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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>22796


Can confirm this is happening.

This was imported yesterday, but it only imported the second oldest post that's 5 days old, and not the latest post which is 2 days old. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2383192


An artist I enjoy has switched to using password-locked RAR files and only sends his messages via private message, and it doesn't seem like their name is present in "Recent DMs". Considering situations like this, would integrating a tab that allows an importer to leave a little addendum message like passwords for specific messages be effective?


Hey, those Boosty and Afdian importers got added to the site last month according to the main page right? How come there aren't any artists for it yet? Are they busted like the SubStar importer?


File: 1665961399354.png (1.58 MB, 1553x962, 1663878077774847.png)

They are research importers that trigger manually, and haven't been touched much after slight prioritization changes due to internal events (…and a good amount of laziness)
We have all the keys/content on hand, and I hope (HOPE) to launch in full sometime this week.


Where's the option to show lists instead


Do Patreon keys change? That seems to be the case since I tried to import and I had to recheck the key to see it was different. The first time I imported, my import seemed to skip all the queued ones and went right away, but this time it didn't and idk if it's because it's queued or because the cookie content was different now.
Do manual imports take priority over auto?


So I guess the beta's ugly layout is the only layout now, but it's lacking a convenient feature the old interface had.
Can u add a yellow border/highlight to the recent and searched posts for artists you have fav'd like the old version had, so they stand out among the other stuff.


File: 1665970196099.jpg (151.75 KB, 1477x734, 2.JPG)

Hey admin, how do I change this funny layout of my favorite artists back to the normal list? I don't need their avatars and header pictures, I only need their art and date of last update.


Now these points of data make a beautiful line…


if user closes the sidebar, it appears again when following a link, like clicking "next" in artist's gallery, and then closes after a new page has fully loaded. also in said galleries "next" and "previous" links are actually swapped and "previous" loads a newer post and vice versa


File: 1665975983977.png (1.34 MB, 1199x713, Capture虚子.PNG)

This artist put the password for their files behind some patreon mechanics? I don't know how to say it correctly, but the password is a text footnote that appear once you click the first image of the corresponding posts on his Patreon, can Kemono take this info from Patreon too?


Why do we need this whole new site layout? The old layout was simpler, faster, and more functional. I don't need the artist list to be three columns and I don't need it to load the header images of every artist in the list.


I preferred how the old layout has new favorite updates at the top, not top left and the old list view was more subtle incase somebody saw what I was looking at on my phone over my shoulder :x


missing the compendium all the recent uploads are empty

artist lureDA


this x9001
tablet/portable mode is clunky and annoying


I hate the new layout, especially on mobile where it seems bloated. Give us an option to use the old website!


agree, shino please revert back to the old ui or at least make an option to be able to do so



The new UI is prettier but it's usability is much lower since everything is so busy

Also, give us search option for favorites too.


ok I didn't sleep tonight so forget the favorites part
expected it to be under artists
so that's a suggestion I guess

the rest still stands :)
the thing said flood detected and double posted it, don't blame me


>>22795 (>>23928 nobody? i really want that image)
really $100 i dunno if youre kidding but thanks (this is definitely a joke i guess)

>he didn't link a working adguard crack for windoze

>using commiefornian technology
god i hate america so much also you stole my GET but thats OK

>doesn't use the numpad keys to scroll down on the desktop keyboard
someone clearly dislikes gaming equipment like the furry xe/xim is (jokes aside how do i speed up scrolling by pressing the DPI switch? only cursor goes faster need a little script)

>>24239 thankfully partychan itself has no ads lol
its not just you on random sites like plebbit video downloader i get lots of corrupt unicef jewkraine adverts i mostly just ignore them (but will make a 4chan collage of these ad images)

no he's in iran also its not kemono but rather patreon itself blocking russian based accounts and rubble currency
had that been the case there would be a "fuck putin" in the frontpage like other virtue signaling github sites

man i really want to be the PH equivalent of Kuz without the pizza bombing i wish i had my own personal imageboard (rather than being a janitard for someone)
old news but anyone misses 9chan they died a month ago im kinda sad though (thankfully i archived the board in the last few days)
also add the [update] button the bottom of the thread like other vichan boards like the now defunct mellowchan-net


>>23928 test (fuck this character limit)

https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/89257982 (wish me luck sorry for the advert)
alright guys the prophecy is fulfilled i got the great ram stick upgrade (its now at 48GB kek) if you want me to test all sorts of furry game crap just lemme know ill never run out of memory again mwahaha (i will post this on cuckchan /g/ later on)
due to the influx of angry artists recently (check one of the new threads) just for the kicks we should make a "woke marker" on the kemono page for creators worth boycotting if they post rainbow art on twitter or engage in politics (this should hopefully keep them under control and prevent them from getting too greedy)


File: 1665988311712.png (2.42 MB, 2088x1060, Untitled1.png)

The new UI is better but it's still bad

Here's some tips


File: 1665988484881.png (146.64 KB, 432x280, Untitled1.png)

Forgot this too


File: 1665988997456.png (691.16 KB, 1030x419, Screenshot_1.png)

i noticed that there is missing pages on the artist pages.
it first happened on to beta site and now it's happening in the main site

for example on the angelauxes page is up to 7 pages and i remember being up to page 15 or more


Hi there.

Is there any way to see old gui? I prefer simple non-grid list, it was fast to use.


Where can I request? There used to be a requests board but its gone now


Does import "in progress" mean its actually going or is it queued only? I dont know if I did it right


File: 1665996063955.png (1 MB, 955x758, post.png)


There is no more recent post page, instead only the posts page exist wich doesn't sort post by most recent.

how to see recent post for now?


File: 1665997429178.png (5.96 KB, 155x119, Screenshot 2022-10-17 1702….png)

This is where it is now.


File: 1665997496635.png (685.38 KB, 1341x593, Screenshot 2022-10-17 1704….png)

Btw, there is a scaling problem with the posts. Can anyone fix it. Although, it is a little funny



how to revert to old ui?
i don't like change


New interface is ugly and too busy.
There was nothing wrong with the old UI, it was simple and got to the damn point.



see the post are no longer sorted by date.
why bring post month old first?


give us an option to move back to old layout. this new layout is resource hogging and slow compare to old layout. page load much slower on the new one


Can we at the very least have an option to uncrop the thumbnails of the posts? The artists already crop them enough.


the new interface is bad, slow, ugly and confusing, maybe you think it works better, but in reality it doesn't, at least leave the option to revert that horrible change to the previous ui, simpler and more functional


echoing the others on the new ui… its bad like real bad an option to use the old one would be nice.



I don't mind the new so called MasturBeta GUI, it has its merits, but it WOULD be nice to retain the option to toggle between, for those who can't dig this "prettier, more frills" style design.


In some pages with posts, you can scroll vertically, which causes this.


Wouldn't call it prettier. I'd call it cluttered and busy


like the others said let this lesson be a reminder on why you should never hire "elite" brony coders or some gay zoo on /trash/ you get what you pay for we warned you a long time ago 4chan was right again


Yo! So I see I'm far from the only one less than thrilled with the new layout. My biggest gripe on first viewing is the multi-column set up. The new icons thing is pretty and all, but I like my single-column list. Just, one column. That's all I want. The rest I can probably get used to. Someone else nailed it when they said this new layout is prettier but the usability suffers.


new layout is too messy =( revert please.


Issues with new look: Minimal but can get used to

Key issues:
Posts search no longer puts a highlight on favorite artists.

Uploaded DMs page no longer lists the artists name. (Am I expected to know the artist at a glance?)

Currently browsing an artist's page isn't too problematic. But you ended up cluttering all the image previews to where I can barely see the image it is previewing.


File: 1666016187663.jpg (2.05 MB, 2040x2880, covsdsdsdsdser.jpg)

For as long as I can remember telling shino about this, key priority has not been implemented, "yet".

I guess it was forgotten, sure, since it was there before.

>Not appreciating their art
smh. Regarding compacter list, maybe later. For now it will stay like this for some time.

That should not be there…

>if user closes the sidebar…
iirc there is a state where the sidebar goes "hidden > visible > hidden", that is really visible if you have higher refresh rates
Unless you are talking it staying open for a long ass time.
>"next" and "previous"…
Artist Posts are sorted by date in a descending order. Newer come first and older come later, so it makes sense that prev is newer and next is older.

List view is already noted.

Either at the top or under account, did you no login?
>Also, give us search option for favorites too.
If you mean a search like in artists, then probably when I force shino to change how that data is loaded over there.

>>24337 >>24339
<11rem feels cramped
>moving to the top
The order is basically the same as it was before, so dunno.
As fore the other sizes, we'll see. PRs are open.

15 pages á 25 posts vs 7 pages á 50 posts

It is in queue, unless you have an output that tells you it failed, it is in the queue.
There is no priority for manual imports, so time of import will be based on luck.

How? Browser, browser version and resolution. Is something blocking js execution?
Because the margin is added via js(I think), as the menu is in a fixed position.

Works fine. But we can try an look into it.

Recent posts were never sorted by post date, but by the time imported.

Possibly later.

And these pages are?

no =|

>Posts search no longer puts a highlight on favorite artists.
Complain about this more, since someone ignored that part.
>Uploaded DMs page no longer lists the artists name
Unintentional. Should come back at some point.
>the last one


So it seems the absolute downgrade to the layout is here to stay.
This fucking sucks.


the top header menu has become redundant now since the collapsible exist


To be honest I liked the beta version better from the start and preferred it over the regular one. For all those who only want to have a single column displayed, this is only a temporary solution for the PC, but if you set the browser zoom to 175%, you get single column.


Oh, beta version has been applied.
How nice to waste bandwith with artists' banners taking forever to load.


List of glitches that existed before but now are glaring, and only for people who use favorites (I don't) so you know beforehand before people bitch about it and become annoying
- favorites not highlighted at all in beta (trivial css fix)
- favorites not in sync between main and beta (will vanish once there is only beta)
- favorites persisting even after unfavoriting (only affects style, not important)
- fav button will throw a kemono error if the main site is used, just use the beta

I have no complaints about the looks either, I don't give a fuck about what it looks like as long as it works so we contributors can keep importing shit for everyone else to fap to and donate to kemono so you can serve the content and they can bitch even more about servers not working etc etc, if they don't know where to look then they can get their lazy handicapped ass to work and pay for at least one artist and sell the smartphone they're posting with if they're too poor or disabled or whatever the fuck they'll come up with, yeah you're over 21 and you don't have a credit card but you are a plebbitor on pcmasterrace and buy the latest games, it's all your parents buying that shit for you, cool story bro.

The queue being much more visible is a very good thing, that's literally the only thing I noticed aside from shiny favorites going favorites shiny no more due to no css but it barely is a concern if you use a much more structured way of keeping your tabs.

Keep it up, also backnumbers planned anytime soon for Fantia? It shouldn't be too hard and artists cannot delete their shit or destroy their plans without having their accounts warned in there.


