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Yes, kemono alternatives are coming soon, but don't expect it to be in a short time since I'm trying my best to code it all alone. The code will be recycled from kemono repo with just a few tweaks here and there (will be open source). Also, I have no intention to compete with kemono. Wish me luck!


same thing here i want to make my own pirate hideout imageboard with actual warez and virustotal selfhosted instance for fellow thirdworlders i got lots of ram for linux vm and a slow 100mb/s isp ill see what i can do

>>23973 lute pls make /tech/
first things first AVOID american services (((free speech))) is a big steaming lie simple as. Looking at you protonmail and cuckflare here treat it the same way you're hosting a far right website but with none of the political crap and controlled opposition


wishing both of you luck. don't give up


Stick with Python? It's very cross platform including iOS and you will be familiarized with Kemono code since it's also in Python…


Yes, Python is my main goal. Meanwhile, I'm also focusing on other languages such as Kotlin (since there is also a website called Memoryhole that has been abandoned due to a lack of team members to work on their importer module). I will try to fix that site as well, as I was working on my own site.



hopefully it has things like comment importing and such from the get-go, maybe even better than kemono (hopefully automatic so artists can't just fucking kill the link in the comment and be done with it… like a certain artist). would be nice to have an alternative that people don't know much about.


what the hell why was my comment deleted https://archive.is/i6gZ2
that was legit post

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