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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

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hi friends.. forgive me my English, I'm using a translator…. I don't want to bore them, just take a doubt: after December 15th the importer of Pantreon will function normally?… thank you for the great site you have.


The December 15th date is only Pixiv Fanbox striking down basically 99% of its content.
The Patreon importer is Soon(TM).


have you renewed your Kemono Gold Account™ yet cuz its expiring this month?
>cut your dick off faggot
jokes on you mine's intact seethe cope dial8 or 41% fucking trannycord shitting up the board again
>trade it faggot
no thanks i'd buy porn pics of ur mom's vegane instead or better yet a fake vaxpass™
>hurr durr ban all tards
hey faggot if your gonna add a strict rate limiting atleast learn to block tor/luminati or step up your ddos guard protip you wont we consoomers arent that stupid
you cant even fix the goddam placido requests section let alone reverse engineer or spoof their native mobile app
dude? this isn't /ic/ are you lost? go back there oh wait were you banned on cuckchan too?

>do it yourself faggot
except the importer is fucking broken when i last checked 2 weeks ago how about upload it to MEGA yourself and link here

take your own advice make your own github then. Impress me.


as much fun as it is to trigger your hollow chode-holster skull, can we just get a USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST and go back to being happy that the discord importer's still working and the patreon importer's beinge worked on


On this note, many thanks and appreciation to everyone whom are working on Kemono right now. This would be impossible without your work.


gee i genuinely wonder how many rubbles or USD you get paid to reply all constantly. Damm i kinda envy you guys.
Takes me back to the old days YP i remember you faggots inciting violence over each others fetishes in the BBS. Those were the good times while i sit relax back and archive the popcorn though on a serious note try not to lower yourself to them please were not savages even though im black

its working again? last time i recall you guys spamming the stickied megathread while one CP bombed the board as last resort over patronite HQ that was months ago i guess
>chode holster
Hey watch it! though i kekked
>Filth like (you)
Says the trailer yankee

>get a life
the irony is i have one outside of call centers damm internet here is bad i guess it sucks being a pajeet


OK, Good to read the Patreon importer gonna be fixed soon, but, how about Gumroad and SuscribeStar importers??


I for one am extremely thankful that the discord importer is fixed, because many of the people I follow have been discord-exclusive for months!

While I am aware that the patreon importer being fixed is a higher priority, I'd still like the discord pages to be more accessible, like if they were linked to an artist's other pages. This is mostly because some artists tend to have all sorts of wacky names for their servers, making them harder to find if you're not already aware of what their server is called.


It's be nice if all of an artists' pages were linked in general. Some artists have, like, Patreon, Discord, SubscribeStar, Pixiv, AND Gumroad all at the same time.


Over a month without ANY update on more than 40 artists. Is something wrong with servers?


Patreon importer's busted for sure (they're hoping to have results by the end of the month, maybe).

Larger than normal amount of Pixiv Fanbox imports due to Exodus Cry etc. Anything related to that should die down some time after Dec 15, which is when their new scorched-earth policy takes effect.

Discord importer recently-ish "fixed" (MAY not support threads yet? point is it's being worked on. don't quote me on specifics. i just know one of the ones i [try to] follow finally got a friggin update)

No fuckin' clue about the Substar importer. Wish I knew (and wish the blessed leakers would prioritize Substar over Patreon when both are an option for the same creator)


Okay, hold on:

if the Request thread sticky is gone…and the request subsection of this PartyChan is gone, then…how the hell are we supposed to create Kemono.party requests then?!



You don't.

If you want a specific artist, YOU can be the one hero to upload it. Stop waiting for someone else to do stuff for you, child.



But that requires me to pay money.

Money which I don't have!

Plus, that would defeat the entire point of why I am using this place in the first place: to get stuff WITHOUT having to pay a single penny.

Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?



>Money which I don't have!

You could, you know, work? Or rob someone? Or marry rich? Offer paid sex?

Soooo many options to get virtual non-real currency.

Or, become a bad quality sex content creator on Patreon! Works for thousands of people with zero talent!


