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I tried to update post manually using Upload File Option. When I tried to click Select or Drop File button to upload file the button is not working neither dragging n dropping file! Any fix for this?


Use Telegram and contribute something that isn't malware within one day. This has been like this for a very long time because spam and malware.


What is the request format to Add/update specific Artist Post in Telegram?


Requests are closed until further notice, no ETA on this sorry. The telegram channel dedicated to uploads is for contributing what you do have, not requesting what you don't.


I do have the content, I want to Add/update the post with the content that I have. So I'm asking what is the request format for uploading the content that I have to telegram?


See with a channel moderator (direct message) after joining and being welcome by the bot giving you the instructions if unsure but since you only really have to manually send the archive, [Creator] Content, timestamp (content warning maybe) should do.

If everything is okay your uploads will be forwarded to the private sharing channel. If you're still confused just send a direct message to the moderator here (Usah 'Sojamee) and they'll help you.


What do you mean "within one day"?


Would be good to have DMs for each author along with posts. The Creators start sending links in DMs. Maybe clean up the DMs to only have links ( to hide personal info)


This is in the bot's message, you will be removed if you do not contribute within one day.


I do not wish to use Telegram for this. I use virtual SMS numbers for verification and get banned quickly each time, and no I won't use a real SIM. Is there any other way? I have an archive of content to upload and have been trying this upload page for a long time, it would be nice if it was made clear you had to do some arcane extra steps to upload. This really makes it difficult for new potential contributors.


Complain to admins and devs about manual uploads then. They're not coming back until mod tools are implemented, which we've been waiting


So something is up, right? For the past 2 weeks the number of uploads I usually see has gone way down. I do still see uploads, but a lot of artists I follow have been silent.


same… glad im not the only one who noticed


The Patreon importer has been down for a while. I believe they’re trying to fix it?


Telegram is the only option, everything else would nuke kemono on sight. Other solutions were discussed and rejected.


If this is the reason for the lack of Patreon updates, then I really think that the devs should figure something else out.


the last patreon upload was 4289 posts ago



Everything else has already been worked out. The issue is Patreon has site protections and tripwires everywhere and any time an automated scraper is made, it gets destroyed within a week. They have code monkeys whose sole focus is entirely on watching for exploits.


What's the solution then? The Patreon uploader is forever fucked?

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