boys and Girls.
pshoffman - The Last Human.
puddles4263 - The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound.
QitM - Queen in the Mud.
QuasiEludo - Inexorable Chaos.
raizarp - I Was Bored so I Made a Secret Organization, The New Horizon.
RD404 - Ar’Kendrithyst.
RealmofMonsters - Realm of Monsters by Frostbird.
RhaegarRRL - Azarinth Healer.
RinoZ - Chrysalis.
riverfate - Battlefield Reclaimer.
Ruffwriter - Savage Divinity.
Saileri - Rise of the Weakest Summoner, I Own a Brothel in Another World.
sarahlin - The Weirkey Chronicles, Street Cultivation.
SCM2814 - Demesne, Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers!.
Seaborn - Seaborn by CaptainK-19.
sealjohnson - Undermind.
SelkieMyt - Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.
SenescentSoul - Delve.
ShadeTouched - Shade Touched.
Shirtaloon - He Who Fights With Monsters.
silentoverseer - Whispers of a Dead Empire.
SilvaLau - Dragon Princess, Blue Sky, Loli Elf, Demon Sword Maiden, Transcendent.
sorrywrites - The Dark Lord's Home for Undead Heroes.
sunrisecv - System Change.


sunslammers - Virtuous Sons
tabletot - Mana Anxiety.
Tefler - The John Blake Chronicles.
The_Red_Lands - The Red Lands by ForestRage.
theBlackStaffAndNightMarE - Stranger Than Fiction.
TheDeepDarkReef - Rok, The Aby Survival Guide, The Abyssal Dungeon.
TheUnwanted - The Unwanted.
thundamoo - Vigor Mortis.
Tilted_Axis - The Stained Tower.
TMarkos - Peculiar Soul.
todstl - Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita.
Torsten Hewson - Beware of Chicken by Casualfarmer
treeaeons - Tree of Aeons.
TurtleMe - The Beginning After The End.
VoidHerald - The Perfect Run, The Legend of Kairos, Vainqueur the Dragon, Never Die Twice.
wardenraime - The Storm King.
WilliamDArand - A lot of Amazon published novels.
wiz - Reborn: Apocalypse.
WritingBySea - Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled.
XelofBloom - Los.
Yamirmoon - Tales of the World Devouring Serpent, Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics.
Za1d3 - Forgotten Conqueror.
Zendran - The Great Core’s Paradox.
Zogarth - The Primal Hunter.



yet-to-be-imported patreons:



File: 1660702237639.png (344.07 KB, 600x600, 00770a733a0ab45223c9f0479a….png)

Do yourself a favor after joining try posting this and you will see the meaning of entertainment.


Gren? The dude probably won't give a shit. C'mon jeb, we know it's you upset because you got banned for spouting more conspiracy theories and yelling about how the 5g are turning the frogs gay. Hah, loser, banned from a discord full of NERDS who read BOOKS, fuckin lmao.



Didn't even get banned apparently, just timed out.

Jeb really do be seethin' and maldin'.


File: 1660824315162.png (314.87 KB, 720x720, Timeout.png)

According to this he did give a shit
and No im not jeb, jeb is nice <3


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


File: 1661455290856.png (515.39 KB, 707x1000, 6db7d3f5a22ef3096f6ec3a212….png)

>green frog

rly nigga?


Only retards join the discord. They banned the last one and the big members there. I use discord for other shit, not going to deal with using a second account on a proxy.


thanks for the SelkieMyth and Millennial Mage updates, sorry for the salty retard spam updates.


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Eh, the Millennial Mage updates are super erratic. Tbh, if I wanted to sabotage kemono.party users, I’d consider preemptively uploading patreons to kemono like that: Take a daily or 3-per-week series and sporadically update once every 1 or 2 weeks, with a more frequent update on rare occasion, just to destroy any predictability of updates while I’m at it.


Even jeb slinked back after a week or so


Do your self a favor & join the discord (milenial-mage importer is lazy & don't update kemono.party ) we r getting regular updates on discord


not trying to drum up shit but can someone spoonfeed me the drama who is jeb and why was the previous thread spammed with trap porn in the end
>grenskul (not doing anything illegal just googled and this came up lel i dont even know who this person is)
he seems to browse foxdickfarms idk why https://archive.is/0XWgi looks neutral (nothing spicy so far i guess)
>fox whore (eww cringe whos the slimy little communist shit that faps to this)
on /u/grenskul it says he's on portugal there is also a 2009 youtube channel and twitter named exactly grenskul (not the crocodile pfp indicating its likely a different guy)


File: 1661811383132.jpg (446.79 KB, 850x1133, sample_192a3370e48d815ccb4….jpg)


File: 1661811594192.jpg (413.26 KB, 780x1200, 95f1cba9451c64b0ff699c4e12….jpg)


File: 1661811829494.jpg (94.12 KB, 850x1228, sample_6e68ff8fff9cefe7ed1….jpg)

cum about it, fag


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


thanks anon! as a fan of HWFWM this is just what I needed


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Is the Defiance importer still around?


>>23701 The last chapter is on discord


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


How or where might I request an update for the nikkicha page?


I think requests are still down?


does anyone have the latest chapter of KingKennit Sylver Seeker


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


So Is this just for traditional webnovels or does it include fetish writers as well? Just trying to figure out the purpose of the thread is for H/non_H or both?


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update!


Traditional webnovels. If it weren’t the thread would probably be inundated with requests for poorly written smut. That said, a number of smut authors are updated at around the same time as web novels so there is clear overlap between the two audiences.


Anyone know when the melas guy usually updates? I'm very grateful for it but it would be nice to know.


lizard rude


File: 1668039777283.jpg (1.14 MB, 3072x4096, 20221110_000548.jpg)


File: 1668039999968.jpg (461.97 KB, 2377x2160, 20221110_002741.jpg)


Gatekeeping pirated shit takes me way the fuck back to the late 90s when every dipshit was trying to become part of 'the scene' in order to get anything at all.

It is infinitely more sane and efficient just to publicly upload shit to places it can't/won't be taken down from (y'know, like Kemono) than to expect people to join your sad little clique.


Patreon imports are still down, anon. They'd probably have fixed it by now if that stupid Pixiv niggershit wasn't going on.


Completely unrelated.


who the fuck is gatekeeping . the only real rules are don't be annoying and don't bother the importers (and don't be jeb).

Plus the discord has some features that are handy.


Can confirm, if you're not Jeb, it's a pretty convenient discord. Just join on an alt, obviously, cus there is a risk of being banned from discord due to violating TOS. (The server will be fine though, irs all backed up.)


is discord invite link still valid?


I think that MystiqueDreams is missing. The last update from them is from half a year ago. If any importers want to, check out their story after the importer is fixed


I don't see Kyfe - Soul of the Warrior listed.
Very thankful somebody has been updating it. Looking forward to tue patreon scraper getting fixed, so i can binge all the chapters im behind on.

God speed.

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