Is it not possible to implement a legacy option for the old layout? Just giving an option for users to switch back to the old version (even if it's outdated/missing features compared to the new one) would be nice.


There's nothing UI designers hate more than actually giving users the option to switch to the old look, because they think it invalidates their effort. They're the biggest babies on the planet and think they know what's best for everyone, even when they're objectively wrong and the old UI was better.


Thank fuck for custom .css, as neutering padding and font sizes helps this redesign suck marginally less balls.

.user-card {background-image:none !important;} helps a bit as well, visually, but I doubt it actually
reduced bandwidth requirements and couldn't be arsed to check.

.card-list__items {display: block;} also lets the favorites list's chronological sort make far more visual sense but since the info lines are stacked it's still a needlessly inefficient use of vertical space and I'm not sure how to fix that (aside from aforementioned padding changes etc).

I don't mind the post list too much, but artists/favorites pages are 2/10 at best, just an absolute waste of screen real estate if nothing else. Hopefully heads aren't too far up asses that some sensibility can be found still.

Side note: why the hell are times listed to the 100,000th of a fucking second? Who does this benefit?



No, the problem is having two maintain two frontend code bases.


File: 1666043032412.png (1.63 MB, 1024x1024, DALL·E 2022-10-17 22.43.10….png)

relevant image


Say you don't know how codebase maintainance works wothout saying you don't know how codebase maintainance works.
Trying to maintain multiple is like trying to juggle hot stones with your tongue. It's just not possible without completely neglecting one.


File: 1666045369072.png (23.14 KB, 325x47, 2.png)

There are some post missing on a patreon that update daily after the change in the layout. Probably will fix after the import finish or in the next update on this patreon.

Thanks for existing, Kemono.


Why is the importer so slow?

It first imports everything, and then makes it public after like 3 days, this is absurd, it takes almost up to 2 weeks now. You're holding my imports fucking hostage.


Maintaining two why exactly? Why not realize that the new look is getting plenty of hate and just switch back to the old one?


Let me tell you about something wonderful called the api


I actually like the new look personally, it lets me see new artists I might want to check out based on their banner.
I didn't like it at first but I got used to it already


Mainly because positive feedback vastly outweighs the negative feedback, and the only reason people are being so anal is because they're scared of change. Just realise change is a fact of life, and carry on with your life. Besides, who said that things can't change? I assume you've been reading SA's messages, right?


Is this Loss?


File: 1666054268821.png (464.2 KB, 750x630, wrongreasons.png)

The api is bound by the same rules of caching as anything else.

Ah, yes, let me into my magic ball that can read your mind. Holy shit, it is not working, who could've thought.
Do tell what artist is "being held hostage", because that is unlikely. Tho, if things go wrong it will take up to 12 hours for cache to expire.

>Side note
That's how JS handles epoch time, shino didn't trim.

I wonder how long you spent writing it, try better next time.


>favorites not highlighted at all in beta (trivial css fix)
If only you knew how much that guy forgets things.
>favorites not in sync
That is probably due to the way the server sync favorites to local storage.
Even if both sites access the same data, they are different and have different local storage space.
Meaning that newly favorited stuff on prod is in your local storage and in the db, but not on the beta local storage.
For which there is a sync needed. Not really a bug and unlikely to be "fixed".
>favorites persisting even after un-favoriting
Explain further.
>fav button will
Dunno what you are talking about, but it works. Unless you have that mess of beta/prod where things are already in db.
>also backnumbers planned
Mate, the rivers of salt run deep on the topic of fantia. One day, for sure, properly. Because someone did not fucking listen to me at the beginning.

Get off your VPN or find a better server.
Also complain to your authorities about shit inet.

They are remnants of the old top bar and will stay for fast access when the menu is hidden.


That would imply updates, which was not the intention of my suggestion. Mangadex for example had an original codebase, they decided to fuck with a new code base/layout but allowed the original purely as a legacy option. It wasn't updated and, eventually, it got dropped when they scrapped the site code entirely and started using its current iteration.

Adding an option to your user account settings to enable a legacy mode feature and notifying that it wont be receiving updates will at least give users an option of (temporarily) changing layout. If shit breaks eventually then so be it. Zero man hours devoted to another front end and keeps people happy if they don't enjoy the new layout.


Or maybe we hate the new layout because its absolute fucking dogshit.

Its made the website unusable now


>Do tell what artist is "being held hostage"


File: 1666057898598.jpg (95.61 KB, 1280x720, simp-memes-lede.jpg)

I dont give two shits about the new UI, but just want to iterate that there's an overwhelming silent majority that appreciates the work you do at kemono and how you constantly try to maintain/improve it despite hiccups.


you may not hear from us often but we're here and we appreciate you!


File: 1666071247010.gif (1.91 MB, 640x360, penguinz0-yeah-baby.gif)

The best thing about new ui is that the ads are getting lesser as well!! Although im still going to use ublock origin since the pop out ads are annoying


Am I blind? I can't seem to find the DMs section on an artist's page.


> iirc there is a state where the sidebar goes "hidden > visible > hidden", that is really visible if you have higher refresh rates Unless you are talking it staying open for a long ass time.
it stays open from the start of page loading to the completion, and any network lag will cause this time to be "long ass". the resulting sidebar twitching is irritating.
> Artist Posts are sorted by date in a descending order. Newer come first and older come later, so it makes sense that prev is newer and next is older.
for me (and probably most people), "next" intuitively means "chronologically next", more so because there is no tools for showing/changing the sorting order on the post's page.
don't take this as nitpicking, I'm just telling what is uncomfortable for me. you can ask if others agree, poll or something.
as for the sidebar, probably changing the page loading method will help avoiding this. frames or js requests, I don't know what's acceptable for you.



im curious so i made this, just vote if you want to


i'm getting the same error on data35


Request link for those looking for it: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html

Only problem is that it's been closed for a month. Until further notice that is.


>we hate


Why are you emphasizing the word we here. Its clear alot of people don't like the change.


everyone knows you're samefagging, you fucking zoomer


Kinda miss the old "open in a new tab behavior" on left click. All my middle mouse switches keep getting fucked for some reason.


looks like when i look up an artist, they no longer have a dedicated DMs page, so i have to go trawling through the DMs search for their stuff.


If the link isn't public, how are requests meant to be seen by potential importers?


my issue seems to have been resolved now.


I don't like how the kemono.party front page no longer lists updates & news. I like how I don't need to roll over every post on a page to see which ones have multiple attachments. I like there being header images next to artist names, though they could stand to be smaller.


DM's now list everything from everyone, which makes no sense.

I would rather have the favorites as a list, like before, everything on the left, and not as it is right now. It looks good with the banner and all that, but I prefer a more simplistic approach, without having to juggle from left to right and repeat.

Anyways, good job on the site, it has come a long way.


also like other people said, I remember seeing artists with a lot of pages and now they have a lot less. this could not be an issue and simply each page listing more stuff. I do not know and I am just informing in case it is a problem.


File: 1666143836228.jpg (328.93 KB, 2048x1366, 1665511309913677.jpg)

DMs are definitely busted, and will be addressed in an incoming patch.
>I don't like how the kemono.party front page no longer lists updates & news
Completely temporary decision made for certain development reasons.


Hopefully the layout to this site is fixed soon.


File: 1666152933290.png (54.24 KB, 535x434, a.png)

> Want to give input on how the site could be improved?

The only way I know of to get the "hidden" timestamp of what I assume is the last time kemono successfully updated an individual is by going to search artist and then setting the dropdown box to date updated.

But it would be nice to know somewhere if that artist had issues getting updates, like if somebody needs to donate a key, if there was a server error. I watched the queue go from thousands to a few dozen and I still don't know if the artists I was monitoring were processed or if they will be requeued or if there is some other issue.

Knowing what's needed to get more posts, everything is working as it should, or if it coughed blood and will try again later, would be very helpful The special case of session keys lacking being an issue would be good as well, as we can ask people who are willing to do so, to share theirs, or if our own keys have gone south, to attempt to reshare them.



I'd say DMs are very important, since an increasing number of Patreon and Fanbox artists start to send rewards through links in DMs, in which case you probably have to go to sadpanda and hope some kind souls upload them there.

I hope DMs and Gumroad get high priority in your to-do list ^^.


Unlike the old UI, nothing indicates whether I opened a post or not. I hope that a way to tell if I've already opened a post can be added as my memory is bad.

Perhaps making the borders of unopened posts orange?


>patreon itself blocking russian based accounts and rubble currency
There was nothing as such. Even the Patreon staff themselves refused to delete that one magazine [which nobody cared about] page, that led to the ENTIRE site's blockage due to the Patreon working on HTTPS protocol [or whatever the fuck this thing is properly called].
And we're still waiting and hoping for posts search to return and being available for connecting country. :(
Because there's like more chances for KP to get blocked because of those random [artist, post] buttons, rather than for the posts search. lololo


Is it just me or is the site slower than a snail smoking a half kilo of weed? I couldn't even get the status.kemono page to open



Usah does have a point though
people always bitch and moan when things change, anyone remember when Youtube changed layout years ago?
Turns out that wasn't the end of the world (or the end of Youtube) like some people proclaimed.

People will get used to it, in time.

But saying that, there's a saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and I don't know what this new layout is supposed to 'fix', to me it looks like change for the sake of changing things.

I can suggest an improvement:
It would be nice if the site would remember which posts have been clicked by changing the color of the post title and clickable links inside said posts (same applies to attachments to posts such as video-files)
I cannot remember all the things I've already looked at/grabbed, I relied on the browser remembering that for me.

If I can tell at a glance what I have already grabbed (and by extension, what I haven't grabbed) it will save on my time AND your bandwidth.


New site is setting off my anti-virus software. The software claims to be blocking repeated attempts to download things onto my computer.
Please look into this.


It’s not just you, everyone is having the same experience and we suspect it was the new layout change. The thumbnail is buffering around 10 - 15 seconds on my end. Except for the status page.
I can say it is more to downgrade than an upgrade. One of the annoying thing is that the post are increased from 25 per page into 90 making everything too crowded. And since it is below 90, I can no longer know how many posts has been imported on that specific artists. Since the text opaque are reduce and font are reduced, you can’t no longer hover on the post to see the text like the old layout can. Image inside post are badly cropped unlike the old layout only resize the image instead of cropping it. And much more. The is not a YouTube situation as YouTube interface try to make it much more simpler and informative except for the dislike counter removal. Old kemono is much more simple, minimalist and informative.


There is a lack of patreon imports and the queued imports are building up. Is there a glitch with the patreon importer again?


I dont like:
- Sidebar and topbar don't have the same options. Sidebar: Artists, Posts, Importer, Account, Community. Topbar: Home, Artists, Posts, Import, Favorites

- Post thumbnail shos a cropped image instead of resised complete image. Has text (post title and date) over the image (plus transparency) instead of each having its own space. It makes harder to read title/date and see the post image.