>that would defeat the entire point of why I am using this place

That's YOUR problem alone, retard.


ask mommy to give you a bigger allowance


umm excuse me but we dont have NEETbux here faggot this isn't murica. Also is this the power of Germans? i thought you guys were great at innovating new things i guess two world wars weren't enough wipe your kind JK lol
>e-begging for virtual crappy furfag art inflation commissions with little fapping value
PFFT this HAS to be fake right? holy fuck dude get some better standards you could have atleast spend that on on a gaming rig from wish.com with LTT branding and pray it doesn't explode when you try running stable diffusion

better yet lock the place behind a paywall somethingawful style protip you wont due to staff technical incomptence
i swear to god we don't have this problem on non-furry warez sites

>he dosen't rent trojans on hackforums or peddle illicit services on obscure boards
jesus im not even fedposting but can you PLEASE step your vocabulary up like a good redditor /s or better yet make something good there and advertise it before cancelling the project


File: 1669390540713.jpg (416.15 KB, 3650x3616, 95ec42a4c4e79dd7bd9d4a5894….jpg)

Jesus murphy, the reddit spacing… It hurts so bad.


Why are the links of this artist all dead?
Can someone fix it? Thanks.


for the sake of humanity,
don't fix it


except you have to do it manually
the whole point of importer is that ot's fucking automatic
so, in conclusion


*FIX, obviously.


friends…. that I miss the artists I accompanied in patreon accounts…. were wonderful furrys pin-ups… back please.


File: 1669420624916.jpg (3.37 MB, 4000x4000, 3705678-the_man-canid-cani….jpg)

No, I think we'll fox it instead.


Something going on with the importer? It’s starting to slow down.


File: 1669456005224.png (65.52 KB, 3084x453, Capture.PNG)

What's the actual problem with the Patreon importer? The little test batches seem to import just fine. Is it like patreon temporarily blocking/rate limiting the importer server IP after a small batch of imports or what?

I mean based on those little tests, the importer works, and has been working for a couple of weeks. Wish the importer code was still on github so we can look at it and help troubleshoot these "problems".


Ok i want to be the conspiracy theorist here

they getting paid to not make it work by Patreon itself

Of course i'm joking btw


Maybe I didn't understand you but the posts that already are here will not be voided once they are gone. If that were the case, you would see empty posts all over the place.

Even if people were to flag posts in an attempt to 'remove' them from kemono that is not how it works, only accessible posts get updated.


yes, it's just that simple to get money in a world that's set up to keep poor people poor. no way the system could stand in anybody's way!


You won't fix this website or the importer ever will you because the pedos ddos your server because it taking too long to back up the pixiv child porn


Some patreons are uploading. Did you fix it?


I can't manage to login with my saved username and password. I think I haven't changed them, so it is strange. Any way to recover my favs?


The content of the posts is indeed not deleted from KP's database (at least from what I've understood).
The problem is: do you think someone can/will take the time to manually revert tens/hundreds/thousands of posts in case some funny people decide to flag every Fanbox creator every day?
Unless something preventing this is already implemented, I don't know.


Nope because these fags are unable to make or add something to send an email to get your username and new password


Have you tried

not being poor?


How did roughly 8.4k queued imports turn into 11.6 queued imports?

Besides that, how goes the fix for the Patreon importer? Does it look promising?


Unless they announce something, it's probably just testing.


Importer working overtime with a backed up pipe lol, I think it's another round of fanbox imports


any new news on the patreon importer?


Yesterday I updated toiro/toirotto kemono page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/24946789). This artist always "delete" the content of the posts after a few weeks.
When the import finished, previous post on kemono were overwriten and dont have any content (i.e. august to october). I'm sure that never happened before.

I read some comments above about flags, voided post, and nothin to do about it but i hope i can be "fixed" somehow.


lol, funny

but srsly, get the fucking thing fixed asap


Any update on the importer fix?


Hey, I'm getting blocked by DDoS-gaurd constantly today, never had this issue before.


i guess the admins are practicing no nut november on patreon. ah well itll be up soon i bet


too busy cumming to pedo shit on pixiv before the tos update takes away their kiddy porn




pixiv lied, they weren't waiting until december to finalize their changes, the staff has begun purging a lot of artists art from their account before they could back it up


Shit, really? Is it not just artists self-censoring a bit early?


It’s most likely that those are the artist leaving, but if that is the case, alot of us need to get the imports now. After all, the Patreon imports are still being worked on.

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