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Anyone else here an artist?
How do you fellas feel about kemono or piracy in general?
Do you have a patreon? Has your art been imported to kemono?
How do you fellas feel about other artists on your community, your clients or your community in general?


every time you copy my files you are making me lose money you fucking nigger


jesus christ calm down fucktard


Evidence? Surely you did not immediately assume that piracy = lost sales with no evidence?


I'm an artist. You do have my stuff here. I won't say who I am.
You guys actually saved me without realizing it. I made nsfw art for a long time now the problem was that I just couldn't find a middle ground for making money off it. I was at my last straw before I had to go back to a shitty place that I decided to post some of my art here to see what would happen. One week later I've gained 7 subs so I continued to make more and got requests I actually felt accomplished and now it's made me happy and financially stable.
I think piracy is a good thing sure it might have some drawbacks to the person who made whatever. I believe there's more people who want a glimpse at premium stuff before deciding whether or not they'll make a decision to buy/support stuff because monthly fees can stack up.


Also going to piracy sites just to do this isn't professional.


But don't you have some social media were these same promotions could have had happen?


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I did/do but it was mostly people begging for free art. I thought about using Twitter but at the time I was too depressed and didn't need that in my life. >>23282


I am going to automate copying your shitart and make you lose millions of dollars per second


So kemono didn't really do a miracle, you could had gotten more followers by marketing right


Can't be pirated if you're already leaking it yourself



epic, lose all of it.


By saying this on a piracy BBS, what you're essentially telling people is: "Copy my files as much as possible".



I'm an artist but also a poorfag 3rd wolder, generally I avoid looking up stuff on kemono but some artists overcharge their shit so fuck 'em. and by this I mean niggers with like 50 or more bucks paywalls, goodwill gets goodwill, greed gets you kemono'd and with full right.


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Fellas what do I do?
I hate all the artists that there are on my fetish, I hate all the paypigs that always commission their same ugly OCs but more and more I feel like I need the money. Not being friends with other artists is easy enough but how do I turn down the people who spends 5k monthly in porn commissions? How do U make a living out of smaller fish?


anon please clarify i cannot read what you are saying properly


Make things outside of your fetish. Depending on how good you are with creating environments, scenery, fantasy/sci-fi settings you could even commission doing art for VNs/indie games. It doesn't have to be desktop wallpaper quality but at least comparable to what you see in that field. Just an idea to toss out there.
Theres a void of quality background images for games that dont look like a 12 year old drew it in half an hour with a 24 color set of colored pencils or shitty free DAZ assets. So it could be a way for some of you to make some side cash.

Hell, if you get really good over a few years and someone notices, could even pull a literal job? Idk just thinking of a helpful suggestion people seem to overlook due to all the fanart/OC stuff out there.


How do I make money off people if I hate people?
I love backgrounds and I'm very good with backgrounds I just lack the contacts to land said jobs or self promote myself for said jobs. All my online friends are losers, autists or normies. I just think of coom because I check coom sites all day and my other attempts to have a more dignified art career failed.



> attempts to have an art career failed.

AHA! I FOUND YOU Hitler!! You toothbrush mustached Nazi bastard! I found your m8 Herman Goering on this BBS last week too, the fat cross-dressing speed addicted swine. Thought you could both hide your award winningly evil and best-selling Nazi history and start a new life secretly in Kemono did you!? Well Kemono isn't like Argentina!!! Well, its MOSTLY unlike Argentina… I think… I hope!



Heyo, pervy game dev here, at first I was pissed my stuff was getting leaked but as it turns out it ended up working in my favor. As a game dev I have links and buttons on my main menu that open tabs to my Patreon, socials, etc so even if my stuff gets jacked it still comes back to me one way or another. Hell the fact peeps have been uploading my stuff to tons of other websites has gotten me more money and attention so thanks!

Was a little annoying when the cheats and early access version builds were getting leaked but those were easy to fix, just message all me patrons and simple as that, no more cheat codes leaks, :p

So yee, all in all ended up working in my favor. It's the internet one way or another you're stuff is gonna get taken instead of whining about it make it work in your favor! Free advertisement!


Hey, I'm an artist and have mixed feelings. For one I use kemono.party to read mostly webnovels. I don't really feel bad because they would be uploaded months later anyway and I wouldn't go patreon regardless.
Those exclusive content is a bit of another matter as it's often times what the artists make their money with. But I also don't see piracy with too much bad will. Those who want to support the artist will do it.
But one has to mention that my art was never uploaded here as I don't do explicit art so my opinion could always change


what is your creator username? i hope theres no VM protect anticheat bullshit in there since i wanna test out my new ram

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