- Double columns for artist + background image + smaller font for date: it makes it harder to quickly see what updated since last visit (like let's see what updated since the 16th)


Sorry for accidentally spamming my post 3 times.


dw, I cleaned it up for you. The board software can be really buggy from what I've noticed.


How many times has this happened to me?:-

>writes post, gets weird error or just nothing happens at all.

>Post never appears.
>forgot to copy old post, so is forced to rewrite entire post.
>Post still doesn't appear.
>Remembers to copy post, then "rewrites a THIRD time, by pressing paste.

>All 3,4 or 5 posts appear at once.

Many times… Many, times.


Is it broken or does it just alternate between services?


Is there a way to trigger a rescan/new import of a specific old post?

I know of one artist that edits a 3 year old post to update their download file links, and the version available on kemono is a year out of date.


Can we get back the option to select the text of the posts titles in the artist pages? It was very helpful to be able to fast translate the Japanese ones without having to open a new tab for each post.


I'm seeing more and more artists moving away from posting directly to patreon, and are now exclusively hosting on discord.

Is there any idea on when discord scraping may be viable again?
Also, if there was a way to tag/connect an artist's server back to their other pages like for patreon, fantia, fanbox, etc.


Can we get a option for a "compact" version of kemono (the old one), the new one is pretty good on PC but it's way too big for phones



>simpleton card
boy i sure do envy you i wish i had lots of money to spend on hundred-dollar poorly drawn commissions. /s

doesn't that faggot support woke shit god i remember the time YT used to be an albinoblacksheep flash clone before jewgle took over

this is why the jarty chose JSchan its much more stable in the long run you can also move threads if that helps

or better yet just add a domain for different interfaces like plebbit this way users can choose easily
old.kemono-party (the simple previous boring interface and the original UI from version 1)
np.kemono-party (no paticipation for text only view if images keep breaking on other creators)
mobile.kemono-party (straight forward for Yfone users with custom virus remover ads on preferences)

whenever i mass reply i just write it on a notepad and copypaste before solving the captcha never had any problems posting also why was this baleeted https://archive.is/sEkRl who is the /pol/yp that posted it

>>24443 mfw spam thread steals >>24444 GET
why was the survey removed? link looks pretty clean he just fixed it (sorry for reposting that wasnt me)

Anonymous 10/19/22 (Wed) 16:12:42 No.24480 [from >>24319] File: 1666195962810.png (250.32 KB, 1004x456, Yfhv.png) https://archive.is/aAndw
idk why the old post got deleted, here I made a new one so people (continues text from https://archive.is/I0eke#24481)


I'm okay with the new layout, but for some reason the page sometimes comes up so large I have to scroll over to the right to be able to see everything. Not to mention there are times where the stuff over on the right can easily be missed. Is there any chance that could be fixed? Because otherwise this could get very annoying overtime.


I should add I'm using a PC.


Nevermind, I figured it out.

For anyone else who runs into this problem, all you have to do is CLOSE THE SECTION ON THE LEFT.


Unsure if it's on my end or the page itself, but most of cooliehigh's (id 18989524) posts since 21/9/22 look broken? The images inside the posts seem to link to the same roughly 10kb black square.

Might be a borked import?


can verify it's not just you and links seem to be going to a "..png"?


>Works fine. But we can try an look into it.
Tried again now it works no problem
¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


Gettin' mad 503's today. Had to refresh pages three or four times before actually getting them.


Clicking on any post seems to make my anti-virus spam me with "Threat Detected" messages. Tries to install something harmful according to the av. Just going to leave a space so no accidentally clicks on the link

https://ijqbhuubyg. com/get/1942468?zoneid=1942468&jp=_clxzbm4y50u3vx79sz9puj&nojs=0&ix=0&abvar=0&t=0&x=2505&y=1252&wcks=1&wgl=1&cnvs=1&os=-180&md=undefined&bb=0&plu=PDF%20Viewer::Chrome%20PDF%20Viewer::Chromium%20PDF%20Viewer::Microsoft%20Edge%20PDF%20Viewer::WebKit%20built-in%20PDF&lang=en-US&pf=Win32&cd=24&freq=2&cid=1798057008756844


Only thing that shows it as malicious are:





Heimdal Security



Just looked into it. Looks like it's to do with ads. Will forward to the relevant person.


Flags being deactivated without editing posts with new content. Was it restricted to sessions that have an active import to prevent abuse or can anyone still flag to help other importers with flagging everything that should be flagged for reimport on next round?

Case in point
Fanbox #14694404
Posts #3945070,#3963082,#4220264,#4241289 should have additional content and an edit note, they are on fanbox, with fanbox api having the edited timestamp and the kemono api doesn't show them as edited either. Flagged and reflagged multiple times this month and confirmed as flagged (including flags that are there but not properly shown) then unflagged without any changes and the corresponding plans still being pushed with new posts.

Thanks if you can check into this.


I'm seeing that all of CoolieHigh's posts are just blank images, as of the past month. Every one of them is already flagged.
Any idea of what this means?


Creator edited things out with 1000x1000 blank png files apparently

The same thing happened here, only it's 1x1 png instead


Is it possible to download the link and pack it into a zip
This avoids the problem of broken links
For example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/12217993


Is it just me or does the file uploader not do shit on mobile? Android 13 Chromium tested.


do i have to keep the tab open when i'm trying to import?
is there an easy way to view what i've imported so far?


When you browsing post, What if you use author's avatar as thumbnail instead of nothingness for text only post? and just make that avatar smaller than thumbnail so you know it's a text only post


File: 1666428457185.png (91.84 KB, 229x223, please.png)

I love how the text obscures everything and doesn't let me see the actual thumbnail.


Deconfirming this - did a preliminary check to their patreon just now, and from what I could tell through the blurred previews, they only did that 1000x1000 crop on their recent images, as a sort of patreon preview, I suppose, cause they got stomped on their feet by the big P.
As a matter of further investigation, I found that all these blanks point to the same "..png" file on the same data server, namely data64.kemono.party, and to the same path as well.
Am highly suspecting that the importer broke or that something on data64.kemono.party went wild with the move to the beta systems and all that.


Is importing working because i try to import only for it not to work and not showing up in keys


Is the Patreon importer down again?


It seems to go in cycles of pixiv and fantia then patreon


no, he's just holding imported files as hostage


File: 1666475520563.png (22.77 KB, 1627x147, firefox_OhSXJJ1ODI.png)

Are dropbox links supposed to look like attached? The upload seems recent so it leading to a deleted link seems iffy.


dropbox has a download limit so if they're popular a bunch of people will download it and reach the limit right away


Are patreon comments not importing?



Huh, so is the request thing ready to be reopened? At least any word on it?


This artist for 3 months+ just been placeholder content with no updates.
It's strange, the new posts still get on kemono. But there no actual contents, just placeholders. It was the import faults or importer or something? Idk, even then how the hell an post got it content scooped out and replaced with placeholder. It happended on his fanbox.
it at 29/7 post. It used to be 18 attachments, now it got only 3. Thankfully it was just 1 post.
Am sorry if this bother, I just wanted to get this out there.


I don't know how this is not standard, there's an artist that posts everything in an archive, their page gets updated but not the archive link, it's frustrating.


File: 1666541364462.png (8.44 KB, 670x487, Screenshot.png)

Why did the importer skip this? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2383192


When will DMs be fixed? More and more artists are going that route because of this site.


Can I have some sauce on this pic ?


there's a fix if you pay the subscription you get the password!


I've the same question, some of the importers leave the artist's post on kemono successfully, but the comments are skipped, at least in patreon case, is it some problem in kemono beta UI, or do I need to do something additional in my account to see them?


File: 1666649272640.jpg (32.42 KB, 500x403, 902 (1).jpg)

Noticed paypigs are flagging posts after sources pull their links and in cases the content itself off the imported posts past few months. Feels almost like the flagging system does more harm than good and defeats the entire purpose of archiving content.


onlyfans imports still fail still fail still fail

i have so much content to give you


can we have a "new posts by favorited artists (sorted by newest of course) tab? kinda like the "new by followed" on pixiv, thanks.


Its a function in the beta version. I started using the beta version of the site and haven't gone back.


The importer really should be setup to be additive only, just discarding any duplicate files.


Is there still a beta version of the site? I try to go to beta.kemono.party, but now it just redirects me to the new normal version. I can't favorite artists in the normal site.


Is The DM Importer Gonna Be Fixed soon?. Some Accounts like Rossteddy put their Content behind DMs


Bam bam bam. I bring the sad news.
KP is now blocked by RKN due to violation of 15.1 of Federal Law. :(

In short, 15.1 says: a) no cp; b) no drug; c) no suicide; d-i) no to things somehow related to those voiced above.

Although, I think KP staff already knows it all already. Don't you, guys?

And here's my useless thoughts on that, and how it could've been avoided:
Tags for posts, which are only used by a some sort of blacklist for unregistered users and those who are registered but want to keep it turned on.
Though, it'll take a fuckton of time to mark a shitton of already imported post, am I thinking right?

ps: I have to use VPN in order to send this message, if I happen to send multiple at once somehow - sorry, didn't mean to do that. This VPN is jackass-slow and horrible.


No way the post block would happen, even the parsers don't work well enough for a while already and this would be a new feature to implement over things that matter much more, Ivan.
Considering that RKN blocks more than a half of the Internet on occasion, just use TOR or GoodbyeDPI, the former is fast enough and the latter is stable enough.
Alternatively, you can rent some cheap server and just put your own VPN to use.


people would probably understand you if you explained the abbreviations



File: 1666761573564.png (1.4 MB, 1900x1366, p1dl1nqm9u18il8u9146j1kt4h….png)

The "foot note" is the caption or alt-text that pops up beneath the image when the image is clicked. It would be great if the importer could also capture this information. I know this is easier said than done.


Come on, what in the world is even happening with the request stuff? I'm getting tired of waiting.


It appears the Patreon importer only runs sporadically these days? For the last week or so it's often been queuing Patreon imports the whole day before they are finally executed. Just as it does right now. Last Patreon import was yesterday and the queue keeps slowly growing.


Looks like it. Maybe they do that to prevent them from catching on the new method. After all, they also hide it from us to make sure it doesn't happen again.


File: 1666785633639.png (187.92 KB, 680x478, smugnata.png)

Nice try, but there is no queue up for patreon, nor fanbox nor any other working importer.

>I know this is easier said than done.
Complain some more, so it actually registers in someones head.

We know.

>redirects me to the new normal version
They are literally the same. Same commit and all.
It's something on your side fucking up.

They can only do it preemptively and repeatedly, so no, not real harm.
Is what I would say if someone implemented a specific feature,
but alas that some prioritizes the wrong things at wrong times.

>For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

No, unless whole site becomes reliant on an api and view is generated via js.
If that happens, then it will be doable.

…there exists a commit from long ago that would allow all files of the posts to be displayed in a post.
But the file tables suffer from lack of sorting/grouping data points, so it could become a random mess.

did it tho?

