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As everyone already knows, a lot of artists are retarded and deserve to be gutted.


This one in particular is uploading files that are 15 GB each to Mega.

How do you download this without a paid Mega account?


Megabasterd is probably the best idea


>actual 15gb per file (kek he didnt use G-drive)
good lord have mercy on my SSD i should have got the 256+1tb model instead not gonna hoard this one
>what do i do (works fine on tiny7 and you can download to vbox shared network drives as well pretty neat)
i use megadownloader run the v1.8 portable version once the quota limit has been reached just click pause then change your router IP repeat until its finished still works fine (im pretty sure quotas get reset once a day with the same IP)
the browser version is only good for tiny stuff under 100mb (1GB at max) since large blobs crashed my browser before idk why the main blogspot site is broken but i prefer this tool over megabasterd
now the real question is how the heck do we reupload such massive troves when the MEGA link gets taken down i dont think anonfiles will accept this shit nor will compression help


using Megabasterd with a VPN solved the issue


I like seeing tards seething about MEGA's limitations. It's like 5 USD per month is too much to pay for some.


>"It's like 5 USD per month is too much to pay for some."
>99% probability anon's leeching and has 0 imports on kemono



Someone should actually make a record of how many accounts have stored keys. Would be interesting to see


Doing what you said will work fine but I believe the quota gets reset after 6 hours have elapsed since the first transfer, not after 24 hours. Accountless or free account IP quota is 5GB until the IP gets blocked.


I use JDownloader 2.
You might want to try to do a single .7z with all the extracted PSD files in it on the "ultra" setting to see what happens. Zip is universally garbage.
>where to reupload
Torrents or maybe archive.org. They won't really bother you if an item upload is under 50GB, but it may have to be marked as NSFW.


A single 7z with all of the PSDs would take a lot of time and requires a lot of processing power. Not recommended.

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