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So I'm trying to import this artist https://kdmn.fanbox.cc and for some reason this is happening: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14958683

As you guys can see there are like 5 post that are just a thumbnail and a link to another site with a high res pic of said thumbnail (older post work just fine btw). But in fanbox there's nothing like that for the new posts, there's no link or anything, there's the post wit the 15+ images.

So you guys have any idea of what's happening? I tried like 3 times already but kemono isn't receiving the pictures, the post aren't updating. Is this a bug or something?

Thanks in advance.


>(Please put your pixivID in the username and password)
>(If not certified, please check if you support fanbox)

>Input your credentials from another site on my site via a basic auth modal.

Nice phishing site.

If I were not lazy, I would probably report the user for siphoning username and passwords, and using these to impersonate them. (the irony)

Either way, you say that on fanbox page you see all the image and you can click them and what not, but once you import, they show up as links?
Sounds like some type of embed fuckery.

Enable debugging, trigger import and give half the import id. I'm interested in whatever the fuck is going on there with the embeds.


>Enable debugging
>trigger import
>give half the import id
I'm not sure about this one, you want me to put half of the "Importer Log for XXXXX"?


In any case if that's what half the import id is, mine is A017d93.
If that's not it, please forgive me, I'm kind of retarded.


Everything that is imported was working before, no fuckery in the embeds.
The guy simply changed content and the posts were not flagged for re-import.
Flagged them all, we'll see how it goes.


Bump, this guy's content is still fucked. The last five posts or so have some censored previews from pixiv with none of the premium content.


He's starting to put dropbox links on his post.
You can look those normally on fanbox but for some reason it isn't working on Kemono.

My sub ran out before I could take a screenshot of that sadly.


File: 1667352891317.png (151.57 KB, 1380x816, 561231.png)

I finally got money again, so may as well show you guys what's happening with this artist.

As you can see in pic related, he's starting to put dropbox links on his fanbox post, and those dropbox links don't appear on Kemono. I hope an admin can see this so we can figure something out. I can glady help using this artist as a reference, I'm gonna be a sub this entire month. If you guys need me to "Enable debugging, trigger import and give half the import id" please say so


File: 1667613557725.png (118.57 KB, 683x758, 145612531.png)

More examples with the most up to date post.


You could share the links here in the meanwhile


>The importer is recognizing the dropbox links now
Based mods, thanks!


File: 1668383227020.png (24.08 KB, 691x485, 132165123.png)

>He changed the way he shares links once again

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