Flag post, subscribe to the artist, import. ez

Where is the ransom money?

If you tried to import in the middle of auto-import, then it will probably take a long ass time for it to start.
Complain some more, so someone adds logic for manually started import prioritization.

>I love how the text obscures everything and doesn't let me see the actual thumbnail.
I love how the text is cut off and doesn't let me read the full title.

But nothingness already indicates that it is mostly text and that there is no preview.

If you save the import id/url, then you can look at the progress up to 48 hours after it is done, resetting the ttl on every visit.

Has not been doing shit for a long time.

Flags should reset only when the post that is flagged has been re-processed. Strange.

The only compact part about the old one was the list of artists.


alternate between services


Was a bug, should have been fixed.



> Nice try, but there is no queue up for patreon, nor fanbox nor any other working importer.


It's right at the bottom! And not a single Patreon import since yesterday while that queue keeps slowly growing. Same as what happened a lot last week.


>Complain some more, so it actually registers in someones head.
Fix SubStar importer
Fix Discord importer
Fix DM importer
Fix Gumroad importer
Fix Comment importing
Add hiccears
Add booth.pm
Add ci-en
Fix DLsite
FIX AMERICA…and sweden.

And give Shinonome a cool hat, he deserves it!


(Regarding to reply to >>24620)
>They can only do it preemptively and repeatedly, so no, not real harm.

Lol. True. One of the benefits of being able to flag is to verify if the importer's tier can archive older content that wasn't fully backed up. But yeah, fair enough.

>Is what I would say if someone implemented a specific feature,

but alas that some prioritizes the wrong things at wrong times.

Retard moment on my end, but can you clarify if fixing it to something akin to what >>24641 said of making it additive feasible?

The main problem is nuking links in text in the post, or in the case where some content is part of the text in the post itself (stories/etc CC that can be TL'd in some cases and so on).

What's the main bits being worked on then aside keeping the importers running?

Also nice work clearing the massive backlog. 58 pending and pulling more in atm. Where is the place I can inquire about reqs then if reqs are still locked for now? I recall reading someone say about either a dis or tg?


I've been trying to import my posts for the past two days but it keeps failing with an internal error. My import ID is a50838db



Same thing has been happening to me. Latest import ID cfa7820737b4e570


would it be possible for you guy to set up rss.


I am too tired to even scream internally. Should be fixed now, try again.

Your key expired. Re-login and us the new session key. But you also suffered from what he was having >>24669

The implied feature is automatic detection of changes and re-importing. Which should have been here a year ago, but…
And what is going on the inside? gl next time.



Dude. This is not a request board. Your gonna get banned for that.


sent ;)


why was the usah comment about anti botting deleted? trying to datamine us eh?

why not just be honest already about the request thing? at this point its pretty clear that its just false hope we aint that stupid you know we got common sense too just reopen the damm thing and make it clear on the sticky that the only way to fulfull would be to buy it yourself

>decides to block porn sites and piracy alternatives
>still allows boosty or fagaffinity on thier networks
gee i wonder why russia nationalists hate putin so much

>he doesnt save every revision of creatorfags post due to storage concerns
jokes aside i heard kemono had a hidden version control system but only usable by admins


From my understanding, autoimport is done once or twice a month automatically after I submit my Fanbox key right? Is there a chance that the import queue is so long that some of the imports will not finish before the next month starts (and then proceed to fail cuz subscription expires or artist hides post or whatever)?

Related to that, is it bad to manually force the import by submitting the Fanbox key again?


are they even working on any of those at all?


If visited posts turned purple, it would help us see whether posts are new or already visited.

Illustrative example: If I click on a post in https://kemono.party/patreon/user/21574503, that post's title would become purple. So next time I visit this page, I can see where I left off.

One method that could accomplish this: turn the post's title into a duplicate href, pointing to the same link.


I tried to download a video but it won’t open and only gives me a 128kb file. What do? And is there i way i can download it in another site?


you guys taking in programming volunteers?


this artist keeps getting updated but some posts still aren't imported. any idea why?
(I'm not the importer btw)


Any fix the "https://www.patreon.com/file?h=*" links that are appearing instead of the proper downloads? I think the scraper isn't properly grabbing these.


File: 1666981303969.jpg (1.25 MB, 2898x2442, kunti need attention.jpg)

>Is there a chance that the import queue is so long that some of the imports will not finish before the next month starts
We try to time new runs properly to account for this.
>Related to that, is it bad to manually force the import by submitting the Fanbox key again?
The code automatically prevents the same key from being submitted, but even if it did not, it is unlikely that this would help.
On a sidenote, I definitely need to finish key prioritization…
>jokes aside i heard kemono had a hidden version control system but only usable by admins
It's more like that it just doesn't have a frontend. One will be created eventually…
Yes-ish. If you are really interested and wish to discuss, see the linked email in name.


File: 1666982402078.jpeg (353.99 KB, 1280x757, RussiaPilot.jpeg)

>yes, i agree, if you want a certain thing fixed or added really badly, collectively yelling about it is a good signal that helps with prioritization
>the /requests/ issue was brought up internally multiple times, and the few staff involved were extremely fatigued with the moderation workload needed to keep it alive; if you want action here, the team will have to expand


this might be a bad idea mentioning it anyway in case its not but do you think rather then expanding the team you could instead automate that board partaly nothing too advanced just certain words get filtered ya know chatbot level stuff.


Not everyone asks for a quick fix, at least not from me, all I wanted is information and some update on my problem.


File: 1666992669797.jpg (65.09 KB, 905x1200, 98d740ce6b9d41f0674f49a8f0….jpg)

After far too long, DM importing will now work properly. Still requires manual import and sense of self-preservation.
I'd have to think about it, but
>programming effort
I will invite anyone interested in doing janitor work for /requests/ to contact the linked email.
>may not get around to responding immediately or to everyone, favor goes to people who demonstrate they've been around for a while ^^''
>you also do it for free ^^''''
Somehow, I think you misinterpreted what I said really badly.


>After far too long, DM importing will now work properly. Still requires manual import and sense of self-preservation.
Any chance you could put an announcement on the homepage or the side menu to let more people know?
Or maybe a notice on the import page.


So how do you check the artist of DM's with this new layout? There doesn't seem to be anything clickable on the DM page to actually check which artist they're from, unless the message directly list them its kinda just gambling on external links.


some artist discover a way to blank the posts on kemono with deletion i think…

for example https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/38270352 have all posts on kemono before but most are blank now. artist delete post on fanbox and when kemono page update the delete posts disappearing from kemono as well


I hope the request stuff gets sorted soon, because one artist who I'd spent the last 6 months requesting had just CLOSED his page.

Well okay, he made a post saying it'd be temporary, but imagine if it'd been permanent. This is what could happen if a request is left unfulfilled for too long.


I know an artist that actually did delete their Patreon page before it was ever scraped at all!


just pay for the sub yourself then you retard.


>this artist I like but never supported while also begging for someone else to pay and let me see the content for free for MONTHS

current state of kemono retards


The amount of retards that post asking for requests to come back is amazing.
As if anyone goes around looking for requests on what to leak.


artist was updated again today, same posts are still missing.


Because you're an idiot.
The uploader obviously isn't paying for the $10 tier, which is why the $10 posts aren't being imported.


>see the linked email in name
literally sent ;), check your email


yes, thank you for accompanying your explanation with that 100% necessary insult. the fact that you took the time to answer me while at the same time mocking my intelligence is greatly appreciated.


on a related note, wtf is the point of importing an artist on KP if you can't/won't import the exclusive posts? that goes against the entire point of this website!


kemono was never about exclusive posts retard it's always been an archiving site


good to know you're the ultimate authority on this!
also, very effective using the word "retard" over and over! I congratulate you on such witty insults! I feel so tiny and insignificant now, good job.


Fuck off, just fuck off with your ignorance. People have REASONS why they can't or aren't able to do that stuff. I've had it up to HERE with having all you narrow-minded making fun of someone's disadvantage. "oh, just go ahead and pay, what's stopping you? We'd like to think nothing because, well I don't know, I can't be fucked using any more than 5% of my brain so duuhhhh".



Way to be the bigger man…
Honestly, I was against them too, but you're just a bitch.


File: 1667159510928.png (709.79 KB, 1000x562, b5ni5ng.png)

So do you recruit volunteer programmers? How are you supposed to know if they are trustworthy? I just wonder since I am really excited to join your team in continuing coding for kemono.


Ever heard of local development? Industry standard. You can have a programmer develop a feature without them having access to the server(s) and/or it's variables.


go lick your own feet instead faggot


The new DMs start to show up. It's still a hassle to search for specific artists' but it's still great news!


This, it's a complete crapshoot to try and figure out who the DM is from right now.


OKAY, don't pay then

but also don't fucking beg like a retard for free shit.

the whole site calls artist entitled yet the average user is just dysfunctional underage retards that can't get their mom to pay for their porn.



I think the simplest (?) solution is to include the artist's username in the search bar. As of now it only searches the content of the message, so if the artist doesn't write his name (or anything distinctive), tough luck.

Can always write /dms at the end of the artist kemono page tho.


No the simplest solution is for it to work like everything else on the site, and just having the DM's be clickable.

Don't know who the artist is? Click on it to open the DM in it's own page like any basic post with the artist displayed right above it.
Shouldn't be that complication, that's how DMs worked on the older less shitty version of the site.


i seriously hope you dont hire LGBTP coders from furfag subreddits /s

>hurr durr simpleton LE BAD
arent you the same faggot who stole his dads credit card for some le sekrit RP discord club fuck off creatorfag

yeah same why are we the scapegoat everytime the site breaks? apparently we are somehow worse than the creators blanking thier own pages or using DMs
psst: for as long as (((they))) dont make a clear frontpage rule that prohibits silent leeching or add a strict download quota per day like most trackers ill keep rebooting my router everytime the connection drops good luck with that PROTIP they wont


don't you have better things to do with your spare time than argue with people you obviously hate?


Trying to download a video directly from Kemono does not work, the link returns a wall of text of links, I believe the ?f=video part of the link isn't working, try this https://data2.kemono.party/data/8c/cc/8ccc74101948970a3c17ec90c30a34758aff5bec6f89b89c470d1636783e66f1.txt?f=video


As if minors even know this site exists anyhow.


Brother, I'm a poorfag too. Yet I have the luck of not having been blessed with an extra pair of chromosomes so that I'm at least aware of that fact that it's completely useless to beg on some random board in hopes of some stranger happening to take pity on my tastes of porn decides help me with my next gooning session and imports their stuff here for FREE.

If some artist decides to close their paywall before they ever had a chance of having their stuff imported, then so be it. Archive.org doesn't have everything ever posted on the Internet archived either.

If you want to beg in a more meaningful way then go over fag95zone and make a thread there, or better yet, make a gallery of the creator you want over at sadpanda and redirect people here in hopes they decide to help the archival effort.


