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The importer's been backed up for days now and I'm starting to wonder if anyone's going to do anything about it. Over the past week, it's skyrocketed from 100 pending imports to OVER 8,000 and the vast majority of new updates all come from that Pixiv Fanbox site.

It's concerning, at least in regards to this site. Even if new imports were halted, it would take DAYS to get through the backlog that Pixiv users have created. I wouldn't be complaining if it was decent content being imported en-masse but instead, they've shovelled in thousands of heaps of shit from every no-name hentai "artist" in Japan.

Best-case scenario, it's just temporary. Worst case, it could kill this site if something isn't done about it. I'd say wipe all pending imports and start over, barring all imports from Pixiv but I'll leave the rest of you to decide how. With any luck, this problem will be dealt with sooner rather than later.


That number's huge because the Patreon scraper is broken right now and they can't import, dumbass.
>stop trying to archive content before it's deleted forever!!
KMS yourself, nigger. This is actually a good thing, as it effectively gives a dying site priority over patreon shit.


cry moar, bitch

Patreon can wait - that shit ain't going anywhere - so go start your own .party if you feel that strongly about it


why does it always seem as though beggars
are the ones crying the loudest?


so this must be why most of my favorite artists haven't updated in over a week.

Thanuki's page hasn't been updated in almost a week and that artist's the one reason I even open kemono regularly


Yeah was curious what's going on.
So the patreon portion is down? Or is it because of the pixie stuff?
I noticed that nothing was updating few days ago.


So the importer is fucked again? Any ETA when it'll be fixed?


If you are part of the importers who want the stuff they paid for to get through, complain to the usual ones or code it yourself.

If you are part of the freeloaders who totally don't have a credit card, are poor, live in Zimbabwe or whatever cool story, please kindly get stuck in the middle of the import queue.

Because that is the case. Hard workers are satisfied with what little they get. Freeloaders always want more stuff to freeload. And selfless people die trying to help people who spit in their face and bite the hand that feeds them. It's a wonderful world, really. Fuck self-entitled semen stains.


This is a site for ripping off paywalled porn, get off your high horse faggot


And none of the now over 12000 are in your favorites, Anon.


12000? I thought it was 8000 just yesterday


That doesn't magically grant you the right to complain about it if you don't code it, pay for the server costs or import shit. People acting like they own the place wherever they go.


I import and I don't act all high and mighty about it, so I'll complain as much as I like.

Correction: I *would* import if the importer wasn't clogged with 8000 nobodies from Pixiv


I import regularly enough and I don't act all high and mighty about it, so I'll complain as much as I like.

Correction: I WOULD import if it wasn't clogged with +8000 nobodies and counting from Pixiv


retard, the patreon scraper is broken, it has nothing to do with pixiv


File: 1669176119928.png (65.59 KB, 400x300, 17c-2319717767.png)

Alright, so then, how about someone who WAS trying to import something… Like me?

I put in a key that *should* have imported new niiCri posts. That was… let's say, a week or two ago?

No update. And I have the artist favorited, for christ's sake.

Do I have the right to complain now? Or should I just sit here and take the piss stream?


Help them fix the problem so your imports eventually go through.



How can they do that when, as I recall, the code hasn't been made available.

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