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By any chance, did someone was able to save the renamon and harley queen c¿mods from mr.delegado before they were corrupted again? if so , please share them :( i accidentally deleted them


>he does not check the catty log its still there >>22223

File: 1661105441812.png (183.18 KB, 248x371, FZL6QApUYAEnipo.png) https://archive.is/FXBAQ
Anonymous 08/21/22 (Sun) 18:10:41 No.23309 [Reply] (seen this image and thread before)
Is there a blacklist of sorts for accounts that cannot be added to Kemono? There are a few accounts that im surprised dont have an archive.


sorry, what do you mean by catty log?


It means nothing, w7-890 is a fucking crackhead.

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