You realise that this is covered in the FAQs, right?


well it's either that or just extremely underdeveloped individuals that need their lolicon spoonfed for free to them


Is there any possible ETA on the discord uploader being fixed? A whole lot of people are moving away from patreon, whether it be due to the ever-encroaching porn rules, or the pirates scraping from their pages.


Hi, I just imported posts to Nhaliz (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7711346), made sure to pay the highest tier to import all missing posts, and double checked to see that the next payment would be December 1 instead of November 1, but only the two most recent ones show up on kemono.

Last time I imported (different artist that time) the remaining posts only became visible when the artist made another post. However, I also posted about this glitch that time as well, so I don't know if the issue was fixed because I brought this Is up on this board or because it automatically fixes itself when the artist makes another post. this a known issue, or are all posts showing up on your end and this is purely on my end?


I feel like I need to elaborate more on the "two most recent posts". The last time this artist was updated was in May, but there are plenty of posts between May and October that aren't showing up on kemono. Not an issue with the plan, I bought the highest tier, so it's something with kemono's importer that I suspect is wrong, at least for the first few days until it's either brought to attention, the artist posts again, or both.


Sorry for the third reply, but checking again, I found all of the missing posts by searching for the most recent posts imported instead of the actual artist, and while they exist on kemono they still can't be found on the artist's kemono page currently. With https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7711346/post/4397495 as an example, the icon on top of the post properly links to the artist's kemono page, but the post is nowhere to be seen on the artist's kemono page. Does it just take time to properly import to the actual pages? Does this issue only get fixed every time I have to bring it up, or does it automatically fix itself?


Found another bizarre oddity. This artist, monaka curl (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14970603), has their ¥750 and ¥500 posts imported, but not their ¥300 posts for whatever reason. It seems like the ¥500 posts are higher quality versions of the ¥300 posts, but it's still extremely bizarre that the cheaper posts aren't being imported properly.


patreon is having an update which is that videos can be directly posted on patreon instead of using a vimeo link or other plat forms. will this affect the new videos on kemono.party? this patreon artist tried out the new feature and apparently on kemono the video dosent work, heres the link: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17569618/post/73850132 will there be a fix to this o kemono?


im running an import sesh for patreon, welcome sight that my DMs imported properly now, and its so far at a total of 3445 posts imported, but so far still at an "In Progress" stage. will it ever actually reach a "Status: Done" stage or be stuck at a "in Progress" limbo?


is there gonna be a fix on kemono for the new patreon update?


fuck off



This also just happened to me on this artist (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17185832). Kemono imported all the posts, but only the ones in Oct and part of Sept are showing up, all the others from Aug through Sept (like this one https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17185832/post/72116159) are missing. The posts seem to be in Kemono and have functional URLs, but they're all just not showing up on the artist page.


File: 1667357817325.jpg (299.89 KB, 855x1200, FgP3048XoAEInDt.jpg)

There are two separated cache systems and there is probably a race condition. But it's more of a snail race.
If your import goes through without errors, things should have been imported and the frontend cache is dropped.
But as the application cache has still not updated the old data is used, then cached by frontend.
And the frontend cache has a TTL of 12h for these pages.

Shino has been told a lot of times to fix that one part, he never did.
When imports finish, you should see a duplicate line that tells you that imports are done.
So yes, it will stay in that state.

They are there, tho.

Complain some more. I mean it.

Because it's not a video but a stream. And these are not supported, never have been.

Dev setup has been ass to setup for some time.

Revisions exist, complain some more.

>Not everyone asks for a quick fix
I do.

I have a grasp on the fantia and fanbox importers, so they should finish before the end of the month.
Patreon on other hand is a pain due to all the thing we need to do for it to work. I have a general time frame for that one, but god help me.


File: 1667418631897.png (355.84 KB, 1300x650, 1468841823109.png)

How about a system to manually add an artist to the database (by pasting their patreon link or something) and favorite them even if they aren't imported, that way if they ever get imported you won't miss it, and it can work as an indirect request system: If someone sees an empty artist with like 200 favs it can motivate them to fork out the dineros.


I haven't been keeping up with development progress, is manual upload being worked on? Is it a priority? It definitely should be given all the different ways creators are trying to dodge the importer.


I haven't been keeping up with development progress lately; is manual upload being worked on? Is it a priority? If not, is it expected to come back? It definitely should be, given all the different ways creators are trying to dodge the importer.


Not sure if this has been brought up before but there is a problem with the artist
the new posts are being imported but without the links to the actual artworks. Used to work fine until the last 4 posts, but now all the links before the post on 2022-09-26 are also gone. No idea if its only this artist or other artist as well.


Data Cache 70 is down



This has been happening across many artists.
pls fix



>Complain some more. I mean it.
fix Subscribestar
fix Discord
fix Gumroad
add manual uploads
add file host scraping
add post revisions


>Complain some more. I mean it.
fix Subscribestar
fix Discord
fix Gumroad
add manual uploads
add file host scraping
add post revisions

Or at least give us an info what the status is. I mean
Boosty has some imports. But what is with the rest.



I mean, I was going to complain that this artist's Kemono page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7335763) is taking forever to be updated because the Kemono page's newest post is dated 09-29-2022 and now there's like way more posts in the Fanbox page (https://yty1028.fanbox.cc/) with the newest one dated 11-03-2022, but then reading the responses after >>24765 have made me think "maybe I just need to be more patient. It'll update when it updates."

So thanks guys. Thanks for teaching me the art of patience.


Open the requests page again you fags. You’re clearly not working on anything to improve the “requesting experience” so fucking unlock the threads so we can tell you what shit we want imported. Like come on!


And who's gonna fulfill them?


>>24863 https://archive.is/9Vapu
why the fuck was this post deleted he posted a legitimate drive link dunno if linking cringy stuff is bannable

just for the keks it would be really funny if the soysharters one day flooded >>>/requests/ perhaps that should cure the admins false hope and placido obsession they might even thank us for this later on

>isnt it great being better than the very thing you claimed to destroy
and by better i mean more noisy and incompetent than the previous one. Were at stage 3 folks mass wipes are coming. Looking at you Shitty Admiral


patreon is having an update which is that videos can be directly posted on patreon instead of using a vimeo link or other plat forms. will this affect the new videos on kemono.party? this patreon artist tried out the new feature and apparently on kemono the video dosent work, heres the link: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17569618/post/73850132 will there be a fix to this o kemono?


Calm down pajeet. you'll be able to scream at a wall again soon enough



The site is full of cringy stuff.


Did DMs stop working again?


Importer is running at a snails pace tonight.
Been 4 hours and barely 100 queued imports have been completed.


Sometimes its a great way to find some decent stuff you werent aware about. If I toss $5 and sub to get the goods, may as well archive it with the rest of the stuff and do someone a solid who has similar tastes.
Fact. Spergs nuking their paywalled shit because they're mentally unstable causing potentially lost content you paid for is a major benefit of a site like these. Sure piracy is a factor, but I've had multiple retards blow up their fanbox/patreons for different reasons aside merely quitting doing lewd art.
Solid take and accurate for most people. But again, seeing what sort of content others are seeking out is a nice way to find some good stuff you weren't aware of before, given you arent going to chuck $5-10 for something you are repulsed by for some rando on the net in any rational circumstance.
Personally I would like that. Enabling such a feature for importers to have the option to do so perhaps?


Yeah, archiving PAYWALLED content!!!


File: 1667672319656.png (243.23 KB, 680x709, d59598fa-f0c1-46d6-a180-da….png)


Hi, I'm getting a lot of no response errors from various kemono data servers. I have pretty generous timeouts of 1 minute between posts. Is this expected due to the start of month imports?


y eah, me too, all the importer says it cannot bloody import logs.


seeing how the last few hundreds of imports are only pixiv, i guess something broke with the other importers


Nothing is broken. Content from Pixiv and Patreon are imported separately.
But, it confuses me that imports into this one are slower.


I am working with two retards.


When doing a search, is there any way to sort by desc / put the newest posts first (for instance with a parameter in the url)?


will there be a fix to the new patreon update, since lots of creators are using that feature and its already causing a problem on kemono. The post just says 'download video' but when u click it, lots of words appear and dosent actually take you to the video.


I have a suspicion that the HTTP 429 page request limit is currently sitting at exactly 50 per burst. When an artist has lots of posts, I sometimes middle-click all 50 on one page to open in new tabs for looking through, and then click to move to the next page of links, which sometimes then throws a mildly annoying 429 error code.
Basically, if I'm right about this, I'd appreciate if this threshold was raised from 50 to e.g. 55.


Seems like it's updating with latest post, but skipping the ones a few days ago


Just tap left or right when viewing posts or where there is a pagination.
And there will be no changes to rate limiting.


Annoy shino.


That's a known thing that happens sometimes. It'll fix itself eventually but until then you can navigate to the missing posts via the "< previous" and "> next" options in the posts themselves.


shino if u can plz fix this problem!!!



Not a "New Problem". It's always been like this. Check the timestamps and see if they've expired. If not, try using vlc or something to play the playlist, if not, you're fucked.


File: 1667936403032.png (8.28 KB, 375x171, Capture.PNG)

Is there a way to see the previous version of a certain post? The artist posts passwords every month for a download in the next/third month, and I saw they were fetched but I didn't write them down since normally they stay archived (my fault still), now those posts got updated/reimported with the passwords deleted. Sorry if this is not the place for this question.


how would i do that?


How is this not a 'new problem' when patreon only just released this update


Because this acts the exact same way they always have done


oh so theres no fix to it i guess….. how would i check if its expired? heres a post in which it says 'download video' : https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17569618/post/73850049 when i click it I dont see any timestamps. Where do i find the timestamps?


Just checked. All expired around 6 days ago


ah, if i flag the post and if it gets reimported, will the expiry date change or stay the same?


Scheduling archives of the posts.
The other way is revisions.


Is any of that currently implemented and accessible by the public? Perhaps through a querystring.
These are the posts I need:


Retard question. There's this artist:
On Pixiv, his username is うの.
On Fanbox, it is うのさん.
But his fanbox URL is b34lyde7.
My question is, how should I search Kemono for artists like this who have different usernames/URLs everywhere? Just try everything? It would be nice if there was a simple way to take a Fanbox/whatever URL and check if it's in KP already without playing the username guessing game.
This artist doesn't show up when I searched any of those. I'm assuming that means he's just not been uploaded to KP yet, but he's a pretty good loli artist and those seem to get uploaded fairly often.


the pixiv member id is the easiest way to find users
they're on kemono btw: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/9603350


Thanks mate.
Yep, that's why I couldn't find him.
For some reason checking Pixiv itself for the ID didn't occur to me, I thought the numeric ID was hidden somewhere on Fanbox.


When will the patreon comment importer be fixed?


Any news on this? Just seems strange that the links arent being grabbed anymore despite the artist not changing anything in terms of how they upload. Did something change with fanbox or is there another reason for the posts not being uploaded correctly?


>Just tap left or right
Damn. Can't believe I hadn't tried that. Thanks
Is there a variation on this (like shift+arrows or something) to open the next paginated content in a new tab? Could be useful, as long as browser anti popup doesn't make it impossible.


is there a way to tell with this shit ass new ui what posts you clicked on before and what you didn't? like before new unclicked on posts would be a different colour


I want my requests. I want the ability to tell people want I want back cause I keep typing in my fetish and it stays the same for like 3 days. Then a single artist who draws it gets updated and adds a few more pictures to the page.

It’s so fucking shit, open requests so I feel like I have control again. This is torture.


Fucking right it's torture.

Also I've brought some shit news:

Over on DeviantArt, a lot of pictures (of a least one certain kind of fetish) are now being filtered and it's not the users who are doing it but DA itself. When logged in, the mature content box isn't marked, yet when logged out, "mature". Something's up and it's not good.

Oh the joys of having life unnecessarily get harder and harder. Fuck me rotten.



if anybody was wondering I managed to fix this with a little bit of debugging :)

You just need to make sure that ddosguard cookies are being included in your http request (i.e. names __ddg1 and __ddg2)


I submitted a gumroad key yesterday

It didnt work


>complains he didn't read the notice
bout right


No. Fuck you. Now we're keeping it closed even longer.

Use Meus' blacklist if you don't like it. You can find the link to it and many other useful tools here: https://t.me/KemonoTools


Some artists offer a limited viewtime of their work, and they will modify their post, removing image afterwards.
An issue will occur when the modified post is imported. Despite the old version has complete images, it will be overwritten by the new version without content.
Is there a way to preserve different versions of posts?


if timestamps are expired, if i flag the post and if it gets re imported, will the expiry date change?


1. the Fantia importer is only importing my first page of subscriptions. how do import the rest

2. how do i get it to import more often.

3. how do i get it to skip people. theres some im not ready to import just yet.


File: 1668153758569.jpg (50.88 KB, 603x384, allhidden.jpg)

It's me or the web don't work in Chrome? Trying to search artist I get this… all is hidden but post and favourites works well.


File: 1668154270123.jpg (142.13 KB, 1200x943, EszJDbUXUAI6TMZ.jpg)

>The entire /request/ board experience


This may sound like a stupid question, but what’s with the slow build up of the queued imports?


whens the patreon auto update happening?


I have a question, why make it so hard for content creators to request their user be removed from the site?
I don't think anyone has any experience with DMCA and the requirements not only are extremely vague and hard to understand but also require them to hand over private information to some random people who they believe are stealing from them. Like, if the person cares enough to try and contact kemono staff about it, why make it so hostile? It's kind of ironic how the biggest argument for kemono is that artists/creators stop and delete their content when a lot of the times the reason they stop is exactly because the content is being leaked to kemono which is understandably demoralizing.


Nothing is ever deleted (apart from content that is deemed illegal), so you're more likely to get shit on my a bat than have something taken down,

Kemono is a permanent archive, like archive.org or other archives.


Kemono is not obligated to forego standard legal requirements in order to lower the barrier for the average Paytreon scribbler to bitch and moan.
Nor is it obligated at any point to preserve the feelings of the misguidedly-possessive or greedy.


>Now we're keeping it closed even longer.

Now you're just asking for trouble.


the imports are so slow omg. it's taking such a long time for patreon imports to start, so far has only been pixiv fanbox.


More like it's broken and stop working. Again.


We need to get an update on the importer. I'm sure they are working on it, but we need to be informed about the situation.


When the Patreon Importer gonna be working again? I haven't seen any of my favorite/starred Patreon creators update since Oct 30th.


I hate that there is zero communication about the obvious problems going on over the last few days.
A simple " yes its fucked at the moment but we are working on it" would already be enough.

But this " everything is fine" with 8k entries waiting to be processed and its going like 1 every 5 minutes is not ideal.


So what the hell is going on with imports,is it working but fuck'in slow or not working at all?


None of my Patreons have updated since October 30th and those are all highly popular ones that usually update at least once a week.
Something is definitely not working right at the moment with Patreon imports.


Noticed the exact same thing


It cant be the patreon importer being broken. I saw that there are posts of patreon imports today, so that means the issue is the speed of importing to the site.


So, I bought a new tablet today and now I can't sign in. The site says incorrect username or password, which isn't true. I've had this problem before and had to create a new account. Clearly the issue must be with the site if I can't even sign-in on a brand new device.


Holy shit, not again…NOT AGAIN!!


File: 1668405154064.png (255.77 KB, 680x976, 1668183333465785.png)

Patreon processing is busted.
Time will be needed to fix.
Should not take as long as previous repairs, but no ETA either.
Sorry for the disruption. ごめんなさい
>this was originally supposed to be a post about how fancards were now being downloaded in the background pending frontend integration, and how ("classic") discord support was back, but the timing of when these things finished was apparently piss poor
>i guess you could view it as an apology gift during these trying times


File: 1668405686210.png (1.13 MB, 1904x1772, Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at ….png)

>"classic" discord support
In the sense that a revamp was/is planned that addressed the rudimentary UI and numerous caveats of the aged system. This just works how it did before, for now, as a decision to cut down on immediate time required to bring back the feature.
Still, I hope this brings someone good news.


At least you update us on this. Thanks for telling us.


I have had this problem too had to make new accounts and try and remember all the ones I had favorited.


Could you make it so that updates on discord servers also show up on "Recent" tab?


You should contribute and import them yourself


Something strange i notice at the moment that the same accounts update again and again but nothing new is being added?
I must have seen the same Pixiv accounts getting updated like 10 times in the last few days but none of them got any new content?
Like the date of the update is current but if you click on the artist the newest file that was updated was from days ago.
Seems strange.


Anyone know the source on this image, been looking and couldn't find anything.


So how do we view fancards?


> pending frontend integration
TLDR: You don't (yet)


Bad news, Fanbox sold out…
Adapting the same rules Patreon enforces so anything western mutts find offensive is out.


At this rate, we have to focus on the Fanbox imports to preserve the art before it is gone.


"Sexual exploitation of a minor"
So basically 99% of all R18 stuff.
RIP Pixiv.


How long it was last time?


Like a month


We doomed


File: 1668547415817.png (45.19 KB, 240x240, DoomerStage2.png)


>everyone going Defcon 3 because Pixiv bent the knee
>me just waiting for Kemono imports to get fixed so I can catch up on non-coomer webnovels


Many fan artworks in kemono are in danger of disappear if the revision history is not made available to the users soon. Currently if the fanbox posting is deleted and this fanbox is reimported to kemono it will overwrite an delete the previous attachments to the message. There are many examples of fanbox users messages disappearing into Kemono because of this.

With the new Fanbox Terms of Service they will start the delete messages that violate the Terms of Service (if the artist is not already preemptively deleting them) so when someone brings in a fanbox with deleted posts it will delete the contents of those posts that was already uploaded to kemono. This is why making revision public is very important. Please administration work towards this. Sorry for poor english


Can you start running the fanbox scraper in overtime up until the 15th, so we can grab everything until the purge.


True. This is te perfect storm. With the Patreon imports now working and the Fanbox ban, we have to focus on the Fanbox imports now.


Is there any way to update fantia posts that are already uploaded? For these three posts
I have a higher tier than the original uploader which comes with more content but the importer skips those posts because they're already uploaded.


Flag them…


So fanbox posts etc. get updated are we gonna lose them? Majority of artists are going to start wiping all their flagged content

Kanye was right about the jews


No, the stuff that's been uploaded here is safe, if it gets deleted, it'll still have a log number accessible on KP, just not on Fanbox.
The only way we'd lose shit is if they deleted the images in the posts on fanbox's end, and kept the post in place, and then someone flagged it for reimport, which is idiotic, they're probably just gonna delete the entire post and leave no trace.


If I wanted to add a new fanbox artist before the purge would it be uploaded immediately, or would they only be added in the weekly batch upload?


File: 1668583123689.webm (1.63 MB, 512x384, 1623390173522.webm)

If they flag stuff to delete them, older versions will still exist internally, pending frontend integration.

>Jews gonna Jew

What's new there?


Thanks for bringing discord support back! <3

Will there be something implemented to favorite a server? So far I've had to bookmark pages in browser.



This along with the Kemono request board stalling/clowncuntfuckery, Deviantart's totally-not-suspicious-timing malicious force filtering (and let's not get started on the fact a Russian missile ended up in a NATO country which may or may not start WW3). This bullshit is all getting too much!

Better stop here or it'll start to sound like the lyrics from 'We Didn't Start the Fire'.


Is there a file size limit to downloads?
Been trying to download the 3rd file multiple times but it keeps failing, I can't get it past 4.5gb


settle down, Beavis


True. There is still time to import. Until Dec 15, we must get theme here. After all, the Patreon import is down, so Fanbox is now our priority.


is the bloody importer down again? i'm submitting, and nothing's going on. No fucking logs.


File: 1668633791912.png (9.43 KB, 543x94, firefox_eYdNFl6Mlb.png)

how the fuck is there 8248 queued imports



Because the Patreon importer is not working right now.
Has been the way for a week+ so a lot of stuff is piling up.

They are working on it but no ETA for a fix.


The entire kemono.party website is down right now. Anybody know what's going on?


It's fixed, but I'm still curious what happened. Did the servers overload or something?


>it's fixed no

bull-fucking-shite, logs are still not appearing


Yeah, the coomers crashed the server in ytheir desperation to save all the pedo porn on pivx


File: 1668653541680.png (960.57 KB, 1024x768, 1668599253772967.png)

If you do not see any logs, your import is enqueued.
If your import is for Patreon, you should probably read this >>25058 for more information on why all imports for that service are indefinitely queued. I'm working on it.
Like most companies that perform TOS changes of this manner, they are being extremely unclear and no one seems to know for sure if art is actually affected. Official clarification is really needed.
If you feel like archiving something, don't wait for that though, especially because many artists aren't either and will wipe work.
I should say that I'm fairly positive only Fanbox and Booth are affected though. Anons elsewhere are inflating the situation to Pixiv itself and completely unrelated sites like DLsite. Beware of doomposting.
Nothing more to say for now.
I had made an incredibly brief and incredibly stupid whoopsie during a configuration change. Apologies.


>Anons elsewhere are inflating the situation to Pixiv itself
Artists are fickle and sometimes rash. It wouldn't surprise me if those who thought they would be affected by the new rules nuked their entire accounts, including non-paid stuff.
I'm backing up every pixiv artist I like just in case. I was planning on doing it eventually anyway, but there's nothing to get you in the mood like a potential timebomb.



"Two Russian Nationals Charged with Running Massive E-Book Piracy Website
Defendants Operated Z-Library, Which Offered Free Download of Copyrighted Works"

Arrested in Argentina.


Some artists are already panicking, deleting their works, considering moving to Fantia or Ci-en pending the clarification from pixiv in late November/ December.

I'm not too worried about past works. I have backed up most works I like locally, and there's also sadpanda for the things I might have missed.

I'm more upset about potential future works, future artists that will be discouraged by this stupid ToS change. It's a sad situation really. Fuck Pixiv for being retarded.

Anyhow, coomers, back up your shit. If the shit is not already available on kemono, drop 300 yen, 500 yen, 1000 yen, or whatever to import/save it.


True. Patreon imports are not a priority due to the importer being busted again. We have to preserve the remaining Fanbox imports before it is too late.


Looks like there are new Patreon imports now. I'm sure that is a test if the importer can work. Looks promising so far.


doesnt really matter if the patreon importer is fixed or not…the site is still tied up slowly chugging its way through all the pivx crap.


Does kemono have any way of importing fantia products?


So, what is currently preventing the importer to perform his tasks?
Aside the Patreon problem, of course, since last time it didn't seem to have slowed down other imports.


Patreon imports back working? Noticing some artists are updating


Nah, more-so a test than an actual confirmation of working Patreon importing.


Well least there's progress being made


If I have already imported a site and my key is in auto-import, I don't have to do anything if I were to subscribe to another creator on the same platform, right? I'm assuming it checks for new posts on any creators they key has access to maybe once a day and automatically imports them.


Correct. Anything new will be detected.


Would it be possible to have an ETA of when the Patreon Importer might be fixed?




When Venus, Mars and Saturn again line up with the moon, as seen from earth's northern hemisphere, then it will only be a few more revolutions of the Jupiter moons around their planet before we will again have a functioning Patreon import.

You are welcome.


I have no idea what's going down, but from what I gather the Patreon imports are currently down. If it ever goes up again, would all the posts be uploaded on a date-based sorted way or in a file size sorted way? Because I'm using this site for webnovels, and I think I'm waiting on just about five hundred kilobytes of data or so. Will those five hundred kilobytes be uploaded first or will images that released before it come out first?


Fuck you and fuck deviantart, kemono isn't made to cater to people's fetishes, it's made to archive things people PAID FOR so those goddamn leechers and chinese faggots can fap to them. And the ones maintaining it don't get paid, neither do the ones importing THE SHIT YOU FUCKING SAVE.

Importer is broken right now so fuck your request bullshit. We don't need requests. No one should be able to request ANYTHING at all, take what you get for free or don't and BACK THE FUCK OFF, you goddamn ungrateful piece of shit.



Beginner guide on "How to be triggered by nothing" now available in all stores.


Dunno how Gumroad works, but on this dude's page he says that uploads appear "directly in your Gumroad library" due to "a bug". His Gumroad page on Kemono seems broken, is it because of this? Would manually uploading be an option if so?
I know he's a footfag but occasionally he makes good non-foot content.


Why have the imports gone grey? The running imports and queued imports counters are greyed out


File: 1668807912683.jpg (119.73 KB, 1200x1111, squidward-tentacles-sponge….jpg)

Oh bloody hell..it's happening all over again isn't it? Gettin' some really strong March-April vibes right now…


…11K imports queued. I am never reading that total half megabyte of text from the webnovel authors, am I


If you want it that bad and can't bear the thought of waiting a few days, quit begging and just buy it yourself faggot.


Because nothing has been imported from Patreon lately.


File: 1668838145843.png (162.61 KB, 363x255, hibiki face.PNG)

Currently at 9300 in the queue. Importer gonna explode when its fixed


Never because the fags running this place care fuck all about it while the money from ads line their pocket


File: 1668856449838.jpg (54.25 KB, 666x728, 8dc525c8081bfda335bf679e92….jpg)

>implying the ad money from the few retards who have never heard of an adblocker seeing the two (2) ads on the entire site even begins to cover the cost for terabytes of storage and bandwidth


Ads allow a site to slightly cover losses not operate at a profit anon. It would literally take all of kemono's visitors to click the ads and also buy whatever shit they're selling for it to ever happen, and as has been said most of the ads are blocked anyway.

Try using a stronger argument like idk megacorp russki donations somehow sponsoring kemono or cryptomining infections - kek - next time


People keep complaining about the queue but no one mentions that 5000 fanbox creators were updated within the last 24 hours. Not kemono's fault if the queue keeps piling up because people are going crazy, just wait and save what's already there, if you don't already have backups of the backups, that is things you really do care about, then you're doing it wrong


It's WWOEC and Tumblr all over again. At least the latter gave a warrning


What exactly is wrong with the Patreon importer? I queued something up for import on the 18th and it was imported the next day. Is it only the auto importer thats broken because the manual is working on my end.


Hey guys out of the loop here but whats happening to pixiv/fanbox thats making the artists leave? Sorry if it's been asked already.


In December 15, alot of accounts are going to banned for having the following:

・Sexual exploitation of a minor
・Rape (or any other non-consensual sexual behavior)
・Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part 

Unfortunately, that is about 90% of the site, so the artist are leaving to other sites.


Scroll up a few posts. Patreon processing is busted. Will be fixed but no ETA.

What do you mean by manual importing? Use the "upload file" button or Manually import the key again?

I did see a single new Patreon update (Afrobull, import time: 2022-11-19 20:22:10.396223). So someone did import something lol.



I manually imported my session key and the Patreon account got updated. The user is JimmyMacram. Did it the 18th and it went through that day.


File: 1668959366749.png (162.68 KB, 1544x888, Kemalol.PNG)

Some patreon creators do get updates somehow



Probably a test run of the fix they're working on.


>source: /pol/tards


File: 1668983776005.gif (1.41 MB, 713x585, 1440344942631 (1).gif)

Anyone to update the search function to search for posts withot without image


Is there hope for the patreon importer?


File: 1668988477472.jpg (116.77 KB, 600x471, 7bc4783c19203bb37c78a3406d….jpg)


Good evening.
Nope. It's dead.
Have a nice day.


Here we go again. Doomposting.


The source has been posted in this thread and several others, my dear redditor.


File: 1669006399508.png (5.42 KB, 160x160, eyes-apple.png)

It was sarcasm… Probably the next time I will clarify it


>illiterate pedo retard creating fake outrage calling others redditor
the irony


Just to ask a question, is there any way to search for a post and be able to sort it by upload date/recently updated like we can with the artists? I feel a QoL change like that would help make the site a lot more pleasant to navigate (the site is still great though).


>replying to bait
You should know better, anon.
Especially bait posted by LCP.


Didn't pixiv say they would just turn the works private? Account suspensions already happen when they investigate on a matter.


File: 1669039763510.jpg (17.16 KB, 333x267, failing-business.jpg)

It's been fun boys


Has anyone tried manually importing? I’m trying to do WelWraith manually and it doesn’t let me drop the file into the designated area


To the admins, as you can see, the doomposting started again. Befor this gets out of hand again, a few information about the progress would help to pacify the people.


Like requests coming back? It’s been two months since it’s deleted and there’s no other alternative so why not doompost? How am I supposed to let people know what artist I want updated?


Use the designated Telegram channel for this, make sure you DM a moderator if you have questions. Manual importing has been off for a long time due to people misusing it.

This. Doomposters generally get bored but people are more and more inclined to believe in lies and get brainwashed than do whatever they can to help solve it faster or wait it out and do something else with their lives if they can't.

Maybe also make sure there aren't many instances of the same artist in the queue, though that may be different plans with different individual post access levels so which to keep and which to drop… (vulnerability if you can currently clog the importer with auto-follows that don't even have a paid plan at all)


File: 1669058124967.jpg (428.93 KB, 790x1157, f26fb1bd91509d44e8ffdcb1ff….jpg)

A promising solution was found and is being implemented.
I still don't really want to give a definite ETA in case things go south. I am working overtime, however, to aim for this import round to finish by the end of the month provided all goes as planned. Wish us luck.


Question for staff relating to the telegram channel, bans, timed out account(s) all in one:

Say a dude did a dumb on the telegram, got banned, let their shit time out and their account deleted itself, and later on (months later) re-registered either on the same name they had, or under a different pseudo-nim. they re-read everything, and whatever staff previously banned them recognizes who they are/were (either from the name they have, or whatever they can deduce from said normie with near sherlock holmes style/brand of reasoning). would their previous ban be re-implemented, or would the official ruling be "as long as this idiot doesn't do the same dumb they did before, ill let em slide, otherwise banned again"?


Permanent bans are permanent. And evasion isn't permissible.


Good luck guys.


Thanks for the info.


cheers bro and gl


Is the M16 worth using after the recent buff?





Good luck and thanks for the hard work.


Praying for your success, may the flying spaghetti monster grant us mercy.


the irony is palpable, you illiterate samefagging pedo


The patron loader is only running 11 min a day on days it runs at all. This has been happening for a week. Can this be fixed?

It has not run since 22-11-19T20:23Z

Prior to that it was active 22-11-19T20:17Z until 22-11-19T20:23Z processing 14 import during 6 min of activity.

It ran from 22-11-18T05:29Z until 22-11-18T05:39Z processing 11 imports during 10 min of activity.

Prior to that it was active from 22-11-17T13:18Z until 22-11-17T13:29Z processing 30 imports during 11 min of activity.

No loads 22-11-16

No loads 22-11-15
It ran from 22-11-14T02:52Z until 22-11-14T03:02Z processing 26 imports during 11 min of activity

No loads 22-11-13

I expect many of the 8757 in the queued imports are patron.



Yeah boss-san said they working on it


Oh my god can't figure out if he's joking



There is no Patron importer problem in Ba Sing Se. Please come and visit as at Lake Laogai!


>tfw staff has been inept since day 1.
i miss yiff.party


Can we get an ETA on when the patreon Importer will be working or any news about it for today please and thank you and take your time getting back with me





well, you better fix it soon. End of the month is coming



Imagine getting a lot of content for free and can't wait for some weeks, and top of that thinking that you are the boss when you probably haven't shared anything.


>Bui gave zero shits about the site since day one, and said so himself
>Compares kemono leadership that are actually dedicated and give a shit about archival to a nigtard that couldn't even give half a shit about his own site
Looks like you're conflating the wrong things here.
If only people understood the kind of work that goes into keeping a site with millions of users and constantly being harassed by thots and retards going.



> If only people understood the kind of work that goes into keeping a site with millions of users

That can't be, just ask Elon Musk. You can always fire 2/3rd of the team and users won't even notice. /s


I'm sure whoever does the coding cares a lot, but the staff here on the board sure doesn't give a fuck


File: 1669162670256.jpg (5.33 KB, 184x184, a98687f59e4b9d3587762b3e08….jpg)

shut the fuck up retard and fix the site


fuck off pedo retard, don't you have pivix shit to whine about


Any Update on capturing patreon caption information?


The sheer entitlement of some people simply astounds me.


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this may come as a surprise to someone whose attention span is eclipsed by the lifespan of a twinkie in the presence of a fat kid,

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anyway, isn't the influx of pixiv imports already waning by now? queued imports has been hovering at 8k


negative, there's still new imports from pixiv. with how relatively small the running imports are, seems like most pixiv imports are stuck with the patreons too


When is the patreon Importer going to be back on please


Read the fuckin thread asshat, don't expect to be spoonfed everything.


I have a question. I have imported my session key and have auto-import enabled, so I should be in the queue. If I were to cancel my pledge to an artist before the importer is fixed and the import goes through, would it still work?


Dare I say, based?



Your Patreon cancellation is not immediate, it only ends at the end of the period you paid for.

As for the rest of the question, seriously?

If your account does not have access then it does not have access, and vice versa, at the time of kemono trying to access your Patreon account. No time travelling magic involved or possible back to a period where your Patreon account could access some artist on kemono's side. Why does this have to be explained?



…or with another example, if you tell someone to drive on a road that includes a bridge in the middle, and that person only does that trip a month later, and the bridge has been destroyed by a missile strike between you giving the instruction and the person going on the trip, will they still be able to cross the chasm even if the bridge has been destroyed? Because the bridge existed when you gave them the instruction?


>"Why does this have to be explained?"
there's an inverse correlation between having money to burn and having real-world common sense

if I buy a gold-plated Lamborghini and give the spare key to my butler, then change my mind and return that Lamborghini, then a month later ask my butler to take me out in that same Lamborghini, will he be able to do so?



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people like you should get an ban from sites like kemono for such disrespect.

@ admins and mods, keep up your work.


If they had money - or at least a life - they'd not bitch about the importer.


Everyone just shares files via Patreon Private messages. I'm not 100% sure - are those viewable? Because kemono party posts mostly come out with empty posts, no files, no download links, just some photos (whenever I lookup somebody) Is there a way to get to the actual files nowdays? Sorry if this is a repetead question. I don't see any FAQs.



>Everyone just shares files via Patreon Private message


Not a single of the Patreons I follow does this. And if you miss a very tiny bit of free porn - there still is soooo much. You don't even go for any paid content at all, I don't understand the desperation of some who think a handful of unavailable Patreons is the end.



I've seen this recently in the koikatsu community, with a lot of creators started to do private google drive only accessible if the creator invite you in it. But I don't think it's possible to solve that with kemono because you need to have your google account related to the drive.


This IS a thing that happens, but DMs may need a bit of extra scrutiny before they can be imported (could be some freakshow that embeds a secret code in the DMs to identify individual leakers). I know e.g. patreon 64563160 does DM-only exclusive packages, but none of the DMs are imported, but I think THAT one's just laziness on the importer's part.


tell us you follow fanbox users only without telling us you follow fanbox users only


So, the new fanbox rules coming December worry me a bit, since some otherwise good works I might not have known were incest because I can't read Japanese could be gone, or some A-cup girls and/or established anime girls (since most of the popular ones are high schoolers eith adult breast sizes) could be caught in the loli ban even if they have adult limb/body proportions, particularly if those posts get deleted from kemono if they get deleted from fanbox, or privated by pixiv themselves.

I've seen some posts actually get deleted from kemono if the artist is extra picky revises the existing post to remove the reward image from the post, so when the artist is imported again the post is updated to remove the image (most notably Senetoisnantoka at https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/6102855).

However, if the post is outright deleted from fanbox, or set to private, they'll be unaffected here, right? Does anybody know if there would be a difference between attempting to upload a private post versus attempting to upload anything else?


Is there any way to tell which discord goes to a patreon? An artist I follow stopped posting works in their patreon and just says to check discord, but I can't find their discord on kemono. Can't tell if that's because it has a weird name or if it hasn't ever been imported


For a counter-reference, Poa Melhen's kemono (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/45867765?o=150 ) dates back to 2021; however, their fanbox (https://poamellhen.fanbox.cc/posts?page=3) only goes back to this January. I don't know if they deleted their posts or made them private, but if anybody was the one who imported their posts, do you remember if it said some posts you were importing were private, or if it said they were deleted?

I'm sorry, while pixiv said "transactions for prohibited content after Thursday, December 15th, the items containing the prohibited content will be set to private." (https://www.pixiv.net/info.php?id=8789) instead of outright editing posts to delete the images, I'm worried that if pst posts are privated, then they'd be voided from Kemono as well.


What's already on kemono isn't going anywhere. Private/deleted posts won't change that.

That would only apply to posts that have not yet been scraped.


If a post is edited and then flagged, this is different. The post gets replaced with new content.

Revisions were implemented to undo 'post vandalism' attempts, which should also be reported directly on paywalls to get the offending creator suspended and then banned for deceiving their fans with sheer paranoia that violates the terms of service. Such complaints usually do go through if serious enough, paywalls do not want to deal with things that would get the entire company in trouble.


I'm afraid it won't be humanly possible to manage/revert hundreds of Fanbox artists in case they get flagged for reimporting deleted/void posts.
Aside paying someone to press a "revert" button all day long, or removing flag feature for said artists (but what if they post authorized content, then?).
I'm sure solutions exist but I'm no coding expert so I won't speak of ideas that might be way out of planned things.


hi friends.. forgive me my English, I'm using a translator…. I don't want to bore them, just take a doubt: after December 15th the importer of Pantreon will function normally?… thank you for the great site you have.


The December 15th date is only Pixiv Fanbox striking down basically 99% of its content.
The Patreon importer is Soon(TM).


have you renewed your Kemono Gold Account™ yet cuz its expiring this month?
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as much fun as it is to trigger your hollow chode-holster skull, can we just get a USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST and go back to being happy that the discord importer's still working and the patreon importer's beinge worked on


On this note, many thanks and appreciation to everyone whom are working on Kemono right now. This would be impossible without your work.


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OK, Good to read the Patreon importer gonna be fixed soon, but, how about Gumroad and SuscribeStar importers??


I for one am extremely thankful that the discord importer is fixed, because many of the people I follow have been discord-exclusive for months!

While I am aware that the patreon importer being fixed is a higher priority, I'd still like the discord pages to be more accessible, like if they were linked to an artist's other pages. This is mostly because some artists tend to have all sorts of wacky names for their servers, making them harder to find if you're not already aware of what their server is called.


It's be nice if all of an artists' pages were linked in general. Some artists have, like, Patreon, Discord, SubscribeStar, Pixiv, AND Gumroad all at the same time.


Over a month without ANY update on more than 40 artists. Is something wrong with servers?


Patreon importer's busted for sure (they're hoping to have results by the end of the month, maybe).

Larger than normal amount of Pixiv Fanbox imports due to Exodus Cry etc. Anything related to that should die down some time after Dec 15, which is when their new scorched-earth policy takes effect.

Discord importer recently-ish "fixed" (MAY not support threads yet? point is it's being worked on. don't quote me on specifics. i just know one of the ones i [try to] follow finally got a friggin update)

No fuckin' clue about the Substar importer. Wish I knew (and wish the blessed leakers would prioritize Substar over Patreon when both are an option for the same creator)


Okay, hold on:

if the Request thread sticky is gone…and the request subsection of this PartyChan is gone, then…how the hell are we supposed to create Kemono.party requests then?!



You don't.

If you want a specific artist, YOU can be the one hero to upload it. Stop waiting for someone else to do stuff for you, child.



But that requires me to pay money.

Money which I don't have!

Plus, that would defeat the entire point of why I am using this place in the first place: to get stuff WITHOUT having to pay a single penny.

Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?



>Money which I don't have!

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Soooo many options to get virtual non-real currency.

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>that would defeat the entire point of why I am using this place

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File: 1669390540713.jpg (416.15 KB, 3650x3616, 95ec42a4c4e79dd7bd9d4a5894….jpg)

Jesus murphy, the reddit spacing… It hurts so bad.


Why are the links of this artist all dead?
Can someone fix it? Thanks.


for the sake of humanity,
don't fix it


except you have to do it manually
the whole point of importer is that ot's fucking automatic
so, in conclusion


*FIX, obviously.


friends…. that I miss the artists I accompanied in patreon accounts…. were wonderful furrys pin-ups… back please.


File: 1669420624916.jpg (3.37 MB, 4000x4000, 3705678-the_man-canid-cani….jpg)

No, I think we'll fox it instead.


Something going on with the importer? It’s starting to slow down.


File: 1669456005224.png (65.52 KB, 3084x453, Capture.PNG)

What's the actual problem with the Patreon importer? The little test batches seem to import just fine. Is it like patreon temporarily blocking/rate limiting the importer server IP after a small batch of imports or what?

I mean based on those little tests, the importer works, and has been working for a couple of weeks. Wish the importer code was still on github so we can look at it and help troubleshoot these "problems".


Ok i want to be the conspiracy theorist here

they getting paid to not make it work by Patreon itself

Of course i'm joking btw


Maybe I didn't understand you but the posts that already are here will not be voided once they are gone. If that were the case, you would see empty posts all over the place.

Even if people were to flag posts in an attempt to 'remove' them from kemono that is not how it works, only accessible posts get updated.


yes, it's just that simple to get money in a world that's set up to keep poor people poor. no way the system could stand in anybody's way!


You won't fix this website or the importer ever will you because the pedos ddos your server because it taking too long to back up the pixiv child porn


Some patreons are uploading. Did you fix it?


I can't manage to login with my saved username and password. I think I haven't changed them, so it is strange. Any way to recover my favs?


The content of the posts is indeed not deleted from KP's database (at least from what I've understood).
The problem is: do you think someone can/will take the time to manually revert tens/hundreds/thousands of posts in case some funny people decide to flag every Fanbox creator every day?
Unless something preventing this is already implemented, I don't know.


Nope because these fags are unable to make or add something to send an email to get your username and new password


Have you tried

not being poor?


How did roughly 8.4k queued imports turn into 11.6 queued imports?

Besides that, how goes the fix for the Patreon importer? Does it look promising?


Unless they announce something, it's probably just testing.


Importer working overtime with a backed up pipe lol, I think it's another round of fanbox imports


any new news on the patreon importer?


Yesterday I updated toiro/toirotto kemono page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/24946789). This artist always "delete" the content of the posts after a few weeks.
When the import finished, previous post on kemono were overwriten and dont have any content (i.e. august to october). I'm sure that never happened before.

I read some comments above about flags, voided post, and nothin to do about it but i hope i can be "fixed" somehow.


lol, funny

but srsly, get the fucking thing fixed asap


Any update on the importer fix?


Hey, I'm getting blocked by DDoS-gaurd constantly today, never had this issue before.


i guess the admins are practicing no nut november on patreon. ah well itll be up soon i bet


too busy cumming to pedo shit on pixiv before the tos update takes away their kiddy porn




pixiv lied, they weren't waiting until december to finalize their changes, the staff has begun purging a lot of artists art from their account before they could back it up


Shit, really? Is it not just artists self-censoring a bit early?


It’s most likely that those are the artist leaving, but if that is the case, alot of us need to get the imports now. After all, the Patreon imports are still being worked on.

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